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THE FIRE KING chapter 35 . 1/8/2016
Portal to candyland lol.
Mewsali chapter 2 . 3/21/2015
They are going to turn on him in a few chapters probably.
Mewsali chapter 1 . 3/21/2015
Why won't it let me favorite it? It hates me and I'm an Eevee.
owen stevens chapter 1 . 2/20/2015
I love this fan fiction
A. N. Onymous chapter 24 . 6/12/2014
I thought he said he didn't have any guns...
Aviskye chapter 48 . 1/25/2014


I'm really looking forward to Whispers now.
Aviskye chapter 47 . 1/25/2014
(Sorry for the delay. I had, er, a shortage of motivation now that I've finished reading)




...Right, I'll try to revert to normal mode. For one, I can barely believe that this positively prodigious mind-blowing modern saga has come to an end. It kind of leaves me in a daze and unsure of how to react.'ll leave a comment for this chapter as a start - not that I have much to say. The whole thing is very affecting, gratifying and unforgettable in general, although I didn't expect Mina's character to be so (for lack of a better word) sympathy-inducing and it's too bad Celine didn't get to share the spotlight with Leon. But it's still an incredible chapter; I love how even in the blissful ending you didn't forget to add that last tinge of sadness, that last intriguing mystery.

Now, I think I mentioned I'll be doing the most general review for the last chapter, and have decided to do it for this one instead of the epilogue. Skies, this is going to be messy. Where to begin...

The main reasons I love this story? I've most likely said them all in one review or another, but here goes.

First off, how realistic Gone feels. All good writers, it seems, prove that they know their worlds very well, because only then can readers truly believe and become truly engrossed. You're no exception and the said observation is all the more obvious since unlike other fanfics I've read in this archive, your story is far less Minecraft-based, allowing much room for creativity but also requiring more skill. To me you've been thriving remarkably in this freedom - perhaps your personal, real-life experience also contributes? In any case, all the details in the writing makes everything feel so freaking real I can pretend to be watching a film with no difficulty; I love this kind of stuff even if what you write about isn't necessarily enjoyable. Another bonus will be your always-so-appropriate word choice.

Then there's the vastness of Gone's world and the number of diverse characters. Somewhat related to the previous point, you have with your wonderful skills brought together a large set of characters and put them in an enormous world. This is evidently one of the best things about Gone and something you really excel at, something that feels like part of your style, even, and it's profoundly satisfying. (And I heard that Whispers has an even larger world, which sounds very awesome, though not easily imagined. XD)

Finally, how Gone is quite long but doesn't feel like that in the least. Another thing you're great at is keeping readers reading. I mean, if you're going to write something this long, you need to be able to anchor readers to your creation - and you have certainly succeeded, with all that mystery and continually rising stakes and everything.

Now, uh, a couple of things I don't like so much (but they probably won't be new to you):

I think you mentioned somewhere that you don't proofread most of the time, which I find really impressive, but the occasional repetition in descriptions bugs me a bit (not that I'll be able to fix them easily). I know I've written about this before and you know about it but this is sort of important so yeah. There's also the very rare typo, which I couldn't bother to keep track of (sorry about that *facepalm*)...the only ones I can find right now: The sentence "It also intrigued Ari as well" (if that's a typo at all) in Chapter 17, and then "She didn't hesitated, but stopped flipping through the pages and chose one towards the end" in Chapter 47, and I remember another typo in one of the Nether chapters describing something related to Netherrack but why do I keep saying useless things

ANYWAY, there seems to be a lack of memorable plot twists - although I haven't forgotten the drastic change in setting Chapter 35 - which I'm not exactly bothered by; just thought I'd point it out. And it doesn't seem possible that Leon can do much other than getting sent to carry out hazardous missions by his superiors, but it gets slightly repetitive after a while. It's probably just me.

To conclude, you've written a splendid story that, though changing Minecraft drastically, though very contemporary-feeling (and thus on first sight not something I thought I'd love), has kept me reading through all hundred and sixty thousand words of it. It may not be the genre I'm MOST interested in, but you've certainly done an excellent job with portraying the themes you've selected :D

My rating for Gone will five out of ten. I would have given you a 9.8, but extreme violence and gunfights aren't really my cup of tea even with your writing. So, pretty biased rating. A wasntme emote from Skype will fit nicely here, but this site isn't Skype. .L.

Aviskye chapter 46 . 1/13/2014
That. Was so incredibly awesome. Definitely the best (and probably the most Gone-ish) chapter so far; I actually gasped out loud at that ending - doesn't sound like much, but it takes a lot to get plainly visible reactions out of me when I'm reading since I'm almost never alone.

You may wonder why I'm not inundating you with strings of caps yet. Thing is, I'm saving my screaming for the next and last chapter since I figured one hysterical review is enough XD

Okay. Um. Pfft, the chapter has struck me dumb.

Right...all the deaths in this...they've been so intense, so...haunting, so frighteningly believable, and somehow so unique when compared to all the other, innumerable deaths and violence you have described so far. Not like the more small-scale fights in the beginning of the story, not like all those battles in which Leon participated in and has occurred all over your colossal world, not like the Withers' and raspers' mass slaughter, not like Leon's hopeless, bitter killing in No Such Thing as Freedom.

