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ryanyz10 chapter 22 . 8/25/2016
Really nice twist! I don't know if you ever plan on finishing this story, but I really think you should!
spatterson chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
I don't need you to do the Sleeping Mai story for me now. aLovelyHate is doing it for me.
spatterson chapter 1 . 9/17/2013
Hey, can you do my Sleeping Mai story for me? I cannot post mine. Here's the cast: Sokka as King Stefan; Suki as Queen Leah; Ozai as King Hubert; Zuko as Prince Phillip; Mai as Princess Aurora; Ty Lee as Flora; Azula as Fauna; Katara as Merryweather; Maleficent as herself; Maleficent's goons as themselves; and Maleficent's raven as itself. Do not change the cast roles! Make changes to the story if you need to.
Julia451 chapter 2 . 3/27/2013
Since the last time I've read this story, I've read the novel "The Fountainhead" for the first time; the female lead, Dominique's, experiences with her first two husbands, even something of her personality, are strikingly similar to this chapter and this story's interpretation of Mai.
Astrid Goes For A Spin chapter 5 . 2/20/2013
Mmm. Interesting. So far I'm enjoying this, with only a few minor things: curse words, specifically some that Zuko uses, would not be applicable in his world. For instance, there would not be much point in damning someone if there was no hell. Secondly, I believe that Mai and Zuko's feelings for each other are a little too strong. At thirteen they were separated, the only thing tying them together a childhood crush. I highly doubt that Zuko's feelings would have matured that much in three years, and hers as well, especially in your slightly-alternate world. Zuko is used to figuring things out for himself - so why would Mai make everything okay?

On a far sweeter note, this story is exceedingly well written. You have a flair for describing settings in a way I've never seen before - almost no detail and only sensory adjectives, which gives the impression that we're really *there*, as opposed to description.

In addition, I love how centered this story is. It's Mai and Zuko, and therefore, it only involves things directly important to both Mai and Zuko. It's very focused, very driven, and (thank God!) there is no sub-plot going behind the scenes involving the Aang Gang, seeing as this is Maiko.

Good job!
A Fire Nation Citizen chapter 22 . 1/12/2013
I sure hope there are two more! :)
Thanks for this! I wish I knew what happened to Taro...
masterX chapter 10 . 1/6/2013
taro and mai need to make nice!
Lord of the Disc chapter 22 . 1/3/2013
Very nice story - I've really enjoyed reading a newish take on one of my favorite series. Looking forward to future updates.
Winterdevils chapter 22 . 12/30/2012
Okay, wow, just, wow.

The battle at the end was great and the reactons of all of them were spot on.

So, this was great as always.

Well, this has all turned out great so far, I'll be waiting for the next update, k?
Jedilogray chapter 22 . 12/28/2012
Intense. I loved the way the battle played out. I will admit to being concerned that Ozai still has his bending. I'm intrigued by Azula.

It's great. I love how they were all there, and Mai's feelings for her 'husband'. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Spatterson chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
Sleeping Mai

