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Justice Tokidoki chapter 1 . 8/22/2015
You know, I read this years ago and I had always meant to review it, but I never did. Well, this was a long time coming, but I'm now ready to share my thoughts.

The sci-fi elements were used perfectly here. Perfectly reasonable and realistic, but not too complex/detailed to drive casual people (or others who don't care for the genre) away. This is mostly a character study, and I really liked how you developed the romance between Xion and Roxas. I always liked that pairing, and even though it isn't my favorite, I always thought of Xion being her own person despite how she was created, so I never had any issue with it like some did.

Then again, with all the addition to the KH games, the lore has taken a really convoluted turn in terms of the status of Xion, Roxas, Ventus, and the like.

But besides that, the story was great, and I liked how it mirrored how people feel when faced with any type of discrimination. It's shocking how much stuff that goes on today, even with the wake of all the political changes happening currently. We are all still within the midst of change, but as is developed and in this story, hopefully we are all heading towards a more accepting and fairer society.

Anyway, great oneshot. Keep on writing!

Justice T.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/18/2014 wow... that was one of the most heartwarming fics I've ever the best RokuShi fic I ever read. Like the tying in of rights for gays/lesbians as there are acts to be passed for the Clones such as the IPA. Now... I few depressed for finishing such a great story... Thanks for the healthy dose of sadness though (not kidding!) It feels good once in a while, but don't go wondering how. Anyway, beautiful writing! Loved it!
Sparr0w-san chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
Omgg finally someone who understands *cries* this story is just so BEAUTIFUL! Couldn't have said it any better.
Seasalt Memories chapter 1 . 9/8/2013
(I've never written a review before but here I go) That was one of the best KH docs I've ever read. Seriously, this and Geometry are so amazing and not OOC, (These are the only two I've read) I can't even start to fangirl about them. The sci-fi was very realistic and I love xion's portrayal. I see her as a sweet, naive girl who can be depressed, but over serious reasons that any rational human would be. I was squealing throughout this and loved your explanation why rokushi isn't selfcest. Thank you so much for writing this.
Feather chapter 1 . 6/21/2013
Wow. Like, totally WHOA. *is speechless for about a minute*

This was REALLY good. Fantabulous, and super-cali-fragilistic-expi-ali-docious awesome.

P.S.: You still do like Roxas and Namine, right? :D
P.P.S.: I'm Symphony's Feather here, if you want to PM.
Shiori Yomu chapter 1 . 3/2/2013
I like this! Nice go at Rokushi! :D Iloveit!
Daemon Prince 7 chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
EPIC! LOVED IT! Full on agree with the A/N at the end(except for a SoRoxas pairing...ew), and it does make sense to me. Excellent work!
fleurusagi chapter 1 . 2/3/2013
I love this story! Its so... mind-blowing and really connects with Roxas and Xion's characters. I understand your author's note and I agree. I personally like Xion better than Namine and Kairi. What a wonderful story got to fave!
rarmaster chapter 1 . 11/28/2012
Goodness gracious this was amazing I had this knot in my stomach the entire time until the end there. I've never had a story make me feel so nervous. You wrote this wonderfully, and I just love how this is set up and the whole premise (and KH's Replicas/Clones have always intrigued me, which makes my love for this story even larger) and I am aware that I am rambling but I'm hoping that something good will actually come out of the ramble.
Huh. Maybe not. LOVED this story though! It was amazing!
BloodRedRoses21 chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
I loved it! Roxas and Xion belong together. If cloning ever becomes legal I would totally support Clone Rights. The saying that was repeated is very inspiring. I hope to see more work from you!
ShadowofaHeart chapter 1 . 6/16/2012
This was ama-ZING, dude!

I loved your explanation, and it makes perfect sense!

One thing, this would be wicked as a chapter story. I'd love to read that.

Keep up the good work!
LeYenrz chapter 1 . 6/16/2012
you are an excellent writer. Period. :D

please write more rokushi stories please?
KarakuRoku chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
Awww! How adorable! Sad and adorable. I'm glad they got together in the end though c:
AnHeiressofaSOLDIER chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
Oh my gosh, this is amazing! And I’m so, so happy that you’ve written more RokuShi! I hope you’ll continue to. You’re such a talent, Megs, and this pairing really doesn’t get enough love.

Thank you for this! I love the concept you came up with as to why you don’t think the pairing’s self-cest. While I’d thought of it this way before, I’d never thought about it in such detail. But what you did here makes so much sense. I feel as if a lot of the fans read this, they wouldn’t hate on the pairing as much.

I mean, the rules of KH are different then ours, anyway. And pretty much everyone is a part of Sora these days… In Days, the pairing is quite obvious. You can tell that Roxas was Xion’s Sora and she was Roxas’ Kairi. Besides, she was just memories that were based on Kairi. Naminé herself says she’s more Kairi than Sora. And being memories that were shattered, she never really existed anyway. I don’t know why everyone freaks out about the pairing so much (and a lot of times the people that do will ship things like SoRox which is even worse).

