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Fanoffiction02 chapter 12 . 6/23
Too bad Sprout couldn't talk some sense into her house.

Yay the twins show up!

Dean and Blaise's comment in class...does everyone know about Blaise's creature inheritance?

I Hate Lockhart. I don't think I can say that enough...really.

Rigel Black: Savior of Kittens...excuse me, Defender of Kittens...has a Nice ring to it...I

So I'm assuming that the "Heir of Ravenclaw" was Luna? Right, right? Did the twins ask her to participate or did she just jump right into the ridiculousness? IS she the heir of Ravenclaw...dundunduuuuuuu!? I Really Love Luna; she's wonderful :D Will we be seeing more of her...please please please. Rigel Needs more girl friends really she's for the story...(hmm I wonder if that'll work) :)

Me-ow HA. Weasleys in PRAGUE. Be afraid be very afraid...I know I am...really though they do Do an amazing job for RIGEL regardless of whether or not she wanted them too.

Hmm Draco does not like anyone else being possessive of Rigel. I really Really would like to see a scene with him and an in the know Leo hehehe Draco doesn't need to know yet... don't know how that scene would happen actually. For as much as Jon was willing to "meet" all his people I can Not see Draco slumming it. Guess it would have to be Leo in high society like one of the fanfics for your story. And isn't That something...not only are your stories widely loved they inspire fanfiction and art of them too! Amazing.

WOW how sweet in a Flintish sort of way. I mean that is kinda major I mean a break and he meant it to and even Quiddich! Just woah. He does have a Very valid point about being too perfect though. Are we going to see Rigel making more mistakes, deliberate or otherwise, soon? I think a nice fake tick like being clumsy (not that that would work for her I was thinking more of Tonka who might be slightly clumsy because of her ever changing body but I think is played up as misdirection as well) or Something would be interesting although it would be hard to pull off I guess since she's already established.

She really shouldn't ignore Blaise's advice about rune basics. I really wish she would have continued studying it too, I can understand why, but I can't help but think she'll need them or they will come up eventually.

Is the work she is doing for Flint's runes class even Right? I mean she is changing the assignments to fool Blaise but she doesn't understand everything about runes and even something that she thinks is similar like the thunder and lightning runes are wrong. She obviously has to change the stuff because well it's BLAISE ( he even noticed she didnt want Snape to see what she was working on, not suspicious at all) but couldn't she find someone Less suspecting or at least get him to start her at the bottom and work up...the pace she learns and one on one atmosphere as well as her somewhat knowledge of them should lend to quick catch up...just a thought... that doesn't matter if suppose since this book is over and done with but still.. .

Puzzling over Rigel...that's a good way to kill time and get a headache I'm least for Snape. Ok so That is both ominous in a not-dangerous foreshadowing way. That Snape is determined to find out her secret and that seven years is entirely too long to keep a secret in a place like I'm sorta looking for the truth to be revealed to Everyone at Least six year. And he is right about her relaxing. She doesn't have any place where she can be completely herself. Even in the alleys where she does relax she's not wholly herself. That's got to put a strain on her; she needs someone, besides Archie since is a co-conspirator and I doubt she tells him all either, to confide in if for nothing else as a fail safety or for her Sanity. That is kinda her problem with normal. It Isnt normal. LOL by the way. That whole meeting was interesting but I was getting looks for laughing out of nowhere at the end. Loved it. Mad Blacks indeed. I kinda want Sirius' next party to be Alice inspired now with him as the Mad Hatter because well where else will be having a costume party. Hmm who would be the Cheshire Cat?

Sorry but now I'm imaging sorta a Disney / HP/ your universe (which is inexplicably played out movie style in my head in an anime venue) mash up where they are singing the "happy unbirthday" song with Sirius yelling but it IS my party and his mother's portrait, that somehow got down because just couldnt quote make Lily as the Queen, yelling "off with his head". Sorry again my mind is a weird place...guess I didn't Have to add this...but hey share the madness around right?

Ok so I know Hagrid is a very competent caretaker of his animals. So how were the chickens able to sit long enough for the smell of rot to be so bad. He should've already taking care of it unless expressly asked to keep it for detentions. And that brings up another question do these teachers canon and fanon Not know what he sets for detentions? I mean sure line writing is stupid but handling dead carcasses that may or may be holding unknown germs and going after predators that could take down unicorns us just plain stupid to me. I'm pretty sure Dumbledore at least knew where canon Harry was going...he seemed to know way to much of Harry's life and hello an obstacle course that is conveniently covered in first year courses...come on? I liked Dumbledore as a young person reading the books for the first time but thinking on them later as an adult I have very mixed feelings towards him and can Not believe Harry named his son after the man. Maybe ive just read too many bashing fics that have colored my perception...But I guess I'm getting off topic.

I love the nods to canon throughout this chapter. Like they keep praising her for not chasing after the basilisk like some stupid Gryffindor :) those made me smile because honestly I love Your Harry more but it's cute that acknowledgements are made.

What about Rigel made Draco not argue with Millicent on "not clever" comment?

What Do house elves eat in your story?

I'm not surprised to see upperclassmen seated with Draco and Pansy and I'm suprised she Is? I mean Rigel knows what was happening and everyone knows where she will be headed so...they want the scoop too. A roosters crow does seem pretty lame!

