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outlawpoet chapter 57 . 9h
I knew there was a reason he gave Karin a job, despite everything.
Albertasteinthe21st.genius chapter 57 . 9/12
Wanted: Accountant. Will pay with horde of super ninja children.
This is great X)
palmtreehead chapter 43 . 9/12
Haha love the thought of Shikaku manipulating Tsunade to solve his invisible deer problem, so awesomely cracky- thanks for sharing!
palmtreehead chapter 23 . 9/11
Heehee this is an awesome crackfic- I love the plot but I do think it’d be hard to write seriously and then it wouldn’t be making me want to roll around on the floor laughing. Thanks for sharing
Trapdere chapter 29 . 9/11
It's jumping around too much! The last two chapters are so confusing I have no idea what it's about anymore. I even had to scroll to the top just to check if I'm still reading the same fic, it's just too darn confusing.
palmtreehead chapter 11 . 9/10
Great chapter- I love stories that give Sasuke a reason to not be a bastard, and him learning ‘the hard way’ about the evil/innocence of children is a clever one (since it depends on him not actually being the complete a-hole he can be). Love the chat with Zabuza and how Sakura’s diagnosis of Haku is more accurate than Kakashi’s. Thanks for sharing
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 57 . 9/10
LOL for the delivery stuff. Also Sasuke seems to be taking eugenics more seriously than Orochimaru at times :-P Heck, if he ever finds out about Yamato, there is going to be attempts to seduce him somehow :-P

Messed up with Orochimaru (especially about breaking his kids) but also hilarious at the idea of him having to actually face the parents he so wanted to originally revive. In fact, surprised this is the first time we have seen mention of them since they are supposed to have been such a big part of his development.
Also amused about the Uzumaki army

And yeah, Konoha can be waaaaaaaay to forgiving.
Jack Inqu chapter 57 . 9/10
I could totally see that happening...

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
jcampbellohten chapter 57 . 9/10
Guest chapter 57 . 9/9
Pom Rania chapter 57 . 9/9
"Items shipped with a 'Do Not Steal' label are packed separately from the rest of the load, to ensure that prospective thieves can reach them easily without disturbing the rest of the shipment".
And now I'm reminded of why I love this story so much. I think it hits a bunch of the same mental buttons as Discworld.

And there's even MORE bits that I love, but with ffnet not allowing to copy text easily, I can't say them out with low effort. Just assume that I love everything then?

Guest chapter 57 . 9/9
I'm weak
The Unplanner chapter 57 . 9/9
Well, Orochimaru's designer baby Mitsuki does have a super beast transformation called Sage Mode, so he must've gotten close to this goal. Quality over quantity; who would want another White Zetsu fiasco? Plus, clones have an annoying tendency to rebel against their gender-neutral, ex-human abomination parent. It took sixteen tries to get a Mitsuki that at least rebelled in a *productive* manner.
Nobody Smurf chapter 57 . 9/9
Giving blessed sake to Orochi? Wait, I've heard that one before... It didn't go well for the snake.
Oro complaining about Konoha being safe for children is as good as Danzo saying the same.
The Elemental Countries are going to want the Uzumakis back to save them from the Oromakis.

Thank you.
Guest chapter 57 . 9/9
Orochimaru with an army of babies. To be honest, he's probably a pretty good option for that as far as the sannin are concerned. I mean, he's not a great parent (more like a weird cult-leader), but compared to Jiraiya ("I steal the last pennies from an orphan" and "I forced my own godson to bribe me with posing nude as a pretty girl in order to do the minimal amount of interaction with him")? Tsunade might be better, but she's... kind of a mean and bitter drunk (who transforms into a very busy but largely hopeful drunk).

I'm very much enjoying how Sasuke is using his "revive the clan"-policy to further the clan's aims to "steal every jutsu". Though if he actually manages to do that, he'll have to admit that he's related (by marriage at least) to basically the entirety of the Elemental Nations. Dunno how the hell that would mesh with him wanting the clan to rule supreme. (I'm suddenly reminded of Itachi's reaction to the Uzumaki-Uchiha emblem Naruto wears, and I do wonder in which direction that "loyal/disloyal"-thing will go in the end.)

Still, seriously? Ninja mail? Come on. You can't do that. That's too much. That's just-... How am I ever going to take messenger-missions seriously ever again?

("It's a very important mission. Nobody can be allowed to have it. It could spell war. Make sure to get it stolen halfway to the destination, that should get it close enough to that asshole who won't answer my texts.")
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