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PugTheMagician chapter 35 . 22h
I really liked how the final task went, it was almost like a zelda dungeon without the constant backtracking. I like how you had jen lead luna on and have her realise the benefits of lust. Having jen go for her dark arts licence is interesting. I am surprised at siriuses reaction to her knowing the dark arts, i just felt it wouldd be less subdued but i can only assume that is because he loves her like his own. I like that you showed voldimort in his recruiting persona, it was a nice change from the usual rage monster i see in other fics.
MegaCap chapter 34 . 10/2
This story has turned out to be entirely different than I thought it would be and I'm really not up for where it is going. I wish you the best on the rest of your story. Bye.
OllyOllyOxycodone chapter 32 . 10/2
First you sex up Krum and the very next day you have your sights set on Luna? I didn't know Jen would display such whorish behavior when I started this little story? Really regret it now. Dropped.
MegaCap chapter 31 . 10/2
UGH! I should've taken your warning to Shadow Cub myself and ignored the last part of this chapter. So gross.
MegaCap chapter 30 . 10/2
Pretty ridiculous how you made out Jen to be this insanely powerful witch and yet have her almost lose twice so far to Viktor. Going so far as to say she would've definitely lost had she not gotten lucky in their second encounter. Why doesn't Viktor just go and school Voldemort seeing how he is so powerful? The number 1 quidditch player in the world and insanely powerful at the age of 17? Goddammit, Viktor, give someone else a chance! Before someone points it out, I do loathe Viktor. I think he is repulsive and it will be a miracle if I don't skip each paragraph I see his name mentioned in from now on. I just wish the "power levels" were a bit more set in stone or something. Anyway, I look forward to most of what is left. Keep it up.
MegaCap chapter 24 . 10/2
Loving this story so much! Dreading the Jen/Viktor moment though... eww.
PugTheMagician chapter 30 . 10/2
This is very quickly shaping up to be my favorite harry potter fic so far. I just love the quick wit and outright snarkiness of jen. I like how you dealt with blaise, very fitting that an incubus should die whilst trying to enter anothers dreams. I thought the wandless duels were pretty good and i doubt it needs to be said but the krum/jen one was by far the best fight but having potter be turned into a slug was a good laugh. I thought the way you had jen reveal sh was tossed out and raped as a child through a story method wa excellent. The very fact it was told as a story just lent some kind of malevolence to it towards her friends for forcing the issue, or at least thats what i got from it. I like how you set up the third task as more labrynthine than i expected. I thought jenny was treated extremely unfairly in that one but i am certain thats what you were going for. I absolutely love that you ended up swindling dumbledore out of $30,000 for a $20 pair of gloves but i do hav to wonder, he knows the prophecy apparently had jen becoming very powerful and dark so why not think she might have actually been using wandless magic in a wandless duel? I love flitwicks idea to pass off her skills as simply numerous secondary foci. I thought having the fourth task as capture the flag with magic was the most fun task to read so far. I really liked that you pointed out the strange uses of leviosa before doing so. I am really liking the flirty thing going on with jen and krum, especially that last bit with her pointing out his boner. Back tracking a bit i like how you have dark magic treated more like a concealed weapon elsewhere in europe and that you named more schools then just the three canon ones. As for the canon schools being the only schools in europe i thought it was more a case of each country having their own school with the three shown simply being brought together somewhat like the chunin exams in naruto, just as a way for allied schools and therefore governments to keep an eye on eachother
PugTheMagician chapter 20 . 10/1
I like how you had jen work around the rule against teachers helping the contestents, if nothing else it shows just how slytherine like she really is. I love how you had jen deal with the bullies in ravenclaw. I like how you have her transfiguration be alchemical but i wonder as a result of how her magic works wouldn't she be better off learning muggle physics and chemistry to a masters degree? Imagine what she could do with her magic with that level of understanding. While it isn't the first time i have seen that solution to the first task it is my second favorite method (the one in rune master was just badass). The fact that james wanted her back for her political power was a new thing for me but then again this is the firt fic i've read where lily and james are even alive let alone the 'bad guys'. I think how you now have the durmstrang girl (can't rememeber her name) as jens servent is quite good of you as it shows well that she aint a charity. Lastlg i really like how you have fleurs aura affecting her, i wonder whether she knows or not
PugTheMagician chapter 10 . 10/1
I really like this jen character. I haven't read a female harry fic before and i doubt this story can even be classified as such. I like it though. I thought giving the various blacks a different deviance was funny. Pedophilia, beastiality, gender bender, voyeur and i have no idea what you could even call regulus banging a house elf. Give jen a bdsm fetish and you've got pretty much the basic categories of sexual deviancy. I like the way you restricted jen's poweroutput, i imagine it like using a garden hose for pressure belonging to a firetruck. I like that you have tracey be self concious and insecure about her status as jens friend as her worries are valid from a loners point of view.
Gothazon chapter 35 . 9/29
Words cannot describe how much I adore your book and writing
Captain C Word chapter 35 . 9/29
I LOVE THIS! My heart is So Very thankful that there is more to this amazing story! Thank you! Thank you!
Balthanon chapter 5 . 9/27
I have to admit the start of this isn't particularly looking like something I would want to read, but I have enjoyed most of the other stories you have posted so I'll probably push through.

Jen is honestly coming off as too over powered- she has talents that skilled wizards dozens of years older than her don't know, presumably access to more power than she knows what to do with, no dependence on a wand, has perfect mastery of everything up to third year at the same time apparently, and has now been self studying Muggle subjects at the level of an 18 year old in an honors program. All while blind and living on the streets/working (presumably long hours) in a bordello before the age of 15.

I am also hoping something was done to Lily and James (likely by Dumbledore because who else, though I'm not a fan of the evil Dumbledore trope either) because I have a very hard time seeing the woman who is described to us in the books acting the way she does here. Even if she believed the squib line I can't see her never visiting her daughter. Likewise James abandoning Sirius like that is similarly unbelievable.

I have to wonder too that they haven't taken her to St Mungo too to at least see if anything can be done for her eyes.
Nemrut chapter 35 . 9/24
I have quite the fondness for your stories by now, I really enjoy reading them. They have their flaws, for one the bashing, one in particular. Your Dumbledore has got to be (one of) the worst take on him I have seen and I am including the "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS!" Dumbledore from My Immortal.

Disregarding that though, I love Jen and her way of perceiving the world. I even love all the tropes of older Indy Harry fics that I have come to hate in other fics but I immensely enjoy them here (Stuff like the Light and the Dark factions and magical cores). I like Jen's (admittedly really fucked up) family, her friends, her way of dealing with the tasks. Speaking of which, really liked your take on the Tourney which was indeed more fun overall.

So, yeah, I had a blast, even if I wish you would have gone with a different take on Dumbledore, but thems the breaks.

Thank you for sharing this and I hope you are well.
kenbre chapter 35 . 8/27
I know its been a bit since you updated but i would love to read more
Lyta Halifax chapter 23 . 8/22

I want that dragonskin duster! Nao nao nao! Mine mine mine!

Seriously though, I'm really enjoying reading this. Jen may come off Mary Sueish at times, but shes one of the best I've ever read.
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