Blaise is reading on South American runes... hmmm...I wonder if that will come up later on in the story as currently we know of at least two around and headed that way. So I guess I'm a little paranoid. Also I do not approve of the way Rosier is acting towards Rigel. It's reading as the beginning of stalker-ish behavior. He needs to find a different hobby other than obsessing over "Rigel" and for that matter she really should have Spoken up! Yes he probably would not have stopped but then she could have moved away or her friends would have had no qualms speaking as well. In fact, I'm suprised they did not; they have before! Oh and before I forget... does she have some method of securing her ...shedding? I mean she keeps warning Draco and she took care of the potion with her spilt blood (although I would have taken the whole goblet or at least insisted that it be cleansed as well after filling the flask just in case someone went after the residue) but what about Her hair and other stuff? I mean we have just seen Rosier with his hand in her hair and while I'd like to say he would never turn into someone that says "it puts the lotion on" I can't help but think he could Possibly be someone with a pit (not to hate on Rosier because I Do find him an interesting character but that doesn't mean his actions don't sometimes squick me out... my cousin had a boyfriend that when they broke up he stalked her, broke into her new home and tried to kill her and He seemed normal..but maybe I'm being a bit too sensitive... I just know if he is making Harry uncomfortable and even her skin crawl it's just also Ginny had quite a handful of hair and she Is being possessed by a villain, not to mention all the people she said ruffled her hair and while I can't see the Twins doing something nefarious to her I Could see them doing something to prank her... anyways like I said Very curious about that aspect.

Another tangent here, I don't know why people keep saying that Rigel is asexual just because she isn't panting after ever character already and especially after the authoress' note! I mean good lord people she is only 12 and Not every 12 year old is boy-girl crazy. Some people don't even date till they are older and dare I say it do not loose there virginity until 20 or older; I know this is not the norm nowadays but it Does happen. And look at the character, she has already had the building blocks laid down anyways but maybe it is too subtle for some, I mean she is flattering towards Draco many times already in her thoughts not to mention she Notices how Rosier is looking at her. She might not know what it is he is doing, or she does at least on Some level and is in denial in my opinion or it wouldn't bother her so much, but just because she keeps lying to herself or tries to downplay it, even with Leo and he has all but said the exact words, doesn't mean she doesn't Notice all of it! She just doesn't acknowledge it, sometimes even to herself, because that is Not her focus at the moment, and that is what she usually does with things she doesn't want to think about push them away, and to be fair she is juggling quite a bit and having a relationship would complicate things. I guess that's a mimi rant but I've been thinking that reading so many comments and never said anything so it sorta built up.

I'm sure that they thought they were protecting the students but really that only makes them restless with no extracurriculars to take their minds off the situation and would likely have led to a rebellion of sorts if it didn't come to a head so soon! And poor Rigel, all she was trying to
Guest chapter 11 . 6/20
Wow Parvati is super angry with Lavender. Misplaced but understandable anger. I don't think we ever saw them in a tiff in the original. Will this still strain their friendship after everyone is healed? We don't really see them later...actually we don't really see many female students at all besides Pansy and a brief glimpse of Millicent every so often. Not saying they are never there because Ginny pops up after this story occasionally and Cho gets some more time but otherwise that is one thing you are lacking...more female characters that have a strong presence... um even Pansy has a considerably time cut then Draco. I do realize that as Harry is pretending to be a boy that she does have more time spent with just boys but it is a coed school and except for the dorm Rooms (and bathrooms) everything is supposedly coed. Just a thought. I know you are giving Hermione more time soon too and that looks like it will lead to even more time with her but I would suggest someone from Hogwarts as well... I nominate Luna (not least of which is she is a favorite of mine) because you seem to be mimicking the females from canon that stuck out. Anyways, like I said just a thought.

The DADA curse was linked to the horcux I belive in canon, or maybe not and that was just convenient timing because it was destroyed near the time V was defeated, but will we get more details about the curse in this story? Also does the person have to do the Whole year to be hit, does every teacher have something bad happen, and is it only one year? I think it was mentioned that some last more than one year in the previous book and Remus did not end in tragedy or Dumbledore for subbing either so just curious.

"Mauled by a hippogriff" love it but now I'm going to looking for a confrontation with the giant squid :-/)

Was her swear not to brew Wolfsbane magically reinforced? Well that kinda stinks although I suppose it would be highly suspicious if she started supplying Remus with the potions...I'm sure she could have come up with something to sell it with.

I don't think it's a good sign that she calls herself Rigel in her head. That makes me think the whole split personality is more likely to happen. And "what's the point"? The point is that is who she Is! Even when she corrected herself that was it. No in depth need to look at that at the moment... should have been taking Remus' advice just then and contemplated it more. It's probably a good thing that she started her month-lys if she was forgetting she was a girl.

Ou that was creepy in the rereading of Ginny's meditation...just knowing that Riddle was in there and taking control ICK (with a shiver).

Ok so obviously Ginny is super freaked about leaving her mind vulnerable but we don't really see any of the people it affected doing anything to prevent that vulnerability. Are any of them and we just don't see them? I know I would want to do something to protect myself after an event like that.

Wow rereading that part about having a guardian in her head after the whole DJ...just wow. The details you put into every little piece of your story is incredible. It's almost as if you have the complete story finished and now you are just going back and fleshing it up...but then again you probably Do sorta have that... You know where the story is going most likely, because sometimes it ends up nowhere near where it was supposed to go, and have the plot mapped out in your head, or even written down, already. But even so... wow :)

Lmao. Totally had a moment there thinking about Lockhart's made up spells and "please". Pictured a Rigel / Barney from How I Met Your Mother moment... lmao again.

