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Sonic456lover chapter 1 . 6/27
Bros foreves! x3
sonicrod101 chapter 2 . 6/13
Can their be dream death?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
Have you ever watched the movie Frozen? If you have, do a Sonic parody of Frozen. Sonic is 9 and tails was 4, just to let you know. They were playing, building a snowman, etc. Sonic hits Tails with an icy blast. Sonic took Tails can decide where Sonic takes him to ;-;. Some random person took away all magic from Tails' memory. Sonic is afraid he might hurt Tails again. So, he isolated himself from him. Until when it is Coronation day. Sonic is 21 and Tails is 18 (Real ages of Elsa and Anna). Blah, blah, blah. I am sure you know how the rest of the story goes. If you have them sing the songs from the movie, it would be appreciated. :)

Character roles:



A girl sonic character/Kristoff

Keep Olaf and Sven and the weselton guy.

You can add their parents if ya want.
SonicJordan chapter 109 . 5/31
Hey, can you do a story about Tails goes to a dentist, please?
Healmaster0927 chapter 109 . 5/22
Can we have a story where Tails goes Dark Super? That would be awesome!
TaliTheFox chapter 109 . 5/19
Another great chapter! "Oh my god this is so hilarious" I agree, egghead, I agree. Keep this up and you'll be an amazing author!
Autumn chapter 109 . 5/15
yay glad to see another update from ya! and great chapter!
can't wait for m chapter 109 . 5/15
Omg!thank you,thank you,thank you!when you stop writing at 107th chapter,you killed me!it is nice to know that you are still writing. I love your writing and I can't wait to read more of this story! Thank you once again!
griffin chapter 37 . 5/13
Nice story but tails actually can use the chaos emeralds but im guessing when you wrote this that hadnt been shown yet but again good story
Tali Prower chapter 108 . 5/3
I am a real sucker for bond tests XP Whenever I see a chapter with a bond test, be it Tails being killed or Sonic getting blown into smitherines, its always nice to read a good juicy bond test. I dont like them getting hurt, but there are other bonds tests as well. like someone threatening to slit the throa- okay thats death... hmmmmm... One's talents are not accepted by the other? One is stubborn and does not let the other help them... Huh... One does something the other does not agree with? Im not sure if these have been used for your stories yet, but I feel I should help you brainstorm, just clear out all that foggy depression and flood your brain with good juicy ideas :) I know depression is... depressing... hard! Depression can be hard, but you can make it through :D I was suicidal once, and your stories actually cured me of that. The sonic games and fanfictions like your's helped me understand the important things in life. Your storied behold qualities that probably saved my life! I salute you and your amazing grammar for these stories. :3 I should add a request through my rambling... how about using one of those ideas, eh? Maybe Tails is 8 and Sonic is 15 for this one. It could be any of the above, but I prefer the stubborn sibling gig. Has a nice ring to it, and it just feels right :3 I wont rush you, take all the time you need, Matt. Heck, you dont even have to fullfill this request! I hope your feeling alright behind that screen of your's though!
~Faithful reader and Older sister of Miles/Tails the Fox~
Tali A. Prower
(Yes I feel important enough to post a signature and my position)
(And no I am not a tailsko _)
(I need to stop typing XD)
Tali Prower chapter 108 . 5/3
Glad you started writing again _ I missed this series :D
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19
I love your stories they are amazing. :)
Tailzzzz chapter 108 . 4/18
Do one where sonic accidentally calls tails a freak and Tails gets really upset and runs away
Matthew069 chapter 108 . 4/3
This one was pretty good, I see some good potential here and some extras that could have happened XD nice job Sonictailsbros
SonicTailsBros 6280 chapter 108 . 3/30
I have a story request: You know that chapter about the first time Tails could help Sonic fight Eggman? Well, I think that there should be one about the first time Tails was (SERIOUSLY) injured because of Dr. Eggman. Sonic should be 12-13 and Tails should be 5-6.

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