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TidesAtMidnight chapter 2 . 7/18/2015
Name: Jane Kiji Pearson
Nickname: Kiji, JK (to describe how her family is a joke to Hunter Kind.)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Spanish-American
Age: 15
Appearance: Jane has a skinny, swimmers build. She has long, black hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin is very tan. She has the words "We hunt those who hunt us." Tattoed on her arm. She weighs about an average 100 lbs., and is about 5 foot five.
Background: Jane grew up in Spain, and when her parents heard that a new werewolf pack was in Beacon Hills, they sent her to live with the Argents, and to return her family's glory.
Personality: Jane is shy and awkward around people, but is badass and confident when doin her job. :)
Beliefs: Jane believes what every hunter does: that werewolves are evil.
Skills: Jane's main weapon is the crossbow, as she has bad blood with guns. She is very skilled in karate, jujitsu, and kickboxing.
Weakness: She has a soft spot when our comes to people making fun of her heritage, Hunter side and regular side.
Romamtic Interest: She has a boyfriend back home.
Good/Evil/Neutral: Whatever side gets rid of the werewolves.
Prized Possession: A small silver locker with a picture of her parents and boyfriend.
You may do whatever you want with Jane.
I personally think "The One" is slightly like a True Alpha. He's the most powerful werewolf...
Maybe she can find out that Allison is in a relationship with Scott...
AlternateAvenger chapter 1 . 8/9/2014
Name: Tatakai

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan

Eyes: Purple

Age: 14

Height: 5'2

Weight: 130lbs

Body type: Muscular

Personality: Tatakai is a pure-blooded saiyan to the cure! He is hot-headed, tantrum-prone, and LOVES to fight. He is also righteous and judgmental. Anything he thinks is wrong, he will but in to stop it. He lacks arrogance, but definitely makes it up in temper. Taking the magic dual color test, he results as a red/white. Although his temper is MUCH worse, but he is not sadistic like his sister or arrogant like Vageta. He seems to take responsibility in his actions and has remorse only to repeat the process over. In battle, he is straight-forward and head-on regardless of how big, strong, or dangerous the opposition is. He would literally rather die than admit defeat in battle. This makes him constantly needing a guardian figure to protect him when things get messy.

Occupation: Fighter/Super-hero

Hobbies: Fighting!, training!, gangsta-walking, watching Friday and other blaxploitation movies

Weakness: He is very reckless and absolutely HORRIBLE at hostage situations. He runs in head-on trying to take the villain down even while the bomb detonator is in his face. Like other saiyans, his Great Ape form makes him lose control of himself and attack EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. He is also nyctophobic.

Strengths: Can sense and use ki. Very fast, even for a saiyan. He is a trained swordsman, boxer, and jeet kune do martial artist. Although reckless, he still tries to be a hero when the opportunity presents itself.

Theme song: "Who did that to you?" by John Legend
misszayy-5 chapter 8 . 7/11/2014
When will the story be posted?
Llahsram chapter 2 . 8/6/2013
Name:Hunter Oliver Chaton


Gender: Male

Nationality: French- American

Age: 15

Inborn or bitten?: Neither a member of the Chaton family: were-cat

Appearance : 5'8 122 lb Black hair and green eyes and very lithe.

clothing :Black T-shirt and black jeans. also leather jacket occasionally.

Pack :Loner

Werewolf appearance :Vibrant green cat eyes,cat tail covered in black fur also moves in a crouching manner.

Control : Very good control but the New moon instead of the Full moon affects him.

Backround :Were-cats are bound to a magician at the age of 13 his magician died making him a loner and swearing revenge on all Hunters.

Personality:Brooding aloof but if you get on his good side you have a friend for life.

Beliefs: All Hunters should die that have killed at all.

Skills :Gymnastics also skilled with a whip.

Weaknesses: Catnip, Mountain Ash.

Romantic interest :None

Good/Evil/Neutral: Good.

prized possession : A protection charm created by his magician that is on a bracelet.

Are you ok if I kill the character , put them in a slightly elicit scene or make minor changes to them? Sure for all of them.

