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Monica Jasmine chapter 1 . 5/25/2016
Oh wow. It's nice to find this story on here too. I quite like this one. Very well written, and I liked the whole 'Celestia reading to baby Spike' aspect of it especially. It's been some time since I read it, but I actually took your entire ballad and rewrote it into a more Dr. Seuss format a while back. I figured I'd post it here for you as a 'thank you' for writing this story. :)

Once there was a dragon called Firebrand, and he wandered the country,
Looking to claim a bit of land, as his own territory.
When one day he came upon, a clearing of grass and flowers,
and a young unicorn, there all alone, standing by a pond's still waters.

Her mane was olive, and her eyes ruddy red like lake bed clay.
A flame she had as her mark, the reason why, he couldn't say.
She had a pale green coat, and a figure slim and trim.
She did not notice Firebrand, for she was turned away from him.

Firebrand had never seen a pony ever in his life before,
and something rose up within him, wishing to know just a bit more.
He decided to move closer, just to get a clearer view.
But as he leaned himself forward, he made a sound he hadn't intended to.

The mare laid her eyes upon Firebrand, And then screamed out in fear,
for dragons were said to be evil, and to destroy all that ponies held dear.
Firebrand was startled "Please do not yell, dear little pony.
For truly I meant you no harm, I only wished to see you more closely."

"Why did you wish to do so?" the mare inquired, her voice shaking.
"Because I've never seen a pony, and by your beauty, I was taken."
The mare no longer quite as fearful, raised her voice to ask his name.
But although she seemed a bit bolder, her voice came out with quivering.

"Firebrand," the dragon replied, "I'm here to seek new territory.
Has anyone taken this land, or can it yet be claimed by me?"
"This land has been taken." the mare replied, somewhat defensively.
"My village has been in valley, from since before my mother bore me.

Ponies have lived there for generations, and it no place for dragons."
"Very well," Firebrand replied, "I only take what others haven't."
Firebrand then turned to leave, but then stopped himself midway.
He turned around and floated to the ground, "May I ask of you your name?

For it is by dragon custom, that when one gives another theirs'
then the other must also give their own, as it's only right and fair."
The mare now, a little curious, remarked aloud "How interesting.
I didn't know dragons had such customs. Do you, perhaps, have many of them?"

"Indeed," Firebrand replied, "For we have a long proud heritage,
and every dragon knows it well, for the parents must teach them it."
The mare took a step forward. "How fascinating!" She said with glee.
"I'd like to make a proposal, if you are inclined to hearing me."

Firebrand was taken aback at her sudden change in tone,
but he was glad that a tone of curiosity had replaced her more fearful one.
He smiled at her encouragingly, waiting for her to continue.
And the mare then did just that, as his silent gesture bid her to do.

"I have to practice my mineral magic, and it can get rather dull,
but livened by some stories, my restlessness would be quite nulled.
If you tell 100 tales to me, then I will reveal to you my name."
Firebrand considered and then agreed, "It seems like a fair exchange."

He spoke to her of his culture and the ways of dragon kind.
things like The Great Migration, and the ceremony for a dragon's first flight.
He mentioned their lava ritual, and touched on the dragon code,
and all the while the mare, entranced, listened to his every word.

But soon the sun was setting, and as the day drew to a close,
the two agreed to meet again, so that her name he would then know.
And so he came the next day, and the next day after that,
telling her many stories, as well as few known dragon facts.

The days wore on, and Firebrand, found that her name mattered less and less.
He no longer came to hear name, now it was for her he visited.
And one fine sun-filled day, he told as much to her.
And to his surprise, she met his eyes, and told him his feelings were returned.

The mare told Firebrand her name, "Olivine is what I'm called."
And right then and there they shared a kiss, having exchanged each other's hearts.
They spent the day in stories, and then they parted before night,
they planned to meet again, but for today, they bid goodbye.

The next day Firebrand returned, and at the very break of dawn.
He sat and waited patiently, but Olivine still had not come.
He waited all the morning, afternoon, and evening too.
But she did not set one hoof in the meadow, nor did she come into his view.

"Olivine!" he called out, hoping that perhaps she'd hear his cry,
but there was no answer, and he stood alone under that night sky.
"‘Now!" cried a voice out from the brush, and Firebrand was ambushed from all sides.
Spears, bows, and rocks they held, but Firebrand refused to die.

He reared to face his attackers, "What is this? Where is Olivine?
If you have harmed the mare at all, you will regret your everything!"
The ponies all around were stunned. "What have we done to Olivine?"
"Saved her from a beast like you!" a stallion bold said with a spear thrusting.

Firebrand ducked, and the spear flew over him. "I am no beast from which she should be saved!
Please tell me where she is, and point your weapons the other way!"
But the stallion only retook his aim, with yet another spear,
"We will not let you take her, so you had best get out of here!

