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Guest chapter 64 . 11/26/2021
Oh, I’ve heard of you, the one who apparently has sense. Feel entitled to your beliefs, but showing some respect wouldn’t hurt. I mean, I don’t even know if you’re the original. Still, can’t you admire this at all? The way people came together and made this and… Ugh, sorry, I’m stirring the pot. Way too defensive about this. Seriously, sorry, can’t hold back from posting, though…
Always chapter 64 . 11/4/2021
Always will be a great story. This fanfic was amazing. I really do wish it got finished.
The 1 With Sense chapter 1 . 10/25/2021
This story is shit so glad it died
kaleidoscope chapter 64 . 1/11/2021
I loved this. I just need to say that this is... something so amazing. It’s unbelievable that authors joined up and finished Tears of Blood. I’m heart broken that Bring Them to Their Knees will most likely never be finished, but I hope every author is doing exactly what they want now, whether it’s writing or not. I started reading ToB and this a few months ago and finished in one sitting. I was interested in why this was discontinued and checked all the forums. I understand what happened and just wish I could have participated in this had I known about it all those years ago. 24 Authors 24 Tributes will always be remembered by me.
- kaleidoscope
Sheikan Laguz chapter 1 . 4/15/2018
Hello! I'm Haley and I was the author of Sapphire Tree, the first tribute to die in Tears of Blood.

I was 11 when the story was first published. My writing was atrocious back then, and I still can't muster up the courage to read my first chapter in the story (is it second hand embarrassment if you're reacting to yourself?).

My experience working on Tears of Blood, and readers' frank criticism of chapter 9 when it first came out, really pushed me to improve my writing skills. I took a hiatus from writing creatively for a number of years but am now starting to write again. I don't publish my works here anymore because I don't want to be connected to an account I used at such a young age lol.

I'm 18 now and I'm graduating from high school in a month and a half. I've never forgotten these stories and it will always hold a special place in my heart. To everyone who reviewed the story back when it first came out, to everyone who is still reviewing this story, and to all of you who were touched in some way by 24tributes24authors, from the bottom of my heart: thank you.
CaTaClYsT chapter 64 . 1/30/2018
Holy shit I can't believe its been, what, 5 years since this story stopped updating.

I dunno, I guess I never really knew any of the writers on this story, but even now my thoughts still drift back here sometimes. I sure wish I'd managed to participate in this thing, but though I never got the chance, this weird and dark and wacky and heartfelt Hunger Games fanfic inspired my own journey into roleplaying and slam poetry, so I'd like to posthumously thank all of you people.

If anybody ever wants to begin another project, or continuation, like this IM me.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26/2017
Vykktor chapter 64 . 6/28/2015
It's hard to imagine that two years have gone without an update. This was easily my favorite fic during the regular updates, and it along with Tears of Blood (which I am about to begin rereading) are still some of the highest quality pieces on .I have confidence in the you guys, though. If Harper Lee can write a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, I have full confidence in you guys reviving this wonderful story!
In patient anticipation,
Prince Royal chapter 8 . 11/7/2014
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The Freelancer Collaboration chapter 64 . 10/26/2014
Hey guys, NicKenny here, the writer of Erik Fiske in this fic - boy, was I sad when I had to write him out of it! :'( I realise that I'm jumping in slightly here, but I hope you'll all hear me out. :)

For the last two years now I've been running a collab of my own, mainly directed towards Rooster Teeth productions and Pokémon, but after hitting 1,000,000 uploaded words last week, I felt like we had been around long enough for me to attempt something that I've wanted to do for ages. Basically, like Tears of Blood and Bring Them to Their Knees, we will be running a fic on the standard 24tributes24authors format, with one character written by a lone writer emerging victorious. However, I wanted to put a twist on that, because I didn't want to just imitate a collaboration that I had participated in and have a lot of respect for, and that twist is that it'll be a Hunger Games/Avengers amalgamation.

So, how does this amalgamate the Hunger Games and the Avengers? Well, I'm glad you asked. Your tributes are to be characters from Marvel Comics – Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Thor, Crossbones, Loki, Ultron etc. – adapted to the universe of the Hunger Games. That means that Bruce Banner can't transform into a green giant, Thor can't control the weather, and Wolverine can't regenerate or produce claws from between his knuckles. But that doesn't mean they can't still be awesome, and for a demonstration of that I would recommend that you look up Lorata's "Embrace the Fire: The Avenger Games", or a much shorter demonstration can be found in my own, discontinued fic "When Heroes Fall".

If you're interested at all in taking part, I'd recommend either PMing myself for more details, or just heading straight over to our forum - The Freelancer Collaboration, under "Misc" forums and then "Red vs Blue" - and start filling out an application, which can be found here.

Thanks, and I hope to see some of you applying! :)
ZombieGuy96 chapter 64 . 9/26/2014
Okay I loved Tears of Blood, but I loved this story just as much and I'm gutted it's been abandoned, if anyone comes across and read this, please work on this again, it's just too good to be abandoned!

Now, I'll give my views on the tributes in death order...

