Reviews for Sound the Bugle
Guest chapter 1 . 1/28/2016
Hello Kitty Crusader.
I am a huge fan of those for and what you made is a masterpiece! I made it as a comic but you know? When I was making it, My hands were tingling and my legs are aching. All because of Aeolus who is hurt there. The amputation part was the hardest to draw. Though, I am not really that good in making human organs.
I always read this story. It made me cry alot! As in ALOT! Atlas is not boring in this story. Thetis also made my heart very painful because of his driven out emotions. And Siarnaq was the most outstanding for me! He doesn't need to kill people to claim his destiny because he already claimed it by caring Aeolus! Worth it! Their destinies were already there! Atlas' passion, Thetis' purity of his heart and the emotion, Siarnaq never claimed before he was betrayed was the emotion to care.

I'll credit u if I'm going to make it as either in animation or a manga.

PS. U deserve a trophy
Guest chapter 1 . 3/2/2014
It really seemed that the four were a family, trying their very hardest to protect eachother, at any cost. That is what I like about fics like these. They give you a story and plot that draws you in and makes you really feel like the characters are real, and not just a program on the screen. This is something that most of the games, new and old, lack, making sites like these where imagination can be expressed an amazing thing. You did an amazing job about how each of the characters was feeling about the situation, and you should keep doing what you doing, making more amazing stories like these. Heart-wrenching, but at the same time it gave you a feeling of warmth about the characters and how they care about eachother. Bravo, good sir. Bravo
X the Reaper chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
Very nice and heartwarming.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
Oh, THIS. This story of regret, of being idealistic, wanting to change the world and stupid and corrupted by an outside force, and depression, and friends, and Mega Men, and family, and making all the wrong choices but realizing almost too late you've done nothing but make mistakes because you're too young to know better. Displaying some of Aeolus's and Model H's (someone Aeolus has done great wrong to, but who is also bound to Aeolus since I've got the impression it's ridiculously rare and difficult to find a Biomatch/Chosen One for a Biometal) relationship, along with some quick little snippets of the other Biometals' relationships with their Biomatches in contrast with Model H's view on HIS Biomatch.

Ah, I would love it if you contined and expanded on this story some more. I enjoyed your take on Atlas, her personality here shines through, making her a very defined and passionate character instead of a boring sterotype or whatever and Siarnaq was incredible, intelligent, sharp and very much matched up to my personal take on his character! Same goes for the other Mega Man. You wrote a simple tale of the aftermath very well I am unaware if you have any plans to elaborate on this, but there's potential to be explored here and I would be delighted if you updated at some point later on.

Or: This fic. I like it. /ANOTHER!
7th Scale chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
Cute. Way to show the relationship between the four Mega Men. They always seemed like a family to me.

I see you also touched their pasts and suppressed, but still influential memories. Often forgotten or badly explained aspect, but crucial for a good story. How you coupled it with the Mega Men's guilt and their basic mindsets already given in the game also catches the eye. Seems a bit OOC at first, but then you really get into their mind and just make a realistic setting out of that. I'm impressed to say the least. :)

Very touching, indeed. Can't wait for your next fic!