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Death is inevitable chapter 7 . 5/2
Hi, I recently started reading your stories (they're absolutely amazing btw), and so I just noticed that you need a Hungarian translator. I realize that this story was finished years ago, but if any time in the future you'd need to translate something I'd be happy to do it. (I'm Hungarian) :)
ScarletGoldmist chapter 9 . 1/12
"You've been Hawkeyed" so awesome! Also, "Laugh it up, Iron Ass, but me being able to do that is going to save your life someday." I could totally feel that that was going to come back to haunt Tony! Clint complimenting the perfect way, too! This was a VERY awesome story, well put together, with a great plot, and whump, but not too much, with Tony-Clint bonding, and a bit a BlackHawk on top. All in all, an amazing installment, and I have a feeling that I'm going to be reading everything you've written pretty soon, as well as reviewing and favoriting! Can't wait!
ScarletGoldmist chapter 8 . 1/12
I CAN TAKE IT is totally Clint's mantra/motto for life, isn't it? This is an all-around awesome chapter and this story just keeps getting better! Like I said before, not enough room in the box to say everything. AWESOME JOB, yet again.
ScarletGoldmist chapter 7 . 1/12
I'm pretty sure that I don't have enough room in the review box to say everything I'm gushing about right now, so I'll settle for JUST FREAKIN AMAZING JOB ON EVERYTHING HERE!
ScarletGoldmist chapter 6 . 1/12
The chapter song is It's My Life, Bon Jovi!
First name basis! Score! You got a lot of helpful character insights for both Clint and Tony, and did it mindblowingly well, too.
Oh my gosh..SIX MINUTES AND TWENTY-SIX SECONDS? Color me very, VERY impressed...not that I'm surprised, it is Clint Barton, after all. This was an awesome chapter!
ScarletGoldmist chapter 5 . 1/12
All the quotes are about trust this time! That's awesome! And oh my goodness...Clint memorizing where they were going?
That is one of the finest moments in fanfiction ever.
So. Cool.
and then at the end, Clint is like "I can take it," and I almost cried. Seriously.
ScarletGoldmist chapter 4 . 1/12
Ha! The thing about bored Tony and pretending-to-be-sleeping Clint was really funny! At the end...well, I'm so impressed with the whole end sequence I hardly have words. And I'm starting to really dislike South Africa, at least in here.
ScarletGoldmist chapter 3 . 1/12
This was really good! I love the interactions between Clint and Tony, especially about the IQs. You made it interesting and entertaining.
ScarletGoldmist chapter 2 . 1/12
The one thing I thought as they were about to spar was, "this can't turn out good." You did a nice job of giving Clint a bit of leeway with his temper, but also remembered that he's an assassin, and as such, he wouldn't be as projected as some people.
ScarletGoldmist chapter 1 . 1/12
Hah! Matthews totally pissed his Clint and Tony are arguing! Oh No!
Beth chapter 9 . 12/1/2014
I have a real soft spot for Tony. He reminds me of somebody I used to know. Well somebody who could have become Tony if he had been better. Great story. I absolutely love it :-) Thanks for writing!
Beth chapter 8 . 12/1/2014
Wow, so much happens in this chapter! Great description of the action. Thanks for writing!
Beth chapter 7 . 12/1/2014
Clint puts up such a good front but he's got to be in so much pain... The building relationship between Tony and Clint is a lot of fun to see. Great chapter! Thanks for writing!
Beth chapter 6 . 12/1/2014
Water torture. What is it with these bozos and water torture? It's cheap I'll grant you...
Great chapter! Thanks for writing!
Beth chapter 5 . 12/1/2014
I love how Clint explains himself to Tony, and thus to us. Everything he does is so calculated. Great chapter! Thanks for writing!
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