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Guest chapter 3 . 6/6/2013
Woah. So, until this point, I have only been watching Interferrence IV, seeing as it was the only on-going story I knew of. Then on. Whim, I check you're profile and find this information-nuclear-warhead. MindBlown doesn't even begin to cover that kind of hit.

You are so awesome, I don't have a large enough vocabulary to do you justice. I will now end this comment because I am now simply dying to see what you've concocted in those other two additions.

Oh, because I'd feel like a jerk otherwise, allow me to finish with: This story was (obviously) mind-blowingly fantastic beyond the scope of my ability to describe. AND NOW, ONWARDS!

Thank you, so much. Really. 3
the Zogg chapter 3 . 10/22/2012
This story had an actual purpose after all?! A new Big Bad has shown itself in the form of Hyperion and his cohorts. I suspect that he has two partners to be perfectly honest and they are after Ven and Aqua's Keyblades and I have a feeling that they already have Aqua's and are still looking for Ven's and the way he hijacked Terra's armor and Keyblade was badass with his use of alchemy AND he has Chrono Cross magic! I guess that means that Alex will Interfere in Chrono Cross in the future - pardon the pun. Maybe Hyperion is Crono from the future who is angry at Alex for letting the Fall of Guardia happen, or maybe he's an OC that was created by Alex accidentally, or maybe he's an abomination that the universe created because it's trying to fight back against a foreign element aka Alex, or maybe Yen Sid is right and it's another evil scheme of Xehanort who is Genre Savvy enough to change his Evil Plan based on the fact that since he's a Big Bad in a video game his original plan was doomed to fail based on story conventions so he's changed it. I personally suspect time travel is involved given the Chrono Cross magic. But what I know for sure is that Hyperion is seriously bad news if he was able to defeat the Lingering Will by himself.

Finally, it looks like Alex will be getting some back up in the form of Goofy. But that might not be a good thing. I don't think Goofy can handle a world like Jak II with all of the death, cursing, and innuendo's. I doubt that he has what it takes to take down a Krimson Guard because they are living beings not controlled by Darkness. They're just Punch Clock Villains. And it really shows how far Alex has fallen now that he can kill them without batting an eye. Also, why didn't Yen Sid warn Mickey that Alex was in a Crapsack World that is Dangerous with a capital D? Anyway, I also hope Alex remains an Anti Hero and Manipulative Bastard, it makes him an excellent contrast to Sora and the realistic results of a normal kid that has had to deal with to much crap. Please don't have Goofy make him a straight up hero again in five seconds though the Power of Friendship, or something like that.
Hijokugei chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
And so a new saga begins?
DoubleXXCross chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
The actual meat of this entry, the two main chapters, is more of a character study than anything else, being a basic look at the relationship between Sora and Alex without the major plot and other cast members getting in the way for once (although still influencing them). It doesn't seem important to other people here but, really, the way that defined characters interact is the basis of a story, not a conflict.

This epilogue, however, packs the plot back on. Structurally, I'm not sure how much it really works tacked onto the end like this. It makes the short suddenly feel light and then heavy with the amount of ground covered here. We have the introduction of a new character, the start of a new mystery, the clearing up of a different mystery, introduction of important plot points — it's a lot to take in compared to the relatively plotless Re:coded main plot. But then again, it does sort of reflect the state of Re:coded. Its worth to the overarching story is purely in the ending, with the rest of it very self-contained (even more self-contained than Days, which was retconned into a gap where nothing much happened).

And still, it's good to have some overall relevance. This was a pretty big diversion from the main story, not exactly drabble-length, and to have it walk away on a tangent would be somewhat disappointing (not to me personally, as I said before, but to others). So, I appreciate that the plot's there. I'm just not all that big on it being squeezed at the end, though I understand why.

But really, this was fun! It really was.
KadoyaOkami chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
Oh dear GOD, Newbie-Spud, this is AMAZING! I can't wait to see how this plays out now!
Riyshn chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
...did you just give yourself an excuse to barrel through everything and just skip half of Jak 2's story line?
Hijokugei chapter 2 . 10/15/2012
Woohoo! Well done, good sir. Feels like the ending, so I'm going to assume it is. Good work! Hope you can keep it up and do more work in your other fics.
the Zogg chapter 2 . 10/15/2012
Okay, I am very, very confused. What was the point of this story? I don't mean to be rude but it seemed sort of pointless. Alex didn't really do anything this adventure other than throw Sora his Lockshield. An at what point of Alex's journey's has Re:Coded happened? Before the Crimson Elixir? After it? During the Wings of Time? Or before Dark Renegade? Also in the grand scheme of things Alex is a VERY different man now after his Dark Eco Treatments, with his new Anti-heroic nature and Manipulative Bastard tendencies and Alex can't even fit into the Real World anymore with his mutations so he can't get the games. Even then based on the Interference laws Alex will be in his twenties by the time he returns with new info.

