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Guest chapter 14 . 11/4/2016
Fanoffiction Cont.
Speaking of the plant, it is a creature like plant that has a humanoid shape, well it almost makes me think of the trees from Lord of the Rings. What if Rigel, or someone else does a further study on the plant? I mean I eat meat! So I'm not going to say that these plants shouldn't be chopped to bits when I happily consume bacon and many other meat products. But it Would be interesting if Rigel, or maybe Neville or even a different story getting off topic, took pity on the plants and befriends them finding that they are more like mermaids and house elves just in plant form. Either managing to ban all chopping of them or seeing as they Are plants see if they will donate pieces like the unicorns donate hairs (another tangent but apparently it's a curse to use unicorn blood forcibly taken but how do they get the ingredients otherwise... wait until they die... that would explain their horns since I didn't think they shed those or they could grow back unless they can, or dragon heartstrings, for that matter, unless the magical folk try a Dragon Heart on them and they are also donated which I doubt from the description in canon they don't seem that to be more then a huge horse equivalent... well obviously more ferocious. I myself like magical animals to hold more intelligence, like Fawkes shows or more, I mean they are Magical, but that's just me). That way less squeamishness and less fatal cries... heck there could even be whole groves grown with different properties left to be donate harvested . Win win. ... ... Sorry I know I went way left field there. It just kinda popped in my head and then was on the screen '':-/

So I guess Theo falls under the slightly paranoid hiding it category? Lol and he has a point about Rigel. She didn't even write all the assignments down just on case..."And if they aren't, they should be." Lmao. Well no problem there with Rigel. But hey its only paranoia if they aren't out to get her, which they are. So... justified. And then as cool as could be blames Draco of being snoopy. Even better they believe it but hey I do too! Seriously howling with laughter :)

That is an interesting topic for Percy to research. What was he researching such a topic for? I mean magic influenced genders for first borns in pureblood heirs does sound interesting by itself but projects like that usually have a cause behind them to research it in the first place. So what was his cause? Off hand I can only think of Pansy and... well Rigel is a half blood... will we learn of any others cause it's hard to say definitely in your story because families aren't discussed much as individuals beyond a few...oh maybe Luna (is Luna going to be in your stories?) too I think she was supposed to be a pureblood right? Also curious about this supposed generation gap fluctuation. Are we going to get more information on it?

Lol I love your Blaise. So right! If they were going to be prats they ought to at least be logical about it. :) Also loving on Draco's comment about people. I've always liked the term "sheeple".

How unfortunate that Ginny saw the book and that Rigel echoed the words Draco wrote.

Perish the thought. Snape should Never accuse Rigel of holding enmity towards Any cauldron Ever... lol as usual loved this scene too it's another one that I wouldn't mind seeing drawn out especially the comic strip form one of your fans favor! Hehehe Rigel ranting I like that more than Snape snapping probably because it happens less.

I think Riddle's analogies could use some work. I don't think a serpent skin is particularly smooth in fact I find it a bit rough and tigher than a spider's weave you mean the website they make with the gaping holes? Maybe I'm just not right in my understanding.

Rigel doesn't have much interaction with Salazar's portrait...too bad. I'm sure he has some interesting stories to tell, well if motivated to do. Where did he go after hearing Rigel's plight anyways? Not to tell Snape as he was already on a rescue mission so what was it going to do? And seeing as Salazar has a portrait why did Riddle have to scour the castle for snakes? Did Salazar's portrait want him to prove himself or did it find him unworthy, or did Riddle even bother speaking to it.

Really liked how you used Myrtle to explain what was happening although I think Snape would have just told her straight off to go away.

So Riddle's magic is described as black fog and then black sludge...tar and disease...and given his personality I'm going to go out on a limb and say his core and mindscape are not very pleasant. I would say a tar pit but that is how it is described with Riddle as mad so not sure that applies to sane Riddle... but then again could be said that the insanity purged everything back to base model and that Is his

Voldemort never ignores insane thoughts huh...makes sense.

