Reviews for Compromise
FaBbEr0oZ chapter 1 . 3/3/2015
A ruggedly handsome 9 year old with a sugar rush
Gemini Explorer chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
A potentially intriguing tale, had she been the one to be cuffed. Yeah, I'm a man, and not all of us take the view on this subject that you may have read in, "Cosmo." I'd far rather tie or handcuff the girl than the reverse, and some women respond very well while restrained. It seems to speak to their psyches in a primal way to think themselves in the power of a male who may take (Grinning Smilie here.) And being a captive serves to let girls release their inhibitations "because he made me do it."

I see capture of the desirable female as more the natural order of things long before Vikings were tying up stripped Saxon maidens as part of their plunder of English villages. Of course, the girl presumably hopes that she ultimately becomes the property of a man whom she wishes to serve and feel thrilled to belong to. Women who'd rather capture men than be bound themselves can date other guys, as far as I'm concerned. Political Correctness and rampant feminism have messed up a lot of lives.

As for packing a lot into a short story and maintaining correct spelling and punctuation, this item has a lot going for it. I've only seen, "Castle" once or twice. Castle does seem a bit wimpy. Maybe this would be his idea of a fantasy date... (Rolling Eyes Smilie here.)

I'm more of the school of thought that recalls that once upon a time, men were men and women were darned glad of it! I prefer a girl who fantasizes about being rescued by a charming knight; not a feminist whose fantasy is to dominate her man. Indeed, I do not watch, "The View" very often! But this is well written. I'll probably read more of your material.