Reviews for Princess of the Blacks
Ceifeiro chapter 6 . 7/23
Honestly, I was expecting Jen to get a wooden stick that she used to mask the fact that she doesn't have a wand, since she didn't have a core. I'm loving this so far, as well as the other one shots I've read for the HP universe that you've done.
Hii-tan chapter 27 . 7/18
It's totally Ron isn't it? Ima laugh my ass off if it is.
Readeity chapter 13 . 7/17
The bullying scene (Mainly the aftermath of it) is one of the best things I've read in awhile.
Question: Did Chang & Co. lose 150 points total, or 150 each? I assumed it was total, but I'm not sure.
antoninlambilliotte chapter 1 . 7/16
Your first chapter is sickening. My most sincere congratulations.
Axel Fones chapter 31 . 7/14
I'm not much of a thinker when it comes to things being subtle in stories I read, I'm perfectly okay with the story revealing information to me at its own time. Part of the reason mystery stories aren't really my thing (reading an entire book whose entire purpose is a singular payoff is mehish). But I'm definitely interested in what Jen and Pomfrey were talking about. But again, not enough to try to guess, I'm sure I'll still be surprised :P
Axel Fones chapter 29 . 7/13
I love that Madame Pince is more than just an irritable librarian. Backstory and depth for minor characters is always awesome.
Axel Fones chapter 26 . 7/13
Holy cow Dumbledore is being an idiot. If there's one thing I've learned from Greek mythology, it's DO NOT TRY TO ALTER A PROPHECY. It would be hilarious how blind he is to the fact that he basically fulfilled the prophecy if it wasn't so sad.
Axel Fones chapter 6 . 7/13
Just found this series, and at first I was apprehensive about the brothel angle, but after seeing you actually meant what you said about avoiding mentioning anything that went on there, I'm really enjoying the story. Especially the Potter family/Jen Black shenanigans. Not just for the humor from that scene, but because of how character-driven it's gonna be. I can't wait to reach the chapter where you go into more detail about it.
Jumbalaya chapter 2 . 7/11
I guess Narcissa. Bell is still in AZK. And Andy has a husband.
fleurwithme chapter 35 . 7/5
I love this story! One of the few stories that is truly in tune with the darker aspects of this world. Your 'Jen' is probably one of my favorite OC written.
PascalDragon chapter 35 . 6/24
Great story! I mean, yeah, it's quite dark in some cases, but I really like how you portrait the characters (though I could bang my head against the desk each and every time we have a Dumbledore scene :P ). I especially like Jen and how you have her have advantages as well as flaws. :)
I'm looking forward to start reading your sequel :D
Heaven's Thesis chapter 35 . 6/16
the story started out with Jen seemingly an overpowered self-insertion, but as things progressed they played out realistically and cleverly enough to keep the tale interesting. props to you for your writing
Heaven's Thesis chapter 1 . 6/16
cute way to sign off at the end, v clever between this and research for your Dresden crossover, it makes me wonder if you're on a gov watchlist
bilingualkyuubi chapter 3 . 6/14
The British spelling is paedophile. And implying that it is as bad as transgender is an aggression against the lgbt community. But I guess it's vary big of Andromeda to admit muggles are people so we may have to give her time to get used to the gay rights thing
Guest chapter 35 . 6/11
I love this story, it gets better every time I read it.
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