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Medolia chapter 1 . 7/20/2014
Name: Heidi Hyde
Age: 14
Gender: female
Type of Monster: fire elemental
Family: Mr. And Mrs. Hyde is her parents and Holt is her older brother, Heath is her cousin
History: she's been singing and dancing since she was little. She's known about her alter ego since she was 5 but no one else knows. Not even her family
Personality: she's adventurous, musical and not afraid to speak her mind, which gets her in trouble
Sexuality: straight
Abilities: she can manipulate fire. Basically she can fire bend
Hair: fiery hair
Skin type: blue likes Holt
Eyes: sunset orange
Killer style: leather and jeans
Freaky flaw: When shes nerves she begins to sing what she says
Fave color: orange and red
Fave food: anything hot
Pet peeves: when people tell her what to do
Likes: music dancing and Gymnastics
Relationship status: she has a crush on Operetta's younger brother Phantom (14)
Classes: regular plus music theory, dance and chorus
Things you want me to know: she has a Ying yang tattoo on her forearm, she also plays with her Ying yang necklace when she's nerves, she's a hip hop dancer, plays guitar, is good at Gymnastics and has a good relationship with her brother and Jaycee
Things you want to happen: I want someone to find out about her alter ego, she does a dance routine and her to do her freaky flaw. If you can't that's okay.

Name: Jaylyanna (Jaycee ) Jekyll
Age: 14
Gender: female
Type of Monster: normie
Family: Mr. And Mrs. Jekyll are her parents and Jackson Jekyll is her brother, and Heath is her cousin
History: she found out about Heidi when she was five and kept it a secret
Personality: she's shy and intelligent
Sexuality: straight
Abilities: normie
Hair: jet black
Skin type: tan
Eyes: light blue
Killer style: Heidi picks out her clothes
Freaky flaw: she's super shy
Fave color: yellow
Fave food: mac and cheese
Pet peeves: loud annoying people
Likes: books and learning
Relationship status: she likes venus's brother Chewik (14)
Classes: advanced everything
Things you want me to know: she also has a Ying yang tattoo on her forearm. And plays with her Ying yang necklace when she nervous. She and Heidi get along great and can speak to each other in there minds.
Things you want to happen: her and Heidi's secret to be discovered.

Can u Pm me if ur gonna use them
NaraTara chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
Name: Rei Mitsuri

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Type of monster: Werecat

Family: His mom Akane, his dad Hiroshi and his sister Miki.

History: He was born and raised in Japan were he got bullied for being weird, then he moved.

Personality: He is very shy and timid but sweet and caring to his close friends. Very, very polite

Sexuality: Gay

Abilities: Very agile and fast

Hair: Messy light brown hair with one brown and one white cat ear sticking out

Skin type: A tiiiiny bit of tan, but very light.

Eyes: Brown eyes with cat pupils

Killer Style: Hoodies, skinny jeans and sneakers, nothing really special.

Freaky Flaw: Whhen someone pulls his tail. He is also very shy and has a hard time talking English.

Favorite Color: Pretty much all of them

Favorite Food: Sushi or anything Japanese. He often makes his own bentos.

Pet Peeves: To noisy people

Likes: He likes to draw and to read

Classes: As many as he has time for, he is good in school except that he has a hard time with english.

Relationship Choice/ Crush: -

Things you want me to know: -

Anything you want to happen: -
yumadeedoo chapter 1 . 2/25/2013
Still need OCs for this? Yes no maybe so? Well, like I have one:

Name: Elle Gastrucci, but most people call me Ella G

Age: Hmm, not sure

Gender: Female

Type of monster: Half-human, half-gazelle ((I have a very interesting story for her))

Family: I don't remember much about my birth mother, but I do have an 'adopted' mother.

History: I don't remember much about where I was born, or who I was born to. I probably have a whole bunch of sisters and brothers. When I was a young calf, I was taken away from my family and eventually experimented on. I don't know if the experiment worked, per say, but I was mutated with human DNA, and the rest... well... you know.

