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alexaandra chapter 1 . 5/28/2016
i like this a lot also thank
Dandan2220723 chapter 1 . 3/12/2014
An interesting offshoot of Montgomery's death! I loved the story written from Castle's perspective-his angst was plainly obvious, and the love of that man for Kate is clearly the driving factor in his actions. Montgomery has been the reason that he is still allowed at the 12th to be a partner with his love-since Season 2 I contend-and Castles concern for him is obvious, but it does not even hold a candle to his love and caring for Kate-you brought that out perfectly! The cut hand with the broken glass was a nice offshoot. Thanks for this story!
GT500RonSmith chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
Wow, that was well though out! She gets through this only to go down to a sniper!
Elle018 chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
So so so good. Ung. Your words, your style, so gorgeous and agonizing.
FanzelForever chapter 1 . 6/29/2013
Wow. Amazing job. And I think it's very likely that every bit of this actually happened. Awesome work!
mara lena chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
please do write more "missing scenes". i like this one. always wondered what they were doing after the
scene in the hangar. he wouldn't have let her go home alone. although i found it bit strange castle carrying
her - don't know if she would let him even in moments like this - but she was so broken that it made sense.

AllusionToAnIllusion chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
"He drops his head a little lower in his hands, the weight of his whirring mind too much for the muscles of his neck to bear." Don't ya just love that feeling? Ugh, and it's such a perfect way to describe it. There are too many thoughts just buzzing around in there, weighing you down, and your neck wasn't built for this weight. Humans weren't meant to carry that much.

" He holds his breath, looks at the caller ID." His desperate hope kills me. Because she never calls him first after a fight, is never the first one to seek the other out. You know, until Always.

"'I need you to do me favour. Come down to the aircraft hangar and hide until I tell you to come out.'" You know what has always killed me about that hangar scene? I mean, obviously, the whole damn thing. But from Rick's perspective. The Captain wouldn't have explained anything to him beforehand. So he stood there in the dark, getting every piece of information right when Kate did, seething for her, and not even getting to make a sound.

"...the words 'for Kate' erasing everything but a visceral need to get to her..." And the Captain knows that. Used that. Used his love as a string to tug on.

"He doesn't really care all that much." You will, Ricky Boy.

"The long and fluid line of her legs projects a confidence he knows she doesn't feel, can tell by the set of her shoulders." I love how he can tell what her mood is by the lines of her body, the subtle hunch of spine or the how far back her shoulders sit. It says a lot about him as a person and their relationship. Says things that I luurrrvee.

"...Kate begins to walk towards him, her faith in her captain unshakeable." Just leave me here to die why don't you? Go on without me. That is the man who stood in for her father right there. About to tell her the secret that will tear her world apart.

"He has to use every ounce of self control he posses to stop himself from running over and doing just that." Yes. This is what I was talking about. This is what kills me.

"The bastard has put that on Castle, given him that, more fuel to stoke the fire of Kate's hatred for him." Just let me die in peaacee.

"The woman he loves is coming apart in his arms..." But not in the way we both want, dammit.

"...give her his heart to hold her up until her own can mend." This. This really gets me. For some goddamn reason. Waah.

"His hand cards through her hair, already a habit." It was probably a habit long before he ever got to do it.

"...his shirt covered in red handprints like a twisted version of a kindergartener's painting." Oh my god. I forgot about the blood. Oh my god. That's twisted. I like it.

"'The glass fell and I tried to catch it.'" After everything, it's a glass that finally draws her blood. Not a gun. Not a knife. A falling glass in her kitchen. And then at Montgomery's funeral her luck will run out.

"'If you really want to do this, let's wait until after the funeral.'" Sobbing. They have no idea. What dramatic irony.
seinastorta chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
Wow, WillTCastle summed it up brilliantly. It was a perfect insight into those missing scenes in Knockout. Excellent job.
mysterybooklover chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
This was amazing. You did such a good job of capturing all the emotions in this scene. And I agree - I don't think Castle would have let her go home alone that night. And it seems obvious to me that they have made some kind of amends by the time of the funeral, so they've obviously talked. Thanks so much for this interpretation. Love it!
naybaybay chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
Ooh can you imagine? Wow.

Thing is, it's not actually impossible...
WillTCastle chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
This was excruciatingly beautiful. Such a vivid and realistic expression of human emotions that had me going on a roller coaster ride of pain, pleasure and love. Marvellous.

