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NTA FANFIC chapter 2 . 6/30/2012
can't wait
mouse80 chapter 2 . 6/23/2012
Thanks for picking Roxy! Looking forward to the First Episode! Update soon! :)
TotalDramaAvatar chapter 2 . 6/23/2012
Thank you for picking Vanessa! Update soon (:
88stark88 chapter 2 . 6/23/2012
Thanks for accepting victor
berner0219 chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
Thanks for accepting my OC
Clownround chapter 2 . 6/22/2012
Yay! And it looks like you have an interesting gang of contestants! I shall be watching out for this story. Alerted!

So glad I made it!
DemonBlueFox chapter 2 . 6/22/2012
Woo! Thank you for accepting Winter, and I sent in a chef (which you had accepted too), so thank you for that too! I can't wait for you to start the story!
Tigerstaysinhiscage chapter 2 . 6/22/2012
thanks for accepting kevin! cant wait for the intro"
NerdyNightStocker chapter 2 . 6/22/2012
Thanks for accepting TJ/Tonya!

I just wanted to earn you though that the admins of this site are on a deleting kick when they see SYOC stories. For some reason, they like to wait until you get the story rolling after selecting OCs. The best thing to so would be to save this part of your story on your computer so you can look back at the OCs if need be and change the app/selection chapters to the intro chapters or into actual parts of the story (like the producers talking about creating this season or something). I just don't like to see these stories get deleted since it's happened one too many times.

I look forward to seeing this commence!
shianen chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
BASIC INFO (I can send twins?)

Name:Annie Julia-Anastsia/ Damon Nikolas-Anastasia


Stereotype:The Sporty Greek Twin/ The Nerdy Twin

Eyes:They both has beautiful Teal, Almond shaped eyes

Hair Color and Style:Annie has Tannish colored hair. Two side bangs and her hair goes just past her chest. / Damon's also has tan-colored hair that is messily sticking up.

Everydaywear:Annie wears a striped baby blue-regular blue tank-top, light brown shorts and dark brown sneakers. / Damon sports a white tank-top, brown capris, and white sneakers.

Formalwear:A strawberry-colored strapless dress that poofs from her waist and goes a few inches before her knees. She has silver flats and her hair is slightly curled. / Damon wears a wite collared dress shirt with the sleeves cuffed to his elbows, dark brown dress pants and black shoes.

Sleepwear: A blue sports bra and gray yoga shorts / Just some brown boxers

Swimwear:A Baby-Blue string bikini / Tan swimming trunks

GymWear: A White t-shirt, brown short and white running shoes. / Just blue sweatpants and white running shoes.

Family:Damon, Dad, and Future Step-Mom. / Annie, Dad, and Future Step-Mom

Favorite Color:For Annie it's Baby Blue. / Damon's is Brown

Favorite Animal:Annie loves Kitty Cats. / While Damon loves Dogs

Favorite Thing (can't be a color or animal):Annie loves sports. On the other hand, Damon loves technology

Favorite Element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind):Annie is definitly Water Element. / Damon's fav would be the element of Earth

Nationality:Both are a Greek/African-American mix

*Love interests-Not at the time for either of them.

Secret interests-Annie likes meditating at night, and playing war games. / Damon likes cooking and photography

Smart?:Annie has a general IQ. / Damon is kinda really smart. Like nerd smart.

Appearance (include: clothes, hair, eyes, style of hair, muscular or not, and ect...)

Annie is a 5'2 African-American/Greek mix with long, straightened tan-colored hair with side bangs and almond-shaped beautiful teal eye. She is very toned and has muscles, yet still has that slim, feminine look.

Damon is a 5'7 African-American/Greek mix with messily uprighted tan hair. He, like his younger twin sister, has light tan skin and beautiful almond-shaped teal eyes. He is kinda lanky, but can still stand up for himself.

History:Both twins were originally an accident born in Greece. Soon after they turned 1, their parents got a divorce. They've been living in Greece with their Greek Father, until about a month ago. Their father met an American woman and after dating for a good 5 years they decided to move to America with her. Annie and Damon have a very close connection and bond between them.

Age (16-18):Both are 16

Occupation (optional):Neither have a job yet.