This story begins in a faraway kingdom owned by King Sokka and Queen Suki, who wished and wished for a child, day after day. Then on a sunny day in September, September 14th to be exact, their wish finally came true and a little princess was born. They named her Mai. No one knows how they came up with that name though, but she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom. And so, everyone in the kingdom has come to meet Princess Mai. Even King Ozai and Prince Zuko came as well. Zuko was holding a box with a gift for the princess inside. Queen Suki directed him to the cradle so he could have a peek at Mai who was smiling up at him and waving her hands in his face. Then Suki walked back over to where Sokka was sitting and sat back down on her throne as Zuko took a gold necklace that sparkles in the sunlight out of the box and let it drop into the cradle.
There was a shining light coming down from the upper left corner of the ceiling, and three girls were floating in it. The first one had pink nail polished finger nails, a pink necklace around her neck, grey eyes, pink wings on her back, wore a long sparkling pink dress, and had her hair in a long braid with one pink ponytail holder on the top of her head, and one on the bottom close to where the braid ends. The second one had green nail polished finger nails, a green necklace around her neck, orange eyes, green wings on her back, wore a long sparkling green dress, and had her hair down with a green headband on her head. The last one had blue nail polished finger nails, a blue necklace around her neck, blue eyes, blue wings on her back, wore a long sparkling blue dress, and had her hair in a braid like the first girl, only shorter with one blue ponytail holder on the top of her head, and one at the bottom close to where the braid ends. The girls landed on the floor and smiled as the announcer spoke up again.
"Everyone, I'm proud to introduce to you the three good fairies. Mistress Ty Lee, Mistress Azula, and Mistress Katara." he announced, gesturing to them.
The guests moved out of the way as the fairies flew over to the cradle. Ozai motioned Zuko to stand next to him so that the fairies could see the baby princess. Zuko ran over to where Ozai was standing as Ty Lee and her friends flew over to the cradle and peeked inside at Mai.
"Oh." Ty Lee said as Katara waved at the baby.
"The little darling." Katara added as Ty Lee flew over to where Sokka and Suki were sitting. Katara and Azula followed her over there.
"You’re Majesties." They greeted Sokka and Suki with a curtsy.
"Each of us the child may bless with a single gift. No more, no less." Ty Lee announced before going up to the baby's cradle.
"Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty." she said as she waved her wand and pink sparkles landed in the cradle.
Azula went up to the cradle second.
"Tiny princess, my gift shall be the gift of song." she said as she waved her wand and green sparkles landed in the cradle.
Katara went up to the cradle last. For some reason, Zuko liked her best out of the three.
"Sweet princess..." Katara began with a smile on her face. She raised her wand in the air and blue sparkles began to fall. "My gift shall be..."
Unfortunately, Katara couldn't get to finish what she was going to say because a gust of wind blew open the castle doors. Katara's smile suddenly washed off her face as she turned around to look. Sokka and Suki looked on in fear and confusion while Ty Lee, Azula and Katara looked confused.
Thunder started to rumble, a bolt of lightning struck the middle of the floor, and, where the lightning bolt struck, a bright green flame shot up high into the air. Everyone covered their eyes because the flame was so bright it could blind someone. The flame grew bigger, changing shape. When the flame vanished, an evil fairy stood before them. She wore a long black and purple cape with long sleeves that looked like flames, a black horned headdress on her head, a black ring on her right index finger, yellow eyes that looked hypnotizing, light green skin, blood red lips, and long red nail polished finger nails. A black raven flew through the air and landed on the pulsing green-yellow orb of the staff she was holding in her left hand.
Ty Lee and her friends immediately recognized her as Maleficent, their opposite and the mistress of all evil. Everyone in the castle gasped when Maleficent appeared.
"Why, it's Maleficent." gasped Azula.
Katara's look changed from shocked to angry. She clenched her fist as her grip on her wand tightened. Her grip on her wand was so tight that her knuckles showed white beneath her skin.
"What does she want here?" she added, narrowing her eyes.
"Katara, shush." Ty Lee said, waving her wand in Katara’s face, hoping that Maleficent didn't hear Katara's words.
"Well," Maleficent began in her cold voice, that rang across the room. "Quite a glittering assemblage, King Sokka." She waved her hand to the right. "Royalty, nobility, the gentry and..." She paused, with a smirk on her face as she looked at the fairies. Maleficent let out a small chuckle.
"How quaint. Even the rabble." she added.
"Why you..." Katara growled angrily as she flew trying to attack her, only to be held back by Ty Lee and Azula.
Maleficent turned her attention back to Sokka.
"I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation." she continued.