Anything else I need to know about them?: Has whip braided with wolfs-bane and Mountain Ash.
He4artBreaker101 chapter 2 . 6/3/2013
Name (first, midle and last. If they don't have one of them, tell me why):Jessica Nicole Mason

Nickname (a play off of their first name, what their friends call them, or even enemies):Jesse


Nationality:Native american


Inborn or bitten?:Bitten

Appearance (include height, weight, hair color, eye color, body build and anything extra like scars, tattoos or piercings):She has tan skin, she's 5'8", she weighs 116, has a strong but flexible build, has midnight blue eyes. Her hair is a midnight black with neon blue highlights and she has a scar going across her right eyebrow. She also has to piercings in the bottom of her left ear and three in her right. Two on the bottom and one on the top.

clothing (give me at least two examples, not necessarily outfits, just an idea of what they dress like: ie: leather or jean jackets and dark colored jeans and a shirt..etc):She has a skater rock style. She likes to wear tank tops and button up shirts over them but she leaves them unbuttoned, jeans, and her combat boots or sneakers.

Pack (Derek's, Viddicts family's, loner (I forget what they called them in the show):She's a loner

Werewolf appearance (for inborns just give me the full transformation (fur color, how they usually stand; bipedal or on all fours)since the half is pretty much like the show. For those made through the bite this isn't really necessary):Her highlights go away

Control (how well do they have the beast under control. don't just give me a 1-10, give me a description, like how the moon affects them etc):She can change when needed and the moon just makes her restless so would say 8.

Backround (if they were bitten include how this happened. Include why they are now in Beaccon Hills if they are not from the family that's hunting Viddict):She moved to Beaccon Hills after her father died in Iraq when she was 10. She was bitten about a month after she arrived. She was out in the woods lost and she saw a pair of glowing eyes and was about to scream when she was knocked over and bitten.

Personality (be descriptive, don't just tell me they are shy, tell me why and how they act around people):She is very sarcastic and isn't afraid to help someone in need. If she sees someone in trouble she will help them out and she hates being treated like shes fragile.

Beliefs(This doesn't have to be religious, I'd prefer to leave religion out of the story to keep from people disagreeing etc. This can be religion but like I said before, what they think of werewolves/humans/their maker etc):She thinks everyone should be treated equal unless they are a harm to someone then she believes they should be taken care of

Skills (school subjects, training in fighting, hacking into things, sports... etc):She is really stealthy and flexible. She is also great in music and art.

Weaknesses:She will do anything to make sure her friends are safe even if it means she's hurt.

position in group (Alpha, Beta, second in command etc. if they are a loner you can skip this):

Romantic interest (no gurantee there will be a relationship but give me an idea of who they'd like):She likes someone that cares about others and isn't to serious unless they need to be.


prizzed possesion (a locket, picture of a family member, something they always wear or carry with them etc..):She has a pair of dog tags that belonged to her dad

