Reviews for Shades of Grey: The Unseen World
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 9 . 8/4
Ooh i wondered if she was a homunculus.
Yay they are buddies again!
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 8 . 8/4
Awww ;-;
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 7 . 8/4
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 6 . 8/4
Oooh she is so awesome! I love her!
10 cens she kicks Ed's bum
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 5 . 8/4
:D yaay!
This chapter was gold xD
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 4 . 8/4
I wonder why she is called that
But im so happy she is back!
Datn Edward speaking before thinking
Pshhh boys
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 3 . 8/4
Oh shit
Ooohhhhhhhhhh ITS HAPPENING
This is glorious! !
BlackDove WhiteDove chapter 2 . 8/4
Oooh this is already so good!
She seems so much cooler already, and the boys are so grown up now
Ahh my heart
BleedingSamurai chapter 12 . 12/9/2014
I hate you! And I love you so much! You're story is amazing and had made me quite the insomniac. While I understand the distractions and needed break, I. Need. More. You're leaving me hanging and I really wanna see Ling as well as the new sins! I wanna see some fluffy pairing stuff too, but I know that'll be a while! You're such an amazing author, and I can't say I've been here from the start, but I love you and your stories! Keep it up and I gladly anticipate the next chapter
Night of Shadows' Embrace chapter 11 . 6/20/2014
I'm really interested on how this story will progress. I'm excited for the next update! I'll be sure to read the rewrite soon!

Lately I've been listening to soundtracks instead of regular songs. They are a HUGE help in the writing process. Truly. I'll attach links to 2 of the ones I've come across and loved thus far.


TheTacticianAlchemist chapter 12 . 6/14/2014
Yay! I'll be sure to follow you on tumblr. My url is ringabel-lee. Can't wait!
Sky65 chapter 12 . 6/13/2014
I honestly can't wait for the rewrite! I've grown both as a reader and writer, and so it would be really nice!
TruthsMessage chapter 12 . 6/13/2014
I just thought I would inform you that Friday the 20th of june is not for another week " I'm not sure f you meant to post it then and accidently did it now or just got the dates wrong. I am as excited as you are for the new chapters to come up so I can understand :D
Sleepybutterfree chapter 11 . 3/30/2014
Damn. I got to the last chapter. I knew about the hiatus and rewrite thingies, buut i stiil wish i could read more..

Oh well..

You.. You made me ship Karmyn and Alphonse. Lets call it.. Karphonse? Or Almyn? Yeah Almyn... I now kind of wish for something to happen .

I didnt see Greed coming. I thought that the woman could be Lust (maybe keeping Karmyn alive because she needed her?), but never Greed. Damn im disappointed at myself.

I loved both these stories. If you are rewriting them, they must become even better. I really cant wait. I found and started reading this story because i needed a distraction from another fma fic, Truth Revealed, but now i need something to distract me from this story too! Damn..

I.. Ill try to be strong..

..I am weak..
Chieko-san chapter 11 . 8/15/2013
Damn you KarmaHope, I absolutely hate hate hate you now. because I have completely fallen in LOVE with your stories! Why must you torment me like this, as punishment you will definately see me writing little ficletss and drawing fanart. I love Karmyn Dallas the Wildcard alchemist too much for this to be the temporary end. Especially your awesome idea of the deadly sins being reborn. I actually have some questions on that. Will the rest of them be evil like Envy? Will Pride make an appearance as he is still alive as Salem? Please PM me I must know! Best of luck with your writing efforts
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