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a9nomis chapter 1 . 12/8/2013
If you need more characters here's my app
Name: Raven
Nickname: no nickname
Stereotype: the shy wallflower
Personality: does'nt like to talk to a lot of people but is very nice. Pretty smart gets straight A's. And when she goes to school dances or social events she normally stands alone near the wall quietly.
Best traits: She's nice and understanding if you need her to do somthing she'll stick to it to the end. Very loyal.
Worst traits: she's too shy and when it comes down to it she won't yell at anyone. (Unless you push her limits.)
Hobbies: loves music. And she loves writing story's.
Talents: she is a great musician she can play any instrument you want her to.
Appearance: black hair covering one eye light blue eyes and fair skin tone.
Everyday outfit: black skinny jeans. A dark blue turtle-neck sweater and dark blue boots
Swimsuit: a white bikini
Formal outfit: a sleek long black gown, strapless. And black heels.
Pj's: loose candy cane pants, with a loose grey t-shirt.
The type of person I would date:
Would be nice and always trying to make me smile even though I don't want him to. He loves practically everything that is fun. And is always smiling (almost the totally opposite of me).
Type of friend:
Well it would be anyone who is nice and is willing to be my freind even though I'm the loner.
TheHiWaAndSockyShow chapter 4 . 6/26/2012
Alexia calls heads.
Raphmaster14 chapter 4 . 6/26/2012
I guess Rafael pick Heads
Temsik chapter 4 . 6/26/2012
HeroineOfDarkness chapter 4 . 6/26/2012
oo Wolfie picks heads!
Yonna9queen chapter 4 . 6/25/2012
HiroLemonFan chapter 3 . 6/22/2012
Can you still use the first one I sent in?
akatsuki-member-kairi chapter 3 . 6/20/2012
I messaged you my OC
Temsik chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Name:Dominic Fucile


Age (16-19):15


Stereotype:The Science Nerd

Personality:He is what people call "a nerd". He's proud of it though. He may tense up around cute girls (hands shake, knees buckle... blushes very noticeably). He doesn't understand what girls seem to see in the sporty jock types, and finds them rather annoying.

Best traits:Random knowledge, uses science to solve his problems.

Worst traits:Extremely Nerdy, which tends to "weird out" most people. Can't talk to girls, and get's really nervous near them.

Hobbies:Random science experiments, amateur film making, cooks for his sister every once in a while.

Talents:Acting, possum skills, amazing chef

Appearance:thin, 5'6", not muscular at all (though he can run pretty fast),brown eyes,Slightly dark red hair, quite pale, a few freckles.

Everyday outfit:Blue flannel shirt, long jeans. If it's really sunny, he wears a wide brim hat to protect himself from the sun.

Swimsuit:Orange swim trunks, with black designs.

Formal outfit:Plain white dress shirt and black tie

PJs:Sweatpants and t-shirt

Attitude towards Marshall: If he's as arrogant as Chris was, he'll find him quite annoying, he'll somewhat tolerate him otherwise

What type of person they would be friends with? :Nerdy people

Type of person they would date:A nice nerdy/gamer girl, who likes Dominic BECAUSE he's a nerd.

Fears:Bullies. Always had a fear of them since Joshua Kantez... don't ask.



Foods:Steak, sauteed/grilled onions, rice pilaff. Can't stand gravy, but he does get used to most camp foods, since his experience at possum camp.

Drinks:Sprite, Seltzer water when he tries cutting back. Hates coke and root beer.

Movie:Iron Man

Music:Broadway Songs

Books:Any comic book is his favorite. Other than Supermam #394... once again... don't ask.

Animal:Cats and Lizards

What would they do for...

Money: Go to college, work for a nice job in science or film.

Power: As long as it doesn't require strength.

Respect:Use his knowledge to try to impress people.

A friend in need:If that person is his friend, he'll do whatever it takes to help. Possum Scout oath and all.

Love:He'll just be himself, but probably fall flat on his face.

Strength:He wont do much to get stronger, as he thinks it's a poor way of determining superiority.

Knowledge:Anything. Reads all the time, performs experiments.

Do have any ideas:Not really.
CodyOnTheBounce T.V chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Name: Colton Cosgrove

Gender: male

Age (16-19): 17

Nickname: Colt, Sparky, Coco, Steed

Stereotype: The Copycat Hero Complex

Personality: Most times, Colton doesn't have a set personality for himself. He usually copies his surroundings like a parrot. This can make him completely unpredictable yet completely random and can hinder his chances at friends. Also, he can be a complete hero complex at times... well, most of the time. He started to like saving people since he started to read comic books and now attempts a hero scene any chance he gets. Otherwise, he can be nice and funny, as long as he doesn't act like a complete dork.

Best traits: Colton acts naturally heroic, and basically he believes that his chivalry can save lives.

