Reviews for 50 Sentences
Star-Shaped-X chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
Ah, these fifty-sentence challenges sound fun. :D I might have to do one myself.

Ring—I'm not normally romantically oriented, but your format on this one struck a cord with me and got me right in the mood. The way it's worded not only works great for my tastes, but also just kind of sounds to me like it came straight from Terra's thoughts, which is awesome.

Hero—Why not both? :P

Memory—Aw, that was cute.

Box—Haha, cool. The females in my family like pressing flowers too, but they never really have any special significance like this one. I like the idea of young Terra giving Aqua a flower.

Run—Ah, don't worry Aqua, he's tough. :)

Hurricane—Hah! XD Poor Ven. Man, that makes me think of the tension between Terra and Aqua in the game though. I was actually expecting them to fight (physically) by the middle of the game, but their loyalty to each other never ceased to impress me. Sora and Riku can't boast that. Still, I do like the idea of them having hectic arguments. :P

Wings—Nice. Aqua's a great fighter.

Cold—Can't argue with hot chocolate. :D My second-favorite drink.

Red—Haha, that was cute too.

Drink—Ooh, that's creative. :3 I am now intrigued by Aqua's potion-ing works.

Midnight—Not the last night.

Temptation—Whoo! ;D Go Terra!

View—Can't say I disagree. XD

Music—Huh. That's an interesting thought for these characters. :)

Silk—I can totally see Terra's mind being this sappy in the ways of romance. XP

Cover—Was he spying? XD

Promise—Yes. :)

Dream—Haha, cute.

Candle—Because of course, Eraqus would teach them not to enjoy the darkness.

Talent—Lol, who said that? XD Poor Terra.

Silence—Nice. Good analysis. :)

Journey—I like it.

Fire—Ooh. :( Magic practice gone wrong? Ouch. Hopefully her Cure is a bit more polished, huh?

Strength—I consider Aqua to be the strong one, for sure.

Mask—Oh. o.o Whatever is the story behind this?

Ice—Oh geez. ; Well, practice makes perfect, right? I guess Terra paid the price for Aqua to eventually become such a great magic wielder.

Fall—Aqua is a pretty calm fall-er. :) We were proved that in the Castle of Dreams.

Forgotten—My mind immediately went to, "Forgotten—but not lost," even though it has nothing to do with this subject. XD Sorry, total Namora fan over here. Your sentence was good though. :)

Dance—Gah. D Dancing's not my thing either, but at least Terra has the resolve to practice. Is Ven helping him? That's nice. :)

Body—Aw, sweet. :)

Sacred—What? D: I hope this is an AU and not Terra with super-low self-esteem.

Farewells—Always better. :)

World—And yet she almost never was, after he left the Land of Departure. Sigh. :(

Formal—I really liked their meeting there. :D It would have been cool seeing them dance together. To be honest though, when I first went through Terra's story I kept expecting him to ask Cinderella to dance. XD I /swear/, the tension between those two was so high, at least until the prince came along.

Fever—Well that sucks. XD Guess it was contagious.

Laugh—I would love to see more of Terra and Aqua's childhood. :)


Forever—I like how you left these two open to interpretation on who's saying which line. I'm gonna say Aqua for the first one and Terra for the second, 'cause the first one sounds too open for Terra and the second one sounds too sappy for Aqua. XD

Overwhelmed—Oh wow. :D Good proposal scene. See, I like it when romantic things like this are handled in a not-over-the-top-this-is-totally-happening way. I . . . don't know if I really worded that to make sense. ; Like, the reader knows what's happening, and the writer doesn't feel the need to use the specific words like "proposal" to get the point across. It works better, I think.

Whisper—Gah, again, love them as children. I must find more fics that portray that . . .

Wait—Mm. :/

Talk—Oh shit. XD Maybe that was his magic backfire? Hey, going off a comparison, I'd say Aqua got off easy (depending on the book's contents, of course).

Search—Not sure if I find this humorous, sappy, or sweet. XD I guess it's a little of all three.

Hope—Love it. :D

Eclipse—Stay strong, buddy. :( KH3 might hold better knews for you.

Gravity—It's a curse that comes with your name. P

Highway—Hm. :3 I like this concept.

Unknown—No guys. Keep looking back. Your memories will make you stronger. :)

Lock—Awesome wording. :D That was cool.

Breathe—Oh man, I bet their reunion (assuming it happens) will be such an amazing moment in KH3.

I think Ring, Red, Promise, Fire, Whisper, Hope, and Lock were my favorites. :)

I think with these challenges we must bend the grammatical rules to fit the ideas into one sentence at times. XD That said, nothing stuck out to me in regards to punctuation, so I don't think you need to worry. :)

You know, I've never really been a TerQua fan, but it's fics like this that make me want to change my mind about that. :) The fandom is starting to make the pairing grow on me.
robyn little chapter 1 . 11/24/2012
hey you probably dont do lemon but think you could do a oneshot of BODY you could always pin the blame on me if it gets embarrassing i just think these two need more love making fics and what better than a wedding night one [i havent actually read one of those ones beforeabout terqua anyhoo]
AtsukoSchulyer chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
I love this!

You would not believe me if I told you that this is the first thematic-whatever-you-call-it for these two.

Well done, and yes, I noticed the harmed punctuation. But that's okay, 'cause the message was still there!

Thank you!
MonMonCandie chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
You are an awesome writer! :)

I love how you practically captured almost everything that makes the TerQua pairing enjoyable and loveable (well, at least to me xD)! It's also amazing how in-character some of these themes are, but I loved them as a whole. It's hard picking out which sentences were my favorite, but I know the ones where Terra and Aqua are intimate are somewhere there. Also, can I just say that Terra is the unfortunate person who has to be Aqua's dummy when it comes to practicing magic? LOL

This is definitely going on my favorites and I thank you for writing some that - although sort - really highlighted the aspects that I love reading when it comes to Terra and Aqua's relationship in a canon (or AU) setting. And you are right, they need more love. xD