Reviews for Princess of the Blacks
maiqsmail chapter 35 . 10/21
"Prekrasni" is more "wonderful" than "beautiful", that would be "krasiviye".

A recommendation, if anyone liked this MC and read Worm by JoeMcCrae, check out Wand for Skitter, great Worm x HP fanfic with similar protagonist.
maiqsmail chapter 33 . 10/21
Huh. I was expecting Jen and Harry to go throw. He is technically senior champion after all (he was bound by senior goblet of fire).
maiqsmail chapter 32 . 10/21
I kinda don't like that there are no descriptions of Jen attending lessons and getting formal education. She got some before the goblet binding (mostly to introduce freeform vs wanded magic issue and contacting her with Snape), but after that it's unclear whether she visits any at all or just uses her champion privileges to not attend anything.
maiqsmail chapter 21 . 10/20
I don't blame you for liking Lily. Beautiful, brilliant, popular, Muggleborn, sacrificing mother and, best of all, usually long dead.
Only in very few stories she's still alive and in neither of those I've seen her portrayed evil/bad.
maiqsmail chapter 19 . 10/20
Huh. Jen changed her second name?
Also, I don't really like this solution to a task. You are telling me any adult Wizard can have a 5 minute long version of an adult dragon just with a cheap toy and few minutes of teaching runes? This throws out all balance in warfare out of the window. Basically all fights would be swamped in fake battle animals and runes would be a compulsory subject.
maiqsmail chapter 18 . 10/20
Good point on Harry somehow not getting around of the "teachers can't help in 3wt" rule.
We can make out that it wasn't magically enforced (e.g. Bagman attempting to offer help with the 1st task, fake-Moody providing gillyweed). Therefore it's the legality of things and Harry can claim his unique "under no school" status.
maiqsmail chapter 16 . 10/20
Stop spoiling Jen x Luna pairing in author notes! Such important things should be left for the story to tell!
maiqsmail chapter 14 . 10/20
"Hogwarts is essentially growing an artificial intelligence; if you've ever watched Star Trek: TNG (and if you haven't, shame on you), it's like the computer on the Enterprise"
Now I can't help but picture house-elf-ran replicator and students ordering "Tea, earl gray, hot" from it.
maiqsmail chapter 13 . 10/20
Daaaamn. Talk about overkill, huh.
I guess we can listen more closely to Filch's ramblings about suspending students by their thumbs, in this context (seeing the reaction of Head of the House) they're more believable.
maiqsmail chapter 11 . 10/20
Pumpkin juice is actually pretty good. It's somewhat similar to apple juice but more sweet and thicker. I thought it was pretty widespread? I like raw pumpkins too.
maiqsmail chapter 5 . 10/20
Really fucking hope Jen wouldn't be 4th wheel at 3wt here. Every single fucking 4th year story puts MC into it, give it a rest already.
Throw actual boy who lived under that bus and wash your hands.
maiqsmail chapter 3 . 10/20
Tonks and Remus... In context of this fic so far... Oh, Celestia, wolfsbane-fueled bestiality. With a girl who can probably change into an imitation of a werewolf...
I didn't know I needed that scene before now!
maiqsmail chapter 1 . 10/20
Child brothel? And the fic hasn't been banned yet? Damn, sign me up!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/1
Dumbledore keeping up the old tradition of following self fulfilling prophesies.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/1
Honestly, of we assume that the black sisters otherwise follow canon it kinda has to be Narcissa. Andromeda wouldn't be that nervous about meeting Sirius, and Bellatrix is in Azkaban.

If Bellatrix isn't in Azkaban I kinda want to still say Narcissa because Bellatrix would be completely opposite to Andromeda and wouldn't be this calm about meeting Sirius.

Also, it would be amusing if Draco discovered Jen fucked his mom
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