She's my betrothed, and only by a magic spell could you have wooed her!
A monster like you deserves death, for you are lowest of all creatures!"
The stallion tossed another spear, and Firebrand reared up a second time.
"‘Your betrothed? But we are in love! Your words I do not understand."

The stallion cut him off with a sneer, "A pony in love with a dragon?
That is not a possible feat. You wished only to woo her, so a meal you could eat!
And you shall pay the price for such vile intentions!"
and with that he gave the order, that they should attack the dragon.

Firebrand stood ready, but a cry interrupted the attack,
The stallion ordered once again, but Olivine called from a hilltop.
"Wait! Please wait!" she screamed, "You cannot kill my only love!
He is my everything, please do not so cruelly separate us!"

Olivine raced down towards the meadow, But the stallion’s eyes were filled with rage,
He was appalled that she had given her love, not to him, but to a beast.
The stallion could take it no longer, and with a forceful throw,
He slung his spear at Olivine, and Firebrand let out a roar.

Although she attempted to dodge it, the spear still struck the mare,
and she fell down with it's hit, and to the Earth, her form lay still.
The stallion defended his action, "She was too far gone to save,
It is the dragon's fault! Do not allow him to escape!"

But before they had a chance, Firebrand opened up his mouth,
and he set the meadow ablaze, with the fire that came out.
Hours passed before the meadow had cooled down to a mere smolder.
And once deemed safe, the ponies in the town came out, to check it for survivors.

Among the survivors was a young colt, and he recounted to the townsponies what he'd seen,
He explained that Firebrand had escaped, and that there was no trace of Olivine.
For many a day after, the townsponies scoured the land,
Searching for the pale green mare, but she was nowhere to be found.

...The end.”
juju434343 chapter 1 . 12/9/2014
I love it, its perfect
ChristianDragon chapter 1 . 4/17/2014
It makes one wonder what Rarity was thinking the entire time she was reading about Olivine and Firebrand. No doubt that she came to realize that Spike had feelings for her. I would so love to see a story about that!

It’s so bittersweet what happened between Firebrand and Olivine. What caused Olivine to come to care for Firebrand over her betrothed? It had to be more than just the interest of dragon history, culture, and everything relating to dragonology, didn’t it? I do admire Firebrand. Day by day he went to see her, hoping to learn her name. He could have demanded it outright after only a few days, but he ended up being so patient with her. It’s quite a unique relationship. I do agree with Celestia though. Spike’s version is a whole lot better than all those depressing endings.
lawleyj1 chapter 1 . 3/2/2014
I love this story! I mean I have a Pony and dragon story but I don't think it's as good as this I could not stop crying.
DamianKastle chapter 1 . 11/28/2013
Nice work on this one! Those two are pretty cute together, no doubt about that.
persistentprism chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
This is so sweet and creative. I really like your stories. Thanks for posting them.
ShadowofaDemon88 chapter 1 . 3/7/2013
A wonderful story, sentimental and pure while potentially tragic in the old story within. It is not so much actual Sparity as it is implied; however it is elegantly done in a manner that rivals the quality in the show. I'm saying twice now, that you're an excellent writer. I feel a bit humbled at the moment, I will continue to read your works happily!
Comet Spark chapter 1 . 12/31/2012
This story is wonderful. I really love it, I'm not exactly sure how ballads are suppose to formatted, so it seemed fine to me. I can't believe that this just popped into your head. Well actually I can believe that. It is truly a great story. I'll probably reread it from time to time. All the books I want to read don't come out or months! So, I will probably read this story again.

Comet Spark the Pegasus
TheMagnoliaQueen chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
Oh my God that was awesome! The grammar was perfect, the story was amazing, everyone was in character, oh God I envy your writing skills! I ship Rarity and Spike, so I was fangirlin' all over the place. I woke up momma doing that and she threw a shoe at me for waking her up at 2:30 in the morning, four hours before school time. Worth it!
Smitty91 chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
I LOVED the part where Spike wakes up and finds the scarf. Really sweet! I'd love to read what happens after this. I hope you do a sequel. Spike is so cute and so is this couple! Go Rarity and Spike! :)
Horse Of Silver Wings chapter 1 . 10/20/2012
Awwwh, Oh I loved this story! It was so sweet.
MikariStar chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
that was cute
TheCloudtop chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
This a very heartwarming story. I really like it!
Diamond Man chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
Good story. I'm curious about something though. Does Rarity make the connection about how Spike likes her? I'm assuming see does due to the scarf she made for him, but I'm still puzzled.

- Diamond Man
Arnold McGuire 335 chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
That was a nice story! I wonder what happened after Rarity read it? oh boy, this story made me curious.
Great writing. keep it up!
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