That scene switch where Voldemort opens Rigel's space room door was pure evil, in a wonderful but horrible suspense wracking way. Good thing this isn't my first read through...

Snape is right to be miffed. They Should have went to the hospital wing! If he wanted to find out what had happened they could easily have done so after the kids had be seen or even while they were treated. He doesn't really have to worry about being overheard because the curfew but could have put up a ward in case.

I wonder if either Dumbledore or McGonagall made any comment to Snape about carrying Rigel instead of just levitating her...that would have been interesting to hear. And then if it was the first time they heard she was imbuing potions for him also? Dumbledore seems quite taken aback about Ginny's request, but then again his suggestion were rather paltry. If that is what he thinks would be a good reward I'm suprised he insisted on a reward in the first place.

I'm also Very interested in Mordred's Breath. What does this potion do? As she asked for a portion of a needed ingredient I am sure we will see it again, just when?

Wouldn't what they are doing with the a contest potion be free brewing? I mean Yes there is a recipe, but he is trying to alter it and by doing so with different ingredients does not know what will happen until it does. I mean Rigel even thought about how much magic she was using because of the volatile concoctions. So wouldn't any experimenting with a potion be free brewing, including what they are doing now, her potions she creates, and even the marauders joke potions? Also he doesn't know any use for the flesh but since they are harvesting the basilisk shouldn't that be taken as well and experimented with as an ingredient?

I wish she would have said a small portion of Each part they harvested! I mean she might not think she can do much with it now, but she is already a prodigy who is about to revolutionize brewing for some and free brewing will be in her future. I hope Snape decides to put more away for her than she specifies. I Am pleased however she says potions NEWT instead of an age.

Too bad she didn't think to get Archie a scale ring then she could freely wear hers as herself and as Rigel without worrying.

I wish everyone could have heard Pansy's comment about shared peril at Hogwarts. And I mean Everyone. I would like to see how all the houses found the comment, as well as Dumbledore and the students thoughts of danger in his school, as well as the parents (especially the SOW party) exposing and in some cases sending the danger to thier childrens' place of learning!

It's sad that Rigel has made such a reputation for herself that when she tells the truth, well maybe not the Whole truth, nobody believes her. However our lovable characters are quick to catch and expose the holes in her tale.

An interesting message the Slytherin twins sent to the school. It sounds worthy of the Sorting Hat...did they have help, or was it just the two? Much better than "pickled toads". Ginny shown as grimly satisfied, is that because she was in on the prank, or that the students were shown a possibility and would stop asking her, or even that Rigel was honored? It would be cool if George and Fred had rivals not just in another set of twins but also a team including their sister!

Is Ginny the first person she has outright told she does Not support SOW party? I d know she has made her wishes known not to talk of such things with friends but has she outright told them No she doesn't support SOW?

I think More than one Weasley would have done well in Slytherin. In fact I believe the whole family would have! I wonder how each of their sorting went and whether the hat just put them in Gryffindor because they wanted it so badly or just because those traits outweighed the others? But honestly every child that gets sorted possesses more than one set of traits, not to mention as a child, his or her personality is still developing so a sorting could go any way.

Not just the sake of her friend... "accidents" happen as seen with the diary being dropped into Ginny's cauldron. I'm sure another "accident" could easily be arranged for Ginny, one of the other Weasleys, or even Rigel's "extended" family to keep it quiet, so no its Not just for Draco that she needs to keep tread easily for!

Ok I know that would have let the twins know way too soon, but I wish they had kidnapped Archie from his bed with Sirius laughing in the background! That would have been a great scene...I'm suprised none of the fans of your work haven't wrote it instead :( oh well...

Who was the third year girl hugging Selwyn? Is it important later on in the story? Loved her and Rigel's conversation by the way. I'm going to miss Selwyn. She seemed to be the only one willing to give Rigel the tough love she needed to hear. I hope she shows up in the stories again. After all the Wizarding world isn't that big right?

Whoa cue ominous music again... what a way to end the story Rigel just became enemy number one I believe.

Can't wait
Fanoffiction02 chapter 14 . 11/4/2016
Hmmm. Interesting.