Who do you think will your character be friends with?:Annie would be friends with people are like a teacher-personality, athletic people, sweet people mainly. Quiet people and musicians also./ Damon would be friends with Skater type, some nerds, people Annie hung out with

Who will their enemies be like?:Very aggresive people, nagging people, and people who would call her 'stupid' because of her lack of English for Annie / Pessimistic people, game-haters, Annie's male friends for Damon

What do they really dislike?:Damon:Classical music, junky foods, cold weather, Annie's male friends, extreme athletic challenges, snow./ Annie:Classical music, the color pink, being overworked, meat (She's a vegetarian), cold weather, learning a new language.

What do they like?:Annie:Skateboarding like it's her life on the line,Alternative Rock music, the color purple,healthy foods, North America, Greece, warm weather, speaking her native tongue and Italian./ Damon:Alternative Rock music, warm weather, technology, healthy food, Annie, drumming, playing bass, board games, puzzles, the ocean, Greece

Sexuality?:Both are straight

What's your character like? (more chance to get in for the more descriptive!):

Annie:Annie has a surfer-girl tone to her and is very sweet and childish. She just recently moved to the U.S, so she isn't familiar with the language or their cultures, much less how they deal with drama. It's not that she's oblivious to it, it's just she doesn't know how to deal with it. Overall she's very friendly to most and observant just because of her lack of English.

Damon:Damon is the older twin of himself and Annie, by 53 seconds. Yet he acts immature and childish, but has a great attitude to everything and a good sense of humor. He's so protective of Annie it's scary. He's more familiar to English than Annie is, just because he's done more research and such. He's the more geeky, logical twin, but has some stamina, just not as much as Annie. Neiter twin has anger problems, but Damon can get an attitude over slight things.

Phobias?:Annie hates Driving, and Damon Hates Bigfoot

Do you want them to have a lover?:Yes if possible

What would their lover be like?:Both want sweet people wh apprciate their roots and have some musical talent

How do the react when they arrive?:Annie is quiet and might play Guitar. / Damon might join in with Bass, but quiet as well.

Weakness?:For Annie meat , cold weather and sad movies. / Damon's are cold weather, fire and monkeys

Are they in a clique? If so which one:Neither are in a clique unless both agree on it.

Adition Tape:

*Shows Annie messing with the camera*

"..." She backs up now, satisfied with the way it is.

"Um..Hello!" Her blue eyes are bursting with energy as she greets the camera. "My name is Annie, or A.J.. And I would like it if you pick me for your show!" She spreads her arms out. "I am at a beach near my home in Sin Frencisco!" She attempted to correctly pronunciate San Francisco, but failed.

You now hear a deep, but young voice saying something in Greek.

Annie waves at the person off camera and says,"That was my brother, Damon! But anyway.." She smiles. "I think I am a good person for your show! I have good looks, a great attitude-" She frowns,"-But I can not cause tension, unless someone thinks that I am saying sommething I am not."

A seagull flew into her head right before she said anything.

"Ow!" She looks at the bird, twitching on the ground. She then yells something in Greek roughly translated into 'Father! I just got hit in the head by a bird'

A male who looks like Annie comes over and curses. "Annie! What did you do!"(Said in Greek)

Annie looks desparate,"I was talking and this bird flew into my head!"(Also said in Greek).

The boy then starts to laugh uncontrollably, and Annie pushes him.

"But please pick me!" She gives a cheesy smile. "Bye!"

The Camera turns off with Damon still laughing.

Audition Tape:

*Camera Turns back on and Damon just finished laughing from before*

"Haha! Okay, my turn!" He tilts the camera towards him. "Hi Producers; Damon here!" He waves. "And I mean, if you can pick Annie for your show, than you can definitley pick me-"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Annie barges in, asking in English.

"Relax, I was kidding." He mumbles to the camera,"Yeah right."

"I can hear you, you know!" She shouts.

"What are you going t-Ooof!" He kinda fell to the ground, you know, cause Annie tackled him.

