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Avienna chapter 12 . 4/18/2013
I love your writing so much! I can't wait for the next update, and I wish you could have kept the spies/ sniper thing going since I'm a shipper. Reconsider this please even though you 'suck' at writing it though I'm sure you're not!
Opacus chapter 10 . 4/1/2013
Ooh I look forward to Teufort to be honest. I hope we see more of this story.
Trar chapter 12 . 2/27/2013
Decent chapter; I liked the Fife touch. Take your time.
popo6 chapter 12 . 2/23/2013
This story is really great! The plots is interesting and it's really well written. I hope you will update soon.
KingdomOfThomond chapter 12 . 2/23/2013
What happened about opening the door to the carriage that Medic and Soldier were in?
Trar chapter 11 . 11/14/2012
Unless you've beholden yourself and the story (and therefore everyone who is reading it) to a strict update schedule, you don't HAVE to upload new chapters at a fast pace with little spellchecking. Only thing I don't like is the typos, otherwise a good chapter.
djvicvic7 chapter 11 . 11/7/2012
So... does this mean that the soldier is pretty much a BLU now? He's committed treason!
Oh, and could you please put a page break next time when you switch to the sniper and spies? It catches me off guard every time.
KingdomOfThomond chapter 11 . 11/7/2012
The alternative to the official Meet the Medic. And, even though I like the other one, this is much better.
Trar chapter 10 . 11/7/2012
FIRE! YES! Thank you for this excellent chapter. Grammar was pretty good, too. See you next time.
Wollhandkrabbe chapter 10 . 11/5/2012
First of, I'm happy that we get another hilarious chapter. :-)
Now to the technical stuff. This chapter sorely needs to be cleaned up in regard to punctuation and some sentence construction. Examples (not a complete list):

- The third sentence (2nd paragraph) lacks a closing quotation mark.

- Typo: "You're poving mein point!" should read "You're PROVING my point." (Btw, I don't believe that a non-native speaker who speaks fluent-enough English would have trouble with short and easy personal pronouns like "my". It's far more difficult to learn figures of speech and correct use of prepositions.)

- Medic slumped back against a stack of packages and closed his eyes.
"You're a faggot, is what!" they immediately snapped back open.
"They" (the eyes) needs to be capitalized as the sentence is not connected to the speech. In fact, it's an odd construction to find both in the same paragraph, because it's Soldier who speaks, but the Medic whose eyes snap open.

- "On vat grounds?" they both were yelling at each other again.
Capitalization again. In this case, "they" now means the two men. As this sentence immediately follows the previous paragraph, where "they" meant the Medic's eyes, this is getting confusing on first glance.

- "Mein Gott,"
Either replace the comma with a period, or add a half sentence: "Mein Gott," muttered the Medic.
You can also use the phrase "Meine Güte" or "(ach) du meine Güte" in place of "mein Gott". It basically means the same as "goodness gracious", "good grief", "Jeez", or "Oh dear".

- Layout: The action switches from Soldier/Medic to Sniper/Spies and back again, but there needs to be some visual partition when the camera cuts from one location to the other.

Note: In Germany, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the RIGHT hand, not the left hand! (Wearing the wedding band on the left hand is common in southern Europe and in the USA, from what I've heard.) Engagement rings exist in Germany but are not as big a tradition as in the USA, and are not worn together at the same time with the wedding band. If an engagement ring was given prior to the wedding, it would be worn on the left hand and then transfred to the right hand's ring finger during the wedding ceremory.

So, in your story canon's continuity is it only the BLU Medic who is married? In the "Meet the Team" videos, the RED Medic does not wear a ring, not even in "Meet the Medic" video (which is technically a prequel to the others).

But marriage does not prove anything. A wife like her suspiciously looks like what the LGBT community calls a "beard". *cough*

The German Kaiserreich (1871-1918) had several secret sex scandals among members of the Prussian nobility and military. One was the Harden-Eulenburg-Affair in which journalist Maximilian Harden outed Prussian officers who were members of the homoerotic "Liebenberger Kreis" (Liebenberger Circle) around Emperor Wilhelm II., the Prussian king and last German emperor (deposed in 1918 after WW1). The accused were Philipp Friedrich Alexander zu Eulenburg und Hertefeld (a Prussian diplomat) and Kuno von Moltke (a lieutenant general and adjutant of Wilhelm II.), both close confidants of the emperor. Harden used the accusation about known homosexual relations between the two (and rumours about Eulenburg's private relationship with the emperor) to try and discredit the two men. He got the juicy information about Moltke's homosexuality from Moltke's own wife. Because of the then common belief that homosexual men were "effeminate", the journalist thought that the reason for Germany's "weakness" in foreign affairs (meaning: Wilhelm II. avoiding going to war with France over Marocco, and firing the imperialistic Reichs-Chancellor Otto von Bismarck) could be tracked back to the influence of Eulenburg and Moltke on the monarch.