"You weren't wanted." Katara snapped, as she glared at Maleficent with rage.
"Not wanted?" Maleficent repeated, with a shocked look on her face.
Maleficent chuckled again and sighed softly.
"Oh, dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight."
She stroked her raven gently and her eyes caught Suki's at once. Suki flinched. The look in Maleficent’s eyes frightened her. "Well, in that event, I'd best be on my way."
Maleficent turned and looked like she was about to leave.
"And, you’re not offended, you’re Excellency?" Suki asked concerned as Sokka glared at Maleficent angrily.
Maleficent turned to face them and smiled evilly.
"Why, no, you’re Majesty. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child." Maleficent said as she began to approach the cradle.
Upon hearing that, Ty Lee and her friends snapped out of their statue like stance and blocked Maleficent's path to protect Mai from whatever spell Maleficent was about to cast on her. Zuko wanted to run over and join the fairies in protecting the baby from the witch, but Ozai had a tight grip on his son’s arm. So Zuko had to stay where he was. Princess Mai was sound asleep and she didn't know of the danger that lies before her.
But the fairies blocking Maleficent's path to the cradle didn't stop her because Maleficent raised her arms into the air.
"Listen well, all of you." she ordered, raising her staff in the air and bringing it back down again, which made a loud clang that echoed through the room, quieting everyone.
"The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her."
Suki looked at Sokka, who was getting angrier in concern, before looking back at Maleficent.
"But," Maleficent continued as she started to trace the orb of her staff with her right hand. At this point, the tone in Maleficent's voice changed from pleasant and soothing, to harsh and angry. Her facial expression changed as well, from contented, the one that was on her face as she gave the first part of her gift to the princess, to furious. "Before the sun sets on her 15th birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel," The image in her staff shows us a black spinning wheel, with the wheel spinning really fast. After showing the spinning wheel, it shows Mai, fifteen years old, lying down on a bed holding a flower in her hand, lying dead.
"And die!" Maleficent finished the spell, and it traveled down her arm, over to the cradle and sunk into the baby's body.
Suki ran to Mai's cradle and picked her up.
"Oh, no!" she cried as she held Mai to her chest and looked back at Maleficent with a look of fear in her eyes. But the spell has already been casted and there's nothing she can do.
Maleficent cackled her evil cackle, the one that put fear in everyone who heard it. Sokka, who has had enough, pointed at Maleficent and shouted to the guards, "Seize that evil witch!"
As the guards began closing in on her, Maleficent chanted a quick teleportation spell. She raised her arms again and green flames surrounded her when the spell was complete. The guards, now close to Maleficent, stopped in horror, seeing the fire around her. They stared at her, wide-eyed.
"Stand back, you fools!" Maleficent growled as thunder began to rumble again.
Maleficent disappeared in a flash of lightning, laughing as her pet raven flies out a window and rejoined his mistress.
Maleficent’s laughter still hung in the room as Ozai covered Zuko's eyes with his hand so he couldn’t watch her disappear and looked at Sokka and Suki. Suki hugged Mai sadly as Sokka glared at the spot where Maleficent used to be standing. Ozai walked over to Sokka and put a hand on his shoulder. Sokka looked at Ozai. Zuko ran to Suki's side and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Don't worry, Sokka. I'll have my soldiers join forces with yours, and together they will hunt down and destroy her evilness." Ozai said, and his voice brought less worry to Sokka.
"Okay. But, what are we going to do about this curse on my daughter?" Sokka asked Ozai.
"I don't know." Ozai responded, sadly.
"Queen Suki, I'm not going to let that evil witch harm your daughter like this. I'll help you protect her." Zuko said.
Suki looked down at Zuko and smiled at him.
"Thank you, Zuko. I really hope that you'll be able to help us protect Mai." Suki replied.
"I will help you protect her from Maleficent." Zuko answered.
Ty Lee stepped forward, her arms out in front of her, trying to calm them down.
"Don't despair, Your Majesties. Katara still
Rufioh chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
I really liked how you stuck with the character's personalities; none of the dialogue seemed forced or awkward. You could probably add more detail so that the story doesn't sound rushed. Overall, really good! :)
spatterson chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
This chapter is amazing. I'm doing one that has the same plot as Sleeping beauty, only Mai is under the curse.
A Fire Nation Citizen chapter 18 . 12/26/2012
Ahahahaha you even did the father lord bit last chapter lol! :D
A Fire Nation Citizen chapter 17 . 12/26/2012
I finished the first section and i was all like: OMG are you going to have Azula kill Ozai?! haha that would be clever. I cant wait to see the rest of this
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