Reviews for Time to run
SA-fan 2011 chapter 117 . 8/5/2013
Is Alex accidentally going to overhear a conversation, that Campbell and Andy are having, and finds out that Campbell is Smith Solomon's son?
Is he going to confront Campbell about it in the morning?
Or is he going to talk to Stevie about this and have her talk to Marcie, and find out the real story from her?
SA-fan 2011 chapter 117 . 8/5/2013
I loved that for once someone had the upper hand with Grace, and could schock her instead!

Alex seems to have a soft spot for Campbell!
I am certain that Alex can see himself in Campbell, since both have had to deal with a lot of hurt, that has been inflicted by a tormenting father! And no one knows better than Alex what it feels like to be lied to!
After having witnessed, what Campbell has told Rose about how badly the bastard of a father treated him and Marcie, Alex knows that Campbell needs a male rolemodel who he can count on no matter what, a man who is honest and who he knows he can trust, and most importantly, who can show him how to be a man!

I am torn about a sequel!
I love to read a continuing story, but I hate it if something really bad would happen again!
I wouldn't want any of them to have an accident and then be in a wheelchair for the rest of his or her life!
Maybe Alex fathered a child a long time ago, and now that person turns up looking for him?
Maybe Alex, Stevie and Rose bump into an old rodeo mate in Calgary, that has heard that Alex has another child somewhere?
aivana chapter 117 . 8/4/2013
I still keep wondering whom Matt saw the other day. Too bad this is nearing the end, I really enjoyed the story, so I definitely vote for a sequel.
SA-fan 2011 chapter 116 . 8/2/2013
What has Matt seen with the telescope to the right in the horizon?
Obviously Riley knows something is wrong, since he must have seen Matt angrily whacking the telescope shifter!
Is it Constance, who is stalking them from a boat, by watching the family through a pair of binoculars?
Or was Stevie just lucky that Matt was near by, so nothing could happen to her?
Was Constance also at the house by midnight?

I am certain that Riley and Matt have decided, to not only keep quiet about their worried suspicions, so that Alex and Stevie and their children can fully enjoy their needed holiday, but also because they don't have enough evidence, and only have a feeling that Stevie might be in danger, since Hawy isn't leaving her side, and obviously wants to make sure that she is safe and protected!

It was totally unfair and disrespectful of Stevie to say something like that about Alex, he would never do that to his wife!
It's not her husband that has been doing something wrong, it's Constance who is not having any common sense!
All Alex and Marcus and Nick have been doing, was making sure that they were making a good impression on Constance, so that she would like them enough to get her on their side and have Alex and Stevie purchase the holiday property on their terms!

Has Constance understood Murphy's warning, or does she decide to ignore the warning, and try to get as close to Alex as she can?
But why is it Stevie the one being protected by Alexander's dog?
Does Constance want Stevie out of the way to have easier access to Alex, so she needs to get rid off her first?

Naming their new property Somewhere To Run was very clever; it fits the property's purpose perfectly!

I have two ideas to what Ben and Murphy could rename their property as, either:
New Life or New Beginnings!
It would fit every one, who is part of the family business! Each of them have begun a new life in about the last five years – even the elder generation!
SA-fan 2011 chapter 115 . 8/1/2013
I hope Alex takes serious notice of Stevie's weirdo comment about Constance!
You can't just show up on someone else's property unless you have been invited to just show up!
IDoes Constance choose to show up with her family at New Years Eve, or does she decide to stay at home with her own family, after what happened today?

If Constance is miserable in her marriage then she should mention this to her husband to try and fix it, and not go after someone else's instead!
aivana chapter 114 . 7/31/2013
I see trouble comming. :) Not a fan of Constance.
SA-fan 2011 chapter 113 . 7/31/2013
Nick should stay out of Alex's and Stevie's personal business, unless he is being asked to share his opinion! And Marcus wisely chose to stay out of it!
But still he obviously wanted to give both of them something to think about and thought, that it would help and be appropriate to defend his own opinion, by sharing his own personal thoughts about the issue with a more acceptable and subtle statement!
It took guts to share his decision with them about getting a vasectomy, sonce he and Grace had decided that four kids would be enough! But as their brother he has a right to share and voice his opinion about this issue, if he thinks that his brothers need to be more serious about having more children, by making them understand that they should really think about not only if they want to have more children, but what their wives have to go through when being pregnant and being the most important parent in the following months, being the only one to be able to feed the baby!