Not only do I apparently have two accounts but reviews also have a word limit...

Oh and before I forget, I read through your other reviews after I finished my last review and one caught my eye... if as, and I'm assuming this, Sister posted that during the carriage ride Aldon is referring to Remus as his uncle that volunteers... well my apologies; however it seems I was not the only one to mention that part. I'm sure it is somewhere, but off the top of my head I only remember you writing that Sirius volunteers in the childrens' ward.

Here's the rest of that monster review...

I don't think Draco even considers Rosier a rival, more an annoyance. And well let's face it Rigel is unfortunately(I only say unfortunately because he is a Jon equivalent and I Never liked that relationship apart from friend... it was never equal footing, he was always her prince first not to mention his jealousy, possessiveness, and even patronizing attitude towards Alanna which it looks like Draco is following so yea) Draco's best friend, more so than even Pansy and verging on close to Archie, not to mention the burgeoning feelings of a first crush she has for him. So in other words I don't feel Rosier ever has a chance of usurping Draco's place in her affections.

I don't think you can actually say you know where both parties stand on a subject if one does not know the issue. I mean "not for it" gives an obvious side but without knowing the cause how are you supposed to know where the line of not for it is to get behind? So yes not seeing the harm that might jump out at you is possible because you don't know what or where it might be coming from.

How Does she ward herself from someone taking a "piece" of her to use in polyjuice? Is there a spell she has cast on herself that does not let her hair fall randomly out? Or maybe her magic subconsciously vaporizes any stray bit of her that gets shed? Or maybe she just tries to be super careful about it on top of every other thing she has to be super careful about. Will someone find a bit of her and use it?

Lol I love the "what were you—a disclaimer in a previous life?" comment. Just too funny. I feel like that sometimes though!

She might have been leading to say yes, but she never actually said it before he physically turned her himself. I don't like that personally, he's already pushy about it and then to take even that control away... but it's good for the story characterization; it fits him. Then to pull her head onto his lap?! Yes that wasn't in the conversation. I don't care if she had no where to go or somewhere, she should have sat up and told him that made her even more uncomfortable! And again he Didn't Ask! Grr. Oh my God and then to have her eyes closed. Gah. I know I'm overreacting, I even Love having someone play with my hair, it puts me to sleep too, but this scene just... creeps me out almost. Maybe creeps is too strong, um squicks, no, icks, no, that's more like gross hmm need uncomfortable but less than creeps... sigh no thesaurus or Internet when my brain is shutting down stinks.

Internal alarm bells Should be listened to. They were installed for a purpose!

Wow two mins as a time marker for impressive or not, that's impressive hehehe sorry had to.

Aldon still sounds like the 5 year old child he described. He is not in the habit of being denied and when something doesn't go his way he Has to have it. That about sums his reaction to Rigel up.

It's funny how Aldon describes Rigel as being volcanic when her abductor Does have a volcanic mindscape.

I wonder who else has noticed Rigel's body language when the subject or blood traitors is brought up and what are their thoughts on him? Or maybe who hasn't?

I'm very glad that Rookwood doesn't seem to approve what Rosier is doing!

Sqee Oh my gosh the childhood story soo cute. Oh and lmao the "haunted" closet huh?

How nice and Considerate of Draco to be waiting up for Rigel. It's soo nice that he thinks he's entitled to know everything Rigel does even when he's mad at Rigel and flat out antagonizing him. I know I'm being hard on him. He's just a kid and in a tension filled place that has only worsened his temper but I can't help but grumble about him a bit. I still love him like all the other characters I grumble about.

Wow! I think she actually thinks she isn't a "mystery"...just like she isn't a prodigy either I guess. Lol, she can be a prodigy as well as a genius of hard work :) As for no big secret...well...maybe it won't be a secret forever and the proportion is up to perfection I suppose.

