Reviews for Get Back to Starship
xXxRosalottiexXx chapter 10 . 8/25/2014
Just found this fic. Are you continuing? cause it sounds like a good storyline.
Singing Violet chapter 10 . 4/13/2013
Super awesome I love it.
Keep writing
Love and chocolate,
PenMagic chapter 10 . 4/1/2013
Okay good, I was not the only dead one, phew! Literally the line where Darren goes 'Take it easy Hogwarts, it has been...totally awesome' still makes me want to cry every time...but I don't because I'm really weird like that..
OH YES! Twisted and Judas, I cannot wait! I'm finding a way to get tickets to fly over there as well as support them...I fear Judas means that Brosenthal and Lopez won't be in Twisted...we know Joey isn't (he tweeted something that hinted at it) but a Starkid production without Lauren can't imagine it...
AriStarkid chapter 9 . 1/20/2013
This is really good! I can't believe I haven't read it before! Update soon! 3
Starkidtheatregeek chapter 9 . 1/12/2013
Oh gosh, please tell me they won't hate her! Oh gosh, I'm sure they will! Goodness, I don't even remember why they're fighting, aaaaand cue the re-reading.
OrangeLotusTea chapter 9 . 1/12/2013
holy crap! This is amazing! I'm following both you guys!
PenMagic chapter 9 . 1/10/2013
thank you! I realised I spelt Geography wrong but hey...
TheHungerGamesAndHogwarts chapter 8 . 12/20/2012
this is awesome pleaseeeeeeeee post more :)
Starkidtheatregeek chapter 8 . 11/27/2012
KeanaHeartsPotter chapter 8 . 11/14/2012
Love it! Update soon please! LessThanThree
dance-sing-live chapter 8 . 11/14/2012
Omg i bet its Bonnie!
TearsOfaClown chapter 8 . 11/14/2012
WOW is it Bonie?!
please update :{D
less than three :))
KariMaud chapter 8 . 11/14/2012
OMG! Loved it! ... suspense, who could it be? Update soon! :)
KM xx
Guest chapter 8 . 11/14/2012
Is it bonnie?! :O
I really hope it is...
I love this :)
KeanaHeartsPotter chapter 7 . 10/22/2012
Yay an update! Can you try and make the chapters longer? I loved it though! LessThanThree
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