It seems, that it would be better for both Alex and Stevie if they stopped flirting with other people, since their behaviour can give the wrong person some stupid ideas and cause them trouble!

I am afraid that I find Constance's thoughts about Alex and Stevie disturbing and that these thought she has make me concerned about her emotional state, because she is a miserable wife, who seems to dislike to be reminded of how unhappy she is with her own life and marriage! And since she is no doubt jealous of the life and marriage that Alex and Stevie have, she might want to try to destroy that happiness and make them suffer like herself, so she isn't the only one feeling miserable!
I suspect that Constance will plan to get Alex alone, when she and Alex are going to sign the papers, and then is going to make it look like Alex is coming on to her, or that they have been fooling around, when just the opposite is true, and maybe she threatens to sue him for sexual assault!

I suspect that Smith Solomon might be Marcie's allegedly separated deceased husband and Campbell's father!
And Marcie might know that her ex-husband used to board at Rose's school, and that Alex and Nick might know him! Am I right?
What if Smith Solomon turns up at this year's local rodeo in Gungellan and the truth comes out?
How is the big family clan's, and in particular Stevie's, Rose's and Alex' reaction going to be like, when they find out that Marcie and Campbell have lied to them, when their family as well as their McLeod-relatives have been nothing but welcoming and completely honest with them and told them the truth about their own lives, as Grace and Regan didn't hide their truth about having had an awful childhood, and that they also were being told, what had caused Rose to hit Campbell in the face?
This should have proved to Marcie and Campbell, that there was no reason to hide this uncomfortable information from their new relatives!
But since Alex, Stevie and Rose have come across Smith Solomon not so long ago, can they understand why Marcie and Campbell thought it would be best to not mention that they were / had been connected to him?
Campbell can obviously not see the harm about telling their new relatives the truth about his father, as he seems to trust them completely, and knows they are trusting him and his mum, and that their new relatives like them enough, that telling them the entire truth about his father shouldn't be such a big deal!
But Marcie is obviously worried that their Gungellan relatives might decide to reject them, as soon as they were being made aware of this, because they probably wouldn't want to be associated with this man!

Especially with Alex being so open and honest about the rodeo-dare and Nick's accident, is he even willing to let Campbell and Marcie explain, why they haven't been completely honest about their lives?
Or will he be angry and assume that Marcie and Campbell are after their money?

And what about Rose, is she willing to give Campbell a chance to explain everything, and be able to understand why Campbell didn't tell her the complete truth about his father, even if he got told the uncomfortable truth about hers?

Knowing that everyone has a past and have done something they are ashamed of and have regrets about, does that make Stevie willing to give Marcie the opportunity to open up and listen to what she has to say for herself, about why she didn't want them to know about Smith Solomon still being her husband, and why they didn't just tell them the entire truth to begin with, when they were completely open and honest with her and Campbell?

Is Campbell going to mention to Rose, that if he and his mum could afford it, he would have liked to go to the same school as her?

Because Alex, Stevie and Rose know what a bastard Smith Solomon is, and how badly he had treated Marcie and Campbell, since they had proof of this as Smith told them himself, how he didn't believe that his wife was telling him the truth about Campbell being his son, just not knowing at the time that he was actually talking about Marcie and Campbell, and then also Smith being mean, rude and disrespectful to them, can this knowledge about Smith Solomon, make them and the rest of the clan accept and forgive Marcie and Campbell's reasons for embellishing the truth about their lives?

Can Alex and Stevie persuade Marcie to let them help her with getting divorced from the bastard, by having Bryce represent her, and support Campbell's decision about taking Smith Solomon to the cleaners?
SA-fan 2011 chapter 112 . 7/31/2013
I agree with Alex, Murphy's tragic past shouldn't be a daily reminder! With naming the poperty after Murphy's deceased husband, he will sort of be a third party in their relationship and in their business!
They should choose a name that is going to say something about both of them and possibly about the two of them making them a couple, something both of them can relate to and something that unites them, and maybe something that characterizes who they are as a couple!

