Reviews for Soul Bonding
mumphie chapter 28 . 5/11
Great story!
jasnrob chapter 28 . 5/9
Enjoyed your story!
jasnrob chapter 14 . 5/9
Ha, Sirius meeting the floor again because he can't shift out of the way, love it.
dramione princess 0531 chapter 13 . 5/5
that would be a very Sirius way to die and I don't think anyone would mind
Guest chapter 28 . 4/28
buttons1721 chapter 28 . 2/21
I normally don't ship these characters together but so made me love them together! ️️️
TtotheA chapter 28 . 1/19
I was a bit apprehensive at first. We have twins in the family and didn’t want to read that type of stuff. I stopped reading a few times in the beginning. But I was also hungry for my next FanFic reading. But I liked how you meta explained some things in the A/N it and the whole triad Greater Battle element the most. I am also glad you didn’t leave some thing for the imagination in this situation and explained peoples thought processes and reactions to the bonding.
KyloRen'sgirl213 chapter 1 . 1/15
Hmm this look interesting love this very much
MagicalMysteryMoony chapter 13 . 1/2
Amber Bellum chapter 28 . 12/17/2021
I am not sure about the ending and the new triad but it was a cute story.
Skinyl chapter 19 . 11/29/2021
I love the “drarry” bits
Skinyl chapter 19 . 11/29/2021
Per your author’s note: you are the only fanfiction author that I have scoured the internet to see if you were alive. I had just discovered your AO3 (I was new to fanfiction), and you had a SiriusxHermione time travel AU that wasn’t finished. And I needed to know if that fic would be finished (it was). It was a tad melodramatic for me to jump to you being dead after no activity for a few months, but I loved what you had written so much. You’re that author for me. I’m a horrible reviewer, but you write the most wonderful stories. Thank you.
Skinyl chapter 4 . 11/29/2021
I love how you try and keep it realistic for their interactions. I don’t think I’ve read a fic that took their schedules into account for quality time.
Skinyl chapter 2 . 11/28/2021
I’m rereading this fic, and I don’t remember the plot. I can’t properly express how excited I am to read it for the “first” time. I love all of your fics! Can’t wait to get into this one
WandsandWhiskey chapter 13 . 11/27/2021
Oooh, you clever author!
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