24th- Bianca- I didn't like her all too much, I just found her a little whiny to start with, but I began to sympathise with her as time went on. However She never had much chance to survive hence I expected her too die at the bloodbath.

23rd- Edrick- I really liked him for some reason. I thought he'd have a fighting chance and return home to his love interest and I was excited to see him turn from the big shy guy, into someone who would have to kill, and then you blow him up with a missile. His death was unexpected and was the first crushing blow to me.

22nd- Alexis- I think she finished 24th, but I'll put her as 22nd. Alexis was obviously had "bloodbath death" written all over her. But she was unique and reminded me that not every tribute can be strong or a badass. The way her death was written was so... gruesome and horrific that I think I felt myself throw up a bit in my mouth.

21st- Con- Another death I wasn't expecting. I thought he'd be the cunning rogue who would get far, but his deals worked against him and it looked as though Admire played the better game. His dialogue with Roulla was hilarious so I was kinda sad to see this unique career die so early into the games.

20th- Bastian- He reminded me a lot of Nella from tears of Blood, yet too me he didn't stick out as much as Nella did. I obviously felt very bad for him with his backstory and all. But I knew he would die and the overwhelming injustice he faced, (in death and life) was used brilliantly to showcase Erik's slow descent into insanity.

19th- Juniper- She was like Katniss, I kinda of liked her sarky attitude, but I felt like it had been done before. Either way I shocked when Jonas killed her, which was a shame as her plan to poison the tributes was a clever one. (Well, she mixing herbs in heaven now)

18th- Galla- I really rooted for Galla as the dark horse of the contest and hoped she would get quite far. I'm sad to see she didn't but I loved her perspective and how she tried to stay quiet. Her observations of the other tributes made an interesting read and I was gutted to see her get ripped to shreds (at least she had a one-shot where she found peace)

17th- Alaric- The deaf rich kid from District 9, I loved his quirky nature and rich family and all. I knew he wouldn't win but I wanted him to do something interesting the games, so it's sad we never got to see his POV. Either way being tortured to death by Jet and Cancuis is an awful way to go.

16th- Sade- Didn't stick out too me to much, she was just kinda "there" we didn't get her perspective on her rivalry with Erik. She was another career really and when Jet killed her I didn't feel too much for her character.

15th- Erik- At first he didn't stick out for me, but he got a lot of POV time in the games and I began to grow on him more and more. When he did die, I was gutted that I lost such a central character to the story. But the odds were never in D11's favour.

14th- Cancius- The stereotypical strong guy from District 1. It was safe to say the guy had anger issues but made for an interesting POV. We still don't know how and when he died but I'm going to say he finished 16th and that Maeve killed him somehow and (when he was dying) he either came across Anya, Londyn or Roulla hence telling them not to "fuck up" and underestimate Maeve (or even Pipper)

Okay that was the death order, but if this story has truly ended. I'll give my list of deaths in the order I would go for and how they died.

13th- Bren- I get he was strong and all, but he didn't appeal to me and I reckon he would fight one of the careers (maybe cancius, as they had beef beforehand) they both got injured, then somebody (strong guesses on Pipper or Maeve) attacked and finished him off. and that he died not too soon after Cancius.

12th- Londyn- As much as I loved Londyn, realistically her time would be up about now. I predict Roulla and Londyn would come across Admire, and admire would kill her to spite Roulla. Either way she was a fantastic tribute, for being blind she fought on for so long and defined the odds so many times, and her author wrote her brilliantly.

11th- Admire- Okay, I know Admire could very easily have won this, People hate her but she'd be another Aleah. But too me I could see her dying at around this point. Admire is smart indeed, but Aleah was a lot more badass, I don't think Admire (particularly with her sickness) would have the drive to win that Aleah had) either way she was a fantastic character and brilliant villain. But I could see her killing Londyn and then being killed by a vengeful Roulla (which would be great for Roulla's character development)

10th- Sean- Okay, you can hate on me! But I knew from the get go Sean Aramani was not going to win the games. Sad for Aleah yes, but I can imagine him dying after teaming up with Jonas and saving him from (let's say Jet or Luican) a little alliance with Sean and Jonas (after the whole sock thing) would have been great to read about. (I could see a bromance forming there) I liked him as a character. But he wasn't his sister, he couldn't have won this.

9th- Atalanta- Intresting enough tribute from District 5. She was a career in a non career group (I loved the four horseman thing going on) but by this point I could see her dying. She was cocky sure, but she had proven herself a survivor (and a trained one at that) at this point I can imagine either Luican or Jet betraying her and killing her in a surprise attack) all in all a great tribute (she could get far, just not a winner).

8th- Lucian- Okay, he is a massive part of the story, we get loads of his POV's and he is a well trained psycho. However recently his plans seem to be falling apart and his whole mysterious vibe seems to be ebbing away. Without a doubt he is one of the most memorable tributes in these games but so was Roy and Roy died around this point. So I can imagine him dying after facing off with Jet (I'm sorry but in the war of psycho's Jet would win) added from the fact he is a district 12 tribute... still a top 10 finish for Lucian would be certain.

