Reviews for Entrancing Wendy
GiuliettaC chapter 18 . 12/2/2013
Being free is a two-edged sword though. What on earth will she do? Ack! No contest. Hooked again. Thanks.
TheLadyBookworm chapter 18 . 12/2/2013
I have been wondering when you'd have a chance to get back to this story! I have missed it dearly.
Detafo chapter 18 . 12/2/2013
Waited so long! This makes me haaaaaaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oooh, I need more, damn it! Such a lovely thing to wake up to on a Tuesday morning before work ! 33
DeletedAccount13 chapter 18 . 12/2/2013
I was having such a bad day until you posted this chapter! I'm glad there are still a few more chapters to come as I love this story so much! Excellent chapter, as per usual. Xxx
guest chapter 17 . 11/26/2013
please update soon
Marqueza chapter 17 . 11/25/2013
And?! What happened next?
SusanMarieS chapter 17 . 11/25/2013
Wonderful story. I loved it.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/11/2013
i love your stories and this one is awesome. update soon please. we can't wait anymore! :)
nana23 chapter 17 . 11/10/2013
Are you going to continue this story? Or is it complete? xo
rose chapter 17 . 10/13/2013
Please more SOON. NOW. PLEASE! I fucking love this story. You're a genious
Lost O'Fallon Girl chapter 17 . 10/10/2013
Great work, had me wondering...I loved this story.
DeletedAccount13 chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
What a tremendous beginning! Wow! You are so talented. I still have sixteen more chapters to read but I couldn't continue without telling you how amazing this chapter was! Excellent work! xxx
StarEIz chapter 17 . 9/16/2013
Dude. My mind? Blown. A perfect read for a sleepless hour. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Susan Kilty chapter 5 . 7/30/2013
Hello! Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments about my song on youtube. I ended up googling my name for a certain reason and this was one of the entries. I appreciate it thank you :) Susan
WinterOrion chapter 17 . 7/26/2013
A woman would be mental not to wait for him. Neptune and Poseidon below! That man is the sexiest man to walk the earth and sail the sea. (Our wizards don't sail so they're in a different category. ;)
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