Reviews for My Heart Can't Forget About This Self Defense
Phoebe Sophia chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
Love love love it. I really enjoy your portrayal of Loren and this is one of my favourites in this super fantastic series
Nate The Ape chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
"He says now do you believe/in the one big song/He's now accepting callers/who would like to sing along/" Nice to see another Cake fan here on !
"No more insubordination from me, O Squeaky Leader," I quipped. Hah, that was funny. Speaking of which, some of the members of One Direction are developing the voice crack. You can see them on YouTube. The banter between both Jake and Marco and their daemons was enjoyable in general really.
"All right, people," said Jake, putting on his Serious Voice. "I have an announcement to make." That was well done and funny.
That's an interesting concept, the idea of self-defense martial-arts type classes in this universe for daemons. Quite cool and well thought out. Also very pragmatic of Jake to suggest signing up for them.
"None of them know that I don't need self-defense lessons to be a badass. I already fight aliens after school. That beats the crap even out of those jocks in Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps." Another funny line. :)
"If there's anything you ought to know from being an Animorph, it's that any animal can be dangerous in the right circumstances." That's very true. Reminds me of something the late, great African hunter Peter Capstick wrote in one of his books, Death In The Long Grass, that even zebras and antelope can mess you up nice and good.
Mike's a smart guy, and it was fascinating to read about how Asair didn't miss a beat when it came to dealing with Dia, as well as the concept of four-eye. :( Man, that flashback Marco had about Eva was both intense and so sad. Screw you, Edriss. You capture his inner sadness and desperate hope and awful uncertainty about his mother and what Visser One has done to her quite effectively here-and it's warming indeed to see Jake reassuring him. :)
And now to the best part of this fic!
OMG it's Loren! LOREN! YAYYY!*spazzes, flails about*
And she's got a zebra duiker as a daemon! They're such a beautiful little antelope.
You know, I grew up not far from an awesome roadside zoo that had a pygmy hippo. (Believe it or not, he actually starred once in an anti-smoking PSA that aired on state TV for a few years. You can see the ad on YouTube.) They'd be cool to have for a daemon, yes siree.
Uh-oh, looks like Sam probably has a Yeerk in his skull! Not good for the folks who go there! But the Animorphs are probably right that in the end, there's little if anything that they could really do about Yeerk interests in the place.
Wonderful, masterfully done connections to The Andalite Chronicles are made here with what Loren and Jaxom feel and think-or at least believe they do-as they encounter things which ever-so-gently jog their memories of their time with Elfangor, as a Controller, the Taxxons, and of course the Yeerks.
Frankly, the whole vibe of it all reminds me of one of my favorite songs EVER, "Once Upon A December," from the animated version of Anastasia.
"These are our first memories from our old life. If we can't trust them, what's the point?" Oh Gosh, my feels!
Very cool and interesting to see how the Animorphs react to Loren having followed Ax for a distance and hurriedly, almost frantically, trying to figure out what she was up to and what it all means. Tobias's suggestion, that she may have been a host who managed to get away, was a brilliant one, even if still wrong.
Oh, Loren's fragmented dreams...both amazingly surreal and right in the feels people, right in the feels. :(

"I once knew someone who could do that," Jax said. "Become a bird and fly away."
Some corner of my heart believed it was true. But perhaps it was just the mad wish of a woman trapped in the present, dreaming meaning to her past."
An amazing finish to this fic. You captured Loren and Jax's uncertainty, confusion, longing and sense of loss over what they had with Elfangor perfectly here in those last lines. As always, well done.
WargishBoromirFan chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
I hate to spend my whole review on OMELoren! but seriously, awesome way to introduce her and the four-eye method of covering for her blindness and the scent-tracking of Ax and the mysteriousness of her motives from the Animorphs' PoV and the flashes of memory and the parallels with Eva as Marco's dealing with his encounter with his estranged mother and *squee.*