Reviews for Herbie ReLoaded
DarkGamerider chapter 4 . 6/11/2016
This was awesome great character great story i just love it
Amazing chapter 4 . 10/1/2014
I have been a fan of Herbie for many year, and when I found this I was astonished that there was a genuine following to this date. Well, I think you have captured the essence of the movies and transferred them into writing, perfectly. The story is gripping, the characters are ones you won't forget any time soon. Herbie's mannerisms are really good and they stick to the movies. The references were super, something to be glad for. I would really love more Herbie fanfiction, I know there is more, but this is definitely a notch over the others.
So this gets a 10/10.
SoniaStrummFan217 chapter 4 . 8/3/2014
I'm absolutely loving this story! :) Herbie is just so cute, and I love how close he and Calley are getting. :) And JJ? I thought he was kind of a bad guy because he was in that gang, but he's really not so bad after all. Anyway, I'm loving this story, and would love to see it continued. :)
GothicChevy chapter 4 . 5/23/2013
Very well written and I love how it's coming along so far. The characters are believable and seem to have personality. If you're looking for a type of racing to get Herbie/Cassie into for the story (something he hasn't done before), may I suggest drifiting or rally?
On Youtube:
Rally: watch?vzV9SicFXcyg
Drifting: watch?vK7Lyn_lWurg

Rally would be neat. The SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) has a 2WD rally class Herbie would qualify for and it is a very competitive class (often dominated by RWD Pontiac GTO's, and FWD Dodge Neon's and Neon SRT4's. A factory sponsored Dodge Neon SRT4 won the entire season and all but one race in 2004. As for VW's in it, a VW New Beetle Turbo took the championship in it's class in 1999 (see: watch?vvM5XvpeKzu8 )). Rules vary depending on class on what modifications are allowed and what modifications are required. Rally races are run one car at a time over a multitude of point to point stages on off-road courses. Each stage is timed and the driver with the lowest combined time from all the stages at the end wins. The WRC is a professional sort of rallying with big budgets and factory sponsorships. That said, there HAVE been independent upstarts. Bill Caswell comes to mind. In 2010, he entered a WRC race in Mexico in a 1991 BMW 3 series he bought off craigslist for $500 (the car was allowed to race because he found a loophole), and wound up beating factory sponsored cars worth upwards of $400,000. I believe he came in third in his class. They're making a movie about it. Seriously. watch?vz7xJuuiQXvs

Drifting is kinda the new thing. It's a style of racing where place doesn't matter. It's all about style and performance. Think of it as ballet or hip hop dancing... with cars (Why do I get the feeling the song "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira fits this sport perfectly?). A row of judges judge each pass of cars around the course and judge based on line, angle, speed, style, and crowd reaction. If the judges can't come to a conclusion, they have the cars go at it again and again. If that still doesn't decide who wins, the judges poll the fans.

Yea. I know about racing and I know quite a bit about cars (I'm a certified mechanic) so don't hesitate to PM me if you need advice or info.
Topherlee2 chapter 4 . 5/18/2013
Please update. This story is really good. :)
Saberius Prime chapter 3 . 10/23/2012
you really need to update this. its a great story
athleanaprime21 chapter 3 . 9/23/2012
oh my, this just keeps getting better and better! CJ has his work cut out if he's going to attempt to steal Herbie XD please keep update, this is freaking awesome! 3
athleanaprime21 chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
thi is very well written! I love your writing style and how you described herbie and Calley (so emotional!) but i can't put my finger on where Calley and all them characters are from :( despite watching all the films...unless they are your own of course! XD
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
This is really a great story! Please post the next chapter soon, I'm dying to read it! Thanks!
Robotlover chapter 2 . 7/30/2012
please continue this! this is the only Herbie fanfic that dosen't mention just the cruddy Lohan movie.
Tazzmo94 chapter 3 . 7/4/2012
I think it's safe to say that CJ is the Antagonist. I like stories of a character getting something from their past. Please continue this, I love the story
tropicangell chapter 2 . 6/25/2012
Awww I'm soo happy that Calley and Herbie are starting to bond. Although its sad that a sad circumstance brought them together. I love the references to Herbie the Matchmaker :D

As for the bad guy in the story I think its JJ. Although Charisma is uh..quite the character. I don't think she intentionally wants to hurt her sister, she just doesn't know how to deal with for JJ he raced Calley and Herbie and he seemed quite curious about what was under Herbie's hood after getting beat. Not to mention he did just get toasted by a VW and a girl.

Awesome Chapter! Can't wait to read more! :)

I did read 'Smart Metal' It is very beautifully written! I love that one-shot :)

Update soon! :D
tropicangell chapter 1 . 6/23/2012
Yay! Your story is fantastic I can't wait to read more! I've been in love with Herbie for years, I've seen everything that has come out about Herbie, all the movies and recently the tv show on youtube! But Herbie Fanfics have been SOO scarce!Its a little sad to see not a lot people write stories on Herbie ;( But you got me so hooked I can't wait to see how this story develops!

Update soon!