They continue wrestling before they knock into the camera and it sorta cracks a lot.


mouse80 chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
Name: Roxy Emms


Stereotype:the Pacifist

Eyes:Light pale blue-gray

Hair Color and Style: Waist long black curly hair

Everydaywear: blue tank top, white hoodie, black jeans, white flats

Formalwear: dark blue strapless dress that is knee length, black heels

Sleepwear:blue tank top, black track pants

Swimwear:blue bikini

GymWear:gray tank top, pale blue shorts, white running shoes, hair in pony tail

Family:lives with her mother (Sophia) but every other weekend she stays with her father (Jason)

Favorite Color:blue

Favorite Animal:Dove

Favorite Thing (can't be a color or animal): Peace

Favorite Element:Water

Nationality: American

*Love interests- None right now

Secret interests- loves writing poetry

Smart?:Average intelligence

Appearance (include: clothes, hair, eyes, style of hair, muscular or not, and ect...)Bluetank top, white hoodie, black jeans, white flats, long curly black hair, average height and pretty skinny

History:when she was little her parents use to fight all the time, that is why she hates when people fight. Her parents are divorced now but they still fight when they see each other and she gets really upset.

Age (16-18): 17

Occupation (optional): Waitress at small cafe


Who do you think will your character be friends with?: people that don't fight, are nice

Who will their enemies be like?: drama queens, people that like to start fights, queen bees

What do they really dislike?: fighting

What do they like?: Peace, animals

Sexuality?: straight

What's your character like? (more chance to get in for the more descriptive!): Roxy is really nice, she tries to be kind to everyone to avoid fighting. She will never fight with anyone and when people start fighting she will ask them to stop nicely but if they don't she will yell at them to stop, run away or do both. She doesn't like it when people get mad at her. She likes to run track and is overall pretty athletic but she is not competitive, she is happy no matter who wins. She is not one to take the lead she is more of a follower and is a pushover to avoid conflict. She would hates yelling at people and almost never yells but if someone was really really really really really mean to her or one of her close friends she would scream at them.


Do you want them to have a lover?:YES

What would their lover be like?:It doesn't matter probably someone who is is nice and will treat her kindly

How do the react when they arrive?: Excited, confident looking but secretly abit scared

Weakness?: she gets emontional when people fight or get mad and yell at her

Are they in a clique? If so which one: Nope

Adition Tape:

Roxy is standing infront of the camera

"Hi my name is Roxy, I think I would be a good contestant because I am athletic and i would do pretty good in challenges! I am hopeful to come and make new friends and have fun! If I won the money I would use it to get to university."

"Roxy come down here your father is here to pick you up!" Her mom yells from downstairs

"Coming" Roxy yells

"Hurry up!" Her father yells "The car is running"

"Don't tell her to hurry up, she will take as long as she wants! You shouldn't have left the care running!"Her mom yells

"I will tell her to do whatever i want" Her father yelled back and they continue yelling at each other

"Please pick me for the show and get me out of here" Roxy whisperes to the camera before shutting it off
CodyOnTheBounce T.V chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
716, baby! I'm ghetto, but I'm classy ghetto!


Name: Mark Harvard

Gender: male

Stereotype: The Quirky Teddy Bear

Eyes: His eyes are seafoam green (in the middle of blue and hazel), and shaped somewhat close to a walnut shape, like Lindsay's.

Hair Color and Style: Mark's hair is a deep caramel brown and close to blond, like a mixture of Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Ludwig. It's fairly dissolved into a slight short crew-cut mix.

Everydaywear: Mark would wear a mahogany brown football jersey with a moss green tee under, black cargo shorts, and gray Addidas football cleats.

Formalwear: A cerulean blue blazer with a periwinkle Polo underneath, navy blue slacks, and brown loafers.

Sleepwear: He would wear a simple heather grey tanktop and navy blue boxers.

Swimwear: Fir brown swim trunks.

GymWear: a red wife beater and a pair of ash grey basketball shorts.

Family: His father, Tony Harvard, and his mother, Lisa Harvard.

Favorite Color: seafoam green

Favorite Animal: grizzly beat

Favorite Thing (can't be a color or animal): NOSEBLEEDS. He has a fascination with blood.

Favorite Element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind): Wind.

Nationality: Mainly American.

*Love interests- Mark is mostly interested in artists, but someone who cares enough to take him out of his awkward side would be compatible for him as well.

Secret interests- His fascination with blood.

Smart?: At the most, yes. He's more artistically inclined.

Appearance (include: clothes, hair, eyes, style of hair, muscular or not, and ect...): Mark's hair is a deep caramel brown and close to blond, like a mixture of Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Ludwig. It's fairly dissolved into a slight short crew-cut mix. His eyes are seafoam green (in the middle of blue and hazel), and shaped somewhat close to a walnut shape, like Lindsay's. Mark has muscles like a football player, yet he doesn't necessarily have the bodybuilder-like stature that most football players have. Height-wise, he's 6'3".