I think it should be a joint effort to rename the new farm, since it will be an addition to the family business, making it a quintet farm operation! And it can only be helpful for Murphy and Ben to have the family offer suggestions, about what to name their property, as their relatives suggestions will provide them with a bigger selection to choose from, and give them the opportunity to come up with a better name, than if it only had been the two of them, who would figure out the perfect name for the farm!
And that is why New Years Eve is the perfect opportunity to discuss the new name for the new farm!
SA-fan 2011 chapter 111 . 7/29/2013
So Murphy has bought Kinsellas without even talking to Ben about it first! That is not how you treat your partner! However they weren't engaged, when she bought the property, and there must obviously not have been time enough for the two of them to discuss this and for her to get his approval to just move ahead and buy the farm!
The opportunity to own their own farm was there to grab it, and instead of wasting precious time on discussing if they should buy the neighbouring property or not and if they were actually ready to have a farm of their own, time which could also make them lose the perfect opportunity to buy a property and still be able to live near their relatives, Murphy thought it obviously was best to just grab the opportunity while it was there, and was lucky enough being able to afford and purchase the Kinsella farm for both her and Ben!
Though she must have had some help from Harry at how to figure out what sort of pricerange she should expect for this kind of property, and what would be an acceptable purchase prize for this particular farm!
But has Harry not warned her of the possibility that Ben might be offended by her having made the decision to buy Kinsella's on her own and only used her own money for it?

Ben is a man, and a man is suppose to take care of and be able to provide for the woman he is with and the children they might have! By making the decision to purchase the farm single-handedly and then only using her own money to buy it with, Murphy has wounded Ben's male pride and betrayed his trust, by keeping him unaware of her thoughts about the future, and not sharing her ideas, and then making such a life changing decision without him!

I have no doubt that the other men in the family would have felt just as offended, if their wives would have gone behind their backs like that and not share the costs when buying a farm for the both of them!
Even Nick, who never owned a share of Drovers Run, he was still able to keep his male pride, because he still owned half of Wilgul!

But it was totally stupid of Ben to voice his opinion and make Murphy look bad in front of both his and Murphy's family. He should have kept his thoughts about this to himself, and then discussed it with when they would be alone! However drunk people tend to tell the truth!

I think that the holiday house is a little small with only five bedrooms! Already for this year's holiday some of them have to sleep on a mattress on the floor in the living area or in a tent outside!
SA-fan 2011 chapter 110 . 7/27/2013
Who has bought the Kinsella farm?

Do Riley and Kate want their own farm and to have room enough for their own family and relatives?

Has Murphy bought the farm for her and Ben, now that she no doubt is pregnant with their first child, and want them to have a farm of their own but still be part of the family-business and also to be more equal with her brothers, instead of working for Marcus and Grace?

Maybe Jake and Becky are returning to the district? However they might not come back, since Becky and her family doesn't have the best reputation in the district still! (At least that is my impression, since Becky and Jake left less than ten years ago!)
Or maybe there has been a bushfire at their place, and they needed a new place to start over and wanted to be among friends, who are highly respected in the district?

Is Jaz McLeod quitting her eventing career and has bought her own place, to start her own horse rehabilitation business and be her own boss, without having to take orders from anyone?
I can imagine her wanting to rescue, save and rehabilitate abused and tortured horses and then train those and the brumbies that she may find, or which might just show up on their own, before selling them off!
Maybe Marcie and her can share this business? But I think it's for the best, that Marcie and Campbell stay where they live until Campbell has finished year 12, so he can still stay at the same school and be with his friends!
With Dave and Regan living on Drovers Run however, the rehabilitation of these horses would be a lot simpler to handle with a vet so close by!
So maybe when Campbell has finished year 12, Marcie might consider for her and her son to move to Drovers Run, where the McLeods belong; and by then Jaz might also be ready to come home to Drovers Run and settle down!

Or maybe the new owner is a good match for Marcie?

Have Jodi and Matt hired extra farmhands, or are they still only the four of them: Jodi, Matt, Regan and Dave?
And are Meg and Terry also living and working on Drovers Run, or are they running the Truck Stop? You haven't really mentioned this!