Personality: I'm a little shy at times. I also have a tendency to make a sort of bleating noise when scared or frightened. I sometimes tend to blend in with the crowds, so any potential bullies (werewolves, mainly) won't notice me.

Sexuality: Straight

Abilities: I'm an excellent ice skater, though I usually do it in my spare time, when nobody's around. Don't want another thing for people to make fun of me for.

Hair: Long light brown hair with natural black highlights. I also have little miniature horns that stick out the top of my head.

Skin type: Tan skin, with freckles on my cheeks.

Eyes: Dark brown

Killer Style: I like to stay plain, and not draw attention to myself.

Freaky Flaw: If I think I'm in any potential trouble or danger, I drop to the floor and pretend I'm dead. Sometimes I can't even control it; it's just natural instinct.

Favorite Color: All shades of brown. And white.

Favorite Food: I don't have an exact favorite. I am a vegetarian, so I don't eat meats. I'm afraid that I'll come across someone that I may have known when I was littler.

Pet Peeves: People who mock me by making goat noises. If you're going to mock me, at least get the sound right.

Likes: Reading, ice skating

Classes: ((I don't know, make them up))

Relationship Choice/ Crush: Well, I have a little crush on Jackson.

Things you want me to know: Her mom is a retired scientist, and was the one responsible for Elle's mutation.

Anything you want to happen: Elle has to stand up for herself and face some bully or other.
Coffanilla chapter 1 . 1/29/2013
Name: Nova Slender

Age: 17

Gender: female

Type of monster: Celestial elf/slender girl

Family: slender man and a celestial dark elf

History: she has been known as the daughter of Slenderman due to her pale complexion and teleporting abilities but hasn't made many friends due to her father's reputation. She never knew much about her mother since she passed away web Nova was young though her father married someone else.

Personality: Very shy around boys she likes, she often admires from afar and very hippie like when it comes to reading the stars. Nova enjoys her time with her friends and she isn't that hard to be friends with, though she worries about loosing friends when they find out who her father is.

Sexuality: straight

Abilities: Teleportation, reading the stars, can cause static to devices.

Hair: Long straight white hair with sparkly purple streaks with layered side bangs

Skin type: Smooth white skin

Eyes: deep purple

Killer Style: A red tie that goes over her white dress shirt and she wears a short black shirt with white wedges that have purple sparkles on them.

Freaky Flaw: When she gets around boys she likes, devices around her tend to go staticky due to her shyness.

Favorite Color: constellation Blue

Favorite Food: Ice scream

Pet Peeves: Her father tends to check up on her and when she can't control her static.

Likes: stars, teleporting, bragging about her father's adventures, sparkles that remind her of the stars

Classes: Drama, English, Science (I don't know the classes so help!)