History: Mark Harvard hails from the sunny beaches of Tampa Bay, Florida with his father, Tony Harvard, and his mother, Lisa Harvard. Though he wasn't always the sharpest tool in the shed, the teachers in school found him socially awkward according to the majority of the kids. He would always indulge himself in his dark, surrealist art, which looked creepy for his age at the time. Later, his father encouraged Mark to play club sports, the most focused project being football, which he later excelled at, getting in the varsity team freshman year. As he got older and more mature, his artwork became a collaboration with his sports, as he looked to his experiences in football to his inspiration, developing a weird fascination with blood and nosebleeds. A lot of the freshmen think he is a killing machine and would try to eat them, but in reality, he is a giant teddy bear.

Age (16-18): 17

Occupation (optional): High School Student and a part-time barista. He'a also an aspiring artist.


Who do you think will your character be friends with?: Mark would try to make friends with everybody, but if they act hostile to him, he'll end up straying away from them.

Who will their enemies be like?: If someone acts hostile to him, they automatically become his enemy. Nuff said.

What do they really dislike?: bullies, smoking, mainstream culture, fighting, criminals, spiders

What do they like?: art, painting, dark rooms, sleep, surrealism, alrenative rock, underground artists, nature

Sexuality?: He's... controversial, as in he's straight, but he shows some femininity in contrast with his stature.

What's your character like? (more chance to get in for the more descriptive!): Mark tends to be very quirky and nerdy, despite his reputation as a high-end linebacker for his high school football team. He's like the gentle giant of the group; he goes through his way to act as sweet and charming as possible, only to end up dazed and confused by his enemies. He is a genuine artist, which usually adds to his daydreamer-like impression on people. However, being the weird one on the team has gotten him some trouble with other bullies, yet he takes criticism with calmness and ease. He gets easily nervous around people he thinks may be a possible threat to his innocence or his well-being in general.

Phobias?: Sharks. "Hello! They eat poor little fish who haven't even done anything! It's kinda sad!"

Do you want them to have a lover?: Sure!

What would their lover be like?: Mark is mostly interested in artists, but someone who cares enough to take him out of his awkward side would be compatible for him as well.

How do the react when they arrive?: He'd question on how big the place really is. Then he would quietly saunter to the rest of the contestants.

Weakness?: Mark's biggest flaw is that he is socially awkward. Some of his minor flaws include his quirkiness tending to creep people out, getting confused by directions, doesn't necessarily have a logical mindset, and tends to daydream a lot.

Are they in a clique? If so which one: Mark would usually make friends with other artists, though the group he usually hangs out with consists of most of the varsity football team. His best friend is fellow teammate and wingman, Darren Bickerstaff.

Adition Tape: *The camera fades in to a wide landscape shot of his room, decorated with football trophies from his younger years, and his dark surrealist paintings from years on end. Mark is seen on his bed, working on yet another sketch to add to his portfolio. Suddenly, he stares out the window, catching a glimpse of a squirrel crawling through the branch. After scratching a few scrawls on his notepad, he shows the camera his final masterpiece.*

Mark: Look at it. It's a tiny squirrel in a dense graveyard. It looks weird, but it's symbolic for hiding innocence in such a dark mind. Anyway, I'm Mark Harvard, and I like woodland creatures.

*He looks up to the ceiling, wondering if he said the right thing or not.*

Mark: Wait... this is my Total Drama audition tape, isn't it? God, I am such a square! Sorry if this happens. I do this a lot. (looks around after an awkward silence) I... gotta go.

*He hastily rushes to where the camera is and accidentally falls to where the camera is.*

Mark: Oops...

*Camera off.*

Other: I guess that's it.


Lighters up for the underdogs,

-COTB, over and out!
ColourMasqurade chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
Gonna PM my character.
PrettyKittyGoesRawr chapter 1 . 6/20/2012

Name: Jenny Ann Himrick

Gender: Female

Stereotype: The Determined One

Eyes: Icy blue

Hair Color and Style: She has long blonde hair it comes to just past her shoulders and is straight down with a hawk wing bang over her left eye

Everydaywear: A short cut off purple v-neck shirt with black rip trim, the shirt comes just above her belly button showing off her belly button ring and bottom of her tiger tattoo, and dark blue jeans with rips in them and purple belt that doesn't go through the loops on the right side with black converse shoes. She wears bracelets on both wrists and dog tags around her neck (above shirt) with her name and her sisters name on them

Formalwear: A black strapless dress with a purple slash across her mid section with black heals.