Or are Bryce and Liz keeping it secret, that they have bought the Kinsella farm, so they can be closer to their children and grandchildren?
I could imagine Bryce wanting to quit his barrister career to be able to make his long lost dream com true and become a fruit- and vegetable famer, which has always been his personal career wish! Besides this is something he can share with his grandchildren!
But since the farm once used to be Sandra Kinsella's, I don't really know if Liz can live here?
I also think that Bryce and Liz want to have time to travel, and buying and running a farm doesn't really make that manageable, unless they get a very trustworthy, loyal and dependable manager to run the farm, while they are away!
However it could also be a legacy for their grandchildren, who will be able to take over the farm and keep the business running sometime in the future, when Bryce and Liz no longer have the strength to handle the farm!

Maybe Greg and Jill Milton and their sons are missing being in the company of Alex and Stevie, their children and their relatives?
So perhaps Greg Milton has been able to persuade Kinsella's former owners to sell their property to him and his family, by offering to buy or help them buy a new and better property somewhere else?
aivana chapter 107 . 7/24/2013
With the way Stevie reacted I'm not sure if I should hope that she is pregnant.
aivana chapter 104 . 7/20/2013
I spent last three days reading this story and I have to say, I'm now completly hooked. I love the way you portrait the characters, their struggles and highs. Can't wait for more!
SA-fan 2011 chapter 97 . 7/11/2013
I can fully understand Stevie's outburst and that she is tired of her and her family being under attack over and over again, without being able to prevent it from happening!

She has had enough of all the drama in their lives, and just wants to be able to relax and be certain that her an her family do not have to worry about certain people trying to destroy their lives, who are obviously lacking common sense and empathy!

But what Stevie should always remember, is the fact that she and Alex have always been able to defeat their enemies and overcome the attacks!

And their extended family are always there to help them and support them whenever they need it and doing everything they can to protect them if needed!

Besides some good did come out of Alex' accident! The GHB drug was discovered in Alex' blood and helped solve the mystery, about why Alex woke up outside in the park without any memory on how he got there, and that someone tried to sabotage Stevie's and Alex' marriage deliberately, and then remembering that it was Alana French, who bought Alex his last beer on that awful night, they (Nick, Matt, Marcus and Bryce) could easily figure out who were behind this malicious act, that gave these loyal, dependable and protecting relatives the advantage to solve the puzzle, to what the exact motives were for doing this!
And since Rose knew that Alex and Stevie needed her help and that she needed to be with her family to be okay herself, she had decided to come home and the family were able to spend a lot of quality time together being just them!
And Bryce did finally acknowledge that Ashleigh needed professional help!

And Stevie and Michelle have finally reconciled, and enjoy each others company!

However I think that Stevie senses something bad is going to happen again, being unsettled by the fact that she fears that the persons, who seem to feel that they have a right to get revenge for how they have been treated, and have unreliable personalities are up to no good now being out of jail!

What exactly and to which extend has Stevie and Alex chosen to tell Rose about all the hurdles they have had to deal with, with bad people doing awfull things to them?

Stevie could really need a nice long massage about now given to her by her husband, that can give her a nice long sleep, so she is rested enough to really be able to enjoy this year's fundraiser!

Is leading stationhand Tom going to need a new date for the ball, because his date is no longer interested in him, or because she has been unable to attend, as she had decided to stay home because she doesn't feel well?
Can Alex and Stevie persuade him to ask Marcie to be his date for the ball?
And how do the two of them get along?
And does Campbell have the guts to ask Rose to be his date for the ball?
And is she going to accept his request?

How is Campbell going to react, when Rose shows him around on Alexander Station?
And how does he react, when he notices all the rodeo-trophies?
SA-fan 2011 chapter 96 . 7/10/2013
Thank God for Rose!
I guess Rose had an idea that Harrison's rude and mean behaviour wasn't his normal personality, but that it had been triggered by something that had been said or a certain situation that had occured, which made it reasonable and acceptable for him to behave so badly, and decide to be a very naughty boy!
The fact that Rose and Harrison are dealing with similar issues in their lives, I guess has been the trick for Rose to get Harrison to open up, and make him share his feelings with her! Obviously all she had to do was read a story to him, that both of them could relate to and see if the story caught his attention, and Rose's effort paid off big time!
I think the fact that Rose is neither a child nor an adult also has made it easier for Harrison to talk to her than anybody else in the extended family!