Relationship Choice/ Crush: Heath, And Billy

Things you want me to know: Uh I love those boys and Andy

Anything you want to happen: her choosing which one she likes, whoever you seem to be more fit though I like Billy from what I've read.
Emma chapter 4 . 1/21/2013
Are you ok? Why are you in pain?
Emma chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
Name: Jessica Fang
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Type of Monster: Were-cat
Family: I have a twin sister name Courtney and i live with my uncle whose name is Derek
History: When me and my little sister Courtney were little our parents drowned and we moved in with our uncle... My uncle has been trying to enroll us at Monster High... He's kinda a teacher their...
Personality: I have a temper and im slightly controlling but i can also be nice and i love to please people
Abilities: Well, i can retract my claws, im really athletic and flexible and i can sneak around, you know blend in with things and hide in the shadows... Derek thinks im a master thief but...
Hair: I have long dirty blonde hair, and i like to dye parts of it different colors
Skin: My fur is pretty light, im a calico so i also have black strips but if that wasn't their it would really look like skin
Eyes: I have yellow cat eyes that i don't like too much, sometimes i put color contacts in so my eyes are blue.
Killer Style: I wear black skinny jeans and converse sneakers.. My ears are pierced and i usually wear a eye liner... I wear a short leather jacket and i have rips all over my clothes... But it isn't anything inappropriate. I also like to have a fedora from time to time.
Freaky Flaw: My temper can get me into trouble sometimes, and im always tripping over my tail, man sometimes i wish i didn't have it! Oh, and im not as smart as my sister... Ya my sister can sometimes be smarter than me, get over it.
Favorite Color: I always has 2 favorite colors. My permanent fav is black (im not goth) and my second changes all the time. You can tell what my new fav is by looking at my shirt
Favorite Food: Sushi, Ribs, Gooey pizza, ice cream, chocolate milk, fish, shrimp, french fries with my fav dip that i make, asian chicken, fried chicken... wait we can only pick our favorite?
Pet Peaves: Bullies and homework... 2 things the whole world could live without
Likes: Sports, reading, using the computer, hot baths, naps in the sun, writing, drawing...
Favorite classes: Its a tie between Monster Literature and Mad Science
Relationship Choice: Ok ill tell you but keep quiet! I kinda have a crush on Riven... Yes now be quiet and dont tell anyone or i will scratch your eyes out! Wait stop!
Things i want to happen: Something to happen between Jessica and Riven

I hope you use Jessica Fang and her family!
Really Reilly chapter 2 . 11/4/2012
Name: Sadie Devilina



Type of monster:Devilina


History:Sadie lived you know where for most of her life. She loved it there. But it was lonely there. She begged her dad until he let her go to Monster High.

Personality: Sweet, kind, caring, smart, fair, fearless, easily offended, and very self conscious


Abilities:Hair turns into fire when she loses her temper, can dance with fire, can make fire dance

Hair:Angular, short bob, red with with gray tints at the end

Skin type:Very tanned

Eyes:Gray with flecks of red

Killer Style:Red and Black tutu dress,sparkly red tights, red flats, and black glovlettes. Small pitch fork, sometimes.

Freaky Flaw:Her hair sometimes turns into fire when my temper flares.

Favorite Color:Red. Duh!

Favorite Food:Flaming hot steak, fries on the side. Yum!

Pet Peeves:When people runaway in terror from her. Just cuz she's the devil's daughter. Geez!

Likes:Hanging out with her friends.

Classes:Home Ick, P.E., Clawcusus, Monster Literature, dance

Relationship Choice/ Crush: Doesn't have either since her dad is way too over protective.

Things you want me to know:Has a bascially no self esteem.

Anything you want to happen:Sadie becomes good friends with Frankie Stein and Frankie makes Sadie feel better about herself.

Name:Angelina Dark

Age:15(almost 15 1/2)


Type of monster:Dark Angel

Family:THE dark Angel

History: Angelina kept skipping school up in heaven so her parents sent her down to earth hoping it would teach her lesson. In the end when her parents came to come get her, she refused to go back.

Personality:Fierce, doesn't let people in, keeps to herself, bad temper,


Abilities:can fly with her black wings

Hair:wavy,brown, with black highlights

Skin type:fair

Eyes:green with grey flecks

Killer Style:Shredded black dress, patterned gray tights, grey highheel boots, and sapphire tweetie bird necklace

Freaky Flaw:Wings puff up when she gets too nervous or angry

Favorite Color:Black,hense dark angel

Favorite Food:spahgetti

Pet Peeves:When people make fun of my wings. I mean its just part of being a dark angel

Likes:flying around at partys

Classes:Same exact classes as Sadie except for dance

Relationship Choice/ Crush:Doesn't need or want a relationship. Has a HUGE crush on Clawd Wolf

Things you want me to know:Is basically only sweet around Clawd. Only Clawd, Leslie, and Sadie can control her

Anything you want to happen:Becomes friends with Leslie, Clawd, Sadie, and Cleo

Name:Leslie Black



Type of monster:Maiden of Darkness

Family:Master of Darkness

History:Lived wit her parents, Misteress of Darkness and Master of Darkness. Then one day when she was 14 her behavior spiraled out of control and she ran away. That's when head mistress found her and told her she knew a place where they could help Leslie.