You know, for as often as she tells people that she crazy runs in her family, although she tries to make light of it, no one ever takes that seriously. Mental instability are genetic so as much as Sirius and everyone else makes a joke of it its almost like nobody takes that serious anymore. Especially after the whole magical genetics, will "crazy" Blacks be making an appearance? And I'm sure I've asked before but in quite a few fanons Harry's grandmother was a Black, is that true in this story? How close is she to the family, and could her and Archie's polyjuice, as well as her new name "Rigel", make her Black genetics more prevalent?

Lmao. She doesn't want him to think she's Really crazy because they lock those people up and that would ruin her plans. I think that has to be one of my favorite sentences is this chapter!

So much for his lessons and progress on deflecting the truth. She didn't deny or confirm, all she did was say he was observant.

If he is referring to his actions after she told him about her "condition", no he was Not suble. To Anyone, least of all other Slytherin's!

The problem she chooses to share with Draco is Rosier. Priceless. Yes Rosier, and Draco for that matter, are going to need help with her. Lol that seems like a scene that needs to be drawn. Rigel and Draco sitting on his fort bed with Rigel happily chatting away about her problem and Draco with a mental bubble of banging his head against a wall... or face palming... whichever.

I'm sure the rest of that conversation will make a reappearance in the future... or at least a reference to her wise 12-and one-half self and how she viewed romance and everything with it as uncomfortable and not something she ever wishes to pursue in future chapters.

I find it highly interesting that Pansy refers to Slytherin's line as being obsolete. Does this mean that Riddle never claimed his heritage even with his followers or that he has amongst his loyal but is a supposed secret that Pansy will not even hint towards with Rigel past the word supposed. I really hope more of Riddle's origins and what people know and think they know of said origins will be introduced soon.

I'm also very curious about Dumbledore being Merlins heir, the staff of Merlin, and the hall of eternity. Superfluous information never really makes it into these stories... if something side-notish is mentioned it is sure to make a reappearance somewhere else... well at least so far... and I never really notice these tidbits the first read through.

The Aurors may not listen to idle gossip but they just discussed how politicians have to appear in control and well in canon Hagrid was put in jail with no proof just so Fudge could be Seen doing something.

Political anomaly...I would have never known was synonymous with spy :)

Rigel's magic. Hmmm. I think I mention it every review, sometimes multiple times, but I'd really like her to have an in depth conversation about her magic with Leo and Lily.

What are Pansy's second and first favorite expressions? It's kind of nice we get to see Pansy's...turning point, I'm going to call it, from canon. She thinks how she acted much like how Greengrass is portrayed in this story... how to me her canon self acted. I love that. Just that little thing but it makes your story that much more wonderful. However she could have never been too bad because then the unicorns would not like her, would they they? Also interesting on how she refers to Rigel as friend but Draco as companion.

"And besides, im a Slytherin. Ill be fine." and "With any luck, it might even be a diary." huh. Welllll... the first line fell short and the second came true but is by no means a lucky or good thing... I feel like the ominous music should be playing for these two lines... dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Another reference to battle mages. I feel like I should be writing these down... um like on a physical list not just in review...

Nigel was going to check McGonagall for "polyjuice and the like"? How fortuitous that with all of the situations that Rigel has been in that the spell has not been cast on her. Or has it and not been revealed yet... cue music. Sorry feeling dramatic I suppose. Will Rigel's secret come about by someone with such a spell? Does her modified polyjuice read on the spell? Has no one cast the spell because no one But Rigel could be caught in such situations and does not therefore have to prove her identity?

Why have the students not been woken up yet? Is mandrake not available on the market as key ingredients for the restorative potion were not available? The Hogwarts situation is public so it is not because Dumbledore does not want to bring attention to the situation. Or is it because Dumbledore first wants to apprehend the culprit before anyone can possibly identify the person thereby escalating the situation where more drastic measures are taken by the guilty? Or both?... Oh you do explain it further down...but still... If the plant is that useful, even with squeamish herboligists and the short shelf life, I would think that it would be kept in stock, in small quantities, at the most. But yes that is very plausible when it takes on different properties. Speaking of the plant, it is a creature like plant that has a humanoid shape, well it almost makes me think of the trees from Lord of the Rings. What
rogueofstorms chapter 2 . 10/20/2016
Omg George! I plowed through TPP, by the way, and am delighted to see the mirrors between this and the actual Song of the Lioness.
heatherdslee chapter 14 . 10/19/2016
WARNING Super long review up ahead...

