Reviews for Faery Heroes
Nigel943 chapter 50 . 10/7
This is ultimately among the top fanfics I've ever read...
The only thing that bothered me tho,was the answering of questions at the end and what I find were unnecessarily long and unneeded an's...
It just adds to the word count but great story...
I'm gonna check out some of the other pics you wrote...
Guest chapter 23 . 10/6
Why doesn't Harry just conjure up 100 cobras and send them into the houses with orders to bite and kill everyone there.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/5
I love this story but there is a higher word count for Your notes than the story itself. Dose that mean that the story word count is really 125000 not 250000?
dkentjensen chapter 50 . 10/4
this is one of my top 5 fanfic's
i would like to see what you do with HP Stargate universe Cross over

thanks for this story
Khatix chapter 33 . 9/27
Per the disclaimer in this chapter, one of the thing that never made sense to me was having Prongs as his patronud instead of one based off his mother. In his blood flows his mother's protection and in the movie there was always a softer warmer tone when they talked about his eyes matching his moms vs the tone about how he looks like his father. With those two facts a corporeal reflection of protection against Dimentors based on his father makes no sense, it would be more believable if it was based in Lilly.
Khatix chapter 18 . 9/27
Per you reply to comments, Lupin couldn't have sent an owl to Harry as soon as he started Hogwarts because in cannon Dumbledore had some kind of owl ward in place to block all mail Dumbledore didn't approve of first, how else do you explain Harry not getting lots and LOTS of fan mail at Hogwarts. There is no way NO ONE sent a message to him after starting Hogwarts to congratulate him or welcoming him back especially after that leaky cauldron intro.
noylj chapter 22 . 9/25
Kafsi velakis—shouldn’t someone use this at grimmauld place?
noylj chapter 11 . 9/25
Ollivander should know that moldie is going to be after him
Fenixhl3 chapter 50 . 9/24
I like the pace of this story. You're not skipping over anything in a hurry to get to events/scenes you want to write; instead, you're allowing the exploration of the process/progression of Hermione, Harry and Luna's relationship to be the real story. Not enough authors know how to do that.
DamnIfTheseWallsCouldTalk chapter 50 . 9/20
I enjoyed every bit of this story. I especially loved the dynamic between Harry, Luna, and Hermione. Bravo.
Bad Wolf chapter 37 . 9/20
You know... just because you hate accents doesn't mean you have to limit that character's screen time. You just need to add a little extra creativity into the narration like...

"I never meant to put you in any danger, Hermione," Hagrid said with his own uniquely broken accent.

One narrative comment, perhaps every other scene that the person with the accent speaks in, and we as readers get the point that we are reading that person's dialogue as interpreted by another character or even as interpreted by the natator even.

You can even use that same trick for translations of other languages.

"Thank you so much for saving my sister!" she said in rapid French, not that Harry understood a word of it.

Some people might think that a trick like that is cheating but really, reading a story is like watching a movie in some ways. We as readers are Supposed to know some things that the main characters don't. Us knowing more than the characters adds to the suspense of wondering if the characters will figure it out or not.

Still loving this story though :) Hope you find my tips helpful. And if anyone tries to tell you those tips are a cheat... it was the head of my department in uni that taught me that trick.
Bad Wolf chapter 20 . 9/19
I would try to identify the movie quotes... but as I actively avoid anything starring Brad Shitt, I couldn't even really know where to start. Great story tho :) This is at least my second time reading it, so that should tell you something about how good it is.
16tonweight chapter 50 . 9/16
This is the second time I've read this fic, and it is no less good. It's so amazingly sweet, with one of my favorite ever poly pairings, while still having a good deal of action. The Black Queen series is my favorite fanfiction series—full stop—but this one holds a special place in my heart. And if you think calling your work "my favorite" doesn't mean anything, I'm the type of person that has a ranked list of every fanfic she's read, with yours holding the coveted top spot. Cheers ;)
alice022 chapter 49 . 9/11
I love this story and the disclaimers just as much but this one I don't think I agree with? Harry walked into the forest letting voldemort kill him therefore he didn't defeat him? In the same way if we exclude Draco Dumbledore would have died being master even though snape killed him?
RT89 chapter 42 . 9/10
Outstanding, hilarious, and sneaky as all get out.
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