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Guest chapter 58 . 9/2
Hi there I've been a reader since about chapter 30. This is consistently one of my favorite stories and I love reading every chapter. Especially the great fights! That said I think Naruto is becoming a bit of a Gary-Stu powerhouse. I mean he already seems to be significantly more powerful than canon.

Also I thought the King theme in Naruto and Osamu's fight was a bit heavy handed. Other than that great work as always. I look forward to seeing what you cook up next!
Ninja4hir3 chapter 58 . 8/31
Loved the image of Naruto coming out of that wreck like a meteor. Also, Osamu keeps making me think of a Gilgamesh wannabe.
Advent chapter 58 . 8/27
I don't know if you'll even read this, but I figure I'll say it just in case. I'll start off by saying that I've been reading this story since late 2012, and it has maintained a position as one of my favorites on this site. However, at this point I've decided to bring up an issue that has been bothering me for a while now with this story. I tend to doubt the views of one reader will matter much to you, but one can hope that if you read this, you'll at least give what I say some serious consideration. Although, for all I know, you may have plans that make my concerns a non-issue. Nevertheless, I'll begin.

Personally, I think Naruto and company need to take some serious losses (aka characters on Naruto's side permanently dying, permanently turning against Naruto, or being permanently messed up physically and/or mentally), and I think you should make your way back to canon events. To start with the first topic, I think things are going too well for the good guys (especially when compared to canon). Naruto is more mature, smarter, and stronger than his canon version. He has a fiance and friends that seem more genuine. Kakashi is in a better place mentally. Hinata is in a better place mentally. Kurama became Naruto's friend far sooner. Sasuke is a double agent and is in a better place mentally. The list goes on.

Quite frankly, when I think about it, your story ends up sounding like a fix fic. Depending on the writer, fix fics are fine, but with your story, there is an issue. The group of seven are supposed to be reading about the future so that they can change a less than ideal future. However, the way you have had Naruto's life go so far does not indicate anything in particular that truly needs changing. As you have written it, Naruto and company are doing just fine. Have they had problems? Sure. Nothing that they haven't overcome and eventually moved on from though. Would changes like Minato and Kushina living be nice? Sure. As I said though, the heroes are doing just fine without them.

With the way your story has gone so far, I have yet to see any legitimate reason for higher beings to want to interfere and change things. Are things perfect? No. They never are though. Even if threats like Orochimaru are dealt with, one thing that is commonly forgotten is that other threats will inevitably rise in their place. Furthermore, in my opinion, stories where the heroes take very little to no notable losses aren't as engaging. For one thing, if the heroes always eventually end up just fine after each confrontation, there is a lack of tension. That is why I think you should have Naruto and company start taking permanent losses. I have nothing against the characters, but things just shouldn't end up being just fine for them all the time.

As for the second issue, I think enough time has been spent away from canon. I understand that the story is currently going into another original arc, but I think after that that the main story should resume. It has been a while since it was last the focus from what I recall. Since I first started reading this story, I have been looking forward to arcs such as Hidan and Kakuzu, Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant, and Pain Assault. Particularly the last two. I understand that they'd be somewhat different, but I'd hope that the more important parts of those arcs would stay the same. As it stands currently though, I am now wondering if you are even going to have those arcs happen at all. I would certainly like it if you would tell us whether or not they're even going to happen.

Anyway, that is all I have to say. As I said before, I hope you read this and give what I've said some serious consideration. A reply would be nice too, but if neither happens, I understand.
Socia chapter 58 . 8/28
Amazing, well, I'll still be waiting for the next installment of Dragon ball- wait. Wrong show and wrong fic. Either way, nothing here to critize, but the lack of more chapters, which will be rectified soon, hopefully. Great chapter and great storytelling.
ShadowImageComics chapter 58 . 8/28
Okay, interesting chapter that you have here. I can not wait for the next one.
darkerdeepdown chapter 58 . 8/28
Just opening with that minato and kushina should go to Pandora. They would fit riiiiiiiight in with the other vault hunters. Good chap and great action.
mirlen65 chapter 58 . 8/28
Awesome, awesome and more super awesome! Great fight scenes and just enough laughs to top it off. Well done! (crowd stands and claps and cheers!)
Great chapter 58 . 8/25
Love the battles! They were awesome. The only bittersweet part was Shiro's death. Also, the seal would break if Naruto enters berserker mode again? Hmm, if you are going to make the Pein invasion then it will probably happen. Anyway, the next chapter is a promise of something interesting, heck by the end of it Naruto will have assassins after his head and marriage proposals after his name. This meeting IS like the Kage summit, just a whole lot bigger so Im half-expecting for 'Tobi' or one of the Akatsuki to make an appearance. Looking forward to more!
blandusername chapter 58 . 8/26
that was cool but I hope you start doing the cannon soon you haven't really got pages the human kakuzu arch yet
Cerulean Knight chapter 58 . 8/26
Hm, I wonder what their reaction would be to something like Chakra mode, or when he learns and perfects sage mode.
WindyCitySlayer1 chapter 58 . 8/26
Awesome chapter
Good luck in school
Hope you do great this semester
Good day and best of luck
Analyn Rockwand chapter 58 . 8/26
That. Was. SOO bloody epic. I love it.
mfmxxx chapter 58 . 8/25
Great chapter.

Maybe bold/italic the future content, it was a bit disorienting to read?
DanteNaru chapter 58 . 8/25
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 58 . 8/25
Great chapter, can't wait for more.
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