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rmsfox chapter 50 . 9/30/2015
Bravo, this was an excellent story that I read in one sitting. I adored your characterization of Thomas Andrews specifically. However, I did not like the ending in the slightest. It is established from the beginning that Rachel did not love Chris one bit. Chris is just an overbearing and controlling jerk, even in 2020. It is evident that you wanted her to awake from the coma and be with her family again, but it made absolutely no sense at all to have her marry Chris of all people. It's obvious Chris hasn't changed as much as he claims when he said, "You are mine now". He was bent on controlling Rachel and domineering her since the beginning of the story and still is! I highly suggest a rewrite of the end.
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 50 . 7/8/2014
Really excellent! Last few chapters really sad! Though they were too short, too, which was a bit annoying. Great job writing the sinking, though! You really caught the scale, terror and tragedy of it! That's difficult to do well, but you succeeded!

:-( That being said, though, why, oh why did you have her marry Chris? I mean, ok, he's a perfectly ok guy. But she doesn't love him, and I'm not even sure he really loves her! Couldn't she have at least told him she needed more time to adjust to being back? Really!

Apart from that, though, really awesome work! :-) I look forward to your next story about the great ship!
PhantomFemme du Pantages chapter 19 . 7/5/2014
You're seeing South Hampton? Awesome! And you're so lucky to live in or near Belfast! Everything I've heard about the Titanic exhibit there has me absolutely drooling! Unfortunately, though, it's going to take me a devil of a long time to get to see it, as I'm not even on the same continent. Bummer! Love the character interactions so far, btw. Jack and Rachel's relationship is very sweet! I kind of feel sorry for Chris, though, having to compete with a dead guy. Ouch! The one thing, though, is that your chapters feel too short!

Oh! And the Lady In White is a nasty piece of work! Man, for a heavenly angel, she's cruel! LOL The total, sappy romantic in me really hopes she gets overruled or otherwise taken down a peg or two so Jack and Rachel can be happy, because surely Heaven must make exceptions for true love!

Anyway, awesome work! I can't wait to read the rest!
artylou chapter 50 . 5/5/2013
Great story, just read it all and loved it!
classicmovielover chapter 50 . 1/27/2013
Great story! Congrats on finishing it. Was busy with college classes so that was why I wasn't reviewing. Why is Rachel marrying someone she doesn't love? She's being just like Rose!
Thrae Elddim chapter 50 . 11/29/2012
Ouch and wow. This has been such a ride, the last thing I expected was this chapter. But at the same time, it wouldn't make sense any other way. Well done, this nearly made me cry on so many occasions and is so original and inspiring!
Okaly chapter 50 . 10/13/2012
WHAT!? It's ended? NOOOOOOO! can't we have a 'they meet up in heaven' scene or something? pretty please? anyways, i have really enjoyed this, thanks so much for putting all the time and care into it that you did, and i am awfully jealous that you have a cool younger brother, mine thinks anything to do with titanic is "well nerdy" ;)
Miss Galinda Upland chapter 50 . 10/12/2012
Wow. I can't believe it's over. That thought is sad. This was a very well-written story and you did a great job with it! I really really wish that it wasn't over! This was amazing and finally, Jack had a story. :) Wonderfully excellent job. Bravo! This was the most well-written story I've read and I do hope you consider being an author. This could be a movie; not only a movie, but a BIG movie! Honestly, it could probably get as many awards as Titanic. (Not JUST because it's the same genre.) This is so unique and thank you for writing it! :)
Number 1 Fan chapter 50 . 10/12/2012
Awwwww! Finished :( Oh well, that was such a wonderful ending, a bit unfortunate that Rachael had to marry Chris when she didn't particularly want to but she knows she will meet up with her darling Jack in many years time when she goes to Heaven and that's what makes this a perfect ending. ;) I felt like crying when I finished your fantabulous story because 1. It's the extraordinary end and 2. It's such a grand and great way to end your brilliant story! Anyhow, thank you soooooooo much for taking your time to write this beyond amazing story and I'm very proud that you started from a small idea in your notebook to an addicting and wonderful story for Jack Phillips to be remembered by. Jack Phillips will be watching you and be soooooooo thrilled that you have gained lots of people's attention to him again. Congratulations on finishing! :D I'm going to miss waiting for updates on your great story but all good things have to end. I make an absolute promise to look out for Jack Phillip's line in James Cameron's 1997 'Titanic' film. I'm promising you this because you deserve it. I'm sorry about your former best friend and love, Sammy. I guess he did help you unintentionally. You can get better guys, I'm sure. As a final note, thanks for writing this tremendous and superb story which fills me with happiness and sadness and I wish to one day hopefully see some more of your excellent stories welcomed into the world.
Farewell and I'll be your biggest fan and supporter forever,
Number 1 Fan. :)
Horses of Shadow and Night chapter 50 . 10/12/2012

