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Guest chapter 13 . 6/9/2013 posted that note on profile ten days ago...not that I'm getting I'm impatient or anything, cause I am infinitely grateful that you're even writing, just now that I know you might update anytime, I'm forever sitting on the edge of my set but i'll live. Anyway, good luck with your writing and hope you update soon!
loving reader.
fan chapter 13 . 6/7/2013
Hello! I really love the story. The chapters are satisfyingly long and there are enough details to make the story more authentic. I also love how you subtly reference happening in previous chapters and foreshadow chapters to come. On a side note, how do you pronounce "Rigel" and "Rye"? I have heard it pronounced Ragel (which sounds close to Rachel). Keep up the writing, and I look forward to future installments! Keep writing, and good luck in the real world.
holyhastes chapter 13 . 6/7/2013
so a 40k word monster is incoming?
Guest chapter 4 . 6/7/2013
I'm reading your two stories with great enjoyment, but I'm starting to notice comments like this: "And anyway, for a girl it's more pathetic to be alone." more often. It's beginning to make me uncomfortable. All the adult pureblooded ladies who've made repeated apprearances so far do things like put a delicate hand to their mouths or grasp their husband's elbows when something shocking happens, and even Hermione said to Archie that it's okay for boys to flirt at twelve, but girls should wait a few years or whatever it was. And now Draco, sometimes.

Eh, atm these stereotypical/hypocritical things are just annoyances, but I'm starting to find myself unable not to notice whenever someone makes a comment like this or thinks in this way. Rigel's already acknowledged (and seemed annoyed at) the sexism in the Potions industry, so why isn't she saying anything in response to Draco's comments (for example)? Or even appearing to notice them?

I hope you don't mind me making a negative-ish somment like this. I've reviewed before with gushing praise, so I figure the flip side would be alright at this point. Don't take it badly, please. It's not meant to be flame-ish.
Mr R chapter 4 . 6/7/2013
You know, I was thinking about something. It really does seem sometimes like you're making Light mean "good/pure", even though your characters say/think that Light and Dark doesn't mean good and bad. Because Pansy is the only person in their year whose magic is Light, and she's also the one who is repeatedly described as innocent and sweet-natured and incapable of cruelty etc. Are you doing that on purpose? Because it's making me confused.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/6/2013
Update, update, update as soon as you can please! You're killing me here!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/5/2013
I'm going through withdrawals for this story, so instead of studying I've been reading your reviews for the past few chapters... after reading TSS again. I think I can now conclude that I also want more slashyness-that-isn't-really-slash-because-Rigel-i s-actually-a-girl stuff. Bring on boy crushes on Rigel or more Rosier stuff. And more angst and theories too, while you're at it. If you feel like it of course.

Alice and Ginny seem like really good female characters to me :) Alice especially. Well, besides Rigel. Please don't worry about making her more traditionally feminine, 'cause femaleness comes in many different forms!

More mentor-Snape please! His and Rigel's relationship is really interesting.

Your explanations about magic and pureblood stuff are really, really good. Really well thought out and everything. Please update soon, before my withdrawal kills me.
Annie Johansson chapter 13 . 6/2/2013
Hi Violet!

Just wanted to let you know that I really really enjoy reading this ff and that I am waiting eagerly for the next chapter! Meanwhile, I've been re-reading your stories to kill some time, but now I'm only even more excited for new chapters! :P Soo, yeah, I hope that you have a chapter coming up soon haha ;)

Excitingly awaiting more chapters and hoping you are well,

Orangepaint chapter 13 . 6/2/2013
I was rereading this series (again) and in order to get to it, I googled the title and this popped up;
NationStates The Rogue Nation of Serpents Subterfuge
www . /nation serpents_subterfuge
The Rogue Nation of Serpents Subterfuge is a gargantuan, safe nation, ruled by Leader with an iron fist, and renowned for its parental licensing program.
I face palmed.
On another note, I love this story to death, and hope that you continue to incorporate marvelous explanations, as well as your exceptional skill at weaving a complex story such as this. Thank you for writing, and dedicating so much time and effort into your work.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/1/2013
Rereading both stories while I wait for a new chapter, but in this chapter Rosier asks Rigel 'Do you volunteer at St. Mungo's with your surrogate uncle?' But they think that Sirius is her father, not her 'uncle', just pointing it out.
Orangepaint chapter 1 . 6/1/2013
Yes, that post on your bio made me want to scream and hug someone! So I did. My sister is now afraid. Very afraid.
Can't wait! Love it to death so far though, so keep doing whatcha doing, because few people can.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/30/2013
saw the note on your profile page, now I'm super excited. fingers and toes cross that it will be very, very soon...(hopefully today!) :) a girl will dream. Also yay, for super long! Whats going to happen! Aaaahhhhhhh can't wait!
update soon!
Blank chapter 13 . 5/30/2013
I'm sorry to send my review so long after I first read this chapter- it really makes writing it more difficult, but in the past two months I had almost no free time. Anyway:

