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Jeremy Shane chapter 20 . 11/19/2012
Rocking Chapter & More Please
LoisNClark4Ever chapter 20 . 11/17/2012
*groans* Argh, just when I thought the worse was over here comes Mona Miles with incriminating evidence towards our beloved Clois! Although, I'm not familar with Mona, I hope she doesn't cause Lois and Clark too much trouble. Hey here's a thought, maybe they could get Jonn to wipe her memories? That'll definitely solve the problem, but having to wait till next week to find out what happens is going to be tough. Especially since you've indicated that this fic is nearing its end! *frowns*

With some loose ends yet to be solved, I'm REALLY anxious to see what happens between Kara, Damian, and Alex. It's obvious Damian is smitten with SuperGirl, but how will he and Alex react to each other both having feelings for her? Also, Bruce (canon or not) NEEDS to get over it! As I've said before, I'd hate for his feelings to get in between his wonderful relationship with Damian.

As for Kara, I'm happy she won't be living alone aboard Watchtower. Having her staying with Clois and Jo is a wonderful idea. Not only is Lois over the moon that Jo will be living at home for a bit, but Kara's presence will certainly help out in the superhero department plus, give Clark and her a chance to get to know each other better. So it's a win, win for everyone.

Now if only this week would 'fly' by quickly. I could really use another update. Until then, happy early Thanksgiving! *hugs* :)
JamesTKent chapter 19 . 11/11/2012
Given how large and chaotic the situation was, you handled it well. Pacing was quick, but easily followed, and you didn't allow individual fights to go too long to be interesting.
Jeremy Shane chapter 19 . 11/10/2012
Great Chapter & More Please
LoisNClark4Ever chapter 19 . 11/9/2012
Have no fear, Barbara. I enjoyed this chapter and thought the fight scenes was amazing. I love Damian's superhero code name, Robin II. How fitting since he's Bruce's son. *chuckles* As for Thalia and Ra Ghul, I knew this battle was a matter of life and death, but Thalia's death surprised me. It's obvious Ra Ghul was crazy, but to kill his own daughter after being injected was pretty shocking. Also, Damian's reaction was just heartbreaking. *sniff* I'm so glad he found Bruce because like I've said, I just LOVE their relationship.

Another surprise I hadn't consider was Bruce's feelings towards Kara. His reasons are justified, but I don't want him to think her untrustworthy because of this one incident. Yeah, Alex isn't to be trusted, but if Clark and Lois supports Kara's decision than I wish Bruce would give her the benefit of the doubt. Like Clark, she's probably trying to see the "best" in Alex just as Clark tried for Lex. Besides, if Damian and Kara grow close based on their almost-kiss than things can get pretty awkward and I don't want ANYTHING to come between the father and son duo.

Until next week, keep up the awesome job! :)
Jeremy Shane chapter 18 . 11/3/2012
Super Chapter & More Please
LoisNClark4Ever chapter 18 . 11/2/2012
What an interesting chapter! I love that it was lengthy because while it was elusive as you said, you still covered a lot of ground with Thalia and Ra Ghul's whereabouts in addition to surprise, surprise, Dr. Westfield! Never thought we'd see him again, but I'm glad to see him actually doing some good for once.

Now what's this about a "Code"?! I cannot believe Thalia would go along with this nonsense and that crazy Ra Ghul would enforce it despite knowing Damian will be the one to suffer the consequences. *shakes head* Of course, Bruce will be damned if he'll let that happen so Thalia and Ra Ghul better watch their backs. Batman is coming for them! No amount of assassins is going to keep him away when it comes to protecting Damian. *chuckles*

Jo and Clark's scene at the Fortress was so touching. It was wonderful seeing BOTH of Clark's parents present for Jo's official training. However, my heart did break for her when she realized that she'll out live some of her friends and family. *shakes head again* I don't even want to think about it so lets talk about Jo's new suit and new name! I'm excited to see her FINALLY onboard with the team and will be fighting alongside her brothers, Kara and Clark. As for SkyGirl...I like it. But what was wrong with WonderGirl? That was the name Clark gave her after all.

Now what's up with Kara? Does she like Alex or doesn't she? To offer a date in return for his help might be a bit much IF she's having doubts. After all, I still question Alex's mental stability. Plus, I wonder where does this leave Damian? How will she feel about what may happen to him?!

The final scene of this chapter with Clois was the perfect way to end it. Call it the "calm before the storm" if you will. Speaking of storms, I hope you weren't too affected by Frankenstorm. My heart breaks for those still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. Hope all is well where you are. *hugs* :)
moonie44foreternity chapter 18 . 11/2/2012

Absolutely AWESOME new chapter honey!

LOVED the Kara bits and Jo and Clark at the Fortress!
Jeremy Shane chapter 17 . 10/27/2012
Legendary Chapter & More Please
moonie44foreternity chapter 17 . 10/27/2012

Absolutely LOVED this newest chapter honey!

You did great!
LoisNClark4Ever chapter 17 . 10/26/2012
Ending?! Are you saying the very next chapter is the last? I figured perhaps a few more chapters, but if it's true, than color me surprised! I thought Alex's hearing went well as can be expected. There may be hope for him yet, but I'm sadden (but not surprised) that Alex is Lex's clone. While I didn't like him at first, I hope he has a chance at a normal life.
Also, what's going on between him and Kara? He's going to be devastated when he learns about the sparks flying between Damian and Kara. Hopefully, he doesn't return to his old ways 'cause sometimes, old habits die hard.

Jo and Sammy...glad to see they were able to deal with the news of his paternity together. In a lot of ways, they remind me of a young Clois having to deal with so many obstacles, but manages to stay strong all because they have each other.

Damian joining the League to help deal with Talia and his grandfather takes a lot of strength and courage. He may not have much love for them, but it's always tough having to choose between his parents. I'm happy that he and Bruce are getting a chance to know each other and that all is well with them. They are so adorable and next to Clark and Jonathan's relationship, Bruce and Damian comes in at a close second. You did an amazing job writing their story cause I fell in love the moment they reunited.

Now bring on the final chapter. I'm ready to see how this story ends and if everyone gets their happy ending. :)
Jeremy Shane chapter 16 . 10/19/2012
Good Chapter & More Please
LoisNClark4Ever chapter 16 . 10/19/2012
Welcome back! I'm glad to see that Alex has grown on you, but I need a bit more convincing. I know all that he's done up to this point isn't all his doing, but I'm kind of iffy about a possible pairing between him and Kara. I know she's helping him, but it's going to take A LOT of effort to win her over in that department. I'm willing to keep an open mind and see how things go.

As for Bruce and Damian's father-son talk in this chapter was once again heart-wrenching. I'm sooooooooooooo happy that Damian turned out nothing like his mother despite being under her care and that's putting it mildly. So what's up with Damian wanting to help the league? What kind of specialty does he have or has Thalia's "experiements" given him some unknown powers? I can't wait to find out.

Now you know I have to save the BEST for last! I love it when you write Clois too and their hot and steamy togetherness was well worth the two week wait! Clark's fears about the statue is understandable since Lois IS a big part of who he is, but I'm happy all of that is settled. Also, knowing that Lois will be around for the long haul is music to my ears! I don't want to think about Clark being alone without his soul mate one day so you've totally made my day.

Thanks for the wonderful read. *hugs* :)
moonie44foreternity chapter 16 . 10/19/2012
OMG! Absolutely AWESOME chapter!

There wasn't a single part I didn't like! You're so talented sweetie!
moonie44foreternity chapter 15 . 10/8/2012
AMAZING new chapter sweetie! Can't wait for the final Act!
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