Regardless of what the actual sexuality of the Medic is in TF2 canon or in this story, even arousing the suspicion that you're less than straight could have been lethal during the 1930s, after the Nazi Party tightened up the criminal penalties for "sodomy" in 1937. While male homosexuality was criminally prosecuted during the Kaiserreich and police in Berlin became infamous for their "Rosa Listen" (lists of names of known or suspected homosexuals), even back then several scientists, most notably Magnus Hirschfeld, held the view that homosexuality was an inborn condition, not a vice or a mental illness. After the fall of the monarchy, during the Weimarer Republic (1918-1933) attempts were made to decriminalize homosexuality among adult men. Hirschfeld founded his famous Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (institute for the scientific study of sexuality) in Berlin in 1919, but the Nazis burned it down in 1933. And in 1937, the Nazis turned male homosexuality into a full blown crime, with sentences of up to 10 years for "sodomy".

Hitler had his friend, the Nazi officer Ernst Röhm, who was leader of the Sturmabteilung (the SA, the 'Brown Shirts' or Storm Troopers, paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party in the Third Reich), assassinated when Röhm's homosexuality became politically problematic. Homosexuals were denounced as "deviants" and "public enemies of the German Volk" by the Nazis, similarly to communists; they were imprisoned or sent to concentration camps, tortured and castrated or subjected to medical experiments by SS-doctors to "cure" them by implanting them with hormonal glands to make them "hetero". Lesbians were seen as "morally loose women", but usually only sent to the camp when they were also Jewish or political dissidents.

The occupying Allied Powers saw no reason to change 175, neither after 1945 or after the founding of the new Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Western Germany) in 1949. There are historical accounts of gay men who survived the camps but were sent back to prison after the liberation of the camps to serve the rest of their prison sentence. How charming. During the 1950s, there were massive raids and over 50.000 gay men were sentenced to prison for "sodomy". It took Germany until 1969 to decriminalize male homosexuality for adult men (21 years of age, lowered to 18 years of age in 1973).

It's only been since the year 2000 that homosexuals (or both genders) are allowed to become officers in the German military; although technically women only got to join the armed forces after 2001. Civil unions for same-sex partners were finally legalized in 2001. but that is far in the future for our crazy mercs.

Not that 1960s America was more enlightened than 1930s Germany. If the Medic had ever come under the suspicion of being a) a dissident, or b) a communist, or c) homosexual, he would have lost his approbation to practice medicine (back when he still had a medical license), his job, and probably his life as well. Given that it's been hinted at in canon that the RED Medic was a field surgeon in the Wehrmacht (the German army) during the war, getting married could simply have been a way of self-preservation. How the BLU Medic figures into this (clone? respawn copy with the same memories? just another hired crazy field surgeon?) is for every fanfic author to decide for themselves.
KingdomOfThomond chapter 10 . 11/4/2012
I hate Spies. Especially when they stab you in the back while you're shooting needles in their face.
Wollhandkrabbe chapter 8 . 10/29/2012
Re: Chapter 7
You know, I kept wondering why the Quick-Fix medigun was introduced into the story, and today the coin finally dropped. *facepalm*

Soldier with rocket-launcher Medic with Quick-Fix ability to do two-person rocketjumps without need for all the touchy-feely stuff that would only make Soldier hot and bothered. ;-)
Wollhandkrabbe chapter 4 . 10/24/2012
Maggot Magnet wrote: "It's too bad there's a lack of accent going on, though. :c I'd like it more if I'd be able to read Medic's voice very accurately."

Ah well, it's not like the Medic's accent in the game itself is anything close to a real German accent. *cough* I am German (from the northern parts), and I can assure you, he sounds more like one of those "Germans" in Hollywood movies, where all "Nazis" speak their lines in badly pronounced German with a suspiciously American accent. *snerk*

I'm 100% certain Valve did that on purpose and told Mr. Robin Atkin Downes, the voice actor, to really ham it up (in a Mad Scientist/ "Doctor Frankenstein" manner) and laugh like a madman, because they mentioned in their TF2 blog they know very well that Sniper sounds about as genuinely Australian as i.e. the Medic sounds German of the Demoman Scottish... not at all, that is, to native speakers. That's part of the quirky charme of those characters for me. (Although I wish whoever wrote those lines had looked up the proper correct plural of "Dummkopf", which is "Dummköpfe".)
Wollhandkrabbe chapter 7 . 10/24/2012
A general question (or mitpick) regarding Chapter 7: Why would Mann Co. send Medic a Quick-Fix, if the Quick-Fix is the very first, prototype Medigun that the Medic built himself? (See the Über-Update and the "Meet the Medic" video.)