Are you ok if I kill the character , put them in a slightly elicit scene or make minor changes to them?I would like it if you didn't kill them unless it is necessary but you can make minor changes if you need to.
Shiori Kanasuke chapter 2 . 2/7/2013
they called loners omegas :)
missfervent chapter 8 . 9/11/2012
Name: William Wayne Speight
Nickname (a play off of their first name, what their friends call them or even enemies): Liam, Spade (sounds like last name), Will, Billy (by Mr. Argent), moose, bear, grumpy, Ginormatron, big n tall,
Gender: Male
Nationality: German American
Age: 27
Appearance (include height, weight, hair color, eye color, body build and anything extra like scars, tattoos or piercings): Derek Theler
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 220 lbs
Carolina blue eyes, rough lightly tanned skin, small scattered moles on neck and upper back, broad shouldered, muscularly defined, light brown hair heavy in texture, short and worn in disarray. He has a decent sized dip on his left palm under his thumb and scarring on his right hand from a hunting accident.
Clothing (give me at least two examples, not necessarily outfits, just an idea of what they dress like: i.e.: leather or jean jackets and dark colored jeans and a shirt, etc...): dark wash jeans, dark t-shirts or flannel button ups, his dark blue Field Coat, and brown worn leather laced boots.
Liam was born and raised in small town Choteau, Montana. His mother, Diana, is a nurse and his father, Quentin, owns a sporting goods store; sporting mostly hunting and fishing. His younger brother, Hank, is a senior in high school and a computer nerd.
It was after his 12th birthday when he was told the family secret by his father, Victoria Argent’s brother-in-law; he adjusted well and learned quickly as he is naturally athletic. The next year his father had Liam join him on hunts, dangerously close to the hunted.
Growing up, Liam became especially hand with a gun and knives. He wasn’t as quick as his brother came to be because of his size, but his force was incomparable.
Liam went to college for a year, studying criminal justice, until a hunt gone wrong had him packing. Leaving his angered father, a heartbroken mother, and a lone brother, he headed east, hunting on his own. Upon hearing his aunt Victoria died, and already well aware of the supernatural going on in Beacon Hills, he headed back west. He made peace with his father after 5 years, allowed his mom to baby him, and caught up with his forgiving brother.
Personality (be descriptive, don't just tell me they are shy, and tell me why and how they act around people):
Quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. He has excellent skills with mechanical things. Interested in and talented at extreme sports i.e. hunting. He is uncomplicated in his desires. Loyal to his peers, despite how few he has, and to his internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems. He sticks to things until he is done. He is extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. He is individualistic; he isn’t partial to leading, but he has never been much of a follower.
Beliefs (This doesn't have to be religious; I'd prefer to leave religion out of the story to keep from people disagreeing etc. This can be religion but like I said before, what they think of werewolves/humans/their maker etc): if it kills someone intentionally, it dies. Monsters are black and white, its humans that are crazy. Believes in one God, but unsure if he is capable of salvation.
Skills (school subjects, training in fighting, hacking into things, sports... etc): hand-to-hand, accurate and precise gunman, and strong knife-fighter, takes interest in history, especially of the supernatural.
Weaknesses: though he habitually hunts alone, he is very cautious with other hunters. He is reserved, and a little socially awkward.
Romantic interest (no guarantee there will be a relationship but give me an idea of who they'd like): Despite his domineering size, way of hunting, and usually serious facial expression, he has always been good to his women; be a one-night-stand or decently long term. He likes an intellectually-quick, exciting, and attractive woman. He more often than not finds himself attracted to free-spirits.
Good/Evil/Neutral: relatively good, his black and white idea of monsters makes his appear narrow minded… Beacon Hill’s may be a hard adjustment.
Prized possession (a locket, picture of a family member, something they always wear or carry with them etc...): he wears a Saint Michael of protection silver pendant around his neck; given to him by his younger brother.
Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a slightly elicit scene or make minor changes to them? Sure, just let me know what you have in mind
Anything else I need to know about them?
Just background on his scarred hands…
One night, Jensen, Liam, his father, and her brother, Reed, went after a murderous shape-shifter. The trap went off; a wire rope snare, hanging the monster by its hands above the four hunters. A quick snap shook Liam as he saw the shape-shifter begin to fall towards Jensen; the branch was beginning to break. Liam jumped onto the wire rope, ripping at his hands, and tried to hold the monster back while Reed tried to reach the unconscious Jensen. Quentin quickly pulled his gun on the predator, killing it.
Liam watched as Jensen died, bloodied, in Reed’s arms. His hands a constant reminder of how quick a hunt can go south.
ChuckleButtons chapter 2 . 7/20/2012
Yea...I forgot these:
Nationality:Puerto rican/Italian/French
Beliefs:Ummmm she doesn't kill unless necessary samethibg for believes that there must be more super natural creatures so she studies & looks for clues to see if these creatures could be possibly also believes that there is truth in everything...
Prized possisions: A gold locket that has a crescent moon & a willow tree echeted on the back & her name written in cursive on the front & a picture of her mother holding her on the left side( when opened) & a photo of her father on the has a brass pocket watch that her mother bought her for her birth day that had a bunny on it ( you know the Alice in wonderland rabbit) & it says Imperfection is beauty,Madness Is genius,& love is a silver anklet that has the phases of the moon.
She is Nuetral.
ChuckleButtons chapter 8 . 7/20/2012
Here's my OC For the Hunters:
Name:Victoria Sypherine Argent
Nicknames:Tori,Vic/Vicky,CookiMonster, Syph & Kitty
Appearance:Hair:She has Bright Red Candy Apple hair that has natural Goldie-Lock :a Grey Hazel, her pupils are dilated all the time so she looks like a cute kitten(Whick why they call her Kitty).Skin:She has Biege skin & has light :She has a tatto on her hip of the batman sign.
Clothing: She's hipster,Punk,Sexy for example:
When Stiles first saw the girl she had a Blue Cyan Polo with a Cyan Blue Plaid button down(Open of course) over also wore white skinny jeans & Cyan blue hair was in curls & she had a sparkly white beanie on top of her head.
Skills:She is excellent at mouthing & also has great detective skills(meaning she could easiliy figure out things)& fighting took up martial arts ti quan do & ju jits is also great a art.
Personality:Although she may come off as a cruel bitch at first she is actually a really caring down to earth person once you get to know 's...Very is very ecentric & she really doesn't care what people think of her, or atleast that's what she wants people to 's also pretty other than that under her cold Facedé she is actually insecure & feels pretty worthless except when she goes all hunter mode.
Family:She lived with her grandparents after the death of her mother never met her father because he walked out on the both of them after she was the age of five her mother started teaching her archery & was sending her to martial arts when mother died of cancer when she was 8 she started to build up a wall around her was forced to live with her grand parents but then her grandma died by a heart attack, which caused her to be even more the years went by she started becoming an advanced hunter, better than Alison she never missed her target, when news of the death if her aunt Kate reached to them they went to Beacon Hills in search for answers & to live with her aunt & uncle & cousin Alison.
Other: Her mom is an argent & her father was... a
werewolf!Which explains why he left (he felt like a danger/bother to them but mostly to Victoria)she is friends with Danny, Scott, Stiles, Alison,Derek,Lydia,& she does not approve of their relationship she still helps Scott & Alison see each other for the sake of knowing how to be seperated by someone you goes to School with the gang& she loves consider my character...
PastMemories chapter 8 . 7/6/2012
Is my character not going to be in Viddict's pack anymore or will she be in later? Just wondering
(Creator of Seraphina)
purpleshampoo chapter 7 . 7/3/2012
Name: Micha Jace Dulence