The fact is, that RokuShi is a real pairing. Nomura himself said that he wanted Roxas’ leaving the Organization to be for the loss of a member he cared about. He then decided it was best if that person was a girl. The only reason Xion got the role she did was because she had to be connected to Sora somehow, but Nomura still ships the pairing. And when Xion and Roxas come back as their own people, the argument will be null, anyway.

You know what else has always somewhat bothered me? The fact that Naminé, though Kairi’s Nobody, was actually created from Sora. Some people even say Ven might have affected her existence. Why, then, does no one have a problem pairing them up? I like Namixas, but I hate when people are hypocritical about the pairings. I think in some ways, RokuShi could be even less creepy than Namixas. Xion was as you said, a blank slate with pieces of Sora and Kairi (and Roxas isn’t even wholly Sora). Naminé, on the other hand, is a Nobody like Roxas, and they’re created from the very same person. She even was born at the same time as him, and sort of resembles him, but I digress. And I’m getting really off topic. So sorry!

This story was absolutely flawless. The premise you set up was very well thought out, and seemed to almost blend into KH canon though it was AU. It also made your point crystal clear, and had me rooting for Roxas and Xion all the way through. I was actually afraid you’d give them a sad ending, and I’m so glad you didn’t! Those two need some happiness. And man did I feel for Xion in this. She always gets the short end of the stick. I was also a fan of how you had the two women, that had fought for gay rights, persecuting them. It’s so disheartening that people are actually that hypocritical and blind.

I must also commend you on writing Xion in-character. I feel like a lot of authors don’t. A lot of them write her all emo and Riku-ish, but I never really thought Xion was like that. Really, she’s a lot like Kairi, but more toned down. And a tomboy. Definitely a tomboy. The only times she ever really seemed depressed was when she had good reason to be. Honestly, she was a lot more cheerful and lighter than we ever saw Naminé be. Which is ironic, since I think a lot of authors write their personalities backwards. Nami’s sort of the darker one that doesn’t always know what side to fight for. So major kudos in writing my favorite KH girl (and second KH character in general) so well.

I’m also a major fan of what you did with the checkered wristbands and all of the dialogue. I was so happy Roxas could help Xion see things clearly with that overused phrase;)

This is such a shining gem among the Roxion fics! It’s so thought provoking, too! And I’m so glad you got it up so close to RokuShion day to boot.

I feel like this story was very Gattica-esque, but you definitely made it your own. In fact, I think this might have been even easier to understand than Gattica, which is an achievement. Not that Gattica was hard to understand by any means, but I had no trouble understanding or getting absorbed into this story at all.

I really must thank you, sunflowerb. You alone are keeping my faith in SoKai (and now this pairing) strong. I’m sad to say I’d begun really doubting this pairing (sadly, because of some of the crueler RokuNami shippers). And as for SoKai, I’d started to think that maybe they ARE just friends with nothing romantic going on. (I blame Nomura for that since Kairi’s been in the games very little lately; and 3D excludes her side of the trio friendship completely. Hopefully, future installments will fix this.) Your fics, however, have been a ray of light. They’ve reminded me why I love these pairings, why they’re great, and that they are in fact hinted at (maybe even canon or at least near canon). Thank you for making me feel for my OTPs when I’d begun to feel numb about it all!

Wow. It’s a sad day when I’m beginning to feel numb for my favorite fandom and pairings.

Anyway, I’ve probably sounded like an idiot all throughout this, but you’ve totally blown my mind (in a good way). You watch, after I end this review I’ll realize I forgot a ton of stuff I wanted to mention.

I formally thank you, sunflowerb for all of your writings. You truly are an inspiration, and remind me of why I brave looking through the KH fanfiction section. Hope to see more KH fics from you soon! And maybe now I’ll actually be inspired to finish my fic for RokuShi day!

Also, you write this pairing absolutely adorably and in-character! Oh, these two are so cute!

Shutting up now.

A million likes on this fic,


P.S. This is completely off topic, and I apologize, but I feel I should tell you this in case you’re interested. I assume you’re going to play KH: 3D when it first comes out, right? Anyway, I know you once expressed interest in playing TWEWY. If you still want to play that, I highly suggest playing it before DDD. Otherwise, 3D actually spoils stuff for it. I wouldn’t want that to subtract from your experience of playing it if you haven’t yet; it’s such a terrific game. I just thought you should know so you can treaty KH: 3D with caution if you see it best to do so.

I wish Kairi would get developed more like Shiki is… And she and Neku are such a great pair! Her and Neku (and the crack-ish Joshua/Rhyme pairing) are kind of battling SoKai and RokuShi for my OTP now… Okay, I’m really done talking this time;)
TheSapphireRose chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
This story is incredible, I can't even fully express how much I love it. The setting and idea is so original! The characters, I think, were perfectly expressed. I was so absorbed into it, I couldn't stop reading! Actually while I was reading I was so into it I didn't notice a horror movie was playing on the tv next to me! (I hate horror movies...) Anyway, this story really blew me away. I love your work and I hope you continue writing RokuShi! Keep up the amazing work!
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