So last chapter of this book. Whoo took a while for this chapter but almost on the next book and hoping a new chapter will be posted while I'm working my way up to it!

I have to say again sorry for all the typos that I don't catch on my tiny phone screen with its well meaning but at times annoying because it is Wrong predictive text. I swear a quarter of the stuff it changes on its own and I don't always catch it... grr. So the last chapter...

Did Professor Sprout and her Hufflepuffs see any writing on the walls? Was that why it was soo traumatizing?

Only mild speculation? I figured Dumbledore would be very interested in Rigel's class since the teachers' meetings. First she forgets her wand and then automatically does a shield she doesn't know and drops said wand before it is even dissolved. That Is interesting, but only Mildly for him... hmmm.

The shield might not know to Not harm the caster but her magic Does as shown when is dissipated it when Selwyn would have knocked her into it. Too bad she doesn't automatically think that or how her magic also didn't move, which she saw that it could, the shield to harm Selwyn either.

For someone who says he doesnt like house rivalrys, Dumbledore sure likes to set up house competitions. I love that She is the first person to think of a way around Dumbledore's game!

I thought Lavender Brown didn't come back to school but now she's in the defense class?

And while Rigel is the first to reinterpret the rules, it to me is passive and before the game actually starts while RON Actively does something after the game is started. Yes he is a strategic minded person but he is a Gryffindor also and most think they are not capable of something so underhanded and devious...not that it was really that bad but still. Ow poor Rigel I feel worse for her about the shield than I do about Draco. She can't really trust anyone with her big secret and has to constantly lie so as not to get caught with any of the things she's not supposed to be doing so of course she unconsciously doesn't trust. I see what the big deal is so to speak but at the same time Oh my goodness it's not like she didn't let him shield her from the get go. And the class was almost over anyways so it's not like she is the only reason the drill stopped. And oh I liked Ron and Hannah's comments but Loved Blaise's comment about fair play! And again pompous Macmillan...can it really be cheating if Rigel didnt even do it consciously and stepped back as soon as she's not like she tried to get away with it? Is he in the bunch with Greengrass who hates (is jealous of) Rigel, or will he be eating a huge humble pie later on? Very telling that she doesn't think of trust as a key word... and Dumbledore asked a specifically leading question to get her to say it. Too bad she really doesn't and That even suprises Dumbledore with his raised eyebrows and that makes Draco even more upset and angry. And Rigel is clueless until Blaise steps in...nice of him by the way. I'm actually kinda suprised that Draco took her to task so to speak so publicly but I guess that goes to show how bad his feelings were hurt and well he isn't very subtle.

Convenient that Archie's letter came when her friends aren't talking to her. I actually think it's more impressive that it took Hermione longer than a year to bring the subject back up instead of watching him hourly to see if he has taken a potion for a year. Don't get me wrong I Do like Hermione her heart is in the right place, she's not my favorite character but she's up that way, but let's face it she's kinda pushy and overbearing and curious at times... so yeah a whole year Very impressive. I'm actually impressed with Archie as well. I mean he played Swift very well. He only had one peculiar look from the conversation. Swift is trying to be King so he's not a slouch when it comes to figuring things out but Archie managed to bluff his way through...or did he? Maybe that look will have Swift digging into Harry too, just quietly, as he dug into Claw. I think it's sweet that Leo worries about Harry even in his heavy-handed way, although very bad for their plans...maybe. But all of Harry's friends are potential treats to her ruse and Hermione isn't exactly non-threatening either so what can you do (but try to figure out who will be first and in what order!). And frankly I Do think Leo was sorta trying to cause trouble for her so she would have to tell him something not only do I think he is too used to knowing everything, with good reason, but I also think he was trying to help Harry in his own roundabout way by getting her in trouble now to save her from Bigger trouble later... maybe just speculation.

