Reviews for A Night at the Bronze
GreenWoodly55 chapter 3 . 2/5/2013
Ahhhhhhhhh! You've updated a story! Amazing chapter. Even more than that, though, I can't believe you've got an update for Earthquakes in the works. I can't wait!
QuixoticQuest chapter 2 . 10/7/2012
Once again you were realistic with placing the roommate in the picture (though of course it boils my blood too) but hurrahs for a single. The perks are pretty awesome. Ha, ha.

Keep it up.


-Don "QuixoticQuest"
QuixoticQuest chapter 1 . 10/7/2012
Interesting twist on the canon. I like that even though you had them kiss at the end of this chapter it wasn't completely perfect-which made it very believable. I also like that you play up the friendship element of their relationship. I think the friendship, while of course kissing (etc) is awesome, is the best part.

Well done. I look forward to reading more.


-Don "QuixoticQuest" _
FineyMcFine chapter 2 . 8/20/2012
Awww, I love both of these stories...very sweet. I like the format (one shot milestones) and I vote for them to continue. Nice job!
Graq the Wild Child 2 chapter 2 . 8/19/2012
This is so sweet, and it totally feels like a natural progression six months down the line from the first part. I have to kind of agree with both Willow and Tara here. On the one hand, bigoted people's opinions are worthless. On the other hand, that doesn't mean they should get away with saying hateful things. Much much better to not have a roommate like that though. More chapters would be great!
Graq the Wild Child 2 chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
That was so incredibly adorable. It would have been fun to have Tara join the gang earlier, as much as love Oz. Thank you so much.
Delayne chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
Oh how I wish you would elaborate and flesh this out. It is an awesome one-shot though. I think you captured spazzy younger Willow very well.
sterober chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
Awe, sweet story! Perhaps more? Very nice read!