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bearblue chapter 33 . 4/8
Wow. This made me a bit teary.

I'd say thank you, but I'm... too busy blinking.
bearblue chapter 31 . 4/8
Fantastic. I enjoyed this far too much, I am sure. Thank you.
bearblue chapter 28 . 4/8
I would read the heck out of this story. *gloms* But as this is a collection, oh well. But still... very nice.

Thank you.
bearblue chapter 14 . 4/8
Of the available bits, I think this one is currently my very favorite. :) Thank you for sharing :)
reptilia28 chapter 22 . 2/26
You. You're awesome. I would be genuinely interested in seeing a continuation of this.

And for the record, I'm a guy.
xvector chapter 27 . 1/18
Oh, this was awesome. FUCKING AWESOME.
deadal chapter 35 . 1/11
reading this bring back memory of "Rule of two, dreams come true"... why did you give up?
madbrad chapter 35 . 1/4
Good grief. Redefining the word 'epic' it seems. Although if you're going to be focusing on just the segment coming up - Harry rediscovering himself and finding *her* - well, that's likely to be a bit more localised and easier (for we mortal readers) to handle.

I haven't finished Worm yet but I'm on the lookout for good fan fiction (since HP fan fiction is drying up). I had a quick look at this 'Copacetic' you recommended ... unless I found a different story, only seven chapters, still in progress?

Glad to read that you intend to post more in the future. I really have enjoyed your work. Except for the Snow Queen, haven't really looked at that; the core premise didn't seem that appealing from what I could see. Maybe I should give it another shot.
xelsan chapter 35 . 1/2
First off I can not tell you how much I'm looking forward to the next chapter to The Snow Queen. That is one of my all time favorites by far, this story is shaping up to also be one of my favs and I'm excited to see it being fleshed out and turned into a full fledged story. Glad your enjoying yourself with your new job and I'll be looking forward to those over story ideas you have in the works.
Starfox5 chapter 35 . 1/2
An epic backstory indeed. I wonder how this will turn out (though I am still hoping for more from SWAC and MIB).
Guest chapter 15 . 11/4/2014
for the love of god please do this...
werd me chapter 8 . 10/2/2014
Great! Hope day 3 comes out soon.
madbrad chapter 34 . 9/12/2014
I'm so glad I left the e-mail notification for this chapter languish in my IN box. Now, months later, it's not only pointed me to a bit of new H/Hr fan fiction to read ... it gave me an excuse to re-read Part 1 of Sulaco. Which I really really REALLY enjoyed ... both times. I think I gave you enough reasons why last time, but yeah, it's just so satisfying to see Harry and Hermione grow closer in stories that push some of the H/Hr buttons but not in an overtly obvious or exaggerated manner risking eye-rolling in the reader. Harry's simple observation that Ron was no longer his 'best mate' - his dereliction *forgiven* but not *forgotten* - was a small point, maybe, but still a clever one that I appreciated as making all the difference. Hermione's ever-present friendship, as per the canon, extended into the muggle world was just charming to read. Harry's protect-Hermione-thing was stirring heroic stuff. Yeah, I loved that chapter.

As to this one ... I greatly enjoyed it too, although the last part pushed my suspension-of-disbelief a bit. I guess I'd glossed over your Author's Note from the first instalment, which I'm re-reading right now ... yeah ... okay, you really did say 'becomes a xenomorph'. I guess the fact that I didn't really know what a 'xenomorph' was until muddling it out while reading 'Sulaco The Shift' explains why I wasn't quite fully engaged in that section. I just looked up 'xenomorph' on Wikipedia ... sure enough, they called the creates from the Aliens movie that. I learn something new every day.

(I have no idea why Alien!Harry-and-Hermione has an affinity for metal, which confused me. Nothing about that 'power' on the Wiki.)

A bit hard to accept, Harry and Hermione becoming Aliens. Jeeze. Presumably, were this story to be continued, there'd be further background/explanatory material which would solidify the notion in the readers' minds. Some theorising by Hermione on how the *time travel* magic in particular had their werewolf forms latch onto aliens in the future?! Or maybe just waving hands and shouting MAGIC would suffice. Although that's at odds with how you painted Hermione in this very chapter as a person trying to explain things via the scientific method.