Worst traits: He likes to copy off of just about everything, movies, commercials, music... EVERYTHING.

Hobbies: playing football and watching classic movies with his friends.

Talents: football, impressions, anything involving mimicry of any kind, first aid

Appearance: Colton has hazelnut brown hair similar to Mike's in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, with sideburns that go past his earlobes. His eyes are a sleek hazel color and shaped like small almonds. His skin is light tan, as he plays a lot of football. Overall, he's a tall guy, about 6'4", and has a lot of muscles from football, but he's not built like a bodybuilder at all.

Everyday outfit: green shirt with the face of a puma on it, brown shorts and white-and-blue sneakers

Swimsuit: electric blue swim trunks

Formal outfit: black Dolce&Gabanna tux with navy blue slacks, black dress shoes and a deep purple tie

PJs: light blue pajamas and a white shirt with the Superman logo

Attitude towards Marshall:

What type of person they would be friends with?: Colton would mainly be friends with jocks and anyone who thinks he's funny.

Type of person they would date: Someone who doesn't care about originality or his hero complex, someone who sees the genuity of a person

Fears: Colton has an irrational fear of smoke machines. Whenever they whizz the smoke, it basically freaks him out.

Allergies: none


Food: meat lovers' pizza

Drink: root beer

Movie: The Expendables

Music: anything punk rock or heavy metal

Books: Any comic books, most likely Batman or Superman comics.

Animal: eagle

What would they do for...

Money: Become a lifeguard. Duh.

Power: Let's see... What do the comic books say?

Respect: Do some death-defying stunt just to save someone.

A friend in need: Help them, of course, in whichever way possible.

Love: Before, he'll act like his normal self and pretend to be a hero to impress her, but after, he'll be a true hero to her.

Strength: Just look at him. He's like the Incredible Hulk. Only less of an Eva.

Knowledge: He'll mooch it off of someone else.

Do have any ideas: I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest.


Lighters up for the underdogs,

-COTB, over and out!
HeroineOfDarkness chapter 2 . 6/18/2012
Raphmaster14 chapter 2 . 6/18/2012
Only four people? Isn't that that a little too... Small? Shouldn't you wait for more application? Even though I am happy that you accepted my character, hope to see how good you got my character!
TheHiWaAndSockyShow chapter 2 . 6/17/2012

Okay, Her avatar looks like her wearing orange armor with a naginata. During an ESB field error, it looks like an older her in a orange tube top, a miniskirt, and black fishnets.

She is a A-B student. Her score in math is 294, science is 256, Literature is 309, and her health is 219.
Yonna9queen chapter 2 . 6/17/2012
Plot for first :John Stewarts is a gental soul with the face of a has done nothing but cook and care for his is until he met Zelda:a seemingly perfect girl who can see past his scary two start a friendship that slowly leads to the two need to face predjudice,past loves,and the one thing that makes Zelda's life far from perfect.

New plot:It's the start of collage .John and Zelda are still going a night of passon leads Zelda now needs to protect Zelda from rumors,bullies,and the preassuring of abortion.

Main Character descriptions

John Stewarts:

Hair:Jet black,short,spiky


he usually wers a black rocker t-shirt jeans and high tops.

he wears a black tux for formal occasins.

Zelda Lowe

Hair:Long wavy aburn


She wears blue button up shirt,long denim skirt,and white sandels.

she wears electric blue dress for formal occasins.

(the book can get pretty steamy)
HiroLemonFan chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
Name: Kattizu

Gender: Female

Age (16-19): 16

Nickname: Kat

Stereotype: The Optimistic Adventurer

Personality: She's a nice girl who ISN'T a Mary Sue.

Best traits: Always sees the positive side of things.

Worst traits: Isn't a good singer.

Hobbies: Likes exploring unknown places.

Talents: Has outstanding tracking skills.

Appearance: (I'll send you a picture of her if she joins the cast.)

Everyday outfit: (See above message.)

Swimsuit: A pink one-piece bathing suit.

Formal outfit: Doesn't have one.

PJs: A pink nightgown.

Attitude towards Marshall: Depends on what kind of a person he is.)

What type of person they would be friends with? : Anyone who's just as adventurous as she is (but she still wants to be Mike's female friend.)

Type of person they would date: She isn't interested in dating.

Fears: Heights

Allergies: Doesn't have any.


Food: Apples

Drink: Fresh Water

Movie: Spiderman3

Music: Heavy Metal

Books: She can't decide on that one.

Animal: Doesn't have a favorite animal.

What would they do for...

Money: Nothing.

Power: Nothing.

Respect: Help out a friend.

A friend in need: Anything the friend-in-need wants or needs.

Love: Doesn't want a boyfriend.

Strength: Nothing.

Knowledge: She's already smart enough.

Do have any ideas: For what?
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