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SeaPea chapter 68 . 9/22/2012
Like the changes made to canon here in this chapter. Made perfect sense.
ladymirth chapter 68 . 9/22/2012
I was almost cringing when I started reading this chapter, not sure how off the reservation Spike was going to go when he discovered what the Scoobs had done. This was far less painful than I expected. Poor Faith. She's trying so hard to leave the past behind her and prove her gratitude and loyalty to Buffy, but the universe is just not cutting her a break. Spike is the one person she has the most in common with in that house and circumstances are just not letting either of them see it.

Buffy got to keep Dawn safe and away from the fighting, bask in her mother's faith and encouragement, go shopping and make love to the man who loved and trusted in her the most...all before the Grandaddy of Apocalypses! It's like everything Buffy of the canon yearned for and could never have - a day of perfect normalcy in the bosom of her dearest, enjoying the ordinary comforts of this world she keeps saving - this Buffy gets to have through the blessing of a demon's love. It made me tear up.

Cannot WAIT till Angel turns up! We have yet to see Angel's in-person reaction to Spuffy. Does he even know they're married?

(Until you get around to that part, I'm going to imagine that in your universe, the whole possessed Cordy seducing Connor and falling into a coma thing never, ever happened and that Cordy and Angel are happily raising Connor somewhere.)
Litalove chapter 68 . 9/22/2012
Loved the new chapter! :)
Litalove chapter 67 . 9/21/2012
Oh my goodness, it was Tara? Well that was unexpected. Oh I can't wait for the next chapter for when Spike finds out. :)
MD4evaOLTL chapter 67 . 9/21/2012
Et tu, Tara? Well, its about time Buffy found out who her true friends are and who are only her fair-weather friends. Love this update, and I hope Spike shows them why he's the original Big Bad in the next chapter:D P.S. A litte Spuffy love wouldn't hurt either;)
lady nymphadora potter 79 chapter 67 . 9/21/2012
the confruntation between spike & faith should be more like a real battle because of their history in this fic
ladymirth chapter 67 . 9/20/2012
I was so sure this wouldn't happen this way! Why? I mean, I know Buffy still sounds like a self-righteous, overbearing bitch (even if I seem to be in the minority of fans who always understood why she would be that way) but things with the gang were so much better than the first time around! And I really can't buy Tara being the one to kick Buffy out of her own house. Why Tara? Oh well, I'm trusting you to fix it eventually.

One thing is certain...Spike is going to flip out worse than he ever did on the show when he gets back. He'll never forgive this.

One thing I really don't like: "You do realize that this is as close as we'll ever come to expressing affection for each other?"

"S'what we Brits do best, innit?"

It's one of those things that sound horribly anvilicious if you say it out loud, hon. It's obvious meta-text, and loses its value when pointed out this way.
RedHead023 chapter 67 . 9/20/2012
Maybe if I had thought about it for a minute I would've remembered Xander's eye ..

Loved the chapter. When it comes down to it Buffy is always on her own. Until Spike turns up and finds out what just happened. He's going to be so upset with the Scoobies. Ohh and please tell us what your original ending idea was once we get to the end you decided on. (I know that grammar was bad but it's late and I'm tired and can't function properly.)
MD4evaOLTL chapter 66 . 9/19/2012
I'm happy that you gave your readers the inner struggle of Spike with his desire to do good, but always having to fight down his inner demon. It shows that even though he has changed, he still fights the good fight to be the "man" Buffy deserves:) Great update!
RedHead023 chapter 66 . 9/19/2012
I've got two things to say. One: that was an awful, horrible, mean place to end the chapter. Worst cliff hanger you have ever given us! And two: I'm super happy Buffy stood up to Robin about Spike. It was my absolute favorite scene in season 7, except in the show Spike didn't get to stick around and hear her support him and now he knows he has her support and love. I'm sad we're getting close to the end :-( I guess that was three things.
ladymirth chapter 66 . 9/19/2012
I'm a little sad that the way things in this universe went means that the Faith-Spike bondage and the tentative truce between Buffy and Faith couldn't happen (I've always thought the Buffy-Faith dynamic perfectly mirrors the one between Angel and Spike. Both are unspeakably cute when they're getting along and incredibly hot when they're whaling on each other). I don't personally think she'd have been so abrasive with Buffy and Spike at this point in the series; she was so sad and subdued and contrite after she got out of prison (her S4 Angel appearances were the only high points in an entire season of squick) and the whole time she was in Sunnydale in S7 she kept going out of her way not to step on Buffy's toes and was the only one to object when the Scoobs threw Buffy out of her own house. The way she acts here is more like what she was before she went to jail, methinks. Of course, it could simply be a gut reaction to being verbally attacked just as she was walking into en emotionally fraught reunion.

The tentative Willow-Faith bonding of S7, coming on the heels of Willow's world-ending spree, is another thing I loved (I began shipping them like mad then) and couldn't feasibly happen in this universe. Spike was perfectly in character though. Faith would have been like his personal tangible manifestation of the First for him - a living breathing reminder of the time when he hurt Buffy the most because he was a beast at his core, not to mention how much Faith herself hurt Buffy (flashback to Spike getting his rocks back and pounding Faith's face in for daring to usurp Buffy's place). His confrontation with Faith is one of those scenes that best reinforces the dividing line between the monster who had loved Buffy and the man he is now. I especially love how kind and understanding and gentle this Buffy is, shaped and nurtured by Spike's love, as opposed to the Buffy in the show, worn down to a single steel-spined reed by all the loneliness and turmoil that had been heaped upon her rail-thin shoulders.

As for Robin Wood, I have never had anything but respect and understanding for him...I cannot in good conscience fault a man for wanting to kill the monster who murdered his mother, especially since he has no real idea of the weight a soul carries having missed the Angel years. Thanks for being fair to all the characters and...more Faith please? :)
MD4evaOLTL chapter 65 . 9/18/2012
Great fic, couldn't stop reading it at work! Update soon:)
ladymirth chapter 64 . 9/17/2012
Crap. That was me, posting without logging in, as usual. :S
Guest chapter 64 . 9/17/2012
"So, the gist of it is," Spike drawled, "you thought the berk was evil because he took a group of young girls on a camping trip and didn't touch them?"


"Well, a bidet then. A bidet of evil"


Nikki Wood wasn't the only canonical Slayer who had children. In Faith's backstory comic, she saw visions of a Slayer from ancient Greece who was tortured and killed along with her daughter. The daughter later became a vengeance demon.

It would appear that not only do the love lives of Slayers usually end in tragedy and disappointment, there children end up pretty screwed up as well.
Litalove chapter 64 . 9/17/2012
Oh no. I was wondering when that would come into play. Oh Spike and his slayer bagging days. Can't wait for the next chapter to see what Spike does and reacts. :)
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