Reviews for Intellectual Foreplay
alix33 chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
"Ainsley and Sam looked at each other and smiled. People thought they hated each other after that first auspicious meeting, but they didn't. Sam had been embarrassed; he wasn't often wrong and certainly not on national television. Even before she came to work at the White House, his dreams had been filled with vague thoughts of the beautiful blonde Republican. For her part, Ainsley wasn't mean spirited. She hadn't been trying to humiliate anybody, but Sam had been smug and Mark Godfrey's comments about not overreaching because "Sam usually wiped the floor with whoever was sitting in her seat" had brought out her old competitiveness fueled by her resentment of anybody who thought that simply because she was blonde she must be stupid. As she got to know the Deputy Communications Director better, Ainsley was pleasantly surprised to find out that he really was a genuinely nice guy. Those dimples didn't hurt either." - I hope Aisnley realises the rest of Sam Seaborn is pretty tasty, too.

"A few days later Sam entered his office and sat down to put the finishing touches on some remarks the President would be making later that night. Opening his lap top, he found a sealed card in between the monitor and the keyboard. It was addressed in distinctive feminine handwriting with his name on the outside. Tearing it open, Sam extracted the simple cream colored card from the envelope. There was a plain gold border surround the words, "Ours is an intellectually stimulating relationship . . . " Smiling Sam opened the card and read the rest of the message, "Come let me blow your mind!" the card was unsigned. As he regained his composure after nearly falling out of his seat, he willed the blush he could feel hotly across his skin to subside, Toby walked into his office. "Do you have the draft yet, Sam?" Getting no response, Toby tried again, "Sam. Sam? Are you alright?" Giving his head a mental shake and trying unsuccessfully to wipe a stupid grin off his face, Sam closed the card, arose from his chair and distractedly responded to Toby, "Not yet." "I need it in the next hour," Toby admonished. "You'll get it," Sam promised brushing past his boss on his way out of his office, "But right now I got gotta see a lady about some intellectual exercises!" - Hehehe.