Reviews for Faery Heroes
StoneTheLoner chapter 6 . 10/27
... I'm not sure why the story is showing me all his stuff. Kind of wish things would just get to the plot advertised, you know? Instead of being thorough with every character that shows up because why not. We really didn't need the development of Pomfrey that, and let's be honest, only happened because you were after something before the scene even began. Or the drama at dinner.

It's just stuff happening, or at least it feels that way :/
csheila chapter 50 . 10/25
That’s an okay ending (just a little mysterious).

I will reread chapter 2 to see what she did to the Twins.

I assume Harry and Luna continued their housebreaking.

Thanks for sharing such a great story
csheila chapter 49 . 10/25

It would have been fairer killing Ginny
csheila chapter 48 . 10/25
When you clear out Dumbles, the weasel, and the Ferret, life gets easier. It's also proof we waste our lives with unnecessary steps
csheila chapter 47 . 10/25
Let the cuddleous run free
csheila chapter 46 . 10/25
It's good but man I hate the potions. It always seems to interrupt the plot.

Dobby’s approach was correct. If we clamped down harder on rapists and abusers we might end with fewer murder victims. We will just need to invest in alternate housing
csheila chapter 45 . 10/25
This is not good, winky should have caughtnit
csheila chapter 44 . 10/25
No, Ron is Ron.

It gets reinforced by his mother and pure-blood culture.

Think of any other third-rate athlete at a lower-tier school. Then imagine him as your supervisor
csheila chapter 43 . 10/25
The perfect thing will blow up on campus. Let's see if Albus reversesit
csheila chapter 42 . 10/25
Good for Amelia

A fitting end to the DE’s
csheila chapter 41 . 10/25
Obtaining pity is an obsessive’s strategy. Don't fall for it. She is the most dangerous
csheila chapter 40 . 10/25
Great chapter but man purebloods are idiots. They don't even realize someone robbed them.
csheila chapter 39 . 10/24
Great speech about Lupin

I know you won't, but don't hook Tonks with Harry. I hate those stories. I dislike the power imbalance. Harry also needs more of a nurturer.
csheila chapter 38 . 10/24

Something bad is coming. You left enough hints

Terrific and insightful chapter
csheila chapter 37 . 10/24
What great revenge. Subtle but destructive
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