I wonder who Lockhart ticked off enough (who hasn't he) to be invited to nationals five times because I refuse to think there is any other explanation for it then someone wanting to seriously hurt/humiliate maybe even kill him at the competition. Hmph good riddance I say.

I wonder if Kakashi "felt a disturbance in the force" when Lockhart said that! (Hehehe couldn't help referencing something else to your reference) And omg I think this is the first time I caught embarrassing... but just goes to show how wonderful your stories are, I really Do get something new and different every time I read them :)

Huh. I sorta think Lockhart was saving up all those comments that he "Didn't hear" from Draco until he had a big enough audience to try and humiliate him back.

He wants to duel Rigel? She's no lady. But oh heavens no she's a lady too. Oh well.

It is kinda interesting about how and When magical inheritance gifts come into effect. I mean Blaise didn't get his fully until 13 when his magic matured but Tanks and even Harry had their's their whole lives. Interesting.

Love Harry's take on her gift. So far it is kinda useless but for it to have been so rare and deemed awe worthy there Has to be something more to it...right...please?

Way to go Rosier even if it Was to be helpful. Nice that you gain clout, no matter her friends feelings get hurt. Anyways you only know because Rookwood pushed her hand and mainly because Pansy and Draco were by default.

Kinda wish she would have been proactive in telling Sirius and Archie what happened instead of letting them hear of would Really have helped their rocky relationship.

I wish she would have said something to the effect of she did the wrong assignment due and has Next week's for this week but I realize a detention was needed for the story but still... I can wish and it seems she always gets in trouble with McGonagall and no other teacher (that is hopefully not foreshadowing at all especially about a homework issue that was never shhhh don't tell)

Binny cheers me too and a little cheering before and after that scene was needed!

I see Ernie is a pompous little jwhole in your story too. Hmph loyal. To whom?

Did her magic mean to protect the others as well as herself since it instinctively acted, I would like to think so? And did it not shield Dumbledore because it would interfere with His shield or subconsciously she thought he could handle himself?

At least Something good came of it. It was nice what Sprout said to her. I wish more adults would express their positive thoughts of her To her.

Your stories are ALWAYS interesting! I can't believe it took me this long to make it through this chapter but real life happens (not that I'm complaining...about either actually)

Next chapter :D
Guest chapter 6 . 6/18
I love this story a lot but I just really hate hermione. "Wait patiently until her friendship meant more to Harry than his secrets did"?! How nosy and presumptuous that is! Is she going to threaten to break off their friendship to get his secrets out of him or something!? Shouldn't she respect his privacy if she really is his friend!? Gah! She's even worse in book 4! Really, every other character, even Claw, is 10x less aggravating than hermione.
bibliophile chapter 1 . 6/15
Hi, I noticed a small error, and I don't know if you go back to fix things when you're focusing on writing new stories, but you said 60 essays, six a week. But that would take ten weeks, and there are only nine weeks left in the summer at the point you mention this. Additionally, you say that Harry would take a week off each for midterms and finals, to add up to eight weeks to finish her work for the correspondence course. So I think you just mixed up the number of essays per week, as ten would fit with the rest of the numbers. :)

Intrepid Bibliophile chapter 1 . 6/15
Hi! I'm curious about Harry's intent with the correspondence course. Is it just so that she'll have proof of competence, or is it supposed to act as an alibi? If so, how does that work? Wouldn't people be able to check that she only did work during the summer? What would she have been doing the rest of the year, then?

Fanoffiction02 chapter 10 . 6/15
If Rosier thinks She is the most Suspicious person at RIDDLE's party well dang. I wonder who else thinks the same?!

I probably don't remember the details correctly but um I thought it was JAMES not LILY that didn't want Archie to go to the party. I'm too lazy at the moment to go look it back up. But I could've sworn that she said Riddle would not try anything in front of so many people and that "Harry" could stay with her so that the boys could all go.

This will probably sound weird but... does Rosier like Rockwood? I realize some people Do get drunk off a small amount of alcohol and some people remember Everything that they did and said, however Rosier also made the comment that Rookwood is a tease then there is the kiss and make up and well I could totally see see his character using being inebriated as an excuse to act the way he would like to.

Ok so I can only imagine what Archie would have thought if he knew his uncle made a threat to Remove him from ever becoming head of house.. to me that means murder... or what he would have done if it had been him in the situation but then again if it Had been him I hardly believe he would be in the situation. I think he would have followed Sirius into Gryffindor and never would have become so friendly with the other dark purebloods that they would be at the party. But still, if Regulus feels that way about "Rigel" I'm sure he would definitely feel worse about Archie who is his father's son.

It's nice that she got to be herself as the new year was brought in because she has precious little time as herself!

I know I harp on and on about Blaise getting to close, because I think he's too smart and sneaky observant, like reading her letters (grr for that btw)...I mean in just this scene he is already stating options to explain Rigel's behavior including "she" is lying to them about her nature, but I really would like to see more of him too. I'm torn. Maybe a pov from him. Anyways I just thought I would mention that I liked how Draco noticed that despite his "almost clinical" way he speaks that he "probably cared more about other people than he liked to let on." I'm sure with a mother that has been married as many times as his he doesn't like to get too attached to people. About his she still with his father, which husband was his father ( could have been #1 and she reverts to her previous name), or is his dad dead or divorced. I'm asking because it seemed from the Jordan incident that his father was alive and well dealing with his business however he is never seen with his mother at the party scenes or anywhere else for that matter.

