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just me 5000 chapter 42 . 11/10
This is wonderful
Liquid Fantasy chapter 42 . 11/8
I'm very sorry for your loss :( And for your illness. Feel better hopefully.

I've read all the chapters and I cannot wait for your next update. You've got me totally obsessed with this story. And I recently read Winterly Dow's TAA as well. It's an absolute masterpiece! How awesome that two of my new favorite authors know each other's work

Take care and I hope you feel better since your last update *hugs*
Liquid Fantasy chapter 41 . 11/8

I've been waiting FOREVER for them to kiss! Although Arya's fall was rather ill-timed, it made for some great move on Jaqen's part ;)
Liquid Fantasy chapter 36 . 11/8
Whoo! Recognizable characters! I love how Tywin is fond of Arya Everyone's detailed description of getting ready for the big night is so interesting.

Haha, Jaqen's so nervous he smoked an entire pack and threw up. That made me laugh out loud xD
Liquid Fantasy chapter 32 . 11/7
Whow was Jaqen speaking Turkish on his phone? I kind of recognized a lot of words there, though it looked like broken Turkish.

Again, love the intense interaction between Jaqen and Arya!
Liquid Fantasy chapter 8 . 11/7
Whow this story is really exciting! I really love the fact that it's an AU but so many references from GoT are present.
Like, Petyr Baelish's never-ending flirting with Catelyn (seriously I laughed at that, he will ALWAYS flirt with her), Joffrey's spoiled brat behavior (getting drunk lol) and The Hound being his bodyguard with iPhone in his hand (omg just picturing it is so hilarious), Jaqen's interaction with Arya (lovely girl), Jon's protective behavior, etc. And this chapter's title fit so well with Jaqen's last line "All men must die", I'd never thought that I would hear that line in a modern GoT AU but it was perfect how you thought of that.
Everything is so well thought out. I absolutely love it! And the photography idea is such an interesting choice. I could totally see Jaqen being a top photographer and Arya being interested in it and in him of course *wink wink*
The name 'House of Black and White' for the photography firm was so clever too.
I've begun reading this story yesterday night and I find that I can't stop but continue reading! So happy that it has a lot of chapters too!

Gah, I love Jaqen and Arya together! Thank you for this amazing story! *hugs and goes off to next chapter*
Lyra Rose chapter 42 . 10/25
Hi - so i just came across your story and have been sitting down and completely ignoring the callings of real life while reading it. I admire your work so much, Its funny and i love the parallels you drew between it and ASOIAF. The way you convey the passion and skill required behind photography is wonderful. I know its been a while since you updated, so I hope everything is well with you. I hope that you know that you have a reader who is dedicated to your story and will continue to follow it no matter what.

Take care and best wishes.
Bowieheaded chapter 42 . 8/25
I love this story so much. You're brilliant. Please continue!
khalizzi chapter 42 . 7/18
Thank you for this complete masterpiece, by far the best Jaqen/Arya fic I've read (despite there not being many I can assure you that I have read all the decent ones). I especially love the fact that you chose to place this in the UK, the actual inspiration for Westeros as opposed to the US, which most Modern AU writers choose. Not only is your characterisation accurate, it is consistent, and the slow burn aspect definitely makes the reader read more (I've reread this just
now in just over an hour and a half). Thank you, and I hope your health problems improve, not just so that you can write more, not just so that you can continue to write, but so that you lead a better life and can do what you choose.
Lexxxi chapter 42 . 7/12
Aww that's sad! It only just started and it's already been stopped! Please keep going, update again soon! I absolutely love this story. I think it's the best modern game of thrones story on this website. Please please update again soon! Xxoo
Guest chapter 42 . 6/27
Wow! I had begrudgingly given up hope on my favorite Jaqen and Arya! The chapter was beautiful and week- presented as always, I especially admire how you ttreat the characters each with such dignity and respect for their respective situations, as well as not placing an over-dramatic weight on the events in their lives. Hope you are doing better and my condolences.
shelley.maldonado chapter 42 . 6/27
My condolences to you and your family. I too have recently lost a loved one and know what it's like to not have the drive to write anymore. I hope you feel better soon. You are an exceptional writer and I love reading this story.
Winterlyn Dow chapter 42 . 6/27
I was thrilled to see another chapter from you! I'm sorry for the real-life tribulations which have kept your from your writing and grateful that you have been able to return to it. Entirely lovely, as usual. And, as usual, I'll be waiting with barely-contained excitement for the next chance to read something else from you.
Pandorica 11 chapter 42 . 6/26
the course of true love never does run smoothly, does it? ugh I missed this story! glad you're back writing.
ImagineWho chapter 42 . 6/26
It does not matter if it's a month or ten years, I will always come back here, to this story when there's a new chapter. Furthermore, I will always read it from the very first chapter and I will always fall in Love all over again. I truly aspire to become such a talented writer like yourself. One day.
Every single element you use to create this storyline and how sharp your Arya is, I LOVE IT!
This new chapter was another great addition to this epic monster of yours. Jaqen and Arya are starting to solve their messy situation and Arya's mother reacted in an awesome way, but I wonder if she knows that it was Jaqen who was embracing her daughter...
Anyway, it was brilliantly done, and I'm looking forward to the next one! Hugs!
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