I'm a bit worried about our heroes becoming 'aliens'. I didn't mind their killing people - this time - because the victims were all villains. What about next time, though? That would presumably comprise some of the tension of ensuing chapters.

And the whole idea of the Alien movies was that the creatures' whole purpose was to *breed*. That's a horrible dimension you're introducing. I don't mind Harry and Hermione having babies, but human ones please, thank you very much, and when they're a bit older. :-) Harry and Hermione creating a horde of horribly powerful killing machines? Were you going to make our heroes into *villains*? Even more dangerous than Voldemort?

I don't mind a 'Harry and Hermione against the world' story (not that I've ever read one, I don't think) but they'd probably suicide rather than spawn a race of Aliens upon the world?

Which leads me into your last scene, wondering how much they remember. I thought Hermione was being deliberately disingenuous when she said she couldn't make sense of her 'blurry' memories .. "if you catch my drift". I thought she/they *did* remember ... but were going to keep mum so the Ministry wouldn't prosecute them for the murders.

But if they *did* remember ... that they'd left a nest of eggs in the cavern ... whoa. No, Harry and Hermione wouldn't risk innocents being killed by baby aliens. I hope.

So I'm assuming I read more into the "if you catch my drift" thing than was intended.

A slight nitpick - wondering why their wands were so miraculously kept clear of any of the acid. Certainly convenient for them and their author!? :-)

Aside from my What the hell?! Aliens!? moment, I loved the (earlier two-thirds) of the story for its continuing in the vein of the preceding chapter and giving us nice Harry-and-Hermione-friendship moments. It's a bit of a jump to see canon!Harry as 'finding the sciences relaxing', but hey, you made him a bit smarter/nicer in the first chapter, and an author *needs* to promote Harry's intelligence to (a) make him more appealing to we readers and (b) make him more appealing to his best friend Hermione. :-) Plus I did very much like the sentences where you illustrated why a faith in the muggle scientific method would cause 'raging fits' in Hermione when in the magical world. That's a key little part of her character you built there, good one.

Loved the overt friendship-or-something-better moments, like Harry's comforting Hermione in her sleep. And her thanking her for it later. (I just love those scenes where the other *thanks* the first party, letting the readers know that she/he appreciates it just like us. And you made the characters feel the same way about such things ... kisses on the forehead, 'eyes shining'. Very nice.) Comforting hugs are very ... comforting ... to read. :)

And talking about Harry/Hermione friendship-or-even-better:

- "Sorry Hermione, but not now. Later, I promise, but not now."
- She looked at him quizzically before nodding. "Okay then."
- She stated. "But I will ask. And you'd better answer me."

And he'd better answer "you're the one I feel that way about". :-)

The only other thing I'd demand from a continuance of this story - in addition to the flowering of a fair dinkum Harry/Hermione romantic relationship (at least acknowledgement of same) - is the death, dismemberment or destruction of one Dolores Umbridge. Seems to me she's getting away scott-free with all of her murderous ploys. Both in the last chapter, and now two separate plans hatched in this one. SHE MUST BE PUNISHED.

Well, I have no idea what you would have happen next. Nice to see Harry and Hermione grow stronger from their overnight Alien transformation, but I'm curious what you were going to do about the whole murdering!creatures!spawning-a-race-of-monsters thing. Maybe MAGIC! would have eventually solved the negatives of their creature side?

Thank you very much for your two Sulaco chapters and your H/Hr tales in general. You haven't updated things in a while, but I do hope you occasionally get the urge to write some (H/Hr) more. Cheers!
timefreak chapter 1 . 8/3/2014

Depressing, but brilliant.
Retric chapter 34 . 7/25/2014
Ch 34 was just about perfect. So many openings, I can easily see the werewolf to be transforming in some interesting location. Plus, wtf are people going to think caused this etc.

To bad our unlikely to keep going but such is the curse of reading interesting fanfiction.
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