Wow. The whole "I'm happy either way, so pretending to be the son he wants doesn't hurt me at all and pleases him a great deal." and "Draco couldn't think of anything that would be more painful than willingly diverting his own father's love onto something else, something that wasn't even real." hits a little too close on more then one level. I mean they are pretending to their families with the whole ruse, but I can't help but think of Harry's relationship with James as well. How sad.


Ok so I had to take a mini break to go read the newest chapter post, WAHOOOOOOO! so good, and I will leave a review for it as soon as I work my way back up to won't hurt me any from rereading it a couple times to get my fix :-D and you get a break from my review thought bombs for the newest chapter. Win- win!


Loved the ending :)
Fanoffiction02 chapter 9 . 6/12
Yay more Leo!

So it says Leo has been brewing potions since he was old enough to hold a rod...but Leo never mentions, or anybody else about him for that matter, potions. So is that one of the things that Harry doesn't know about him? I can see, obviously, where they are both coming from. I mean of course she doesnt want him looking into her because if he can find the truth and pone holes in her story when she isnt even in trouble yet it is Not good. But i mean Yes he is going to check into her even if she Wasnt a Friend he would; he Has ro with who he is and what he does. I wish she would tell him more, he shared more about himself after she told him her name and maybe he would share something else if she did first since he has already shared some major things, like not just about him but a safe place in his life in the alleys and kinda of a seat on his inner council... it just seems like he has so much more to tell not to mention she has immersed herself in his life so he's shared more than her. But I guess he already likes her but she isn't that far yet...I don't know I guess I just want more of Leo in general... sigh anyways

Leo seems to be involved with his father's brewing at least. This is the second time he said he was picking something for his father up. Why did he not want his dad to stay? Did he not want his dad to find out Harry's secrets, his secrets, or just normal teenage embarrment from parents? He doesn't seem to mind his mom knowing about Harry. does his dad not know about his being king? Does he really Not know or is it willful denial, or even plausible deniability by not Knowing for sure? He said he keeps tabs on all the magical schools in many are there and will we see more of them? Are halfbloods and muggleborn allowed into these unnamed schools? Where exactly did Lily go to school? AIM? She doesn't say much...

After reading Draco's letter I realized something... what is your Harry's middle name. I know it's nothing major but I'm kinda interested in that detail now that I know I don't know.

Love how Rigel "felt like a character in a very uncomfortably written scene" And for someone against tempting fate with names well she's pretending to be one!

How interesting Riddle's conversation was! Clues. So the favor of Slytherin house sways the favor of the SOW party... and Rigel is drumming up Slytherin's reputation which will give credit to the ideals she is actually opposes. Well until she declares her leanings publicly.

And on to the next chapter.
ocean sands chapter 8 . 6/11
Hey! I was just rereading the series as I waited for the third chapter of the futile facade and realized that you claim in this chapter that Remus is pureblood, During the ambiguous artiface, when Archie and Harry go to the Burrow during winter break, the Weasley children question Lupin's having gone to Hogwarts and Mrs. Weasley makes a point to say that Hogwarts accepted halfbloods during his day.
Fanoffiction02 chapter 8 . 6/9
Greengrass sure is a piece of work in your story. It's funny that you mentioned Draco's "nether space...behind his teeth" does he practice the same trick that Lestrange does for wine? Is that why he doesn't get fat from eating so many sweets ;-/)

I know I keep harping on it but, no not Blaise if anyone will figure it out on his own a good chance would be him (or the twins). I can just see him later helping some upper classmen with runes, for a favor of course, and think back to all the help he gave Rigel. Not to mention he also was there when she told everyone about Percy helping her with transfiguration.

Hmm her magic "stirred uneasily in her core" that did not happen the last time Ginny played guess who. Does her magic sense something off?

I thought the wand had to pick the person. Does the Malfoy wand thing have anything to do with that genetics thing like Blacks and stars? What if they don't match?

Not sure if anyone mentioned it but... you have her knocking on Snape's office door and he gets up from his desk but he says chambers. I usually think of his bedroom and living area with that word, not his office. But that could just be me.

I suppose I'm not the only one who think Ron is similar to Draco if Ginny is comparing their families and houses. I'm glad I got some Weasley love in this chapter and Leo in the next (dreamy sigh) it's wonderful! Haven't got a time turner indeed. Love it.

That scene was a tiny bit dark alright. I would use the term grisly. Of course they didnt say anything tobher about Following a crazy murderous voice. At least Snape does later. I think it's nice how Snape defends his students. I think he is by far the best head of house, or seems to be in most fanfiction. He also seems to be on Dumbledore's side of things but as he is playing both sides he had better at least Seem to be on the right side with the right person. Speaking of rare gifts there goes the parseltongue. I doubt it won't get back to her family. Do people have more than one rare gift? Because when it becomes rumored about Archie's metamorphamagus abilities isn't it going to be weird that He has two? Also will Harry ever take that potential potion and see if she has anything else? How does Snape have experience? Does his other form allow him to understand even as himself? And what knowledge can he share of it?

