Reviews for Running with Scissors
animefan4567 chapter 27 . 5/6
I'm in love with this story I was just browsing through some stony stories when I stumbled upon this story I never shipped Bruce and Clint before and now because I read this story I ship them like hard core I didn't know one story could do that to you lol it just goes to show what an amazing writer you are !:) can't wait for next chapter if your still writing this story.
formerlyknownasyay chapter 27 . 3/25
Those dates sound super cute. Everyone leaving was a red flag for stuff going to go bad.
Again, I love love love love love the kitchen scene. The octopus thing is both sad and adorable. Natasha seems very IC.
This review isn’t really better, I’m sorry. I wanted to write something that would indicate truly how much I loved this chapter and it totally doesn’t show, please just be aware that the sentiment is there just poorly expressed. Sorry. It was really nice though. Anyway, have a lovely day!
Nikki-Chaos chapter 27 . 3/23
Okay I have literally just spent the last two hours reading this story. It is fantastic.

I love the whole interaction and the way you describe Bruce's whole battle with his demon, it's refreshing and as someone who once suffered with depression and PTSD i can relate to it completely. its not over done it's imformative, if you get what i mean.

I love Clint the little stubborn bastard and his interactions with Bruce and Hulk.

Anyway i can't wait for you to update again.

ffstars chapter 27 . 3/23
Ohmygod, I thought that you abandoned this, I'm so happy that you updated, it made my day! I'll post a better review when it's not the middle of the night, but for now: lovely chapter, I love the kitchen scene.
rowsdowersavesus chapter 27 . 3/23
can i just say how very much i (we-anyone reading this wonderful story ever) appreciate and admire that you've kept with this story? cos like, it is very much a lot, i know writers dont ever like, owe fic readers anything (although unfortunately an lot of us may act like we're entitled to such things) and theres so many stories/authors out there who disappear for whatever reason, and its almost always forever so the surprised joy and like, hope? excitement! i felt when i found out this was still going was super duper cool :D

my heart goes out to you for whatever personal things you've been dealing with, i hope it's getting easier for you 333

this has gotta be one of the best avengers stories ive ever read tbh!
i love bruce banner so much, i think he might sorta be my fave outta all of em? but its so hard to find such deliciously angsty (not sure thats the exact word i want) well written bruce centric stories, anything bruce centric in general is v hard to find, plus this story is also so well written and long that its like, a rare beautiful gem that i treasure very much, and hulkeye is such a delight, the development and going thru bruces thoughts and i just ahhh this is so wonderful, thank you so much!
TheDarkSideHasCookies101 chapter 26 . 9/8/2014
sable2684 chapter 26 . 6/11/2014
First Hulkeye I've ever read, and may I say that I've enjoyed the hell out of it so far! I love the insight into Bruce's mind, and seeing a sort of softer side of Clint. I hope to see more of this soon. Thanks so much!
Sandy-wmd chapter 26 . 5/18/2014
DUM-E helping Tony in the infirmary was funny, especially when he was pulling then pushing Bruce. Being a chemist, i think flowers in an Erlenmeyer flask would be awesome. And is there a real sports facility that has that archery/dodgeball combo game? Oh, and I liked Tony's agreement with Pepper about bedrest. :)
formerlyknownasyay chapter 26 . 5/18/2014
I'm kinda drugged up from the ER so this is probably going to be a bad review I just want to say that the chapter is good, I like it and the awkwardness and Tony and concerned Dum-E and the flask and everything.
bookaddict19 chapter 26 . 5/18/2014
There's something about the thought of them staring at Coulson doing his paperwork for 5 hours that makes me laugh. Probably because it wouldn't be 5 hours before Coulson got past rolling his eyes at them and just shooed them off (or possibly shoe'd them off with a disturbingly accurately thrown shoe at Clint?). In any case they are pretty 'awwww' in general between Bruce seeing Tony for relationship advice and the date. :)
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 25 . 4/27/2014
Awwww...That's so sweet!

Wonderfully written story so far-definitely looking forward to wear you take us next!
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 17 . 4/27/2014
Yes. He's SOOOO well-adjusted.
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 10 . 4/27/2014
Clint and Bruce...

Bruce is too damaged and Clint is too retarded.

But they're perfect too.
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 9 . 4/27/2014
Bruce is seriously TOO DARN NICE!
Hannah Lynn McDonald chapter 8 . 4/27/2014
Yeah. When you know you have the potential to kill easily, your imagination doesn't seem to have to work that hard...
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