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SandyXX chapter 62 . 7/15/2013
Sad that Erik is no longer ( he was one of the most interesting characters, and I will miss him. It was fascinating to be in his mind. It was nice to see him overcome ‘the scarecrow’ in the end though, especially shouting that at the end. Erik couldn’t die without some form of rebellion could he?
Hopefully he can have peace now, god knows he didn't get any in his life. Needless to say I would have been a lot less happy if Sade hadn't died too. It is certainly fitting that they both died. Oh Erik you should have just killed her instead of singing haha, but I guess jet would have come and killed him then.
and seriously what is up jet? spare one person and an instantaneous death? Are you getting soft?
Since when does he have such mercy?
I am interested to see how him hunting the alliance works out, I don't even know who I would want to win in that fight. Somehow I can see this epic battle between jet and lucian - the two psychos. Gotta say that jet would have the upper hand as we really don't know how Lucian would fare in a battle and jet - well we know how he would do.
Ah and we finally know how Alaric died, which was long overdue!
P.S. I am so glad you are back with regular updates! I love this story and you are all such great writers! Thank you for all of your effort to put this amazing story together!
Also I can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to, especially damian/anya and roulla/londyn
Skyla Pearl chapter 62 . 7/14/2013

So that happened. I think Eric has always been a brilliantly written character who was (like many of the tributes) very, very flawed but I think what was important was that he remained himself, which seems to be a theme with the more...unhinged tributes. There were a ton of things that I didn't see coming. Obviously we knew all about the confrontation, but I always got a sense it'd up with a result similar to what had occured.

I think the biggest surprise was Jet as a whole in this chapter (and maybe the cameo appearance by Jonas) and how he I didn't see that part of the equation at all. Although I am glad we have two new plot twists: the career alliance is now officially kaput; and Jet is coming for the remaining three Horsepeople. I feel like Come Away To The Water by Maroon 5 is the perfect song for this, btw. And now the BTTK is making us await a Lucian/Jet confrontation. I don't know how Atalanta or Maeve are going to fare (Maeve is probably going to be like, "what do we say to the god of death? Not today" minutes before and get the hell out of dodge) but I'm awaiting to see how that gets executed. But for Eric to do that...well, he had his reasons, which were justified.

Oh, and then there's the other thing I didn't expect Jet to do: not be all torture-pron-y, but I figured Eric used his gambit to not end up like Alaric. Probably so he can torture Lucian later on. Oh, and no pelt stuff. *thumbs up*

But the most important bit if the Jabberjay, which I should have known from the start what it's true purpose was, but was so locked in suspense, I overlooked it. I think that last part is what made the whole chapter materialize properly with the themes regarding Eric. In the middle of the chapter, he says he wants to die as himself, not as The Scarecrow and wants to die on his own terms. As of now, I think Eric had the best sendoff of the story and possibly series, and no, not in terms of writing or technical details, but in terms of how he dictated his final moments and killing the Jabberjay is as he had said, his way of showing his moments of hate to them (I've gotten too used to abrupt, or horrific Bastian-esque deaths, which was highlighted in the chapter). I'm also sort of glad he got to (maybe) have his stake in avenging Bianca.
Idalove2read chapter 61 . 7/12/2013
oooh wow what a chapter! WONDERFULLY written, it gave me the chills. Especially Alaric's death. The characters are so real, it's amazing. I would even say I almost don't mind the wait because it's always SOOOO worth it. Your story is amazing, i'm happy you are back to updating. You are amazing and you have to know that because this chapter, like all the others, blew me away :3
Skyla Pearl chapter 61 . 7/12/2013
I'm sorry things have gone so badly lately, but I understand coming as someone who recently had surgery due to a rare disorder (for my age, anyway). I would have halted everything too. Health comes first. Anyway, I've finally decided to stop lurking and review!

This is a fantastic chapter, my one and only complaint is that it was too short and left me wanting more! So Canicus is no longer in the running to become Panem's Next (Top) Victor, which kind of sucks because I liked him quite a lot. I noticed that people were confused over the term "Jet and Jet", but could it have been that Canicus was going through a mild vision or something or is it just a typo?

Aww poor Alaric! Though on one hand, I was glad to have my curiosity satisfied to see the sadistic duo of Jet and Canicus be the ones responsible, I will admit I was worried about that not being covered. I do adore how he got to keep his dignity even in his dying moments and acknowledged that he had family that was watching. It was written fairly realistic and powerful enough to have given Alaric a final push of depth.

Like everyone, I wonder who or what killed him. But in my initial readthrough, I thought he had killed himself and saw Seraphina, but when I read it again, it seemed that it was all real. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the girl at the end was Admire. She's his district partner and of course with that entails her knowing his sister. And how this was her story to begin with, well, Admire has her ulcer problem, which unlike your typical career, is a quite unusual and gives her leverage for this being her story. But that's just my guess.