So would Snape have even asked her about her problems if Draco had not come to him in a huff first? Doubtful, but is so good that she had the Draco sitiation cause she would not be able to give him a valid reason with just Leo being a problem. Interesting that Snape demands RIGEL explain but allows Draco to "sulk". Also that Draco feels that he can not discuss it but he made quite a deal in the classroom in front of not a few people. Hmm again I wonder which is the higher degree, that the betrayed trust was Draco's or that "he" is Sirius' son that makes Snape more mad? BUT it does show how much Snape cares for Rigel that he doesn't automatically snap at her with those odds against her! Is that shield one of the "accidental" magic episodes from her younger years that made her so scared of her magic? She says that in some cases things disappeared that could not be brought back into reappearance and that shield Does do that...also I could see the adults making a fuss about it which scared her more...just a thought. "Accidental magic" Is a stupid term because it always happens for a specific reason and I love your explainations again! Interesting in this situation Snape is the one to bring up a magic dampener whereas later he will not even hear of the possibility of using one...but I guess the case could be made nobody was in danger later as now with a unpredictable depasco. Nobody believes her about her magic. What's worse they won't even listen to her about the differences! This is why I would Really love to hear an in depth discussion, because you are really wonderful with those, with Lily and or, preferably And, Leo seeing as they are two of the only ones so far as we see that can semi relate! Wishful thinking...(fingers crossed, eyes closed) wish wish wish. Wow Snape may have made a reference to Lily's friendship...or maybe some other lost friend...hmm? Lol he would throw her out saying he's has had enough of her problems after He demanded they have that conversation in the first place! Loved it.

I think while Selwyn could be right for some people however, Rigel not thinking of her safety only makes people think More of it not question why they should as well. I'm kinda happy Selwyn took her to task over her wand, no I didn't like it being in front of so many witnesses (especially as they now know where she is going to keep her wand) or at the awful timing, everybody seems to be piling on her at the moment, but I'm glad it happened and I almost wish Rosier hadn't stopped her. She kinda Needs to hear that tough love and nobody else fills that role, as limited as their contact was, after Selwyn graduates. I also think that someone as keen on mischief and word play as Rosier would know how and how Not to make an innuendo remark.

She really needs to start saying no; it actually makes more waves Not saying no ecer once in awhile then trying to move invisiblely...maybe if she were in a different house it might have worked but not in Slytherin. Quite a few people have told her this, even rosier himself. I suppose it is good that she doesnt break down by herself but i wish she would stanf up to rosier more. Hmm so when her friends Know that she is supposed to be assisting Snape they bunk down in her dorm room? Is this a one time thing when they needed privacy to discuss sensitive matters or do they do it regularly? I find it churlish of Draco to not want to talk to her but still want to know where she's going and why? And how wonderful of him to make that speech about Rigel's character just to get a rise out of her... I doubt he even realizes that he struck a nerve. It's apparently ok for him to act that way towards her because she hurt his feelings even though he Knows she won't say anything about it. It's not like she is a compulsive liar by nature...even though that's what it looks like and is becoming in a way... She doesn't Like lying, but no one knows that. As for her lying as a child...well everyone lies and if those are the instances that pop out in her memory they aren't extreme. I'm actually kinda...I don't know which word to use...hmm of half a mind about those lies I suppose.

I mean on the one hand I would have probably said the same thing with those situations but at the same time I don't think I would Be in those kind of situations. I mean don't get me wrong I wasn't Completely sheltered as a child, although she stated that she and Archie are, but I would not be allowed to go to the store by myself as young as she did, or cook (potions are even more dangerous) by myself at 8, or even order random things without my parents knowing even at ten but they don't seem to monitor her at all. Actually who even raised her!? I mean who stayed and took care of her? It looks to be a rotation of Sirius and Remus for Addy but what was the situation with Harry and Archie. Sorry should have said watch out for tangent thought...

I'm very happy that she at least attempted to put her foot down with Rosier. Well she did at first but then got talked around. She even snapped at him although she apologized... that's progress...on showing her emotions and upset... right?