Personality:Has a horrible temper, helps alot of kids who are being bullied, never gives up, stuborn, sly, clever, sneaky, fierce, fearless


Abilities:she knows stuff about people that they havent told her. She can connect with them. Can understand people right away. Something her parents can't even do

Hair:Messy, black, with red highlights

Skin type:fair

Eyes:stormy grey

Killer Style:White lacey cami, black ripped waist coat (sort of),black slit up the side skirt, black patterned tights, dagger choker, and sparklie combat boots

Freaky Flaw:Same thing as her ability.

Favorite Color:Black. It is in the name.

Favorite Food:Pizza! Delicious!

Pet Peeves:When people call her a dark angel. She's a maiden of darknes. Hullo! No wings.

Likes:Hanging wit her besties at a party.

Classes:Same classes as Angelina

Relationship Choice/ Crush:Has a crush on Clawd and Jackson

Things you want me to know:Is nice to Clawd, Jackson, Sadie, and there friends if they want her to.

Anything you want to happen: Starts to get to know Jackson and Clawd. Becomes great friends with Angelina, Sadie,Cleo, Frankie, and basically everybody.

Hope you like! Plz tell me you'll use them.
LadyManticore101 chapter 4 . 8/12/2012
LIved the first chapter you wrote! Hope you feel batter soon! And here is my oc if you want to use her...
Name: Jynx Stripe

Age: 14

Gender: female

Type Of Monster: werecat

Family: The werecats

She is the adopted younger sister of Toralei Stripe. She looks up to Toralei but doesn't like to be mean like what she does. Her father was accidentally killed in an accident at work (he was a construction worker) and her mother left her at an orphanage when she was 5 with only her birth certificate and a silver four-leafed clover shaped locket (that is stuck shut). She hasn't seen or heard from her since. Then when she turned 13 she was adopted by the Stripe family. She went to, Purrstone prep (creative right ;p ) a werecat only school for 3 years but transferred to monster high because nobody wanted to be around her because she couldn't quite control her powers yet.

She is kind, shy, loyal to her friends and passionate about art. And she sometimes has a wicked temper or gets upset easily.

Sexuality: straight

Normal powers of any standard werecat plus she can sense a person's inner most feelings and brings a bit of bad luck to anyone who crosses her. Warning if her eyes glow that means a bit of bad luck is heading your way!

Hair: black with a white stripe

Skin type: black fur that is soft, glossy, and smooth

Eyes: bright green

Killer Style:
Dark green top, dark blue jeans, black sneakers, and her signature lucky silver four-leafed clover locket. (her mom gave it to her before she left)

Freaky Flaw:
She gets upset at some of the smaller things in life, and She has the tendency to pounce on almost anything that moves.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Tunafish sandwiches and milkshakes!

Pet Peeves:
Being called "bad luck", and being blamed for things she didn't cause. And swearing she can't stand swearing! Loud sudden sounds.

Likes: art especially sculpting and gymnastics.

Fav Classes: Art and Physycal Deaducation

Relationship Choice/ Crush: James Neko, a boy werecat she met at Purrstone prep. He was one of the few friends she had. He is a white werecat with black patches. He transferred to monster high before Jynx (which is another reason why she transferred).

Things you want me to know:
She loves making friends and doesn't hate anyone unless they are mean to her.

Anything you want to happen: nope anything is good with me.