Nickname: julibee calls him england to mess with him

Gender: male

Nationality: british american

Age: 24

Inborn or bitten?: bitten (loner)


height: 6'4

weight: idk how men weigh but his kinda buff ( not steriod buff) and has a 6 pack

hair coloR:dirty blond

eye color:dark blue

tattos: the outline of a lions head roaring on his right pec

clothing he uslys wears plain color tees and v necks with some skinny jeans or reguler blue jeans likes being bare foot alot and rarly wears shoes

black vneck
gray hoody
dark blue jeans
black boots

white v neck
black skinny jeans
black boots

Werewolf appearance : same as others

Control: he controls it fairly well

Backround:micha lived was born and rasied in england and when he finished high school he came to america to go to collge and become a writer, he loves reading and learing new things you can say his a nerd and he talks like his a dictionary his so proper. he wears glasses he is blind without them he has contacts but rarely wears them, micha is shy and rarely starts a conversation unless he trys to correct your grammer or facts he works in at a liabry well he finishes his last year of school
he was bitten his 2 year of collage (20) he went campping with his best friend at the time and there was a "wolf attack" his friend (adam) was mutilated and died well micha was bit on the shoulder during his first change he was at the cementary visting adam and ever since then he goes to vist himevery full moon. micha is and only child he had an ok childhood he still has contact with family in england and he is determend to become a writer he drives a 2004 black volvo he lives in stiles nieghrhood

Personality: kinda akword and fidgts with his fingers when his thinking

Beliefs:he belives in science and thinks what he is is some sort of virus that needs a cure

Skills : his very smart and knows hand to hand combat and is a great actor when needed

Weaknesses: being wrong and being put under pressure

Romantic interest: no one ( unless u want to) he a lil crush on jubilee becuse he usealy goes to the bar she works at to catch up

Good/Evil/Neutral: neutral

prizzed possesion: a black cord necklace with a black catseyes sone that beloned to adam
Guest chapter 7 . 7/3/2012
Okay so heres the deal. It's fine if you change him. When I was making him, I didn't feel he was as three dimensonal as the other I made. That being said, I still think Jimmy had a good outline. Something that need a little twecking though. It will be fine if he's a loner and then joins the Silver fam. I think you are just the person to fix him up.

