Reviews for Silent whispers for help
kuroh chapter 25 . 6/18
countinue please
FOXFACE4444 chapter 25 . 1/1
Its great... :)
DataLatitude chapter 1 . 6/24/2014
The writing is amazing. I have only one comment about the grammar, however. You use "were" instead of "was" incorrectly quite a few times in this chapter. It's not a big mistake but I wanted to let you know in case you didn't notice. It's quite fine, and I almost overlooked it until I read the chapter again. Either way, I love this so far and can't wait to read more of your work! :)
Guest chapter 24 . 4/30/2014
Starlight Pheonix chapter 24 . 3/4/2014
Really?! You HAVE to update now!
Gum chapter 24 . 3/4/2014
Pleasee continue :3 its long since Ive read a witty death note fanfiction. And is BB really dead so fast? I think its too... fast..? Anyway please continue :)
Guest chapter 23 . 3/1/2014
Stupid cliffhangers *sobs*
Guest chapter 8 . 2/28/2014
I love you.
Can we get married?
Lol jk, jk *coughs awkwardly*...
Deathnotefan62 chapter 5 . 2/26/2014
This is such a Good story so far! I really do love it 3 I can't wait to read the whole thing
LadyTaiyo chapter 12 . 12/17/2013
Excuse the spelling error on "wammy" in my previous review, my computer's auto-correct altered it...
LadyTaiyo chapter 11 . 12/17/2013
I have not looked ahead from chapter eleven...I have not examined other reviews... your code took me less than five minutes, each roman numeral corresponds to a number that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet and when assembled it spells out "whammy's house" the way you made a mistake in your A/N...Are there any more difficult ones in future chapters?
Shizuki Kuruizaki chapter 22 . 12/5/2013
Great chapter today, as usual! So glad I didn't miss out on this.

I wonder what Watari is planning to do, though... Hmm. Maybe it's some sort of demonic experiment that will bring L "back to his senses" and Light towards heartbreak? Or perhaps... Perhaps Watari would kill L?

I don't know, ignore my ramblings.

Vial. Interesting. Mysterious. Good.


From Shizuki, with love.
Tifer chapter 22 . 12/5/2013
Thanks for the update! Loved it do much, I hope L finds Light in time D:
Za Great Prussia chapter 2 . 12/1/2013
You've been using the word weren't instead of the word wasn't. It's a very troubling mistake and should be fixed.
Lacrimas-Aeon chapter 11 . 10/14/2013
Good story so far!
But, I must point out that that code is wrong. It's supposed to be XXIII I XIII XIII XXV'XIX VIII XV XXI XIX V or XXIII VIII I XIII XIII XXV'XIX VIII XV XXI XIX V, and it means Wammy's House or Whammy's House.
Either way, Good work!
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