Love your story so far! You are an awesome writer!
JittaBug chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
Hey-o! If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

Name: Alanis Daryl

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Type of Monster: Empousa

Family: Hecate (Mother), the spirit Mormo (Father) (Hecate created Empousae with the spirit Mormo is Greek Mythology)

History: Alanis was created by the Greek Goddess Hecate and the spirit Mormo, who she thinks of as family. She was created by dark magic, like most Empousa. She lives with her mother and father, and usually takes on the form of someone, normal looking.

Personality: Usually bubbly and fun, but when angered, things can get ugly, literally.

Sexuality: Straight

Abilities: With her good looks, she can seduce men into liking her, but if they anger her, her skin turns sheet white, her eyes turn bright red, her hair turns into bright orange flames, and her fangs become a little longer than they normally do. She then gets the feeling like she wants to either suck their blood out, or eat their flesh (like in the original Greek myths, Empousa look like beautiful girls, but become ugly when they are angered).

Hair: Blonde, curly hair that falls past her shoulders, with side-swept bangs. Will sometimes wear in a ponytail. When angered, her hair turns into bright orange flames.

Skin type: Light, but when angered (as said before) turns sheet white.

Eyes: Icy blue, but when angered, turn bright red.

Killer Style: Light, white blouse that has a lavender tank top underneath. Pairs with a black pencil skirt and peep toe heels (which are lavender). Wears gold eye shadow and has soft pink lips. Will then normally pair with gold jewelry, and her pendant which usually keeps her anger under control, and glows lavender.

Freaky Flaw: Has MAJOR anger issues. And when they are unleashed, she either wants to eat your flesh, or suck your blood, but it doesn't happen to often.

Favorite Color: Lavender

Favorite Food: Anything low fat (She likes her figure intact)

Pet Peeves: Guys insulting her or her ghoul friends

Likes: Fearleading

Classes: Hist. of the Undead, Mad Science, Clawculus, Oceanography, Home Ick, and P.E.

Relationship Choice/Crush: She LOVES blue or green eyes. Doesn't exactly know why, but she just does.
micalovemonky chapter 2 . 7/29/2012
name:emma stein


parent:frankie stein


family:a stein

history:my mom got hooked up with
jackson got her
i am half normie and half monster

personalites:i am smart like jackson
and clumsy like mom


powers:i have super smarts like jackson and i have the same powers
like mom

hair:it looks like moms but instead
of black high lights i have yellow

skin:it is the color of jackson but
with stiches are in the
same place as moms.

style:a white skirt up to my knees
with pink thunder bolts,a belly shirt
with a cell phone that says i am a

freaky flaws:emma eletracutes people when she gets over exited

fav color:turquse

fav food:patato chips

dislikes:i get mad when people think
i am in middle school

fav school thing:fearleading

classes:mad sience and home ick

crush:manny taur

what u need 2 know:emma talks like
is a A student

eyes:left is yellow and the right is
Holly Pearlwing chapter 4 . 7/24/2012
I hope you get better soon. Pain is never fun.
Just Another Fangirl 6 chapter 4 . 7/24/2012
Hope u get better ;)
EchoRedfox chapter 4 . 7/23/2012
Sorry that you are in pain.
pink penguins chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
Name:Flora Green



Type of monster:Dryad

Family:all of the trees in the forest who are also dryads

History:grew up in the forest and dosen't know a lot about modern stuff but she is still picking it up fast

Personality:she's bubbly and happy and she's also very outgoing


Abilities:to make plants grow

Hair:its light brown with lots of flowers tied in it

Skin type:her skin is a olive tone

Eyes:apple green

Killer Style:her style is like earthy mixed in with rock n roll

Freaky Flaw:her limbs turn into branches at the worst of times

Favorite Color:green

Favorite Food:apples

Pet Peeves:when people litter or cut down forests


Classes:home ick,mad science,clawculus ,and history of the undead

Relationship Choice/ Crush:she dosen't have a crush shes friends with everybody
Holly Pearlwing chapter 3 . 7/10/2012
What taking so long?
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