7th- Roulla- I loved Roulla. She is my third favourite in this story because of how unique she was with her sexuality and her "proper" grammar. I grew to love her character, but by this point I can see her giving up. Sure she's tough, but she is not really a cold blooded killer (although she puts on a great façade of it) I can imagine after losing Londyn her sanity would decline leading to her demise (which would be sad to read about) but I could see her doing an Aspen or a Nella.

6th- Maeve- Death's messenger I can see getting far in these games. I can see her winning as well (for some reason) but I can also see her finally dying around this point. She could just be insane but she was completely different from any other tribute I have ever read about and stood out to me completely. I think she'll either die of exposure or something else in the end. Either way I have a strong feeling her character will go far.

5th- Jonas- Okay, I love Jonas, and I loved the development he had when he killed Juniper. I can see him defiantly going far. But after all he had to do, I can either see him pulling a Hyre and asking either Damian, or Anya to kill him after getting stuck. Or losing a fight against Jet. Either way I can see a tragic ending for him, which was a shame as I could also seem him winning, as he was an optimistic guy in such a dark games.

4th- Damian- Okay, I absolutely love the Damian/Anya pairing as it is (without a shadow of a doubt) the best part of this story and makes me smile when I read about it. The thief and the drunk... they make such an appealing pair and were the two I was rooting for from the start. I can see these two actually getting this far by sticking together (of course the question of having to kill each other would torment them) but I reckon Damian would die at this point. In a very emotional way and encourage Anya to go on and win. I like Damian's character, it's just I liked Anya's more.

3rd Pipper- Okay you're probably wondering why she's in the top 3. It's quite simple, Pipper (I can sense easily) will be the Jules of this story. The one the readers (and the other tributes) underestimate right until the very end. I mean she's in the shadow of Sean Armani, she plots by herself... I just loved her character and how completely overlooked she is. I can see her becoming a badass and proving everyone wrong (she has been mistreated her whole life, so I can see her easily killing someone) but I can see her falling at the final hurdle as there couldn't be two district 10 winners.

2nd- Jet- As much as I'd dislike Jet as a person, he is a star character, a true psycho would could easily (and realistically) win these games. He kills things all the time, he has been trained... he is from District 2 (that wins most of the games). The only thing I can see getting in the way would be his complete insanity that could actually prove to be his downfall. I think he'd make a very realistic winner or runner up. The only person I can see winning ahead of him would be...

1st- ANYA POWERS! Yes, you're probably laughing that the drunk would actually win against all of these highly trained careers and killers. But she is my favourite character by a clear mile (with Damian taking second place and Roulla third) she's just hilarious and her chapters (or dialogue) remind me a lot of how funny Aleah's chapters could be. Also after seeing her chapter (when she was sober and thinking about things) she (in my opinion) could be strong enough to win the games and she had fantastic development.

Also the whole thing between her and Damain is probably the highligh
YourUnrealImaginaryFriend chapter 9 . 7/11/2014
Anya is really annoying!
intuwisdom chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
I miss BTTTK so much... This has been one of my favourite fics since I first discovered it, and I've found it to be much more fangirl-worthy than the original Hunger Games, to be honest. ToB was fantastic, too, but nothing compares to BTTTK. I love this fic. Lucian is one of my fictional soulmates 3 Jet is fricking amazing. Canicus is a badass. Admire's, well, Admire. Sade is pretty cool, but not one of my favourites. Bren is pretty cool too. I love Maeve! So cool! Roulla is pretty unique, so I like her. Atalanta is amazing too. Bastian is a little overconfident, but I like his ambition to be a writer. I never paid much attention to Edrick, so I don't have much to say about him. Londyn is so fierce and brilliant, and I love the fact that she's blind; yet another unique character. Jonas is pretty funny. Alexis was slightly...weird...but I can totally understand her. Anya most definitely has the superPowers...that was a bad pun. Damian is damn cool. Alaric was, like Edrick, not one I paid particular attention to, but he was okay. Juniper was such a smartass about plants. I feel so sorry for Sean. Pipper is a little...meh. Erik and his 'Scarecrow Syndrome', as I call it, are brilliant too. I actually wrote about something similar to the metal scarecrows for an English project I had a few months ago 3 Bianca was so sweeeet. Galla was kinda meh too, but I still like her. LUUUUCIANNNNN. I swear if you go canon and make him lose so they have a girl winner...I'm ragequitting the world. Unless Jet wins, in which case I'll just be extremely pissed.
IncognitoRecognition chapter 5 . 4/17/2014
Ahhh I just love Con 3 :P
Bryse chapter 1 . 3/14/2014
I'm sorry to see this story be abandoned. It was one of the best I've read on here as far as syots go. I read all the way through Tears of Blood and followed this story up to the point where it left off. I thought every chapter was beautifully written and it sucks that I won't ever see what happens to my favorite characters, like Admire or Jonas. I always really enjoyed reading and have still been checking it every once in awhile to see if someone did update. If anyone in charge of this does by chance see this, then really take into consideration finishing this story. Its way to good to just be abandoned, despite what certain leaders of 24tributes24authors might have to say.
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