Reviews for Solar System
Yautja's Blooded Pet chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
How sad, that Joker doesn't actually love Harley. I wish he did- I wish a fire burned between the pair that couldn't be snuffed. It is ironic and yet sweet, thinking that Lex would crave a companion in Harley, but knowing the girl was smitten, tamed, and owned by one unpredictable Joker. I find myself now thinking about Lex/Harley, if she ever realized that her "Puddin" would never love her back. She could be so compassionate and supportive, yet psychotic in her own way, fueling Lex's conquest for power. And he would consume her devotion to the fullest, enjoying the sight of Harley's hammer cracking down on the skulls of his foes, that twinkle in her eye reserved for him. That would be an odd, yet passionate pairing- I would think. I'll have to stew on this one a bit.

I find it strange that Circe would be attracted to the clown, but it would make sense if Joker loved Harley. If he held feelings for the girl rivaling his psychopathic tendencies then yes. Circe would want Joker. That endless maniacal joy coupled with limitless devotion and companionship. Something that couldn't be seduced or bought, something that sparks and ignites a fire that can't be put out... Circe would want him then. Would it ever work? Course not. .-. Joker could never be tamed by such an arrogant woman. He would be held back by her limited mind- she simply isn't creative or simple enough to stand by him. Someone that could handle the joker would need to be like our beloved little Quinn, simply content to exist beside her darling.

It is times like these were I really wished that Joker loved Harley. As dynamic as they are now, they could've been a true force to be reckoned with then. Joker wouldn't have died at the hands of his own home-made monster, and Harley wouldn't have left to live a civilian life after grieving for the one man who only she could understand.

Anyway! 3 My rant is done. Long story short.. I really enjoyed this piece. I loved these thoughts. Remember the headline showing Harley's affection for Joker? I loved watching that one. This little ficlet reminds me of that passion shown there. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
Hey! Neat story, but it is lore-breaking. The Joker DOES beat Harley-Quinn. The abuse stories aren't because fans see the Joker in that light, or because he's a big old meanie or anything like that. He just CONSTANTLY beats the living hell out of her in almost every cartoon and comic. Hell, in Mad Love, the comic you referred to in the story, he pushes her out of a third story window!
Opalaisha chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
The story was marvelous. :-) Joker and Harley's relationship has always been a vague one, and this lit me up the positiveness of it. Thank you, and keep writing! 3 3