Reviews for dream maker
Guest chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
Um... No. First of all this isn't fanfiction. This a story all your own. Obviously you think more of it then you should because you probably wrote this in class or soemthing and said "OMG I AM AN AMAZING WRITER I NEED TO PUT THIS ONLINE SO EVERYONE WILL TELL ME HOW AMAZING IT IS EVEN THOUGH I DONT KNOW WHERE TO PUT IT AND ITS NOT THAT GOOD AND I AM TO LAZY TO FIND A SITE WHERE THIS IS SUPPOSED TO GO." First of all it wasn't good-like at all- and doesn't need to be online in my opinion. Second of all it belongs on fiction press if you had to put it online at all. That might have been a little harsh. Let me reword this. The story is moving wayyyy to fast. In my opinion that is. And the grammar is... Eh. By the way... t's called a shift key. It would be in your interest to use it a bit more. Now, I hope this helped, and you might want to slow the story down. But first you need to take it off this site because you said yourself it isn't a mean girls fic. I am going to report it for abuse. Sorry but honestly wtf? Why did you put it on here knowing it didn't belong here? That's a real faggot move.
Souljacker chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
Move it to fictionpress. Reported