Moving on to another thing. I realize that you would like people to pm you for information on the family and typing up an oc for them. First off, I feel it would be a little to much work to pm you , wait for a reply, get the information, then create one. That might just be me. Second, wouldn't it be easier to make a page with the information on it. Again, just look at it from my perpective. Third, I would love to make a mother and father for you, now knowing the outline for them. If you want I can. Finally, maybe just me again, if you keep the extra information from others, how will we know what it is or means? It is pretty much useless if only the people who pm you know what it is. I might sound like an idiot or a crazy ranter, but I feel I made a few good points. Just something to think about. Thanks for your time. And P.S. I'm not trying to be rude if it comes across that way.

Guest chapter 4 . 7/3/2012
Name: James O'Riley

Nicknames: Jim, Jimmy

Age: 16

Gender: Male, duh

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150

Inborn or Bitten: Bitten

Pack: Viddict's

Personality: Jimmy kind of keeps to himself. You will most likely find him reading a book. He is very strategic and a real southern gentleman.

Rank in Pack: Second in command or beta

Looks: Jim has shaggy redish auburn hair. He will sometimes gell it a bit. He has a lot of muscles. His eyes are dark blue and he always wears a crocked smile.

Race: Irish/ Geman/ English

Clothing: He normally wears plaid button up or something along the lines of daytime casual.

Wolf Appearence: Red Auburn fur that covers alot of his body. Bright yellow eyes. Razor sharp claws and K9's.

Skills: Hand to hand combat, knows how to shoot a gun, on lacrosse team.

Back Story: James lived in poverty with his parents. He often was gone, wondering in search of a job. Finally deciding that he would never get a steady job, he decided to sell drugs. One day in the ally, a 'customer' was arguing about the price, James argued back and that led to a fight. The 'customer' turned out to be a werewolf and bit and beat Jimmy in the fight. On the first full moon he killed his parents and ran away to Beacon Hills, where he found Vidfict and decided to join his pack in an effort to control his powers.

Control level: Pretty good since he moved in with Viddict.

Prize Posession: A nrcklace of his family.

Love Interest: Sure, why not?

Additional Information: Maybe something could happen where he gets in trouble cause someone finds out he use yo deal drugs and some kids want them and the cops get involved.


P.S. If you aren't going to start the story until you get all the stops filled, that might take a while. I would start it and once people submit more add them in as the new kid or relative. Thats just what I think. Thanks!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
Name: Stella Lee Williams

Nicknames: Lee

Age: 14

Height: 5'6

Weight: 112 lbs.

Inborn or Bitten: Inborn

Appearence: Stella has dirty blond hair almost brown that is cut in a croppy bob. She has dark brown eyes, thin lips, and a button nose. Her face is small and round. Stella's legs take up most of her body so she has a high waist line. Her skin is milky white.

Wolf Appearence: Fur turns the same color as her hair, eyes turn yellow.

Personality: Stella is very shy at school, she is often bullied by her peers. When she with her pack, she comes out of her shell and shows off alot. Since she has long legs she is pretty fast and her pack finds her cocky.

Rank in pack: I don't know.

History: Similar to Viddicts, not with the lost love thing though.

Gender: Female

Clothing: Stells likes the color grey. She likes wearing oversized hoodies, skinny jeans and converse.

Strength: pretty strong

Likes: Puppies, doodling, cooking

Dislikes: Bullies, being yelled at, being shy

Love Interest: None. If you think someone is good for her than sure.

Pack: Viddicts
YJTeenWolfLover12345 chapter 1 . 6/26/2012
Hey please update soon! Do you need more characters? I really love this story. Its one of the only story's with people submitting ocs, iif not the only one. Thanks for using my oc and please take the other into consideration. Thanks, again!
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