This is what was missing from Knockout. A positive for Kate n Rick to hold onto amidst the grief and pain. Something that would connect them to each other while everything around them fell apart. Something that would bind their relationship and make it stronger than ever before.

I really dont even know where to start. I have seen how easily most of the viewers/readers tend to forget/overlook Castle's pain and grief, his guilt and helplessness and most importantly his strength and courage. Its so easy to forget that he is also human, not unaffected by the cruel twists of fate and the treatment he is meted by people around him. Yet amidst all the heartbreak at seeing Kate with other people, her sending him away time and again, the dangers surrounding his life daily relating to his association with the precinct, the guy stands tall, smiles and remains positive, supports those he loves unwavering and without expecting much in return. All this with his pain/sorrow/guilt/responsibilities eating at him and putting him under increasing pressure day after day. He has the strength and patience of a superhero, despite that it is weird that I can relate to his character and circumstances.

This is absolutely the reason I loved the depiction of his love and dilemma in the hangar scene. "For Kate" He forgot everything else at the mere mention of those two words. All the grief from the heartbreak and the anger at Kate's words "We are over".

It was amazing how you were able to make additions to canon and yet maintain the flow of the events that took place in Knockout. In fact the additions were so good, they helped make sense of what we didnt witness but hoped it went that way. The switch from a determined and unwavering Beckett to a weakened and helpless Kate was wonderfully portrayed. The way the events unfolded, with another layer of her mom's murder unraveling, Roy's betrayal and then his sacrifice, must have been enough to break any human being. But still she wanted to stay and fight with Roy. That says a lot about the character of Kate Beckett. Willing to go to any extent for those she considers family, now that she doesnt really have one of her own. The fact that she had Castle standing beside her lending her silent warmth and courage must have helped matters a lot. I loved how you put forth what was going on in the minds of them both using Castle's POV. His guilt and need to explain, to keep her safe no matter the repercussions for him and their relationship and Kate's understanding of why he did what he did. It brought tears to my eyes. Kudos to you for such magnificent writing.

But the best part of the story was left for the end. I had thought Kate went home alone to Josh perhaps after the conversation with the team asking them to keep Roy's real motive a secret. Perhaps according to your timeline that happened later.

It always amazes me how Kate Beckett is able to turn her emotions on and off. Being so open and vulnerable at one moment to steely determination and detached at another. That must help her perform her duties as a cop considerably well, but a similar approach in personal life can prove to be a hindrance. Her teeatment of Castle over the summer post Knockout and over the course of S4 was along those lines and led to the 47 seconds fiasco and Castle's needless and unworthy passive aggressive response and return to his old playboy ways. TBH, both of them have serious problems when it comes to being honest with each other about their feelings. Lets not even go into their inability to communicate.

This is why I loved the last part of the story. Their were subtextual references to an understanding being developed, but their was also enough real talk which depicted where they stood wrt each other. The silent support was necessary given the tragic nature of the situation, it was heartening to see Kate realize and acknowledge what Castle was doing for her. In fact she went on to ask for that strenth and closeness from him, which he was more than willing to provide. The subtle nuances of a budding relationship and the acknowledgement of what each meant for the other together with the need to find strength and comfort in each other's presence was clearly visible and very well done IMO.

I also liked how you acknowledged the seriousness of the situation yet provided the levity that Castle effectively does so effortlessly. And that even though it would take time for things to fall back into place, what happened b/w them set a solid platform for them to sort things out and build on them in the future. But for now, them huddled up together in her bed would be enough.

It was a great read. One of the best stories I have read in a while with wonderful setup and execution. The behavioral traits of the characters confirmed to what we have seen on the show but you managed to make them human at the same time. Many Kudos to you for that.

Keep writing. You are an excellent writer. Hope to read more fabulous pieces from you in the future.


you'vegotthis chapter 1 . 6/19/2012
That was amazing, and the line with the word 'tangent ' was gorgeous. Wow.
InkyCoffee chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Devastatingly beautiful. Beyond that, I have no words.
KelliP chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
I absolutely loved this. The hangar scene is one of my favourites, and you wrote it and added to it beautifully.
missy52061 chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Really well done! These were indeed 'missing' scenes-it all made sense to how we know the events happened in that episode. And even knowing what happened, I had to continue reading-and you moved me to tears.
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