Reviews for The Serpentine Subterfuge
hobo chapter 14 . 4/19
Book 2! Flawless! I loved it. In particular this time i loved McGonagall! ! She is one of my favourite characters and in this book she's awesome! I love the dynamic between her and severus. Awesome!
hobo chapter 1 . 4/16
Several thoughts as i reread this:
- why doesn't Archie hey a job to help pay the rent
- who hates the Malfoys? (attacking Draco and now the attempted poisoning)
- James actually sounds very supportive of her potions in this chapter. I feel like she judges her parents quite unfairly
Shifting Flames chapter 14 . 4/1
I freely admit that I teared up a bit at the Basilisk's death, that was cruel.

"A Slytherin and a Gryffindor go into the Chamber of Secrets and two Ravenclaws emerge" -_-
This sounds like the bare bones of a bad joke.

I'm really looking forward to reading Ambiguous Artifice!
Shifting Flames chapter 13 . 3/31
That dream was very disturbing, was it her subconscious fears that created it all or did her magic steal the dream at the end? I really hope her magic isn't really trying to get free as it seems more protective and playful/mischievous, maybe even possessive, rather then malicious and resentful.I guess I just like the idea of Rigel getting along with her magical core, I really hope she stops fearing it in the future.
Shifting Flames chapter 3 . 3/29
"you just happened to see the death of a complete stranger?do you volunteer at St. Mungo's with your surrogate uncle?"
Since it's Sirius that volunteers at St. Mungo's does this mean it's a typo, or does Rosier know? If so does that mean that Rookwood and Sewlyn know too?
atalanta chapter 12 . 3/20
I've read this so many times, I really like it!(hint, I'm rooting for Drarry)
TamariChan chapter 3 . 3/15
Oh no. I'm rereading this and I've had this awful idea. Caelum is Claw, isn't he? Because he is (I think) supposed to fill the place of Ralon... oh no. :( I was almost starting to like him in Artifice.
RGN chapter 14 . 3/10
a very well constructed sequel. wow.
It's certainly become more political, though I do wish I understood more about the SOW's political aims. I don't quite understandt the concept of kicking out non-purebloods and at the same time wondering about decreasing numbers of wizards and witches in Britain...? Maybe that'll become clear in the next story.
Thanks for sharing.
Delia chapter 13 . 2/20
I noticed a plot hole you might consider fixing sometime in this story - in AA, you mention Harry need Archie's sweat to try and fool Remus into believing she's Archie. What about here, during Addie's birth? Harry's in fairly close proximity to Remus...
Guest chapter 14 . 2/10
Thank you for your excellent & amazing story!
White Ivy chapter 4 . 2/8
Hi! I'm re-reading this fic for the 4th time. I know some of the themes/concepts of this fic are influenced by the Song of the Lioness, so I just want to say that I'm hoping Leo is Harry's George. I know she's far too young at this point for romance, but I like Leo and the parallels I see between he and George. Here's hoping! ;-)
shey chapter 3 . 1/22
I wonder if pansies allies will be who helps Rigel when she is outed. Yo painted an interesting picture of how she has so many contacts

you also have a few typos. When rigel was talking to Rosier and Rookwood about threstral, they asked if she seen someone die with his surrogate uncle who volunteers at the hospital. To them Sirius is Rigel's dad not uncle.

Also you have Rigel refer to her mother as lily when she is talking to archie. Seems kinda weird
Lizzie chapter 14 . 12/23/2014
I am a HUGE FAN of your series like my god FINALLY A FEM HARRY SERIES thats well written. For two days straight I've read through the prequel and serpentine subterfudge and I'm just dying to know when you'll set up a definite pairing. Draco x Rigel x Rosier looks good pretty good to me, but Draco x Rigel is the one I'm really rooting for. GO DRACO! Love the way you gave him an obsession of strawberry tarts, it just makes the characters a lot more realistic to have funny quirks in their personality. Honestly, your writing style is superb, the whole thing just kept me guessing! The chapter length is just perfect since I really like lengthy chapters and the pace of the story is never too dull. Your take on fem harry (Rigel) is just wow, like DEFINITELY my favorite femharry story of alllll time. Please, please continue writing the third part of the series, actually pleaseeeee continue for all 7 books of Harry Potter, its just a really good story and I'll be hard pressed to find anything this good.
And again, I just love all the interactions between the characters! (Draco x Rigel FTW!)
Evani chapter 14 . 12/22/2014
I adore this series so much, I really truly do, it's amazingly well written and I absolutely adore you characters, both canon and oc. I can't wait to start the next section, and I'm profusely thankful that I you wrote these and that I found them on tvtropes because I would never have given them a second chance on the premises that it's a and nobody can seem to get them right, but you've not only managed it, you've exceeded any and all expectations
Missjulia.Miriam chapter 2 . 12/5/2014
Ok, I haven't read all of this story yet but this chapter made me scream a little so I'm leaving a review here, and I'll probably leave at least one more at the end, if not another along the way.

This story and its prequel are fucking incredible, and I'm having an exceedingly difficult time stopping, even though I have two final exams tomorrow and really need to study. (I'm blaming you if I fail, but at the same time, I have zero regrets. Seriously. Incredible.) Your world-building and characterization are amazing, especially of minor characters. Your Harry is pretty OOC, but you do a good job of making her make sense in the context of the AU you've created and the circumstances you've put her in, without losing all of the essence of the original character.

This chapter blew me away. I'm a huge fan of the Song of the Lioness, and I was kicking myself not not figuring out who Leo is before now. You've done a good job of working the Court of the Rogue into the existing Harry Potter universe, and I'm impressed with the fusion of characters. All I could think as I was reading that segment was "Does that make Draco Jon?" which I know probably isn't the case, really Draco is probably like... Raoul, or someone, but it's been a while since I read SotL and the thought gave me a real laugh.

I'm so glad I found this fic. You have created a serious masterpiece here, and I'm really excited to read the rest. I did check, and I saw that the third story hasn't been updated in a few months, which usually would discourage me, but honestly I can't bare to give up, even if the series has been abandoned (which I hope it hasn't been, that would be the tragedy of my life to be honest). Thank you for your excellent work, and I look forward to reading the rest!
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