Is Rose's diary going to be of some importance later on? Is it going to be found in Ashleigh's car?

Is Ashleigh, Alana, Will and Fiona going to sabotage this year's fundraiser?
Did Ashleigh photocopy a document, on which some of the contact information that are of big importance to the fundraiser has been listed?
Such as important guests, who are generous towards charities and can benefit them?
Are Ashleigh, Alana, Will and Fiona going to contact them and just tell them that this year's fundraiser has been cancelled, so they can prevent these special guests from partcipating in the year's event, which will no doubt decrease the expected funds total outcome considerably, and make Alex and Stevie and the extended family look bad, and loose these important connections, when the uninvited guests can read about the event in the newspapers after it has taken place?
Or can Greg Milton prevent that from happening, when he mentions a received phonecall, from one Bryce Redstaff's employees, who told him that the fundraiser had been cancelled because of a quarantine, due to a serious infection in their stock?
And are the four also going to cancel some of the bookings like the catering, and the band, and the marque, and make Alex and Stevie look bad to the district, their friends and all the other guests that have been have been invited, and expect the same impressive setup as last year?
Has Alana found a new place to work at one of the listed caterers, and has been able to successfully poison the food with an emetic?

I think Murphy is afraid of moving on with her life, and is missing some kind of closure of the life before the tragedy occured!
I am certain that Stevie redecorating the Master Bedroom on Drovers Run helped Alex to finally let go of what should have been, and instead have him remember Claire and the time he did get to share with her with joy and be able to move on with his life!

Does Murphy know about Alex and Claire, or is it time that Stevie encourages Murphy to talk to Alex about her tragic past?

How will it be for Marcie to meet her biological mother for the first time at Rean's and Dave's wedding, since she was given away as a little child?
SA-fan 2011 chapter 95 . 7/6/2013
Being a barrister Bryce should know that you shouldn't trust someone like Ashleigh, and even more so because her mental illness is making her unreliable! And as soon as Bryce knew for sure, what Ashleigh had done to Alex and Stevie and that she would not be able to work as a barrister anymore, he should have made sure, that Ashleigh wouldn't be able to get her hands on confidential information concerning both of his sons and his daughters in law!
But obviously he has chosen to trust his daughter too soon and too easily, wanting to be hopeful that she has understood, that what she did was wrong, and still letting her have access to confidential and personal information, that he should have made sure were being kept safe and out of her reach!
But a neglecting father that Bryce has been, he would stupidly neither be able to notice nor suspect that she wouldn't stop there and just be finished with causing trouble!
There is no doubt that Ashleigh is seething with hatred for Alex and Stevie, because she blames Alex and Stevie for having turned Bryce against her, by taking their side and getting her arrested, being put in jail and then ending up having her disbarred! She has no empathy what so ever and no sense of right and wrong, by deliberately not caring and not regretting hurting other people, who have no blame in her behaviour, or the fact that Bryce has been neglecting her!
Who is it that Ashleigh is talking to on the phone?
What document has she photocopied?
What is Ashleigh's new scheme going to be?

I loved that Alex didn't want to make Jodi uncomfortable, and then being so gracious about it!
And I loved the baby conversation between Alex and his sons, absolutely priceless! LOL
But you forgot to mention baby Claire being a girl!

I am impressed about how Tess is able to support Nick about Harrison, and putting his needs above her own, even though she has just given birth to their third and last child! However, on the inside she is probably preferring for them to really enjoy their newest babygirl together and only to be the three of them for now, since it is their last baby!
But being a mother herself, I guess it is only natural to feel sad about Sally being gone, and because of that not being able to be there for her son anymore and watch him grow up! And even though it is a major shock for her that Nick has fathered another child, she seems to accept the situation and acknowledge Harrison as a little innocent boy, who has to live the rest of his life without his mum, and not having the chance to really get to know Sally as who she really was! And no matter the issue why Harrison came into existence, it is fairly obvious that Tess wouldn't want for any child to ever experience such a big loss in their life!

