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narrator925 chapter 34 . 6/7
And this is why I don't roleplay!
Guest chapter 111 . 5/30
I'm sad to see you go, I'm going to miss you. I don't know if this means much coming from a member who was too shy to actually sign into there account to write this but...I liked your hunter x hunter story and your actually the reason why I started watching the series. I think if you kept trying your hunter x hunter stories would eventually get attention. If you ever decide to come back I'll be waiting for you. Bye and thank you for everything.
Maga016 chapter 111 . 5/5
See ya man! Good luck out there! :-D
TailsTheCuteBabyFox chapter 110 . 4/24
I know this isn't the farewell chapter I wanted to post this on, but when you updated the chapter, I had already posted a review and I wanted to repost one more. I don't know who still has control of this account or if you will get this message, but if someone else does have control on this account, please send him this message, we have PM'd each other since 2014 and long since become mutual friends, I wish to tell him one more thing:

Thanks for all the hard work my friend, you have made us all so happy, hope you enjoy what life throws at you next, and even if you don't post anything, please keep writing. I know you went through so many hardships but yet you kept writing, it is the one thing that kept you going. I hope that it has gotten better as I have not spoken in a while and I can't contact you any more since you have turned of PM. But I wanted to speak with you one more time and this is my only way to. You are such a talented person when it comes to writing, and it's something you obviously enjoy. Again, I hope you continue writing amazing stories, it's a skill you possess that is so special. Please continue in your own time, because it's your stories that have put smiles on THOUSANDS of people's faces. One person, you, have done this. Please continue writing even if you don't put it out into the world, it is not something that should be ridiculed or looked down on. It should be praised. Thankyou. Again, if you want to stop writing thatsup to you. Thanks for the long conversations we shared, and I hope you're life ended up turning well. Thankyou for everything you have done for all of us, your readers, fans, and friends. Farewell, as we will miss you dearly. You are one exceptional person. Thankyou, for everything.

And for old time sakes,

Thomas Holmes II chapter 111 . 4/17
Live long and prosper, as the Vulcans say. \\/ And thank you for your story.
flyeon chapter 111 . 4/14
You were and will be one of my top writers, i loved this story and appreciate you decided to write in the first place

Sorry to hear that your other stories hadn't become very popular but, i hope you find happiness somewhere else
Retelling of Legends chapter 111 . 4/9
Okay, I'm a little disappointe, but that doesn't mean that I'm sorry about you switching fandom. People lose interest, people find interest and what that means is that I love your stories. So please, no matter how rude or the fan base can be, know that we, your true fans, will always remember the joysame and sorrow your works inspire.
Lynn chapter 23 . 4/2
Is Mega Mack the same thing as Mega Muck in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon in Robotropolis I wonder?
Maybe one inspired the other I don't detail with Mega Mack anyway.
Lynn chapter 111 . 4/2
No your not a artist loses interest in things it's natural.I'm a artist myself and people can't expect me to be a factory churning out endless art or change and it is hard staying with something to finish it.I go through that myself.
your dedicated more than some are by the amount of stories you bad you had to put up with I'd never lose interest in your fanfics because they capture Sonic and Tails friendship so beautifully.
Yours are classics which means they'll live forever no matter what anyone people that are cruel and rude out there on and offline whom I'll never understand.
I should know I was diagnosed with Aspergers a form of autism and still to this day get people who are impatient and rude and don't listen to what I'm asking help for.
I hope you keep your stories on because I always enjoy them all.
TailsTheCuteBabyFox chapter 111 . 4/1
Hey man, good to hear from you after a while! :) glad to see your not dead lol! XD anyway, I understand that you lost interest, it happens, so if you fell bad at all, we all understand. Going to check out this new manga you've spoke about, so I'll see if I enjoy it! Hope your future stories will be just as good as your previous ones, and even better! :) thanks!
Matthew069 chapter 111 . 3/30
Please don't let anyone's comments no matter how rude, or spammed bother you I wouldn't want to never be able to read these fanfics again or any of the new ones you come out with. If worse comes to worse make a new account but backup the previous stories. Not to mention let the true diehard fans know of your new coming accounts. So there won't be any anger or hate.
Cap chapter 111 . 3/22
My apologies... the target's proper name is Racefan2464. Otherwise the rest of my review remains the same.

Peace and safety be with you sonctailsbros.
Cap chapter 111 . 3/22
It is unfortunate that Racefan2646 did such a thing. We cannot simply complain! From experience, I know this will do nothing on its own. Rather it is necessary for further action of a more defiant nature against Racefan2646. I urge all users to do whatever it takes to give Racefan2646 a lesson.

Wherever that be via reporting Racefan2646 to the authorities of Deviantart, unfriending him, posting words of protest or otherwise - let Racefan2646 feel the true consequences of Racefan2646's actions. In the words of Maximus from Gladiator (2000), "On my signal... unleash hell."

P.S: sonictailsbros... I hope you have received my PM. Please be careful.
Mentalix chapter 111 . 3/20
That's a shame. The only question I have is, would you be okay with someone else continuing this? Not me, I can't. But I'm sure someone else can.
takedigi chapter 111 . 3/20
Thanks for the news. Some time ago I read your chapters and liked.

Thank you for your stories of Sonic the Hedgehog. I have read some of your stories and I liked. Some time ago, I was not a big fan of Sonic fanfic (I like games and series). I found your stories by an author. That author made me see the wonder of the stories of Sonic. Especially best friends and brothers Sonic and Tails. I have read many stories of Sonic since that time and I've written some (in Spanish).

I understand your decision. I write stories from different series. I do not have a favorite over the other. Thanks again for the news. I hope you do well.

PS: I also like Hunter x Hunter, Manga and Anime. I liked the 2011 version.
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