It seems to me you have managed to capture the essence of Gone with these few thousand near-excruciating words; they feel like a summary of the story's theme, and I'm not sure if I understood why you named this phenomenal narrative Gone until I read this chapter. That image of two dying deities fighting over the future of the world they have created evoked unbelievably strong emotions, and One Nation, Indivisible in general is more than thrilling, yet very tragic and poignant. It's amazing.

Have to. Read. Last. Chapter.
Aviskye chapter 45 . 1/13/2014
(Bleh sorry, I totally forgot to post my reviews last Sunday)

This chapter's title is so appropriate. And JEB. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. OLO

My shock aside, um...yes, that's one of the worst cliffhangers you've written yet, but that's just due to the fast-approaching conclusion of the story and is hence perfectly tolerable. XD I also love that scene with the Loyalist soldier near the beginning which made the chapter so much more exciting (and made me really want to read Chapter 44 as well, only to know how the NETHER Leon managed to get himself out of that place). But...Leon, having just visited 'hell' a second time and suffered psychological torture (as much as I can guess) at the hands of the despicable Wycokrwyz, is immediately sent back into hostile territory by his commanders? o_o Skies. You leave me with no doubt everything's going to peak very, very soon.
Aviskye chapter 43 . 1/4/2014


(At least I assume it's her who was talking at the end)


Pfft, I'm so amazed by this chapter I can't find any words to comment with. So, um, the Secessionists (hopefully) got the Nether Stars, the Loyalists (probably) got Leon. What a situation. I love it, but THAT ENDING and unlike usual I can't read the next chapter because of the you-know-what. -_-

What else? Uh, the iron golems as well as how to shut them down were really good ideas; I do wonder where those near-unbeatable things came from, though. The combat was no less exciting than any other action sequence and word choice seems to be even more apt than usual. :D

I'll probably end up posting another three reviews in a row for next Sunday. Well, maybe two, since the third will be for the last chapter and that one will take ages to write...
Aviskye chapter 42 . 1/4/2014
It was the New Year, so I thought I'd 'celebrate' with an extra Gone chapter.

I regretted it, one because I missed some of my studies reading and two because the chapter ended with the most unbearable cliffhanger in memory.

ALL THAT TENSION. The Jeb mystery is alleviated somewhat thanks to Leon's dream/vision but a new one settles in with all the unnatural deaths in the outpost or whatever it was; then it's the Nether again... The pace is growing all the more rapid as the end approaches, driven even faster by my knowledge of what situation Leon will end up in in Chapter 44. Gah. I'll dash off to study and hopefully be able to read 43 before the weekend.
Aviskye chapter 41 . 1/4/2014
Skies, this chapter of yours was so intense it left me breathless and wanting to cry. All the violence had been heavy enough when you added that bleak psychological layer...but then again, everything about it was just flawless, from its placement in the story to the situation that triggered it; it was also a nice break from all the action and a refreshing look into Leon's mind, even for how painful it was. And that's the best possible chapter ending to me *u*

This is probably the most profound chapter so far. Really moving. Poor Leon/Sergeant/soldiers geezeveryone'ssufferingsomuch
Aviskye chapter 40 . 12/28/2013
Skies, every single chapter you write seems to have less than one-third of its actual length when I read it... Anyway, large-scale battles be the main attraction here and all the destruction is, as usual, described perfectly; there's a welcomed break from cliffhangers but mystery still permeates both the beginning and end of the chapter (Oooh Jeb). Also, Nether Stars have become holy objects to me now that they’ve played such pivotal roles in both TMC and Gone. XD

Waitwhat? Are there less than ten chapters left? OLO Now that's what I meant about the length thing...
Error 404 - Account is Dead chapter 1 . 12/26/2013
Already beginning to love this fanfic. Very well written, too. It's not every day I find a well-written fanfic for any game, book, etc.

Word of advice, though: Unless you're still editing chapters (I take it you're done updating new ones), it would be wise to switch the story to "Complete". It kind of threw me off, since you say the epilogue is done, but the story status still says "In Progress". If you're still working, don't worry about it.

Again, already love the story :)
Aviskye chapter 38 . 12/14/2013
Woah, unexpected description of Amnesia: TDD in the A/N. Just reading it made me frightened enough for the chapter to feel tenser.

Back to the story, your ability to prolong events continues to instil anxiety. It works a bit like cliffhangers - one chapter ends on the eve of battle and after the next chapter is finished the battle is only beginning... Yikes, Withers and raspers. WHY DIDN'T YOU NOTICE THAT SOONER, LEON, I WAS PANICKING THE MOMENT I SET MY EYES UPON THE DESCRIPTION

Ahem... All the emotion in this chapter is, as usual, seriously satisfying to experience, and the increasing involvement of the real world makes it ten times more exciting. And more on Withers. It's great that you managed to add more Minecraft-related things :D

I really need to go read the next chapter now.
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