Reviews for The Maelstrom and Deathberry - The 1st Act
GreenDragon03 chapter 42 . 5/12
When is act 2?
jmac615 chapter 42 . 5/9
Hahaha funny Q&A from you and kurama! Can't wait for act 2
marquis.shax chapter 35 . 4/23
you made a small mistake since the Uzumakis weren't from Takigakure (waterfall) they were from Uzushiogakure (Whirlpool) and that's the place that was destroyedd
marquis.shax chapter 22 . 4/23
actually it's possible but most likely extremely dangerous/difficult to learn sage mode without having to go to the slugs/snakes/toads considering Hashirama was able to learn sage mode on his own and I believe his sage mode was more powerful than the other 3 versions (although I've NEVER once seen someone learn sage mode from the slugs so Kishi dropped the ball on that one as well lol)
Athena chapter 42 . 4/18
This entire story was absolutely awesome, amazing, five stars, all of that crap! When are you going to post the first chapter of the 2nd Act? I need to know!
ZERO chapter 28 . 4/17
When's chapter 43 and 44?
Chessmasteroftheuniverse chapter 42 . 4/14
Nice! Please update with act 2 soon.
brown phantom chapter 42 . 4/9
Nice bit of humorous banter here. And nice crack at Madara by Kurama, never would have thought of that myself. And I hope you can recover from the trauma of receiving Twilight as a gift.
DocHoliday0316 chapter 42 . 4/7
Very nice! I loved the humor in this special. I can't wait until Part 2.
AJGuardian chapter 42 . 4/7



Okay. Whatever man.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 42 . 4/7
WHOO! I'm so excited for the 2nd Act!
Guest chapter 41 . 2/28
I enjoyed this story berry much but I feel like you lied when you said no pairings cause it seems like your making it lean towards a sakunaru pairing seeing as Sakura is being very over dramatic I can see Sakura being upset but the one that should be more upset is Hinata since she cofessed her feelings and never got to know how he felt because they were busy with war. I can never know what everyone is feeling after naru's death cause you always put it in sakura's point of view. Please in act two make somebody anybody more worthy to write naruto's name on the stone like Iruka.
jmac615 chapter 41 . 2/27
Great chapter as usual rocker! I'm really looking forward to act 2 in this story. Pm me when you can.
brown phantom chapter 41 . 2/25
Not bad. Feels very similar to the end of the Rescue Arc. And at least they don't have to worry about Madara and Aizen at the same time in the near future.
GM NASAI chapter 41 . 2/23
More more more! Please
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