Reviews for Princess of the Blacks
The Sinful chapter 16 . 8/26
Hexawizard Hoedown.
TheDarkMan19 chapter 6 . 8/16
Not for me. not poorly written. But it didn't hook me in. also i find your protagonist just a touch too self assured for their age.
Azaira chapter 20 . 8/9
I could actually love this story.

Jen is vindictive and dark, but not really evil. My personal view of magic is intent. Sure, emotions and requirements may guide spells and rituals as 'light' or 'dark', but how they are used that tells their color.

An example of one could be a blood, ritual to heal - that would be classified as dark due to the use of an essence of life, but what if it only requires a quart of blood that can be willingly given? At the same time, it could be use to purposely heal over another wound to ensure that one doesn't heal properly. All in perception and use.

Anyways, so far I'm enjoying the read greatly.
Azaira chapter 14 . 8/9
So far I'm thoroughly enjoying the story.

Although I can see why you would want Jen in the tournament, I really don't see a good reason here. Risking her life due to core flooding? Couldn't she simply get permission to use an empty classroom to cast some larger spells? Or even just have her go outside? Being Jittery vs Competing in a deadly tournament?

I also don't see the point in having 6 champions. You could have simply put Jen instead of Cedric. At least it's different though.

Well, story is complete anyways, so little use this is, but I'll still say it's a good story again.
bavintugeef chapter 33 . 7/29
hmmm might Jen recognize the ritual Voldy uses? reading this task feels like an episode of ultimate ninja warrior
bavintugeef chapter 32 . 7/29
will we learn of what exactly Elsie was attempting
bavintugeef chapter 31 . 7/29
so doesn't anyone notice that she uses The Baron and Legba as expressions
bavintugeef chapter 27 . 7/29
oh disregard second part of my last comment having read the replies
bavintugeef chapter 26 . 7/29
so.. Dumbledore stole the foci from a scion of a noble house to study it even if we know its just sparkles he doesn't so taking something like that can't possibly be smart. I certainly hope she has a way to detect potions because a Ron love potion unresisted by a core is too horrible a fate
bavintugeef chapter 18 . 7/28
ha Warwick was learning from Warwick
bavintugeef chapter 13 . 7/28
one thing about canon, with mudblood being thrown about and the constant bullying all the time. I feel Flitwick wouldn't allow that kind of crap being part goblin and all
bavintugeef chapter 6 . 7/27
so... if shes blind how does she devour all the books
Ceifeiro chapter 6 . 7/23
Honestly, I was expecting Jen to get a wooden stick that she used to mask the fact that she doesn't have a wand, since she didn't have a core. I'm loving this so far, as well as the other one shots I've read for the HP universe that you've done.
Hii-tan chapter 27 . 7/18
It's totally Ron isn't it? Ima laugh my ass off if it is.
Readeity chapter 13 . 7/17
The bullying scene (Mainly the aftermath of it) is one of the best things I've read in awhile.
Question: Did Chang & Co. lose 150 points total, or 150 each? I assumed it was total, but I'm not sure.
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