Riddle is more interested in Rigel if he invited children just to get her there. I don't think she should go but whatever. And now Harry has to explain why she is the family brewer and not "Rigel". If Remus does the books and James and Sirius give him their share without him could he Not know? Cute scene, the meet an greet, by the way; also with the family. Looks like Cissa has lost het touch because James did Not get out of going. So James doesn't like going to any social events? Or is it just dark pureblood events he doesn't like? Does Lily like going, or is she shunned for blood status? Is that why James doesn't like going...because Lily? What about Sirius? Did he like going out of parties or did he just go because Diana liked to go? I know it says Archie stayed over alot when they went out but it never really says James and Lily went out much. So... just curious.

It's sad that she can't feel at home anymore, but like you said not homeLess. Also it sucks that Archie is getting all the attention that she needed her dad to show. I mean I know potions is a major part of her life that he didn't show interest in but did he Never show interest in Anything she did? Does he dislike potions Just because he associates them with Snape or is it something more...something longer. I know it was mentioned in the story earlier that Snape's affinity for potions was like announcing he was dark. Is potions to dark users like healing is to light? Is that why he did not want her doing potions because he was scared her magic would be dark? Does he care about that? I mean Sirius' magic is dark and he doesnt care about That or that Remus is a werewolf but I couldnt help speculating. Also what type of magic does Lily have being a muggleborn? Dark, light, or neutral... was she like that as a child or did it develop later? Blaise said fire is associated with dark in runes... are all magical so with fire cores dark? Ginny has one and I think it was mentioned that the twins looked to have a fire base element too but Ron has water. Also is it harder for couples to have children when they have opposing cores? You also stated that a piece of the parents' core became the baby's core, does that cause problems with the fetus' development. Also does the parents' cores regenerate after the donation or does every child bring less power...I don't really think that's the case but...(shrugs shoulder) just thinking about the fading sickness. Does the sickness only affect purebloods? Because the Weasleys have more than one but they marry a muggleborn every few generations. If muggleborn "wild" magic throws off family traits do the Weasleys still have their line gifts? The magic is supposed to go hand in hand with the physical per your magical genetics. They have red hair so what is their gift? For that matter what is the Potters because Harry has the hair? Did Lily's magic throw off the family magic? Her magic specifically or her muggleborn magic? Very interested in how it will be explained because I love your take on all the "theoretical" and "background" stuff!

It's funny how they all think one looks more like the other now when it's a blend. James is going to think she's inhaled too many fumes and her memory is going. Last year she couldn't remember what was in her letter and this year she doesn't remember congratulations.

Remus not knowing they were all home and then greeting everyone with my friends was a little weird to me...probably just me though. Still loved the family time regardless. And it would be soo funny if they showed up in the infamous Hawaiian fish robes... next chapter.
Fanoffiction02 chapter 7 . 6/6
It's a wonder that the students didn't get held back a whole year with the sickness and now being petrified too! Poor Neville is going to be so far behind. I doubt all of his family will be very supportive either.

I absolutely loved Sirius' letter. Yay Harry is going to be a sister. Can't decide if I like the letter more or the scenes with her returning the notebook. Hmm definitely the notebook. Love the twins more. They even got Bill, that's too funny. Can the twins read auras? Because Rigel didnt unconsciously stop projecting hers until the year had already started, correct? After she unleashed her stagnant magic and realized her powerful it was she buckled down the control on it. For that matter wasn't Snape able to read it...and probably even Dumbledore? Or do I have that wrong? Oh quick note, I'm sure someone has already mentioned it but just in case, you have Angelina down as Angela. No biggie and I'm sure your readers know who you meant but in case you want to correct stuff like that, we'll there it is.

Loved the genetics talk although they never got to muggleborns or halfbloods.

Does Draco tell Pansy Everything they did on Rigel day, because she didn't get to participate? Did Pansy really borrow something from Aldon...he's the one who complains later on about the clothes!

For someone who was snooping in her stuff, he gets awfully sniffy is she doesn't tell him something. I mean she told him she wouldn't always Tell him everything and he said he would be okay with it but he really isn't.

She can't sit still for even five minutes :) and she fell asleep. She must have stayed up very late trying to get everything she couldn't do done. That or sleep is productive hehe.

Impressionable young boys, balls, twins lmao oh God even Pansy was amused! Even Snape is making jokes at her expense, sick indeed. IF she played in a little league shouldn't her and Archie know other people, and people Know of them? I mean they have to have at least seven players per team. Did none of those people go to Hogwarts or AIM? If that's so wouldn't they be more familiar with the lower alleys because that would almost be the last place for the people to come from excluding the other two...right? Yes they probably would have missed half the game trying to convince her that Snape actually carefully about her. After Sirius is "reintroduced" to the Malfoys, will he be invited to watch a game if Rigel plays? Seeing as the charter was rewritten to not allow outsiders besides the board and guests to watch. WOW what a game. And afterward funny! That was some shot! What better did McGonagall make?

She really needs to talk to Someone about what happened. Just like with Mrs Hurst everything built up. It would help her come to terms with it and her dreams will not be so bad.

Who else is asking about her potions and why? Is it Mr Hurst or someone else? I wonder if Leo put Krait up to writing the letter or if he did it Because of Leo's fussing? Wish Leo would just write himself!

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Fanoffiction02 chapter 6 . 6/4
Oh no! It's Halloween.

Does she know they have House meetings? That would be interesting to see one...maybe. And she wasn't late to his birthday party.

I suppose since Snape opened up her lab this year without going over stipulations again, technically it doesn't matter that she is making potions not being turned in to him. But Draco and I'm sure Pansy did recognize she didn't actually say what the potions were for. They should know Rigel doesn't just misplace her stuff. And Draco is kinda right about her family being dunderheads for not supporting her, but yes she kinda was indoctrinated.

