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Resplandent chapter 60 . 4/6
Finally made it towards the end, apologies for not being able to review every chapter as this was quite the most lengthy fanfiction I've ever read. What I'll say is that I've been fascinated by this story as I've never read a reaction fic so well done before, with full of emotion, sarcasm and laughts. The story has a great balance of angst, humour, action, adventure, family moments, friendship... a bit of everything in fact, for that I believe you are an amazing and talented writer.

The philosophical aspect of Naruto's world was well touched, it gives the characters reacting to Naruto's story something to think about and fix for the future.

Katsu's a great character, wish she was more involved in the shinobi affairs, alas, you kept her civilian and that's both awesome and understandable, as she could in fact be a target to lure Naruto. I prefer female love interests with her archetype rather than Hinata's so I greatly enjoyed your OC and the romance.
Talking about Hinata, I always found it interesting how amazing she turns out as a character when she's not Naruto's love interest in the story, quality NH fics are terribly hard to find nowadays without recurring to cliches and fan-thropes, as you've said, NH is hard to write because she comes as melancholy in canon and it doesn't blend too well with Naruto's personality. You made her great here, though I think the transition from shy to confident was made way too fast.
In Sakura's case, I appreciate that you didn't bash her, she wasn't much of a bitch in the manga as fans make her out to be, the anime overexaggerated that with filler content, and even if she had some bad moments, she had improved as a competent kunoichi and Naruto's friend in Part 2, I was a bit sad how that you antagonized her sometimes in the story, but oh well.
Sasuke was a surprise, being a double agent, at first I cringed when you made it so Kurama taught him a jutsu so he would betray them later with that power, but then I felt relief when you revealed this. Naruto's obsession with Sasuke in the original manga came out as toxic, more so with the Otsutsuki crap going on, i'm glad you completely overwrote that part.

The biggest surprise in this story though is Kurama. I love how you wrote him and gave him a background fitting for the strongest Bijuu and not leave him as an infinite chakra battery and becomes Naruto's pet fox out of the blue. I read their relationship as father and son in your story which is absolutely adorable and I really want more moments like these, Minato's jealousy be damned xD! A question if you don't mind answering, are his sons and daughter alive? if so are they living in the demon world? will you describe them at some point and learn their names? perhaps it's unnecessary but I was thinking i'd be lovely if Kurama summoned her daughter for a brief moment during the epilogue, just to check on her. That begs another question, will they seal Kurama inside Naruto without killing Kushina? I remember Minato and Kushina thinking about that particular part at some point in the story.

Finally, to review this chapter, it builds amazing tension, we are finally in the climax of the story and i'm hoping for a good resolution (could be a bad end too, thus explaining why the divine spirits felt the need to give them this chance to read Naruto's story, or it could be another timeline). I imagine revealing Tobi as Obito will be extremely difficult. I only pray you don't drop this story, take years if you must but hopefully your interest in Naruto increases slightly to finish this masterpiece. Keep up to amazing work!
Resplandent chapter 59 . 4/5
Andddd shit finally hits the fan. Got to say, this is even better than what we got in the manga.
Resplandent chapter 58 . 4/5
Wondering what the fusion between Kurama and Naruto would lead to, my theory is that he'll slowly become a demon, thus immortal. For one i'd be happy if that happened, Kurama wouldn't be alone, on another note, it would be painful for him to watch his loved ones eventually die if that were to happen.
pandalarios999 chapter 1 . 3/9
good story loved it
guest chapter 60 . 3/2
I must say the truth

I hate this story and full of profanity and vulgar words not polite to say certain things
sorry but your parents have taught you something? - .-
because if scrivvi a story like this full of words vorgari

you do not even have an excuse education?

you had to change the history togliedo vulgar words and blasphemies

you are a bad example for the readers read them teach him bad things
sammytheman1515 chapter 60 . 2/28
When are you going to post the next chapter I like it very much
Kitanos chapter 29 . 2/19
I really wanted her to stay dead, I just don't like her and I've no idea why. I feel like it'd really push Naruto forward in the story, although dealing with an emo Naruto isn't very fun.
Reversus12 chapter 60 . 2/15
I really enjoy your take on Shippuden/Kage summit the most, not only the action scenes are amazing, but you also bring the moral points far better than Kishi did. I mean look at canon-Naruto, he must have had the patience of a Saint to be able to forgive everyone, even the guy who killed his parents and thousands of shinobi in the war arc. Which brings the question as of how you'll handle Obito, I can't even imagine the reactions of the readers in the room when that relevation hits. There's also Edo-Minato, will you roll with it? him being able to use Kurama's chakra was, for a better word, bullshit, but I suppose you'll have to explain him having his Yin half (unless you decide to ignore it and make it so Kurama is whole in Naruto already since your take on the Bijuu is already different from that of canon)

By the way, the question won't leave my head the more I read about Kurama interacting nicely along with Kushina and the rest. Will he want to be sealed inside Naruto by the time he's born or will he remain with Kushina but interact and teach Naruto from the outside? I hope at least it gets answered towards the end. Good luck and until next chapter!
Reversus12 chapter 59 . 2/11
I love this story, specially how you point out the obvious flaws of the shinobi world as well as the morales in the original manga. How I wish Katsu was a real character too, she's so well written in comparison to Hinata and Sakura (and probably 90% of the female cast really) and makes a really adorable love interest for Naruto, kudos for that!
What I didn't enjoy was half of the cast being too buddy-buddy with Naruto and Katsu and constantly breaking in their houses and stealing their food. I know your intentions are to make them like a big family but realistically it's creepy. Imagine Kakashi or Anko breaking in while they are having intimate moments xD I also love Kurama in this story, he's totally grandfather material for both of them.

Keep it up! I wonder if you'll make a sequel after finishing this story pointing out the differences with a Naruto that grows with all his problems solved and his parents alive. Maybe this time he'll like to stay civilian with Katsu but choose to have training to defend the both of them, who knows.
HonestDevil chapter 60 . 2/1
As always it is incredible the way you right this amazing story. I can't wait to see how it will go the mean time I wish you ervey sucsses in your life hope it is going well. Sincerely honest_devil
Guest chapter 25 . 1/7
beh a parte che i genitori sono morti naruto sta avendo amici e accettazione quindi...dov'e' la parte brutta che devono cambiare?come cio fara restare i suoi vivi?
Blackholelord chapter 8 . 1/7
Well I want to say that the story is great, but whoever wrote the original story kind of ruined it for the Wave mission, as two teams seems to be to much.
TastyTerrorist chapter 59 . 12/30/2016
Sorry to inform you so late, but you made a mistake with having Hiruzen as an Edo Tensei. It's said clearly that you cannot use the technique if the soul is not in the pure world. Hiruzed was sealed into the Shinigami's stomach with Orochimaru's arms. Therefore it was impossible to summon him using Edo Tensei.
PureInsanity39 chapter 15 . 12/24/2016
And after 2 months im finally 1/4 done with this book...
Chaotic Skunk Demon chapter 60 . 12/25/2016
I feel so much for Han , Yugito , Kokuo , and Matatabi. I hope Naruto and Kurama get back at them. Hard
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