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Guest chapter 38 . 11/21
Who's saying that anything Dumbledore told Harry about the DoM was ever a secret? What he has told Harry seems to be similar to "confidential" information such as "The MI6 is working on finding out what our country's enemies are up to." - not exactly a big revelation, is it? It's the details that are secret, obviously, and Dumbledore never seemed to have shared those with Harry.
Bronze chapter 4 . 11/20
As to the Larceny, why the hell should they leave the Death Eaters ANYTHING?! Any money they leave those terrorists will only go to furthering Vulturewurst's plans. Same with Good Ole Fumblemort and his sad sack followers. A more useless bunch of fools I've never seen! But then maybe if they had a competent leader instead of the coward they have, they might actually be good for something. They do have several Aurors among their members after all. It's just that Good Ole Fumblemort wants to give the Death Eaters more chances to kill innocent witches and wizards. He claims he's giving them second chances to be redeemed. Yet continually refuses to see that they don't want a second chance or a first for that matter. They enjoy murdering, raping, robbing and torturing.
gryphindoros chapter 1 . 11/14
concept good but harry is a gigantic puss relationships even three way ones should be partnerships not constantly getting shit on by the two others sorry but dropped cause of that
kaskazi117 chapter 50 . 11/10
Most excellent!
Guest chapter 16 . 11/10
"They will visit other countries eventually, France at the very least"

I've already read this story once and I can't remember them visiting any other country - except maybe in the Epilogue.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/10
"And you would think that if goblins could put up and break down wards, they would never hire humans like Bill to do it for them."

That concept is called "cannon fodder".

Speaking of cannons: Where the hell did that cannon in the HP&GoF movie come from? Why would that even be at Hogwarts or part of the tournament? Isn't it far too un-magical? It wasn't in the book either, was it? Never mind. Just one more piece of evidence (as if we needed any more than we already had...) that whoever wrote the movie scripts was an idiot.
kaskazi117 chapter 26 . 11/10
Maybe lunas forefit could be a lack of a certain potion between her birthday and christmas... let luck/nature decide
wiebenor chapter 50 . 11/7
You just HAD to end it with mentioning a new "job"... it's almost the same as if you were engaged in oral, yet quit right before bringing your partner to completion, because of whatever you could think of to be a reason to not finish the job... you might not think there's anything wrong with that, and your opinion is just as valid as mine, but still, it feels like my literary orgasm was stopped just prior to climax... I was just getting a hard-on, then *boom!* I start having limp dick syndrome...

Oh, by the way, although this wasn't as, er, comical, as the story by Rorschachs Blott, I can definitely say I know the story in question, and this does remind me of that, majorly, but without the flashy signage directing the foxes to the wardholes and backdoors, which endeared me to it, well, don't forget the pleasurable presence of the tentacle monster...(what was his name again, Tim? I forget)

Despite that ending, er, having me end prematurely, it really is a good story. Not as much gratuitous sex as I'm used to, nor as much as I prefer, but given this site's apparent inability to either allow or ban 100% of such content, consistently at least, I can understand why that wouldn't be a good idea in general, to have more philanderous or lemony content...

overall, on a scale of 1-10(10 is best) this is what I'd rate your story...

Writing quality: 9.0
Editing quality: 9.5
Storyline quality: 8.5-9.5
A/N quality: 5(note: based upon reading it AFTER it was finished, while in progress, it would have been a 9.5)
Overall story combining everything: 11(out of 10, and ignoring A/N, which could easily (I assume) be removed)

Will definitely follow and favorite this story, and wish there was more stories like this, but if you include the many works of the great Rorschachs Blott, this is the second I've read that's specifically like this...(not counting other unfinished Lilith champion stories, with varying plots)

Keep up the good work!
seemsseamingly chapter 49 . 11/1
Very interesting. An addictive read. I like the magical theory, all the details with runes and wards and mind magic.
erozoth chapter 6 . 10/21
The logic loopholes to reach a semi logical reasoning for things to happen are pretty funny.
erozoth chapter 4 . 10/21
It's why I don't like multiple MCs, authors tend to take one average functioning brain and separate it to three people. Harry in this case is pretty dumb, and stupid. His reaction to seeing the Queen, like it was the first time dying and that happened to him, his reaction to her words and about her children.
Not to mention how little magic he knows or knows about magic, like the trace and how to remove it.
This MCs in general, Harry and Hermione, are not very likeable, as in there is nothing for a reader (me at a least) to look at and say: Good, I want to see more or know more about this person.
erozoth chapter 3 . 10/21
Got say this dynamic with Hermione does not seem good, first she yells, she accuses Harry of practicing slavery, gets angry at Luna for how she thinks, bossy, controlling (Harry can't make decisions on his own without talking to her first). It just seems like this three way dynamic is mostly Harry, Luna and plot holding together for Hermione.
TrickyTwist chapter 50 . 10/19
A masterful work! From the outset I found myself fascinated by the vehicle of fae for time travel. What follows from there kept me devouring chapter after chapter with a fervour rarely experienced. This story hit all the right spots for me, funny, a bit dark, clever, and fiendish in equal measure. While I do take some exception to how “easily” the trio managed conflict throughout the story I do understand it comes with the territory in time travel fics. That said I think a bit more struggle with a curious or spiteful fae would have balanced the scales. Our trio deserves their happiness considering the timeline they came from but it was not described in such depth that I felt that suffering along with them so it rings a mite hollow as reasoning to have them waltz through a timeline they haven’t truly lived before. However, as a reader I have the freedom to sit and ruminate on plot lines like this only due to all the hard work authors such as yourself dedicate themselves to. With that understanding I wish to say thank you for sharing this tale as I have enjoyed every moment partaking in your efforts and will surely return to enjoy anew.
Boomshanka chapter 40 . 10/17
Perfect Lionheart... I don't mind if you get some ideas from him...

But please, never try to write anything like him... his writing is like a guy who is making stew, starting with pineapples, then garlic, then milk, then butter, then cheese, then pepper, then chilli peppers, then apples, then soy sauce, then oregano, then sugar, then salt, then Mountain Dew, then a slice of pizza, then onions, and it continues till something vaguely edible MIGHT result.
gryphan.master900 chapter 43 . 9/29
Harry NEEDS to apply the Dire Curse of Misfortune on Ron for a few months to keep the brat too busy to cause trouble.
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