If I didn't like Leo so much I would really like your George for George. Not only is he differentiated from Fred, but he seems to be the smart twin that "likes to figure things out" and also the voice of reason as shown in the Great Hall. I wonder if Ginny didn't mind the journal so much because she saw the twins books and it was similar. I also wonder if Rigel will be able to mimick the books or even if the twins will make her one?

Poor Neville.

Lol that's so funny! Hermione has found her match. For once She couldn't get a word in edgewise. Oh boy, he Does have a hidden agenda but not the kind she's thinking. Hermione seems like she would do much better in AIM than she ever did at Hogwarts. It's nice that she gets the chance in your story. Um I DO realize she is fictional, I swear. Good to know that even Hermione is not immune to the Look. It's nice that she thinks his friendship is more important than his secrets... even if it's only to wait him out.

Wonderful chapter and stuff with you Never turns out random!
Fanoffiction02 chapter 5 . 6/4
Lmao. Apparently her wand feels a little neglected. Either that or being in the presence of the twins And about to help with a prank was to much for her poor wand and it had to do something Too.

Wow is that why Blaise really came along? He was secretly worried Rigel was seeing Hannah? I don't think he would have actually said anything about that otherwise...or maybe, um, staking a claim for future's sake. Or did he really want to know what his suspicious roommate was getting up to? I think Blaise is going to be trouble...I keep saying that but it because I can't help thinking it...just please don't make him go Against Rigel. Please.

All the Weasleys are powerful that's and them actually being smart too is what makes them so formidable, not to mention so many of them too.

I realize they are worried for her, but to grab her mail! Draco would have flipped out if someone just took her letter without permission. But I suppose since she deemed to open it in front of them it was fair game? Did he notice the handwriting as the same that Harry charms here's to match for home? Yay they have something to tell Harry.

Bwahahahahaha...just...bwahahahahahaha Snape...Rigel...Lockhart...girl-boy girl-boy (wipes eyes) too funny! If they only knew... i guess the story wouldnt last too much longer so good thing they dont. Oh, and an obligatory ICK. I've never liked Lockhart seems way too much a creeper.

She really shouldn't underestimate Snape. That's kind of stupid. And He needs to stop holding to up to her families' past. I mean he's not giving her a lecture over Quiddich is he, and to call her prank Cruel? He needs to stop projecting. And just which friends was he making a reference to? The twins? Is he next going to say they are not worthy. Does Snape think she hates her family? Or just wish it. I do not believe she should have went as far to tell him if they knew the truth they would take how out of school and it would be like she never existed. That's more then he needs to know. Just What idiosyncrasies has he noticed? He is so accommodating to her studies it's just too bad that she can't just tell him who she is. It would explain why both of them know what the other learns but how are they going to account for how they act and everything else, not to mention what about how they both know everything when "Rigel" is going to disappear? What helps keep the facade going now will hinder it when it is over. She really does have trust issues and this whole plan has exacerbated that. Yea Snape would take issue with that especially if he had not been told and it happened farther along. And if the rest of the conversation didn't throw him, finding out the Potter heiress is a "fan" of his should blow his mind. I'm amazed he gave in so quickly to "Harry" learning from him but I suppose he thought "Rigel" would teach her regardless. Excommunicate hehe.

Did it Have to be Blaise that she gets help from?
Fanoffiction02 chapter 4 . 6/4
Flint and Rigel have not got caught yet, but now Percy is the suspect. Snape has all the pieces but I think he doesn't put them together because he doesn't want to, whereas Minerva has the same information having been there for Rigel's confrontation with Jordan but she doesn't even acknowledge them based on unlikely -ness. I wonder if they will ever realize before the ruse is up? Maybe Rigel slips up in Transfiguration and writes almost the same thing? If they only knew that their two main topics of concern were related :) I'm sure their faces would be interesting. Leo tried to tell Harry, she would never be low key, but i guess what she doesn't know they are discussing the better for her. I still don't think Snape should give details about Rigel so freely. To me it doesn't matter if they be teachers or politicians that information is private, but then again he is a spy so pretty much everything is free game. IS he a spy in this story?

YAY more Leo! I like how you show him taking care of Everyone in the lower alleys.

Did Harry have a hard time reading Blaise's magic because his inheritance?

Harry's right, last year tryouts don't hold a candle to this year! All Flint's free time was at least put towards something. Wow I would never be able to do calculations like that within seconds. I think this is the first time I've seen Harry as a beater by the way. Usually seeker or chaser. Draco does trust her which makes it worse on Harry because I honestly think she doesn't trust Anyone not even Archie fully. People are fallible.

What exactly was Rose Parkinson's maiden name? Because of listing Pansy's house, Rosier said Rose's daughter. What is Rose's prestige that makes her the one mentioned instead of Pansy's family name instead?

If she had to tell them a secret did she have to say I can tell you This one? That's like a red flag to Rosier I'm sure. Does Pansy suspect she is someone else, or that she is just hiding her personality with the comment they will like her "whoever you turn out to be."?

Rookwood is right they did learn something more interesting than snake handling tips. But that's it They learned something. Rigel didnt get any information in return. If she wanted to tell her friends that's fine, she could have told just Draco and Pansy but she told all of them.

Ok I know I compared Draco to Hermione before, but goodness even in cannon he and Ron are so alike just different sides of the coin and in this story they are both tactless.