Sleepwear: An oversized and baggy purple t-shirt with her black panties

Swimwear: A black and purple splash color bikini with her belly button ring in

GymWear: A dark blue tank top with gray sweatpants with her converse and her hair in a ponytail

Family: Mother Stacy (42-years old), father Allandon (44-years old), and her twin sister Jade (18-years old)

Favorite Color: Black and purple

Favorite Animal: Tigers

Favorite Thing: Her dog tags, she always wears them

Favorite Element: Fire

Nationality: German

*Love interests- None she feels that love makes a person weak and that it always leads to pain in the end

Secret interests- She has a thing for romance movies, she always tells herself that she doesn't want a relationship but deep down she wants to feel loved so she likes mushy gooy romance movies and books

Smart?: Yes very much so

Appearance: Jenny has a slim build with nice curves, sort of a hourglass shape. She's has D-cup boobs. She's really pretty but doesn't believe she is. She's short at only 5"1 and is 110 pounds. Her ears are pierced along with her belly button. She also has a long faded scar on her left arm from a car accident. She has a long tiger tattoo on her left side, the tiger's back paws are just under her left boob and its front paws are just above her panties with its mouth open and roaring toward her belly button with a fighting stance

History: Jenny was born in Germany along with her twin sister. She lived there with her sister, mother and father until the age of 16 when she and her sister went to live with her grandparents in California in the us, when her mother and father where having a hard time keeping money to take care of her and her sister. She's had a pretty hard life and is determined to win for her family and herself. But a negative point of having a hard life is that it has made her a cold and distant person who refused to accept defeat

Age (16-18): 18

Occupation (optional): She works at GameStop (A video game store) part time and is a collage student


Who do you think will your character be friends with?: Loners, smart people, and people like her

Who will their enemies be like?: People who don't appreciate what they have in like, jocks, and people who think their all that

What do they really dislike?: Losing, people messing up her hair, the color pink, bugs, clowns, boats (like titanic boats), and people who continually use the phrase "that's what she said" or other dumb things

What do they like?: Music, winning, reading, writing, video games, loves anime, and some gymnastics.

Sexuality?: Bisexual

What's your character like?: She always likes to have a plan before rushing into something, she hates to have things sprung on her because she likes to be able to plan ahead and make up strategies to ensure her success. She's a loner and is not very talkative. Many people try not to get in her way tho because she always has a determined, cold and distant look and feel about her, she always says theirs no room for the weak or for being weak. She does however have a softer side but to be able to see it, others will have to prove themselves. On a side note her and her twin sister Jade are beyond close and she always wares her dog tags with her and Jade name on them so she feels like they are always together

Phobias?: ALL BUGS!

Do you want them to have a lover?: Yes

What would their lover be like?: Someone who can show her loving some does not make you weak

How do the react when they arrive?: She wouldn't talk to anyone really at first, she would most likely just be listening to music and tuning the world out, if someone said hi to her she would just wave and walk away

Weakness?: She will never back down form anything, even if it would be for her own good if she did and it sometimes gets her into trouble and she would do anything to save someone she loves

Are they in a clique?: No not really she's just a loner

Audition Tape: Camera shows two girls that look to be twins sitting on a bed. The one on the left says "Hello everyone my name is Jenny and I would like to be on your show very much. Because I will win, I have determination that's has no equal, and with my superior intelligence and with my abilities I am destined for victory." She gives a small smile that doesn't reach her eyes and waves at the camera, the other girl to the right looks at Jenny and says "And I'm Jade here to say, she's pretty weird huh? I mean all she talks about is stuff like that!" Jenny looks over at her sister with a frown and speaks in another language "Verdammt ganz meine Schwester sein!" Jade looks down at her feet and says in a different language also "Meine Schwester entschuldigt." Jenny looks back at the camera "Hmm well I apologize for my sisters behavior, but anyway I have great hopes that you will accept me on your show it has been my greatest desire for a while now, so farewell for now and my we meet again." Both girls wave at the camera and then turn it off together

Other: She can only put up with people who are mature. She speaks in German a lot especially when she is mad or nervious.
akatsuki-member-kairi chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
I PM you my OC
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