Thank you II-Gen3sis-II for supplying us with this format of a chapter, we readers kind of needed the time jumps and you did it marvelously, although I'm sorry that I didn't catch the Sucker Punch reference because I still have yet to see the movie. I'm going to stop rambling now.
DeletedAccount3498 chapter 1 . 7/10/2013
Wow, this was perfect setting and everything. I think I'll totally understand why the Quell took place in this story, in fact, it almost seems like something that would happen in the books.
4433220011223344 chapter 62 . 7/8/2013
so canicus is dead?
i really like the repetition in this chapter. i'm not to sure who the 'she' is in the last couple of lines, though.
good work!
4433220011223344 chapter 61 . 7/8/2013
maybe you'd like to remove this chapter? it's an author's note/ruleviolating blahblahblah and there are plenty of crazy critics out there who target these XD
melliemoo chapter 62 . 7/8/2013
I found this chapter pretty confusing. A fight between Jet and Jet? Is that one of his alter personalities? The ending also didn't make much sense. It's been long enough that I don't recall if we already know how Canicus died, and this is just his view point, or if this is the first we've heard of his death. If the latter, then I am really confused how he died.
Vykktor chapter 62 . 7/6/2013
Now that was unexpected. Can't say I expected that in a million years. Good to see this epic story is up and running again, though!
24tributes24authors chapter 62 . 7/5/2013


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's something that a lot of soldiers have.

And that's because Belles left me with everything, so for a long time there was only me with the password and trying to look through a bunch of people to pick someone to help me.

The problem is that you can't let 24 people have a password, it results in chaos and frankly there's at least always one who thinks they should win. So you need to have someone who's responsible but also has to give up any rights to do a tribute. So they will not have any winning or glory or whatever.

Frankly, they'll read over 300,000 words with little or no thanks. They'll reread those same words again 3 more times sometimes because a hundred words have been added or this character doesn't mesh. They'll have to write chapters themselves for the overall plotline, they'll have to argue with authors about things that aren't fair. They'll have to settle disputes between authors too. And they'll have to deal with trolls and harassment. They have to read the reviews (and reply even if it's slow going!). They have to know who people favour and weigh it against who should win. They have to sacrifice hours of their time for this. They don't get paid. They often get cursed at. They in short, do this for the joy of doing it, not for anyone's love (because few do love those in charge) but because it's fun for the authors.

And when at the end of the day you've read and reread and corrected a 10,000 word chapter and made sure everyone was portrayed right-and you fielded 15 or so questions or PM's, you can then sit down to people who clamour for you to produce the story faster. Some clamour it's too long, some too short. And at the end of the day, you wonder if it's worth it.

Then finally you get that one review when you're about to pull out your hair, wondering why you do this. That says, "Thank you, you're story means so much to me. The characters are real, and reading this is the highlight of my week."

Then you think, maybe it's worth it.

So it took me awhile to find someone else to help, who'd be willing to take all that on.
Tigerlils chapter 62 . 7/5/2013
I'm so glad you updated! But I was wondering why it took so long, if only a few of you had "problems." (I can't think of a better word right now, so even though it irks me, it'll have to be problems.) I mean, couldn't one in 24 be able to post?

I'm sorry you were in hospital, Phoenix Refrain. And that you have P-something I can't remember right now.
Hazelshade12 chapter 62 . 7/5/2013
Glad to hear that you're feeling good enough to update again! I really enjoyed this chapter. I loved how the opening paragraph was used again in a different context, and it was used very well. I loved the part where he expressed so much concern for his sister that he gave up his dream of winning the games to save her. It made him seem a lot more human, realistic, and interesting than a lot of other career tributes I have read about.
StarshotFourteen chapter 62 . 7/5/2013
SO HAPPYYYYYYY ok I can't say anything other than that I won't even make sense if I try but I'm just really happy y'all are back and okay and planning on opdating I am super super excited welcome back guys I will try to properly review the beautiful chapter later when excitement dies down okay yes happy happy happy
Guest chapter 62 . 7/5/2013
Great to know updates are back on track! I didn't expect the careers to be falling apart with this many outer tributes still alive!
Morgandi chapter 62 . 7/5/2013
Canicus! Canicus?! Canicus, WHAT DID YOU DO.
Phew, okay. First off, I loved that we finally know what happened to Alaric. I don't love what happened to Alaric (ick, poor guy) but I thought this scene was excellent. I never took much note of Alaric, but in his dying I liked him a lot more. When Canicus told him to man up, I felt the feels so bad, man. Because Alaric is just a kid who doesn't want to die. Just like every single other kid in the arena.
The recaps of the stuff that happened over the 10 days were also quite good. Nice to see them from the Career leader's point of view!
And then, the end of the chapter. What? No. Canicus can't be dead, because Canicus is epic and just ugh. No. I want more Canicus :(
So who killed him? Very interested to know this. I have a sneaking suspicion that he might have killed himself to take him out of the Game so Seraphina could live, which is very sad and touching. In which case, the person speaking to him at the end was just a fever dream. But I suppose we'll find out!
Awesome chapter, glad we're updating again.
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