There is no doubt that Nick feels sad for Sally, and guilty for not having known about Harrison and until now not having had the possibility to be there for him from the day he was born - his son, who is going to need him now more than ever, while also feeling guilty about leaving Tess alone with their newborn daughter!
It is only understandable that Nick needs his brother's love and support more than ever to be certain that he can get through this difficult time and be able to handle all of this pressure and responsibility to make this work and keep his family happy, which now has been placed his shoulders

But when it comes to how Logan is going to handle this, I would like to hope, that he could become a big help for Harrison to have him as a friend and a brother, that can make Harrison have fun and take his sadness away, if only just for a few minutes! Besides there might be a chance that Harrison might be a shy and quiet boy himself!

It so adorable of Nick to be scared of meeting his own son for the very first time!
There is no doubt that it is going to be a big transition for the whole McLeod-Ryan family to make everyone comfortable and accept the new additions to their family!
I can't even imagine how it is going to be for Harrison to get used to living with adults and children, that are complete strangers to him, it seems like Nick has totally forgotten about that!
And for Tess having to stay back in Fisher alone with their third and last joined baby, and not being able to enjoy the arrival of this last one as much as when their other kids were born must be tough for her! I hope Liz can be there for her, while Nick is away, and have the other relatives, who live at Drovers Run and Killarney take care of their kids for them!

Is Murphy willing to give Ben another chance, and let him explain everything and make her believe him and trust his sincerity about how serious he is about them being together as a couple and that there is absolutely nothing going on between him and Monique, and that all she wanted, was to cause trouble for him!
Or is Ben willing to give Murphy some space to really figure out, if she is ready or not to really be with him, no matter how much baggage he has?

The only reason, I can think of, that can make it possible for Ashleigh, Alana, Will and Fiona to kidnap Rose, is for Ashleigh to show up at Rose's school and tell her that Stevie has been an accident, and that Bryce has asked of her to come and pick her up at school and to bring her to the hospital, since Bryce wanted to be there for Alex!

But I am sure, that Rose can quickly figure out that they aren't going to the hospital, and that Ashleigh has lied to her! Is Rose going to stay calm and focus on where they are going and keep her mobile phone hidden, so she can make an emergency call later and have it traced to the kidnapping location so she can be found, or is Bryce able to contact Ashleigh on her mobile phone, and succesfully achieve to help the police at tracing the number to a specific location and be able to have the chance to correct his mistake at trusting Ashleigh so easily and get her arrested again?
What have Alex and Stevie mentioned about Ashleigh to Rose, if they have even mentioned her to Rose at all, because they might have thought it would be best not to worry and frighten her, and not risk tainting Rose perception of Bryce?
And what have they told Rose about Fiona?

Can Greg Milton and Fiona's uncle Gary Webb help with the investigations?
Is Ashleigh's comment about wanting to find ”those little out of the way places where no one goes” going to be a helpful clue for the police at making it easier for them to narrow their search for specific locations and succeed to find Rose?
Maybe the Webb family have a special place to spend their holdays at, that is in a very secluded spot?
Or maybe they need to contact Alana's family and find the hidden location from them?

Does Rose know the area, where she is being held hostage?
Is Rose going to speak her mind, and tell the kidnappers her honest opinion about them and that what they are doing, are punishing and hurting innocent people, instead of admitting that they are the ones who have created this mess all on their own! And that all they are achieving by kidnapping her, are succeeding at destroying their own lives, instead of actually doing the right thing and help themselves, by getting the help they need to make their own lives better and become better people and make their families proud by acknowledging and accepting the consequences of their actions!
Or does Rose decide to just stay quiet and observe?
Is Alana going to drug her too?
Is Rose able to escape her kidnappers, while they are asleep?
Is Rose lucky to escape and find someone, that can help her contact her parents? And then trap the kidnappers instead, by letting them believe, that her family doesn't know where Rose is and that they will pay the ransom to get her back?
Since Rose is good at noticing things, I am certain that she is going to be very quick at identifying her kidnappers, with the detailed description of every person!
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