Was Riddle that good at the mind arts at sixteen? Or is it because he kept himself updated as he got better? Is it a horcux and did he make more? He still seems human enough so I don't think he made more but... So Ginny thought she was a girl. Does her avatar look like her polyjuiced form? I would say since she has long hair and green eyes that her facial structure and body is that of her true self as well. Does she look more like a girl this year? And will Ginny notice All the differences between her mental and physical selves? Or will she remember them when she is less preoccupied?

Wonderful chapter as always.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/2
Who are these customers to Krait's shop that has a distinguishing eye? Will we meet any of them?

What exactly started the fight at Kyprioth? Did Leo looking into Claw force his hand? Not much is given about what happened. It's a good thing Leo showed up when he did. Does he know when she is around via magic like George knew Alanna was near?

Lol that whole he ran before I knew he could walk, and lying to see if she were listening was great. And apparently Mrs. Hurst knows far more about her than Harry knows about her. Hmm Leo confides in his mother alot more than Harry does to her family. Mrs. Hurst also openly supports her son more too. I like her! Lol that is a "my son has a crush gleam" and whats more Harry isnt unaware of what she means; at least she didnt blush this time. I wonder what stories Sirius tell of Harry and Archie. Interesting that not only is Leo's magic aggressive but is seems to hiss as Harry's is described as coiling snakes sometimes.

Whoa if they only knew. She gets up to way more than Archie. I think the fallout will hurt her family more than her friends. Her friends Know she hides things. Her family is going to be blindsided.

Why does she refer to her mom as Lily and her dad as James!

Unfortunately I think everyone will find out how Awesome they are which is Their Worst case scenario.

I see Remus as a Corum/Myles/Remus (obviously himself) hybrid. I kinda think he figures it out, with his super senses, before the rest of the family, but doesn't say anything...plausible deniability. Harry doesn't even realize how distant she is becoming to her family. Especially if a comment about her going out of her way to find one of them shocks her that much. Remus: how does he nicely say that he's not sure she will be committed enough for him to teach her. Harry: how does she convince him without letting him know her throat was almost slit. Accomplished.

What does she do with the a amber stones after she uses their magic? Are the stones themselves good for anything after the magic is gone? Maybe to load magic into until needed as a magic battery, perhaps, now that they are empty. Or used for wards...

So now that Flint lost a player because His free time practices, he needs to back off a little but hey Harry makes the team as a result so yay.

How nice it must make her that her friends can speak so easily about something that means so much to her. Of course she knows about the legislation that was Supposed to be pushed through. They can be hurt that Rigel didnt tell them something but it's supposed to be ok for them to tell their parents? Um no. I'm sure at least Blaise caught the pause when she stated "purebloods like - us". Maybe this new view of how the SOW affects other people and how far their own parents will go to see those goals met will open some of them to switching sides or neutrality later on. Or not. Draco again shows how callous he can be of "Rigel's" feeling for her family. And Millicent finally says what everyone is probably thinking. That Rigel is Against SOW which she is but now they will be more unconsciously or consciously aware of what they say around her for fear of it going against them, their families, and their party. She has made the promise to herself to not get into anything serious or complicated many times already. I don't think she even believes Herself if she has to keep making the same vow repeatedly as almost a reminder.

What exactly happened to Theo's mother? Did he watch her die too? He joked about his father's mistresses in the first book and was flirting with Blaise's mom at the party (kinda stupid no matter how beautiful... I mean isn't she kinda known as the black widow or is that just fannon).

Caught a bit of a slip. When Rigel jumps in the carriage to ask about the thestrals, Rosier asks, "Do you volunteer at St Mungo's with your surrogate uncle?" Technically it is her Uncle but as Rigel it would be her dad unless it was a trap by Rosier in which case he should have showed triumph or satisfaction or more likely Harry would have caught and corrected it. Another thing. Selwyn is a fifth year in the first book but in the second book she is a seventh year. Also wouldnt it be a duty of the new prefects to escort the first years, why is ahe doing it again? Just another little thing but I'm not sure if anyone has brought it up.

What a wonderful song! I like the message but as these are all purebloods I doubt they doubt know about the houses. And were you talking of cannon Harry or someone in your story... Riddle perhaps because I Highly doubt he regrets where he was sorted...other people yes, him no?

Oh lord that is scary. Real Slytherin Weasley twin equivalents...shiver... the chaos the mayhem (evil smile).

I must say I would Not have been anything resembling calm with a snake loose poisonous or not. I would have freaked out! So kudos to the kiddies and there unnatural decorum I suppose.

A snake. Eek. I dont think the excude of my father has them as pets will hold for vwry long. So there goes that she is a parseltongue...

What exactly stopped Snape from his new year speech in the first year. I'm assuming it was something to do with SOW but it never actually says...will it?

I'm glad she no longer has the same idolization of Snape. An idol is something to be worshipped. A mere human can never ascend to that level because as a human we have too many faults. I guess it's good that she learns this lesson young.

Sharing a dorm with Blaise is Not good for her. He is way to perceptive and notices more than Theo and Draco. This will not be a good thing for her plans. Did Blaise suggest putting all four of them together or was that Snape's decision, because if he could make an extra bathroom I'm sure it would have been just as easy as making a whole new room so everyone was in pairs. I sorta think it was Blaise's request so he could keep a better eye on Rigel and Snape went along with it thinking another eye on Rigel wouldn't hurt but I may be reading too much into it. Another wolfish reference with Blaise. Blaise is already questioning her on the first night about her sleeping habits!