I don't think Draco even considers Rosier a rival, more an annoyance. An
Intrepid Bibliophile chapter 5 . 10/12/2016
I have another mostly inconsequential Britpick: For the prank, you described the floors the twins and Rigel cover in the American way. In Britain, the first floor is the floor directly above the ground floor.

Intrepid Bibliophile chapter 3 . 10/12/2016
Just a bit of a Britpick: you used cue instead of queue in the sorting song. Although I don't think cue is widely accepted as an alternative spelling in other English speaking countries, I can say for certain that it is not correct British English.

thePURPLEpillowt chapter 1 . 10/3/2016
Hey everyone! Can't wait for the official end to the hiatus. I personally think that Riddle has to be a half blood. The point that this story becomes AU in my mind comes from when Riddle was in the chamber of secrets. He regretted myrtle's death and didn't make a horcrux. Instead he went into politics and the SOW party was reimagined. Everything before that is the same right? I wasn't sure about the war with Grindewald and how it happened, but considering the mention of Ariana Dumbledore and the origin story for the SOW party, I think that still happened exactly like in Canon. Otherwise, how would Dumbledore be in power.

I've actually been considering the marriage law and riddle a lot. I think it's gone a be implemented in fifth year after whatever goes wrong with the tournament happens. I feel like Harry as Rigel is gonna asdk to marry Riddle as a threat since otherwise, Riddle wouldn't get involved/affected since no one knows he's a half blood. Leo might ask Harry to protect her, but I'm not sure.
I'm really interested in Valentine's Day and the relationships aspect that will come up this year. I think harry's lack of interest is going to be pretty comedic in certain situations. Also, I may be mistaken but is she going to finally switch her gender this year? It was alluded to over winter break rather obviously.
Punny26 chapter 9 . 9/23/2016
I just noticed this.. "crates for krait" is that a bad pun I see or an unintentional pun?
maipigen chapter 2 . 9/5/2016
i didn't want to review util the end, but just wanted to say that i adored this chappie and now i kinda hope draco as jon and leo as george will mean the pairings will follow the alanna plot as i loved that alanna chose the rogue majesty hehe.
RB chapter 14 . 8/31/2016
The last part always makes my heart fill up with something like fondness and sadness meshed together to the point where I'm not sure which one is dominating the other. Not the Voldemort part, obviously, but the little goodbye between Rigel and Alesana. It just makes me so sad and yet there is a strange happiness to it. Rigel will always put her wand in a specific pocket because of Selwyn, and I wish so dearly that she is invited to her wedding (Alice's) that I hope you get to show sometime during the series. I just wanted to comment on this at the moment because I just finished re-reading book 2, and will be reading one chapter a day of book 3 starting tomorrow, September 1st. Because what better way to prepare for Hogwarts than reading the best possible version of Hogwarts among all of them, including the original?
post-ghost chapter 3 . 8/3/2016
aughgfg so sorry that last review was absolute nonsense! I didn't mean to post anything (I'm on mobile and I accidentally hit something or other) but I thought I might've well tell you now about how much I enjoy all if your stories. Each and everyone of these has a compelling plot line and even with it being an au, I still genuinely like all the characters. I hope you keep writing!
post-ghost chapter 3 . 8/3/2016
JuceBi chapter 12 . 7/30/2016
Great Idea with the pov changes. It's much more fluid to read this way. And it really isn't that much of a bother to shortly think about it whole reading a new paragraph. To be honest, I didn't really notice until you mentioned it at the end.
IncandescentOnEarth chapter 3 . 7/27/2016
So this is the third time I've read this series and I love it so much! There's one thing that's been bothering me, and it's just in this chapter. While Rigel is in the carriage with the upperclassmen, Rosier (or Rookwood I'm not sure) says this: "You just happened to see the death of a complete stranger? Do you volunteer at St. Mungo's with your surrogate uncle?" At first it made sense, except then I remembered that Sirius is the one that volunteers at St. Mungos, and as Rigel, Sirius would be her father? Could someone explain this to me?
foresticblaze chapter 14 . 7/21/2016
Haven't reviewed this series yet cause I couldn't stop reading, but I love it!
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