Reviews for Walking Backwards on a Tightrope
MeraHunt chapter 48 . 8/18
I'll admit right now I haven't gotten too far into Shippuden (I'm only on ep 100 I think) so I don't have the necessary information on the future all of them came from. However, I think you do such a wonderful job at having the characters explain things in a way that's not "here's the info even though it's redundant". I feel like I don't have to binge watch to catch up so that I can understand the fic, and that I think is a huge plus.

I look forward to the next chapter and can't wait to see how the last round of the exams play out.
bartlettpear chapter 48 . 8/16
Each conversation and steering someone to see the light felt meaningful. My favorite were Shino with Hinata, and Gaara with Temari.
bartlettpear chapter 47 . 8/16
I like the drama between Shikamaru and Temari. The Sakura and Kankuro fight was nice and the Fu and Lee fight was too, the original Lee and Gaara fight remains my favorite.
bartlettpear chapter 46 . 8/16
Omg, please don't let Akamaru died ;A; Kiba did better than I expected, I'm proud of him.
bartlettpear chapter 45 . 8/16
Poor Karin. As Naruto and Sasuke are my favorite duo, I thoroughly enjoyed their conversation and metting things out.
bartlettpear chapter 44 . 8/16
Yay for more character development with Karin. I like the tidbits we learn about Orochimaru from Sasuke.
bartlettpear chapter 43 . 8/16
I like Karin, I hope she will be fine. It was comforting seeing different characters be emotionally supportive of each other. Naruto and Kotetsu's exchange was funny.
bartlettpear chapter 42 . 8/16
Lol at Neji getting owned. Does bear really taste bad? Also, totally cool getting to see Naruto in command of things. Sakura deciding to punch the guy was hilarious.
bartlettpear chapter 41 . 8/16
It's a relief seeing everything working out for them so far.
bartlettpear chapter 40 . 8/16
This was an exciting chapter. I am not sure what is up with Fu but guessing maybe Sasuke killed her? Kisame and Itachi showing up, I am definitely curious what Itachi is thinking. All the teams banding together was awesome. I want to see how things go when Karin learns Naruto is also Uzumaki :)
bartlettpear chapter 39 . 8/16
The origami thing was really fun, I like your inclusion of so many characters. Thank you for writing.
bartlettpear chapter 38 . 8/16
I enjoyed all the conversations and bits of humor in this chapter, my favorite part was seeing more interaction with more of the other Konoha genin.
bartlettpear chapter 37 . 8/16
Kakashi having been court over his choice of literature was a nice detail. I appreciate Hiruzen undoing what he did with Danzo. I look forward to how Suigetsu will be of aide when Sasuke finally gets him out. At your mention of revising the story, Hokage got spelled as Hokae at one point in this chapter, the part where Danzo was like what is going on when Hiruzen was following him.
FanficFanatics26 chapter 1 . 8/16
I like this so far... but Sakura couldn't have known about the shadow clones...
bartlettpear chapter 36 . 8/16
The fighting sequence, I totally thought Sasuke was going to die orz Thank goodness Gaara showed up. I thought Kurama just called Naruto brat or by his name.
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