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Bool1989 chapter 16 . 6/30
I really enjoyed this chapter. I think it is the most unique Dark!trio fanfic idea out there.

Here is to hoping that you write a full-length fic with it.
Ibskib chapter 37 . 6/13
Hope to see more of the charming Flora Carrow, sweet, but deadly competent makes for a nice combination, her love of magic, and those little sprogs, combined with an unpleasant family background creates an intriguing character.

Right now I'm hankering for a story where she and Harry secretly, or not so secretly for a bit of extra chaos, becomes friends, or perhaps even a bit of shipping
Or anything else with her playing a role, I really want to read about the aftermath when she realizes that she mistook Harry Potter for the bogeyman :-)
Ibskib chapter 32 . 6/13
Damn! This could lead to something epic, I think it would be difficult to write something that fulfills the promise of this prologue, but if done well, it would be glorious :-)
Ibskib chapter 31 . 6/13
"Despite the near-constant occlumency the user had to maintain to prevent the flow of data from thoroughly disorienting them, Harry thought that the neural net a rather crazy muggleborn scientist came up with to replace wands was the best thing ever."

Hmm seems to me that if the majority of wizardkind started using such things, it would create a society of joyless sociopaths.
Of course I would expect a dumped down version to be created for the general populace that didn't require occlumency.

The Breakfast Skirmish was pretty funny, Harry almost acted as if lettuce is a warcrime. :-)
Ibskib chapter 30 . 6/13
With all the casual violence, it makes me think of Dimensional Hopping for beginners with a heavy Mr and Mrs. Smith vibe. perhaps also a smidgen of the Pulp fiction intro scene.

I'm a bit of a Harry/Hermione shipper and though this was an entertaining version.
Ibskib chapter 29 . 6/13
A shame it never got around to that Xenomorph thing that was promised, I'm looking forward to at least a second chapter.
If this ends up as a larger fic, hopefully it won't be abandoned as it seems Weres Harry has been, which was a shame.
Ibskib chapter 20 . 6/12
a Parselmouth, not a parseltongue
Eden The Eternal Silent Joker chapter 38 . 5/12
wait... so basically just gave Artie a more advanced version of shirou from fate/stay night power?...
twilliams1797 chapter 22 . 5/3
I'd say this is my favorite reaper challenge stories ever.
twilliams1797 chapter 20 . 5/3
I can see SWAC as an ongoing series of stories. In fact I hope to see SWAC as a series of stories.
Trololololololol chapter 37 . 4/26
Oh dear. This was... Well, I'll admit. That was indeed a very good reason for Harry to not gain the position of prefect. An excellent idea in fact. An incredibly good and perfectly valid reason.

You almost killed me by laughter. Good job!

GrinningJest3r chapter 18 . 4/11
This was hilarious. I loved it and wish there was more.
GrinningJest3r chapter 16 . 4/11
Holy crap... I need this as a full story. That was amazing.
joelwilliamson chapter 38 . 4/11
This would make a fantastic story. The ending had echoes of the beginning of Wastelands of Time
madbrad chapter 37 . 4/7
(Whups, didn't login for my review.)

Another great action sequence from the author who wrote the ding-dong battle of all werewolf/Alien/Sulaco battles. I was wondering all along if Harry was going to demonstrate straight-out magical/duelling superiority, but -

- I do believe the words 'beat each other half to death' were uttered several times.

I guess it was a draw. Still, Carrow is a seventh year, and Harry only in his fifth? Honour is satisfied.

- For all that, though, he was still Harry's best friend and came a close second in Hermione's book -



I would love to have Hermione mention that, some time, some how, and have Harry act surprised, respond no, you've got it wrong, I wouldn't be training so hard if it was Ron, I wouldn't be tramping through the halls at two o'clock in the morning if I was with Ron rather than you ...

- "No Harry, it's a-forget it, I'll explain later."


Still, being serious for a moment, this reminds me of a H/Hr story I read a long time ago - incomplete, full of angst and building youthful affection, written from Hermione's point of view - where she realised that she had to be the one to tell Harry such things, as he'd received absolutely no tutelage in the ways of the birds and the bees from the Dursleys. Which was quite touching, actually.

Harry and Hermione *were* pretty close to be jackboot thugs in this, weren't they? Okay, they did, technically, announce themselves and fire second, but still ... it would be funny to read the sequel to this, see how Susan introduces some common sense / flexibility. As it was it was funny to witness Harry being as big a stickler for the rules as Hermione.

And then, on the romantic side, Susan can notice / note the synergy between the two ... (always a H/Hr hopeful, that's me). Thanks for the tale.
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