Wow was Remus ever right! Yes her biggest flaw is burying things! They may be hidden in her subconscious Ness but they Definitely still change her and Not in a good way. Point in case her magic. I really wish she would sit down with Lily or Leo, both really and talk about her magic. Yes her magic responds to her. Yes it did things in Quirrel's class that she didn't ask it too but her magic blew up dummies it didn't actually harm or Do anything to Quirrel himself and it could have.

I think Luna and Binny will get along famously. They even have a similar sense of fashion. One has champagne cork necklace the other a butterbeer caps. I bet Binny would even help her find some of the creatures Luna looks for or maybe even tell her stories of other ones. They would be super fun together (hint hint) :) I think Harry already leads more of a house elves lifestyle than most. She apparently doesn't like free time either! I really do love Binny.

She could also eat more protein besides just meat even in the great hall. I mean in the first book when eating in the kitchens with the twins they loaded her plate with nonmeat protein.

Ah needling Draco. So fun. And twin Draco and Pansy lol with raised eyebrows. Sorry if this comes across very ignorant but is Their some sort of legend about mountains and mist? I could care less about anything that Lockhart, if he resembles cannon, says but Rigel's mindscape matches that somewhat now it has me thinking I've missed some kind of reference that I should I?

Will Sirius notice an increase in "Archie's" use of his school fund? I'm betting Harry goes through quite a bit of money in potions supplies!

Pansy is very good at what she does. Not only do I think she could get even but make good on the and more too. It's true she does seem to inspire loyalty in your story, so does Harry, although I'm sure her dossier is full of quite a few things that wouldn't want to be known too. Although if unicorns like her that much it can't All be an act. That was the perfect present for her by the way.

Next chapter.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/1
Why would you apologize about Leo? There should be More Leo in my humble opinion. Leo is wonderful!

Also loved all the potion/genetics theory. So if poly juice reads a person exactly as they are in that moment...technically a metamorphamagus could give hairs for just about anything they were capable of transforming that right?

Thank goodness they have extra lab safety built in and it's a good thing Harry keeps a cool mind in a dangerous situation. not everyone does. So the question is who was the bad recipe meant for? Was it for Krait, one of his other unnamed (really would like to find out who else works for him) brewers, or Harry? And if it was for Harry is it because who she is, who she pretends to be, as Leo's friend, or as a powerhouse money making rival? We learn of Claw. Is it going to be the same as SotL and be someone we already know or will it be twisted? Jordan or a twist and be Jordan Sr., the one who made all the "prank" items in the first place (more like assassination materials) Leo doesn't know much of him, but neither do we because he isn't mentioned much. What is he up to and his background information?

If only Leo knew all he had to do to get a little information was be grumpy :-/) Harry finally gets to see another side of Leo. I loved the contrast we see between Leo and the Malfoys. Regular people and wholesome gossip here and there, whereas at the party it was upper crust and dirty laundry.

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness where to even start on their ice cream break. I didn't want to say date but yea...I think Leo is already developing more than friendly feelings for Harry and hadn't come to terms yet. His magic told him to take an interest and he did; now he compliments her eyes, the whole bodyguard thing, his fishing for her age, and he wouldn't have felt that uncomfortable, or ill, about his interest in Harry if not in some small part true. And apparently Rispah feels the same way hehehe whipped. I think he took her brewing and possible illegal activities much better than who she is.

I loved George and I love Leo. Although your character does not seem as...hmmm ruthless? I mean Alanna knew he not only took their ears and killed them but kept the trophies. There is the scene where the Dancing Dragon is burnt down but I think that's it. He also fought in front of her and just seems more deadlier I guess...Not that I'm complainin! Like I stated I love Leo, I'm just wondering if he isn't showing that part of himself to Harry yet I guess. But your description of the Rouge isn't quite the same either. I mean Leo takes care of All the lower alleys whereas in SotL it never says George takes care of Everyone in the poorer sections although I would like to think he did. And George stated he killed his predecessor, the way you described it, Leo just took over like with The Princess Bride.

I wonder just how long he would let Harry follow him if she really decided to do so...and what other secrets he's keeping?

Instead of being Goddess touched, Harry will be favored by Magic herself...makes sense and Leo is certainly right when he says she can try to be low key but it's not going to happen. The sentence that starts with "People notice you" is another one that needs to be added to your wall along with the "you don't need a scar"!

Are the Goldentowers going to be making an appearance? They are original names that were listed as Wizarding nobility. Oh, um is James Potter going to be like Lord Provost? That would be kinda funny if he knew of the Rouge but didn't know who it was... mainly because they already ate together. And will the lower alleys have a kinda proud like of James even adults they don't want to get caught?

By the way, is it really smart to act like a boy in the alleys? Or I should say a boy that looks exactly like Rigel, except for the eyes, and well they are magical so it wouldn't be a stretch if an illusion or some other was used on them? Now that everyone knows her as Harry and some know her gender and name, with the list growing soon I'm sure, wouldn't it have been better to start off as herself Harry with longer hair and more girly as opposed to boy Harry that looks suspiciously like Rigel who is posing as Archie...that was a little jumbled but what I meant was make herself differ more, but I guess that's setup for the story later.

Again love love Loved the chapter. Wish there was more Leo throughout the stories...maybe even a pov from Leo...anything really.
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