Some other things to consider:

(1) Keep in mind that the Medic has regeneration. So many TF2 fanfic authors seem to forget that. Whatever supersoldier serum he probably tested on himself at some time in the past, it worked. If you look at how fast the Medic heals in-game (especially when out of combat), he can go from nearly dead to fully healed in 30 seconds! (From the TF2 Wiki: "Although the Medic cannot heal himself, he is capable of slowly regenerating health over time; the longer a Medic stays out of combat and avoids taking damage, the faster his health will recover. An injured Medic will begin regenerating health at a rate of 3 health per second, scaling up over the following ten seconds to a maximum of 6 health per second.")

Even if you want to tone down the speed of the regeneration for dramatic purposes in your story, Medic should be able to survive anything short of major limb loss, decapitation or getting blown up. Heck, he can survive being burned by the Pyro, and his body will heal the burn wounds even without the Medigun. (Medigun is faster, that's for sure, and less agonizing as it seems to dull pain.) So that gunshot should be healed up soon... maybe you already took that into account, given how Medic is walking around soon afterwards.

Soldier is physically stronger (although Medic is not scrawny himself, a former field surgeon who runs around a battlefield all day is not a pen pusher), and a few years younger. (Medic is what, in his late forties or his early fifties, to judge from his appearance?) But Medic is smarter, faster, and with his regeneration able to withstand fatigue and thirst better than the Soldier, who is also still suffering from the after-effects of all the drugs in his system.

Soldier better keep a close eye on his "hostage". Medic is just as ruthless and dogged as Soldier. Both men are mercenaries used to killing. They are more alike than they might realize or want to acknowledge. They both have obsessive personalities and a flair for being overly dramatic, and they both like to talk... well, to monologue. ;-) While the Heavy and the Medic complement each other well, personality-wise and on the battlefield, the Medic and the Soldier are too alike in some ways to stand each other... a tension made worse by Soldier's racist prejudices and paranoid delusions.

(2) During those twelve days, Medic must have fed Soldier and taken off the straightjacket (and his clothes) from time to time to clean him up and shave him while he was drugged - which explains why Soldier could get free occasionally to beat the Medic up. If Medic didn't, Soldier would now sport an impressive beard growth and stink to high heaven, something that the people at the train station would surely have commented on.

If Medic had truly wanted to be cruel, he could have put Soldier in diapers and strapped him down motionless for those two weeks. He could just have hooked Soldier up to some IVs, catheters and a stomach tube inserted into various veins and orifices, and left him lying in his filth, incapacitated. After 2-3 days, the muscles would have started to atrophy. Not to mention the topic of bedsores. Maybe at some point Soldier will start wondering about that.
Wollhandkrabbe chapter 5 . 10/24/2012
You write with a unique style that makes reading it enjoyable beyond the story itself. The Medic/Soldier pairing is rather uncommon, too. I'm intrigued.

I especially love sentences like these:
"The Sniper, who still wasn't a Spy, however - seemed to have developed an unexplainable muscle spasm that was causing his arm to make random stabbing motions at the wide and very exposed back in front of him. Making a mental note to visit Medic later, he decided that his immanent death by Australian accent was less worrying than being driven insane by a half crazy American wielding a shovel." or
"Soldier assessed the situation: Have we cleared the fence? Check. Got helmet? Check. Got Nazi? Check. Am I American? Check. Will this hurt? Hell yes."
"He didn't know how he was going to manage this. Doing this with another man didn't feel quite right to him. It would violate the sanctity of the entire act, but it couldn't be helped; a plan was a plan."

Turning the rocket-jump into sexual innuendo... *chuckle* that beats even the innuendo of what the discharging of the ÜberCharge *really* stands for. ;-)

The only thing I might criticize is how the tone of the story fluctuates between sarcastic comedy and serious drama from chapter to chapter, sometimes within the same chapter, so I'm at times unsure where you are going with this, especially by adding a (still alive) wife to Medic?

As for the rest of the mercenaries finding the two runaways: I don't see much of a problem there? Soldier didn't have a car, so the only way out of the Gravelpits is the train line. There are witnesses who saw the two at the train station. A freight train is easy to overtake in a faster vehicle. It's not like Soldier can force the train off the rails to drive them to Mexico, or something. The more pressing problem for the remaining team members should be to get to Soldier and Medic in time before state police investigates the witness accounts about a gun-toting terrorist madman hiding in a freight train, which knowing Soldier's mindset will result in a bloodbath until all sides run out of ammo.

Maybe then the Heavy will get more lines. Of all the characters he has been sidelined the most so far, which is unusual for a story featuring the Medic as a protagonist.
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