Reviews for The Saltwater Room
Pale18 chapter 1 . 6/15/2013
This is so freakin' adorable.
This image created from 'saltwater room' made things in this story feel very real and close to me. I could SMELL saltwater. Fantastic!
Bangarrang chapter 1 . 1/16/2013
"I need beach air."
That's my life motto :)
And I loved this story!
khdayskh1314 chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
this was amazing. i dont like akushi at all but youve got a talent for rokushi! most people that like other pairings hate this pairing too much or dont have the guts to post a story that's rokushi. thanks for posting this :D it was great
FireWolfHeart chapter 1 . 6/21/2012
See, I have two options here. Option one... I could cry and moan and whine about how I can't BELIEVE I missed RokuShi day... Or option two is... I could gush over how, darn, CUTE this was... Think I'll go with option 2... OMGTHISWASDOWNRIGHTADORABLE! I LOOOOOVED IIIIIITTTT AND IT WAS SOOOOO CUTE! For someone who perfers AkuShi, this was REALLY good.
Ultimate Black Ace chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
This is pretty good, especially since Akushi is your forte as you put it. It captured their curiosity, naïvety and the resulting ackwardness that they would feel perfectly. There wasn't a moment that Roxas or Xion were out of character.
Raberba girl chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
It's kind of funny, I'm pretty sure that it was your poems which first got me into actually shipping RokuShi. C:

AHAHAHA, at least your RokuShi fic is actually ABOUT RokuShi, and not AkuSai and AkuSaiRoku with a SaiJaz epilogue. -.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; R. girl fails forever, lol. orz

"It won't be the same without all three of us" D'aww, I love Roxas.

""I need beach air," she said firmly." XD

That next little bit is really cute, Xion angsting and Roxas being all sweet and gentlemanly. :)

I've always thought that those Org boots would be horrible to have to wear on a beach...

"The best place to think." / "But I thought you said you've been thinking too much." XD It's RokuShi Banter! So much more innocent and adorable than AkuSai Banter. X3

*misses Larxene*

"It was pretty, like she'd swallowed a star and was glowing with its light" Sooooo cute. X3

LOL, I totally thought he was running off to get ice cream. XD XD XD This is better, though. And if that's the shell that was left behind when she died, AAAWWWWW *loves that so much*.

"But she had called him sweet, so he must've done something right." I love clueless boys. :)

"I wonder if some of the ocean's stuck in there, trying to get out" D:

"She figured she knew something about how much could be packed into such small spaces. Like that place where her heart was supposed to be, for example." D: D: D: *hugs Xi* Good lines, though!

"I'm not as warm as Axel, but…" XD XD XD That part made me laugh a lot, both the reference to Axel and Roxas being adorable...

LOL buttons.

"Roxas didn't need to wield fire to make her feel warm inside." *SQUEE*

"just long enough to completely melt his brain." Cute boy is cute.

"or some other ridiculously sappy simile." XD Fourth wall breakage ftw!

LOL Xion doesn't even know what she did. XD And Roxas even says that he was rambling... These two are so adorable.

...I wonder if Xion knew how to kiss because Kairi's kissed Sora before. ;)

"It sounded kind of gross, thinking about it afterwards." XD Yes.

"holding up his arms in defense. Xion pushed them back down." SO CUTE.

"We could ask Axel" LOL, I would not recommend that.

"She wouldn't want anyone else besides him to do that to her." X3

"I think… I just wanted to be with you for a while." D'awww. I love RokuShi.

In my shorter RokuShi drabble that's actually about RokuShi, they end up kissing too, ew... I should just stick to writing them as siblings, it works way better.

This was such a cute, sweet fic; perfect for RokuShi Day! :D