That was it? That was the ending? That was, that was... I can't even... WHYYYYyyyyy? *Bursts into angry sobs and runs out of the room*

Ok *Sniffle* ok I think I'm ok. Just, just give me another... hour... *Sobs again*. No no, wait. I'm good now! Ok? We good? Alright, deep breaths, I can do this! I can review it, the last chapter. THE last, not like, the second to last, the very last chapter EVER in the history of chapters!

Well I'll start with the good first. Which was basically the entire chapter! I liked seeing her brother and Thomas again, and her sorta meeting people she doesn't even remember that good. It all goes down hill when Chris enters the picture.

I... I... Hold on I need another moment *Goes into another room and breaks a bunch of stuff before coming back* Ok. So, personally I'm one of those people who likes resolution at the end of a story. Especially a story that has dragged on for 50 chapters. You'd think after 50 chapters of pain and suffering and wanting them to get together they'd, oh I don't know, GET TOGETHER AT THE END!

I didn't even like Chris from the start, then she practically got forced to marry him! And he got all possessive at the end. He said he changed, but no! He sounded exactly the way he was in the first chapters. An over-possessive A-Hole, who she doesn't even want to be with anyway!

Even if she did have to live her life with Chris, she could have at least died at the end and then got reunited with Jack! But no, we have basically no idea what even happened to Jack aside from him going to heaven with Harry (And even then, what did he see there? Who did he see? What's heaven like for him?). And now we have no idea what the heck is going to happen with Chris and stuff! Are they going to have kids? Will she die old or will she get in an accident because her guardian angel isn't there anymore.

And what's gonna happen with Thomas? Is he going to get separated from Ciaran? Do Angels just randomly get separated from their assigned people? I know the lady in white had a thing for Jack but it just seems very odd that she would just take a guardian angel away from her. If all living people have angels, then what is Rachel supposed to do? She's still alive, and she has no angel! Shouldn't she get assigned another one or something.

Ok, I'm done ranting. Don't take too much offense. Actually, if I didn't love your story as much as I do, I wouldn't have gotten so passionate about it to the point of ranting about the end! Well done! And congrats on finally finishing it. Even though your ending was, less than satisfactory...
Number 1 Fan chapter 49 . 10/11/2012
Hiiiii! I'm so sorry I haven't been reviewing...or reading! OMG! Shock and horror! I've been staying at my grandparents house in the country for a month or two and they have no computers! Can you believe it!? Anyway, today I finally caught up with all your chapters (How can you be so perfect and soooo fantastic at writing) and I felt like crying when Jack died! :( You are soooo excellent at writing though and it would be so cool if this could be turned into a book or movie (I'm agreeing with one of your reviews). Oh no! Is this the end? Oh! That makes me sad but all superb stories have to end somehow. This chapter is extra long and I congratulate you. I also congratulate you on the very impressive progress you've made on your story so far! Honestly, well done! I hope this isn't the end as this story is so juicy and mind-blowing to read but if it is, it's been a wonderful journey, an astonishingly brilliant story and a wonderful way to end it! Thank you for writing this magnificent chapter too!
Number 1 Fan. (You take me away from the real world and into a magical world I wish I could live in. :) )
Miss Galinda Upland chapter 49 . 10/10/2012
I sure hope that's not it! This was so sad! least Jack is in Heaven now, where he belongs. :) Great chapter and PLEASE UPDATE THIS SOON!
TailsNdJosh6210 chapter 49 . 10/10/2012
Oh my god! D; no it CAN'T be it! D; I really want them to be together, this isn't fair, I am gonna cry. I have tears in my eyes... *awls* it was beautiful /3
TailsNdJosh6210 chapter 48 . 10/7/2012
I read this over the course of two days... and it is utterly amazing, I'm so attached to this fanfiction! Its really amazing they should honestly make a movie with this as the storyline ;3 I hope Rachel gets to be with Jack :/ everytime I read a story or watch a movie with sad romantic endings I cry and think of my boyfriend and I, like putting us in their place ya know? I cried when Jack died. I legitemately cried my eyes out... and when he sent her to the lifeboat. Oh my god please keep writing this is amazeballs 3333
Okaly chapter 48 . 10/7/2012
Ah, you're not evil this time ;) in fact, that was quite a kind thing to do ) I really love this story, but im desperate to know the ending
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