Reviews for Princess of the Blacks
Ambrosia chapter 35 . 8/10
Thank you for the read, I enjoyed Jen's story a lot
Old Diggy chapter 35 . 7/11
"It's a good thing that extra-marital partners are practically expected for those of us in arranged marriages, isn't it?"
I REALLY hope this is just one of those things you wanted to point out and that it's not actually going to be something that happens. The future books are marked as just Jen/Luna which is the only reason I kept reading after the unplanned Viktor/Jen subplot. If you do plan on making Luna just a side thing because politics, I'm just going to stop reading because it was honestly my biggest fear when you said she was Bi and then had her show no interest in girls outside of once or twice and references to her past with Narcissa.

Even if it's politics, I really don't want Luna to just be a side thing or a part of some three-way relationship (something I feel like Luna wouldn't appreciate, especially since she at least seems to be lesbian and not Bi).
Old Diggy chapter 9 . 7/9
Didn't really think of it till now but what happened to Loki? Did you do something with him that I missed or is he still sitting on Tracy's head? You'd think the others would have questioned it if that was the case
Ariel Schnee chapter 11 . 6/14
It's magical pumpkins.

With magical juice.

Likely with spices.
Draco Victorious chapter 22 . 6/4
It's years later and reread 3, but I noticed no one had commented on the glass of rum being empty without her emptying it. A very nice attention to detail.
darryschaos chapter 5 . 5/26
she reads books...i thought she was blind... im so confused
PhaedraZev chapter 34 . 3/30
Those two would get along splendidly if she knew Tom in his youth.
Also, that bonus scene scared me for a second until I realized what it was xD
PhaedraZev chapter 30 . 3/29
FYI, my friend and I are geeking out over how logical/brilliant that explanation is. She's super into fanfiction yet has never heard such a good explanation before about the trap. How has no one else thought of this?! It's brilliant!
PhaedraZev chapter 31 . 3/29
This is the first time I've heard a valid explanation for why Voldemort waited until the final task!
PhaedraZev chapter 27 . 3/29
Swindle that fucker out of ALL the coin! so was it only Dumbledore's manipulations or Bagman's that allowed Ron to be the hostage?
PhaedraZev chapter 27 . 3/29
I wonder how many people noticed the boggart? 10 bucks says that the hostage is Ron.. that would be funny.
PhaedraZev chapter 22 . 3/28
Dude, this was amazing! Dark, but amazing! I like all of the details you put into the ritual, and the stuff with Alain is a mind fuck. This was definitely a horror-level chapter (bravo!)
PhaedraZev chapter 21 . 3/28
Painful, but they're learning how to speak to her.
PhaedraZev chapter 19 . 3/28
Yo! Hell of an ending. Also, I cackled at the snapdragon comment.
PhaedraZev chapter 18 . 3/28
Wow... his parents failed big time to not even tell him about Jen after she came to live with Sirius.
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