I wonder if Ginny "feels" like creating artificial sentience is impossible because Riddle created one that somehow transfered into her mind, and it serves his purpose for the world to think of it as impossible. Even more interesting, maybe creating one requires splitting the soul and imbuing the construct with it- but that would have unfortunate implications for Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat. Perhaps there's a better method than tearing the soul with a murder?

I'm really curious as to the relationship between Snape and Lily. In this world, Lily couldn't go to Hogwarts, so they couldn't have spent nearly as much time together. However, they did live near each other (I think), so he might have been able to be friends with her the rest of the time. I wonder what made them break off their friendship- In the original story, it was partially because he was a death eater. Would she be so upset about his support of Riddle in politics? The other cause was the way he insulted her that one time (not sure that happened in this universe), but it's a little hard to believe she could never forgive him for that. Will you be mentioning how Lily and James got together? I'd like to know, because they're so ridiculously and adorably in love.

I had been wondering if Rigel would show a desire to act in a more feminine way (as Alanna does later in the series), because she seems like a very levelheaded girl with an inclination to compartmentalize. I'm not certain if the dream was meant to appear as an indication of such a desire, or if it was supposed to represent her magic (which is known to have a wildness to it), or some other darkness. I'm sure I'll be able to make more sense of it later. Whatever the meaning, it's one of the best dream sequences I've ever read. I like the way it morphs quickly and exhibits her subconscious fears and insecurities in a roundabout and strange manner, because that's very characteristic of nightmares, or dreams in general. Of course, this being a magic world, there might be a more unnatural reason for it.

Poor Rigel, uncomfortable with touch and unsure how to explain it away. I like what she came up with- and in defense of stretching the truth until it looked more like untruth, she did just tell Draco that she would probably keep lying to him.

I loved the birth scene with her family, and the way you gave Sirius' humor that little extra bite- I think it's really cool that you were able to portray the difference so subtly and yet so clearly, where his jokes are just on the edge of being uncomfortable. The reminder that Harry is actually a trickster in her own way was nice, too. She's just more subtle, the mastermind rather than the one that gets caught.

It was really nice to see Selwyn backing up Rigel. Parvati knew that Rigel was too nice to fight back, or even let her friends fight back, so I'm really glad she seemed to show some shame by the end. I think it was a really good expression of a lost child grieving her twin (or missing her twin, because she's not actually dead), and how people react when they feel helpless frustration. I also think it was cool that Selwyn got to see how easily and fairly well Rigel lies, because people only ever seem to find out about lies when they go wrong, and are caught out in it. I also really like the way that Rigel lies, by omission or saying mostly true things in a misleading manner.

Ah, Myrtle, I wonder what use you're going to be later in the story?

How often would a Patronus be used, when Harry was growing up? It seems weird that Rigel keeps almost making connections and not quite getting there, but that's probably because the readers already know a lot of backstory from the books. Also, how often would people have similar/the same Patronus? It's unrealistic to think that every magic user usually has a completely different Patronus, but for some reason that's how I'd been thinking of it. Someone's Patronus must be able to change over time, too, or it would be an amazing coincidence for the Potters to have a stag and a doe, especially because Lily disliked James early in life.

I like the way you have Point Me work- it makes sense, and is pretty much already how I imagined it.

Well, I really, really liked this chapter, but I think I forgot a lot of what I was going to say in the intervening months. I'm excited for the next chapter, and hopefully this time I'll be able to review right after I read it.

Thanks for updating!
AAA chapter 13 . 5/30/2013
I read the note you left on your Bio, and thank goodness I did. I was getting worried there. And the fact that it's "big" is making me even more excited! So update soon!
Tiat chapter 1 . 5/29/2013
Should I be panicking that you haven't updated in 2 months? Please continue this story! At least post in youryour bio if it's on hiatus or if real life is hectic, just need to know that this fic won't be abandoned and that you're doing OK! :)
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