But for now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt because this story is only two chapters in and I don't see the Complete sign guess is that the Journal will become more corrupted with each Interference the real Alex makes causing Data-Alex to have to fix the Journal of Bugs and Plot Holes, or something? Please give me an explanation. This story has made me very confused both on the actual stories purpose and on a meta level.
Noble Nine chapter 2 . 10/14/2012
Hmm... I wonder at what point in the series' releases that real world Alex is at... It's obvious that not even 358/2 Days had been released by Interference 1, so it's entirely possible that 3D hasn't been released at this point.
mangagor chapter 2 . 10/14/2012
Well, that's that. I almost forgot this story since it was so short and hadn't updated in a while but when I saw that you had updated it I smiled, I really did. You really are one hell of an underrated fanfic writer, I love your works and I've read through all of them more times than I dare count by now. I look forward to your next chapter or story. Will we see the interference version of DDD next? PLEASE say yes! That would be amazing! This chapter was very well-written and... I can't really say much more. Too early in the morning, too good of a fanfic.

See you around, I guess.
KadoyaOkami chapter 2 . 10/13/2012
Oh MAN, you made another masterpiece, NewbieSpud! I'm really looking forward to what happens next!
Tri-Emperor of The Twilight chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
Good story I really like the idea.
MyDarkSideHasAWayOfHerOwn chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
Oh, you devious man. You devious, devious man.
Re:Coded is my favorite Kingdom Hearts game (just because of how outrageous and different it is!) and I can't freakin' wait to see how Alexander messes with it (intentionally or not).
You're awesome. You're freakin' awesome. I would hug you, but then you'd be scarred for life and that's no fun at all, nope.
the Zogg chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
Two stories at once? Very, very, ambitious Spud. Anyway, now for some random drabble. I find this version of Alex interesting due to him being a newb and knowing nothing about what's going on. Given in Dark Renegade you've been highlighting Alex's control freak tendency's as Even slowly brings the plot off the rails. Mickey unknowingly bringing Alex into a game he's never played and into a place that screw's with your memories is hilarious for me. I also take it Data-Roxas isn't aware of the Interference otherwise he'd be Trolling Alex a lot more. Data-Roxas' 'Use and abuse' lectures would be excellent to use against Alex given in a way Alex is the ultimate abuser. He created the worlds of Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, and Jak & Daxter for rather ambiguous reason's. He created Kingdom Hearts as an escape from the real world and created the Chrono Trigger and Jak & Daxter worlds as bait to lure out the Apprentices. So in a way he is responsible for millions of people becomeing Heartless in the Kingdom Heart and Chrono Trigger Universe and he created the world of Jak 2 and by proxy created Metal Kor leading to the death of millions - same with Lavos in the complicated time travely way. So in a way Alex could be seen as a cruel callous god who spreads suffering and misery so he can enjoy himself. Think of all the people he's made suffered advertly and inadvertly. Finally, Alex doesn't know he's a Data Replica so when he finds out I doubt he will take it as well as Data-Sora. So I hope when things go off the rails (I know they will, I just know it) I hope someone like Joumae show's up to mock Alex with that stuff.

I didn't mention Fullmetal Alchemist because that was Erica's creation, just to let you know.

I like the frienship you've got going between Sora and Alex. I say this because I've noticed the different relationships Alex has had with each game protagonist. With Sora their relationship didn't go really deep. They were friends and Sora looked to Alex as his advisor and that was it. Which is pretty sad in hindsight considering Kingdom Hearts was Alex's first and primary Interference. Ironically, Alex has the strongest and best developed relationship with Edward Elric; his sisters Interference! They pretty much became best friends and developed a Red Oni Blue Oni dynamic and Edward basically became Alex's Number Two and the Lancer, and his loyalty and friendship was so great he took up the mantle as Lockshield Master for Alex's sake when he was dead and also figured out things that Alex couldn't. Like uses for alchemy and the nature of the Entity. As for Crono...Alex had practically no relationship with Crono. Hell, Alex basically took main protagonism away from Crono! Crono's role in The Wings of Time basically boiled down to being Alex's muscle. As for Jak. Alex has the most complicated relationship with Jak. They aren't really friends in the traditional sense as the past three heroes but more so have a sense of distrust towards each other due to Jak's desire for revenge making him a lose cannon and Alex's growing manipulative tendency of trying to push him in the right direction as his control slips. They are more so accomplices or partners to each other than true friends, and even if they become true friends it will be a lot less palsy-walsy than his relationship with the last three due to their anti-heroic nature. So now that you've improved and are writing this Coded fic I look forward to seeing what kind of friendship the Data-Sora and Alex develop because you've clearly grown more skilled as a writer.

Finally, I have to know. Are Alex's other Interferences happening at the same time as this fic is? Like he's doing his Fullmetal Alchemist Interference while Coded is going on? Sorry, one more question. As the real Alex makes more Interences is the plot of Castle Oblivion going to go off the rails. Like Ametris, Guardia, and Haven City showing up and a Aware Data-Replica showing up to screw with Data-Alex?
Noble Nine chapter 1 . 6/21/2012
Now this is interesting, having Alex go through a game that hadn't been released yet. I wonder if this will have any unforeseen consequences?
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