Reviews for Unity
StormRex Lancer chapter 1 . 1/25/2013
Nice, I have been waiting to find out more about the Project Fairy. I have played Idolmaster SP, but one thing I have never know about is the lives behind the rivals'. Takane is often taunted by Hibiki, and Miki, especially pranked upon. So it's a good change that Takane got the last laugh when she finally made Hibiki and Miki's prank in this story backfire, calling Hibiki small, she isn't that small, though...

Miki and Hibiki are one example of fun duos, appreciating each other's presence. Hibiki surely loved her dog Inumi, eh? So much so as to pick up a collar that meant a lot to Inumi, even asking Miki of her choice. I loved how this despite short, is able to picture Hibiki's relationship with Inumi. In the end, even if they might quarrel with one another, they will still get along with each other. Unfortunately, they are pulled down by one factor, the relationship with Kuroi, as stated in the SP games.
androidilenya chapter 1 . 6/21/2012
Aw... well, that was a sweet little story. Friendship and teamwork and hugs! Yay!

I liked this line: "I'm afraid I'm not particularly knowledgable in how to get small girls out of trapdoors." Takane is great! She's just like "..." all the time and just stands around being... epic. Yeah. So great job with this- I know pretty much nothing about this whole Project Fairy thing, and everything I know about it I learned from this story and your latest chapter of 'Jupiter's Game'. But it seems kinda interesting.

So, yeah. Cool story.