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Eurasian Lynx chapter 60 . 3/17
Oh, well that's too bad. (Just checked profile)

I'll miss your stories not being updated anymore, but oh well, c'est la vie.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll come back and see that I'm all caught up on reviewing and not slacking off for a year at a time anymore. ;D



Ah well, who knows, maybe I'll start writing my own stuff to fill the void.


Yeah right, anytime I try to write something that's not required of me I get two paragraphs in and get distracted. PSH, me, writing, yeah.

That's gonna happen.

Yeah, wow I'm out of practice this feels marginally weird to be doing.

But yeah getting bored with something is completely understandable and not something you need to apologize for (not that you really were apologizing I think but meheheh ... I am mega-goat). Overexposure creates a lack of interest, usually, just go write your own things and write them well. Fanfiction-goers(?) of Trinity Blood like myself will survive, I've found another little fandom I've started obsessively stalking (I guess that's a term?) anyways, not that I don't love Trinity Blood anymore but some of those sweethearts have just stolen my own heart 3 (not that my own doings even really factor in to this at this point, who's the one who can barely remember to do a review a year? Well, not really remember, I remember I'm just lazy, and I just want to say something more than OMGGREATCHAPPIE!1, but that takes work, and I'm not good at that). (I think most people, especially those who are familiar with the effort put into stories like this, would agree, about the getting bored part, yes, no, I don't even know. HAH A RHYM-*SHOT*)

(And you do realize that when you become a published author I'm going to be that person looking at your book in a store going "I could buy food, or I could buy this.


I don't need to eat that badly.)

So basically it's a shame that you won't continue but I eagerly await your original works.

Why didn't I just go with that before? (Because I wouldn't be me if I didn't take up 20 minutes to say what could have been said in 5 seconds)

Still existing just still putting the 'pro' in procrastination,

BlueWings900 chapter 60 . 3/17
Cute chapter, letting Abel and Aran build up a bit of a relationship. I was a bit surprised Valdy's already causing trouble at such a young age. I guess he's just jealous :3

Well, thanks for the chapter! Off to read the other story you updated!
k009 chapter 60 . 3/5
So cute!
dillydip248 chapter 60 . 3/3
Good chapter...i like seeing Aran and Azul. And i hope youll be able to update on Tuesdays...just the thought of it makes me excited :)
BlueWings900 chapter 59 . 1/14
Huh... ok so I gotta admit something. I go back to read my reviews of the past chapter since I usually comment about something that caught my attention, and that'll usually refresh my memory on the story.

Well confession out of the way, I read Kite00's review and that pretty much sums up my review for this chapter XD minus the completion part. But one thing... ARAN, AZUL, I love you guys! *blush

Peace out!
Kite00 chapter 59 . 1/11
I told myself I wasn't going to read any fan fictions unless they were completed, but I couldn't help myself. Then you updated right when I got to the last chapter and I couldn't have been happier. I really enjoyed this chapter and overall this entire story is just awesome!

When Barrack yelled at Abel for ditching his guards, it sounded like a worried parent even though he was yelling at his Emperor. Hahaha, one mentally scared adult plus two potentially scared children and we get this awesome story. Love it!
Narshia chapter 15 . 10/22/2014
I think the party where Seth explains the properties of the Krusnik and bacillus was left out. Also her getting permission to use the bacillus. Also Cain out of no where stars that he was promised shared control when all was said was a guarantee that his family will be protected.

I know these were mentioned in the original version of the book buti think they need to be brought over to the rewrite as well.

Other than that I liked the added scene with the mirror and Cains choice. Also I loved that Shane gets consumed. He deserved it! I also liked the mentality test result part. It really gives good insight into how Cain turns out later.

Also I was wondering if both tubes Seth used was 100% or was it 80%? Not sure if it'll be mentioned later since I haven't got there yet. Anyways I'm really enjoying the rewrite.
Narshia chapter 8 . 10/7/2014
Truthfully I didn't care about the original divergent path story up until the Mars civil war. So the fact that the Civil War is starting early is making this a lot or exciting to read. I didn't care for the little spats that was between the to fighting nations in the original and that it was the cause for the Civil War eventually. It felt a little weak to me. But now since there was a stronger power struggle among the colonist from the beginning it feels more believable.

Also it sounds like the UN did not screen the colonists if this is happening.
Narshia chapter 6 . 10/7/2014
I'm glad the media scene was still there but wasn't Cain given a prepared speech? I thought that was mentioned earlier. I though prepared speeches would be boring but I guess Cain could have improvised it to make it more enjoyable. I'm not sure what to think about Cain's very dark thoughts so far. It's starting to sound like he's always been like that and it wasn't the Krusnik's control/influence. I had the impression from the older version that he was worried about his siblings and that was twisted by the Krusnik to be in a very dark kind of way.
Narshia chapter 5 . 10/7/2014
I liked the party where Abel was messing up while making cake. So far I like most of the change in the story and that some events are mentioned like the conversation on favorite food since it is mentioned in vehemens. I was also apprised that Cain included Lilith in the portrait since in the original story he saw her as outside of their group and hardly included her.
BlueWings900 chapter 58 . 9/3/2014
And the Fortuna Brothers finally take stage! XD
Guest chapter 1 . 9/3/2014
hi my name is melanie and i think you video story is relly sad. I now you did a good job on making the story, but if you seen the searis of Trinity Blood. Abel is a nice guy and the story make him sound like a bad guy, I am sorry but that is how I fell have a nice yaer. from melanie
wenduo chapter 58 . 9/3/2014
Yes this chapter made more sense than the earlier one about why Abel couldn't get children i still feel sorry for almost everyone in this chapter... Especially Azul and Aran poor them always the innocent ones that have to pay for what others have done. Goo they will get it better soon :)
BlueWings900 chapter 57 . 8/3/2014
I finally read it! This was probably the longest time it has ever taken me to read something. Dude, I swear I memorized half of this, WORD FOR WORD! So many people interrupting me right when I'm getting into the flow of things. Then when I go back to read it, I have to reread a couple lines just to remember what happened! But before I can even get done with a new sentence, someone else comes up to me! Then I talk to the person, because I don't want to be rude, but when I turn back to this chapter I forgot what I just read! And the process repeats itself!

