Reviews for Demons in Gotham
Doctor Legolas chapter 8 . 11/11/2014
This is absolute 24c gold. Please update this awesomeness soon, I seriously can't wait for the next chapter:D
booklover2098 chapter 8 . 9/26/2012
Can't wait for the sequel! This was an awesome story!
BlackWolfe chapter 8 . 9/8/2012
This was a great chapter!

Im so glad Paige decided to leave her family. They were kinda evil...

I espically loved the emotion when Paige was deciding weither or not to talk to Dick. SO ADORABLE!

I cant wait fot Crimson Angel!
missmusicluver chapter 7 . 9/1/2012
hehe robin and throwing rocks :)

And AWWW poor robin! getting dumped like that! :((( And just fyi her dads a dick
BlackWolfe chapter 7 . 9/1/2012
Awww! I cant believe Paige isn't not going to work with YJ anymore. *starts crying* And how could she be so mean to Dick? They were so cute together! Please update soon!
BlackWolfe chapter 6 . 8/27/2012
Simon and Isabelle. Wally and Artemis. Robin and Paige. M'gann and Superboy. Please :)

This chapter wasnt bad at all! It was so romantic!

I love how Wally is jealous of Simon. I also love how he just went to tell Robin instead of calling him and walked in on their date! LOL!
BlackWolfe chapter 5 . 8/27/2012
I think Robin and Paige would be adorable. I also would love to read Wally making a fool of himself before he realizes he loves Artemis :)
BlackWolfe chapter 4 . 8/27/2012
I love Artemis and Paige figured out that they go to school with Robin! So hilarious!
BlackWolfe chapter 2 . 8/26/2012
This story is AMAZING! I love this story!
BlackWolfe chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
This story is amazing so far!
missmusicluver chapter 6 . 7/15/2012
SImon and isabelle! DO ITTTT!

anyways, Dic is such a ladies man! i loved it! the date ws soo cute when he just swooped diwn and made the first move
nephilicreaper chapter 6 . 7/15/2012
can't wait for the next chapter
American Hippogriff chapter 5 . 6/24/2012
Sorry I'm not logged in, but it's still me! That was awesome! I love it how Wally is hitting on Isabelle :D. Keep up the good work!
missmusicluver chapter 5 . 6/23/2012
AHHHHH so cute. the whole Artemis jealous and wally hitting hopelessly on isabelle. :)

But i am totally loving on her and Dick coming together. and wth is demon pox? uh-oh... thats no bueno...

lovin every chapter :)
missmusicluver chapter 4 . 6/23/2012
LOVIN THIS :) but wait, are clary and her related? like legitlly related, cause they look the same... right?

And i feel some Robin love moments comin up!

lol wally hittin on isabelle, classic :)

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