I may have memorized a great portion of this, but I feel like none of it is connecting the way it usually does. Usually I can make a small summary in my head and recall something that caught my attention, a year after I read something... but I've been rereading this for several times and honestly I can't put it into my own words! I think of something, but I end up recalling a line from this chapter and I'm like, "those are not my words!"

Hopefully I can forget the words for the chapter, so I can actually read it instead of my brain flying through the words and 'reading' it to me before my eyes can. Its just like when I write my own story and then go back to reread it!

Anyway, this review sucks! I can't bring myself to care. Its late. I'm tired. My cousins... no wait, my entire family! Has something against me reading!

It was a nice chappie, though! I'm just grumpy :(
Eurasian Lynx chapter 12 . 8/2/2014

And b/c I can't wait until I get there, holy shit Thomas what did you do to those poor soldiers. And by severed Alaric's head do you mean completely as in decapitation, mostly like Nearly Headless Nick, or partially like cutting the jugular, I'm sorry it was just sort of confusing as to what exactly happened there. B/c I thought he got decapitated but then it said he was grasping at the wound and if the head is separated from the body he can't control his arms so... I confuzzled. :(

Okay back to the chapter at hand.

I can only wonder what was going through Tabitha's mind when her antisocial superior shows up on her doorstep, on her day off no less. And I can only imagine what would go through Kayson's mind if he came back early when Abel was still there, alone, with his wife, the man who pays no social visits whatsoever, visiting his wife, when he's not there.

Trinity Blood: The Soap Opera

Tabitha: *nervously enters Abel's office*

Abel: Ah, good, listen lieutenant, I need you to head out to-

Tabitha: *puts finger over his lips* I need to talk to you.

Abel: *muffled* What are you doing?

Tabitha: Sir, *deep breath* I'm pregnant, and you're the father.

Abel: *still muffled* Wait when did this happen?

*scene cut*

Kayson: You're tearing me apart Tabitha!

Tabitha: I'm sorry Kayson! It was an accident...

Kayson: NO! It wasn't, it can't have been... Not with how you still act around him. Tabitha, I can't. I can't do this. *turns towards door*

Tabitha: *crying* NO! *lunges for his hand* You can't leave me! *falls to knees begging as she clings to his hand*

Kayson: *wrenches hand out of her grasp* You slept with another man Tabitha! How do you expect me to brush this off so easily. *opens door and leaves*

Tabitha: NOOOOOO! *collapses crying*

*scene cut*

*in doctors office, Lilith is looking at data on a computer while Tabitha sits on exam bed rubbing bump*

Lilith: I'm sorry to say Tabitha, but Abel is not the father of your child.

*dramatic turn*

Lilith: He's the father of mine.

Tabitha: *gasp*

Lilith: You got the wrong results. And looking at your current results, the DNA comparisons are too different for him to be the father.

Tabitha: But then... who is?

Lilith: *eyes close as she turns to the side in sorrow*

Abel: *walks in* ... What's going on? No seriously, everyone's been acting weird all day...

Lynx: Someone get him off the set.

Abel: *gets dragged off by security guards* Hey-! I-! What are you-? Let me go!

Lynx: And action!

Tabitha: But then... who is?

Lilith: *camera zooms in while she looks at Tabitha* Seth.

Abel: *from somewhere off set* What.

Okay I'm done now.

... Despite knowing that Abel likes tea I half expected him to spit it out b/c he mentioned about how even if it was disgusting he'd try to be polite about it, try but might fail, and so you know how the universe feels about people thinking like that.

NIHILUM! NIHILUM! AAAAAAAHHHHH! *flailing desperately in desire to tell Abel Nihilum's identity*

Abel: ... Calm down.

Tabitha: *stage whisper* Is she always like this?

Abel: Usually yes.

DH: Why don't you just tell him?

Abel: Tell me what?

Because if I tell him it will ruin the awesome reveal later on so I can't say anything and IT'S KILLING ME INSIDE.


Abel: ... Am I just in the two of yours way? *radio goes off*

Saved by the bell. Buzzer. ... thing.

Back to my normal review style b/c that script type is hard as I have discovered after the Soap Opera and IHAVESIXMINUTESTOTYPETHISOHGOD.

... Did the rebels have a symbol of some sort that was on the rover? How did they get it one the rover in the first place? Was it always there or did they carve it/paint it in? If so, how did they find the time to do that? WHO WAS THAT MAN SHOWING ABEL THE ROVER?

My questions will forever remain unanswered won't they.

I have a few extra moments to go back to script mode, even though it has been only minutes since I said I would stop. :D

*riding on Dee's back as he runs alongside motorbike* Well, it will take a while to get to the site, yes?

Abel: Yes.

DH:*huff huff*



*one hour later as Abel lays dying after being shot*

Abel: I welcome death after that music.

...Was it really that bad?



I like how even as Abel's dying and is admitting that Cain gives him a reason to live he still calls him annoying. Even as he's dying he won't admit to himself that Cain might be 'dear' to him like Seth is. I find that a mixture of funny and sad.



(LET'S GET THIS STORY TO NINTH PLACE IN THE COMMENTS LIST SHALL WE? AND... POST REVIEW) (unless someone already posted a review while I wrote this one, which they probably did XD)
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